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  1. Dems da rulz, tho, bro' https://downloads.theifab.com/downloads/laws-of-the-game-2021-22?l=en
  2. Did he? Looked like he shinned his cross and got lucky
  3. Goal plain and simple. Keeper fell over his own player. Ref was 100% right. Pope was whining v. Newcastle that he'd had the ball knocked out his hands. He lost it as he landed on the head of the Newcastle player. Plain and simple again. Goal no question. Players today SMH
  4. He was the Steve McClaren of his time but without the brolly. 86 not out is a good innings, though
  5. Had the same offer. Did it Aside from what it looks like, which isn't that much different to 10, it all seems fine
  6. Not withstanding your choice of words, is there situation reflective of the process they're in with building their new ground. Bit like Spurs were/are
  7. Maybe it's best to stop the game. That way medics attending the victim aren't abused and yelled at to "get out the way cuz we can't see" while they're trying to save someone's life
  8. That's the kind of run Wednesday love to end for others But you're a fan so there's probably no chance
  9. Puki saving the Canaries blushes. For now anyway. 10 mins left
  10. 1 up Can they hang on. If they do, embarrassing for Norwich
  11. Silky skills but still willing to get stuck in. Top player RIP
  12. On the flip side of that is GameFace. Roisin Conaty Quite amusing
  13. Hell In The Pacific 4 part documentary on All4 about the war in the Pacific. From about 2001. Very hard-hitting. Very well done
  14. I also noticed this and wondered the same. And they almost went out of business a short time ago
  15. For all FIFA's efforts to make sure the top nations are in the Finals, this tie has really put the cat amongst their pigeons
  16. It's a 1-1 for me Prove me wrong you Blue and White Wizards (eerrrr, just don't lose)
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