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  1. This has been probably already been mentioned - I just can't be bothered reading every post . Sport in general now is about man management - not an entire squad mentality. What works for one player doesn't work for another. A good manager needs to know what is the best form of motivation for each individual. It takes time and this is one of the problems with football is managers often get sacked far too quickly without having the chance to build a relationship with a player and understand what makes them tick. I can imagine Pulis was very old school - its my way or the
  2. So here in Australia the AFL (Australian rules) each of the 18 clubs - pre covid - employed up to 5/6 coaches. They have the Head Coach - defensive coach - midfield coach - forward coach - tactical coach. They have a few other minor coaches as well. On top of that they have a List Manager who's sole job is to evaluate the 42 players in the squad/list. The List Manager is in charge of the contracts and keeping it under the salary cap. Come seasons end the List Manager in consultation with Head Coach decides who gets a new contract and who gets delisted - the final say is his d
  3. Been outstanding. I had my doubts about his return but he is such a reassuring figure behind the ball. Has added some much need steel to the side.
  4. He's played more roles for us since signing than De Niro in last 50 years!
  5. We might have found our striker or he might have just found himself! Get in Rhodes.
  6. Sammy Hutchinson was brilliant. Very assured at the back with Lees. Urhogide was outstanding. Very impressed with his game and strength. Really got stuck in and made them earn every ball. Thought Bannan battled his backside off. Lost a ball but then fought to win it back. Everything we do goes through him which is a worry because we need other outlets but little Bazza it still our main man. Paterson put in a shift up forward which is all we can ask from him. He isn't going to bang in goals but made his presence felt. He does have a tendency to jump to our earlier for ba
  7. I was happy to defend DC early days as I thought he had genuine love for the club - had money to spend and he wanted success as much as the supporters. Since he moved Carlos on it's just been a catalogue of stuff ups. No one has any idea of what path he is walking or what his long term plan is? he wouldn't know himself. While I think we all admit our current playing squad is not particularly good and devoid of class it still has enough quality to finish about relegation. But the constant changing of managers - change of tactics - lack of players bought in - no strikers and all th
  8. Nothing is more certain than Chansiri is waiting for Transfer window to close before signing a manager.
  9. It's nearly a month since Pulis got sacked and we still haven't replaced him. I understand Covid has made life a lot more challenging but it's still embarrassing that we haven't sorted this out. The playing squad must shake their heads. Monk - Pulis - Thompson and then 4th voice whenever they figure it out. You can say plenty about out squad being bang average which they are but we are a shambles from top to bottom and they reflect that on the pitch.
  10. I would be going Cook. Knows the league - knows the players running around. Imagine he would be watching as many games possible to keep up with current situation for any potential position becoming available. European appointment worries me that by the time they get everything in order it will be too late. They will have a style of game they will want to employ and while it might be a good long term plan and style it may take time to implement and get right players in squad..
  11. Harris for me. Worked his backside off and was our only really dangerous player. I do wish he would release the ball quicker at times - he beats his man cuts inside and instead of passing to a player in good position he wants to stop and go again. But he was decent tonight. Lees and Shaw rock solid at the back. Palmer and Moses did their job well. Palmer played one peach off a ball thru to Paterson. Little Bazza worked his socks off and there were a few nice passes but I feel he has become to defensive minded which isn't surprise considering our form. Would love him to
  12. I'm officially now a paid up member of the Chansiri Out group. He is looking more and more clueless by the day. I think he will sell up when we get relegated and will probably do us over on the selling of Hillsborough.
  13. Chansiri - Tony results are not very good why is this? Pulis - Well Mr Chairman the squad is old and needs a massive injection. We have one striker on the books and he can't get a kick. How much will I be able to spend in Jan Transfer window? Chansiri - But Tony you promised me results. Why must I spend more money? I already spend a lot for this club. Pulis - So will not guarantee me a transfer fund? Also when are you paying the players? Chansiri - Tony you will not be getting any more money. Pulis - Ok I quit. Chansiri -
  14. Something tells me Chansiri didnt like been told a few home truths. Pulis really didn't inspire me but I think he is a man who would be up front and would tell it as it is. That is we are a club that is rudderless from top to bottom and the playing squad needs a massive overhaul. So instead of spending money on improving the squad and maybe even paying them we have sacked the manager and now probably have to pay out something decent. Who will want to manage us in the current circumstances? The players will now have to hear a third different voice barking instructions
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