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BREAKING - Josh Windass OUT for a 'considerable amount of time'

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7 hours ago, fatzooma said:

Our injury blight has lasted about 20 years. I’ve never heard of a club with such bad luck in terms of injuries

More like 200 years!


Even the cricket team were getting injured in warm up matches!

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If he played for Man Utd or City or Barcelona he would be out for 4 weeks max. It will take us 4 weeks to work out the extent of the injury! Seriously I would rather we paid stupid money for a medical team that gets players consistently on the pitch and is well versed in the latest injury preventions and treatments. 


If clubs think we can squib money in this area they are kidding themselves. Recruitment and Team physios should be one of the main priorities when it comes to getting the right people at the club.

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6 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


Honestly - hate me for this as much as you want - I want Windass to go

I'd rather have some exciting rapid young lads come in up front and let Windass go

We've got Wing now so we're gonna need mad pace up front to keep up with him otherwise it will be like when Connor Wickham came last time and we attacked and got crosses in only to see Wickham out of breath jogging up from the halfway line two minutes too late


Windass isn't a striker and definitely isn't the striker we need 



Pace isn't a key component of Wing's game but he will offer a lot to us.


Windass as a forward got 10 goals last season playing under our batshit owner, 20 managers and not being paid.


You rightly  mention these conditions when any other current or ex player is citicicised.


Why not Windass?


He's not a natural number 9 but is industrious and sort of player who can play in a front three or two up front.


There is no reason to suggest he wouldnt be a threat at League One level.





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Bad news, but I wonder if one silver lining could be had he been fit then he may well have gone before the window closes.


At least now we know we'll most likely have him for this season as I am not sure someone would be paying for him in January after his injury. Let's hope he can play a big role later on in the season.  

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