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  1. I offered a pack of crisps and a can of Coca Cola. Waiting to hear back if DC accepts my offer? Who would want anything to do with this club in its present state?
  2. Good luck to the next manager whoever that is? Because let's face it the resumes won't be flying in and why would they with the deep rooted issues. I hope Monk spills some beans when he eventually goes.
  3. It's quite clear now that Monk will need to go. Monk got us to third on the table by December and we also had two decent wins away in the FA Cup to Brighton and QPR. The threat of the points deduction I'm guessing has taken its toll on everyone at club. Injuries to Fletcher - Luongo - Reach and not selling Rhodes and a few others have not helped. Quite a number of players who have been here for a lengthy period have long lost the desire for the battle on the pitch. Others like Pelupessy should never be picked again. Monk is right that a lot of things need to change at this club but I don't think he will be the one to make them. But when this season finishes and I don't care if we are playing League 1 or Championship there needs to be a massive clean out and a manager bought in who can make the hard decisions and rebuild this club. BTW - Dawson needs to be dropped the kid has a future but he is devoid of all confidence right now.
  4. Looking more and more like a player who should be introduced around 65/70 min mark and let him run at full steam at a tiring defence. He has been running on empty since before Xmas.
  5. Sacking Monk maybe our fortunes turn around in the short term - but long term the same issues will still be present. We need a massive clean out. Bye bye Hutchinson - Westwood - Bannan - Fessi - Rhodes - Winnall - Joey to name a few. Our recruiting needs a massive overhaul. Smaller contracts and no more buying players who are looking for a retirement package. People running the club need to review everything because clearly they are not doing a very good job either. A massive points reduction could be a big blow but might also be the reason this clubs starts again from the bottom and does it properly for once. I'm always reminded in these situations of the saying - "Things are never good as they seem and things are never as bad they seem".
  6. He would come in and quickly assume the same thing Monk did - some players are only interested when it suits them. Anyway game has moved on from Megson but If I was Monk I would bring him in for a pre match rant and let him off the leash :)
  7. Says a lot about current squad if Monk has lost them after a few months! Petals.
  8. Living in Australia I only get to see around a game or two a month live on the tv and then for every other match I just watch packaged highlights. So you can take my opinions with a grain of salt. Sacking the manager is the easy thing to do - you get a new guy in and more often than not you get an instant reaction which normally translates into better results in the short term. It doesn't fix the long term problems and the players again feel like they are justified once the manager has been removed. I would prefer we stick with Monk and work our way out of this mire. However I have a feeling the players are not interested in that. We have dismissed Carlos and Jos with the current squad. Monk is already under enormous pressure despite doing reasonably well early days. Bullen couldn't make it work twice as part time manager and Bruce who seemed to have every thing working well, jumped at the first chance he was offered! All this with the pretty much the same squad of players. Players who were capable of taking us into the playoffs and when playing to the best of their ability a top 6/8 side. The problems are clearly deep rooted - some of the players seem happy to put in a shift for a period then seem to lose interest by December. Thats two managers who have come to the same opinion about Westwood and Hutchinson. I don't know what's happening on the training track and in the rooms but for a team to be up one week and then diabolical 6/7 days later suggests something is very wrong. Bannan played some excellent games early in the season - but he looks completely disinterested now. It's a shame Luongo got injured because when he plays we look a much better side and the results seem to be better. Losing Fletcher has been a massive blow as we expected - we just don't have decent strikers other than him. The club has failed big time by offering long contracts to players like Rhodes who have done nothing and won't move because they are on big money with us. If we get offered anything half decent for someone like Iorfa we need to sell. Start acting like a proper Football club, no more allowing the players and agents holding this club to ransom. No more long term contracts - it entices players to become very comfortable without doing the hard yards. 2/3 year contracts should be the maximum. Keep them on their toes. Sacking Monk won't fix the internal mess that Wednesday is and has been for sometime.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if he has run out of steam. Started the season well and was one of our main attacking threats and worked his bag side off but teams seem to have worked him out or double teamed him. Best way to get consistent performances from guys like this is to have them fighting weekly for his position and I get the feeling he has perhaps become comfortable like many others in the side.
  10. So pleased for the lad to be back in the side and fit. Reads the game so well and always in the right positions. Might have lost some pace but hasn't lost anything up top. Needs to remain in the side. BTW Luongo is going to be one of our smartest signings in some time. Gets stuck in and likes getting forward.
  11. Yeah I must have been imagining Harris out sprinting his opponent a dozen times. Fletcher ran the socks of the two centre backs. Won every 50/50 ball. We could have scored 4 goals in the second half but you know they won very sprint and were fitter apparently.
  12. The fitness is the big stand out for me under Monk, We looked much stronger and players like Fletcher is often one out up front are still running hard in the 90th min. Harris looked buggered in last ten but no surprise he ran himself silly in the second half. Bannan was poor today for once and Hutchinson was immense again.
  13. Lawyers will be the big winners as always is the case. Good on the Chairman for standing up for the club and himself. We shall see how deep his pockets are now and how good a case the EFL really do have? Without knowing the intricate details I get the feeling the EFL feel they can just roll over the top of clubs, but might have met their match here. I think the majority can agree that DC has only every tried to do the right thing for the club - he may have been naive and often taken the wrong route but he only wants the best and he deserves our support. BTW if we drag this through the courts for months and get promoted what happens then ?
  14. Rather simple Fessi on to start second half. If we can't beat this lot we are in for a long season.
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