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  1. So pleased for the lad to be back in the side and fit. Reads the game so well and always in the right positions. Might have lost some pace but hasn't lost anything up top. Needs to remain in the side. BTW Luongo is going to be one of our smartest signings in some time. Gets stuck in and likes getting forward.
  2. Yeah I must have been imagining Harris out sprinting his opponent a dozen times. Fletcher ran the socks of the two centre backs. Won every 50/50 ball. We could have scored 4 goals in the second half but you know they won very sprint and were fitter apparently.
  3. The fitness is the big stand out for me under Monk, We looked much stronger and players like Fletcher is often one out up front are still running hard in the 90th min. Harris looked buggered in last ten but no surprise he ran himself silly in the second half. Bannan was poor today for once and Hutchinson was immense again.
  4. Lawyers will be the big winners as always is the case. Good on the Chairman for standing up for the club and himself. We shall see how deep his pockets are now and how good a case the EFL really do have? Without knowing the intricate details I get the feeling the EFL feel they can just roll over the top of clubs, but might have met their match here. I think the majority can agree that DC has only every tried to do the right thing for the club - he may have been naive and often taken the wrong route but he only wants the best and he deserves our support. BTW if we drag this through the courts for months and get promoted what happens then ?
  5. Rather simple Fessi on to start second half. If we can't beat this lot we are in for a long season.
  6. I like that he takes the defenders and runs at them. None of this passing it 5 metres side ways.
  7. To be honest when I heard it was going to be Monk I can't say I was inspired. But reading more about him - he has done a decent job at most clubs without setting the World on fire. Will most likely get a reaction from the squad initially but the test will be how are we travelling come Festive period? In the end we had to make an appointment but in hindsight we should have had Monk in charge from start of the season, that said happy that Lee Bullen is still involved it's the least he deserves. Like any manager who takes over my beloved Owls I will give Monk total support. This season is probably our best chance to get promotion as it doesn't appear to be any real stand outs. Good luck Garry Monk.
  8. He comes in a package with the old bird from Sunderland Till I Die. On a serious note not the worst candidate (would probably want plenty as would the tea lady ) but probably better out there. Just get Stuart Gray back.
  9. Not sure if Bullen is the right man for the job? But no one can deny the guys passion for the club. Loyal to the end which means everything after the last week. If he is not the next manage then the in coming manager should be told in the nicest way that Mr Bullen needs to be appointed as one of your main assistants. Really hope the Chairman and Bullen get a huge reception for our first home game - both deserve it.
  10. Least we are talking about play offs ( unlikely as that is ) rather than relegation battle. Also the players bought in by Bruce have all made an immediately impact.. the guy has the right contacts.
  11. They would have been close to a good thing had Bruce been manager from October and not that muppet Jos.
  12. Hazard will be having a few restless nights knowing he has Liam marking him :)
  13. Thank f@@king Christ. A couple games into Fessi and Matias. Hopefully Fletcher isn't serious. Hard to see Jos lasting if the reports of tonights game are as dire as it sounded.
  14. Either Fletcher is jumping to soon or is getting pushed in the back every time!
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