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  1. I don't get it. Which island is that?
  2. Garbage It was obvious who the culprit was as soon as he showed up in the pub. The script was childish and the plot infantile, and the acting was laughable
  3. It was all very 1-demensional wasn't it. I never felt we could explode out. It looked like it was all bump-and-grind.Wales on the other hand, in the 2nd half were the complete opposite Agree about Smith. He should be the catalyst for everything. Top top player
  4. Well, France certainly took the Scots apart and look very strong indeed. As for England, they almost let things slip. Fair play to Wales who adjusted well at half time, came out swinging and had England on the rack. Good game to watch
  5. Complete carp wasn't it? At least I can say I eventually gave up but have to admit I kept going back to see if it'd improve
  6. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/sheffield-wednesday/12552585/sheff-wed-2-0-charlton-league-one-highlights
  7. Sven's situation was just crazy. It makes you wonder how many of these chancers are out there. And it's not as if they're dummies based on the schemes they dream up
  8. Anyone listening to this podcast about their "takeover", Sven and Sol Campbell. It's unbelievable really https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0bq3hdx
  9. Oh we'll be watching. We have a top 2 finish to look forward to* *wakes up Reyt
  10. That assumes the medics have arrived in a timely manner. What if they are delayed by crowds risking the delivery lifesaving treatment and increasing the chances of the worst outcome? Stopping the game for a few minutes is hardly the biggest inconvenience. Recent situations where patients have been saved in grounds is quite amazing really. Kudos to all who've helped in one way or another
  11. Was that his mam with the cleavage? She'd give Amir or Brook trouble i reckon
  12. The BBC reporter (Aaron Paul) was completely miffed by this. Couldn't actually believe it and basically said this has been a set up for a while. And that the owner was relying on a team of "advisors". Sounds familiar Strange situation
  13. Newcastle fans took inflatable cats
  14. Jarri Kurri would be of no use* *impress by knowing who that is
  15. Interesting interview on the Monday Night Club last Monday with So'ton's CEO. Speaks about how the club have developed a culture but also about how the club approaches players recruitment and sales. No qualms about moving the better players on to the big 6 - makes money obviously - but also makes them sound like they are a feeder club to the big boys. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0014lb5
  16. An unfortunate typo................. ......................or maybe not. Each to their own, I guess
  17. I think that's been a good addition.........................gives the national sides more games and extends exposure of the international game beyond this time of year (6 nations) and the world cup. I enjoyed catching up recently on last Novembers games
  18. True true, based on 5live's coverage. Although they did an interesting interview with So'ton's CEO on Monday. It was interesting because he spoke about their approach to recruitment but overall, it did sound like they were simply positioning themselves as a feeder club to the big boys, which was sad
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