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Bannan - FL72 10 to tackle

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Stumbled across this on the sky sports app. God a quick check to see if anyone had posted it on here... Couldn't see it. Good read!

Apologies in advance for the poor formatting.

Sheffield Wednesday's Barry Bannan takes part in the FL72 Podcast's 10 to Tackle with Sky Sports.

Barry, first one, what do your team mates call you?

Normally I get called Baz or Bazza. I've had that since I've been growing up so it's pretty boring but it's Baz or Bazza.

What's the best thing about playing for Sheffield Wednesday?

I would probably say the support you get from the fans is unbelievable, playing for the fans. They've been brilliant all season so playing in front of your fans is pretty exciting.

Cleverest team mate?

I would probably say Pricey [Lewis Price] - he's a PFA rep so I would say him - but he's also the dumbest at the same time if you know what I mean.

In what way?

He's just always playing pranks or having pranks played on him. So Pricey - when he wants to be - he's probably one of the cleverest.

What's your squad number and what's the significance of it?

It's number 41 but it was the chairman here who asked me to take that apparently. In his country it's a lucky number for him apparently. For me I was only 25 I think when I came. Because I had that at other places and I liked it but the chairman wanted me to have it and he said it would be a lucky number for me - you'll have to ask him - but it has been lucky so far.

Not may 41s about?

No, it's very rare you see it but it's been a lucky number for me. I had a good season so far so it's working.

What would you be if you weren't a footballer?

Probably a painter and decorator with my Dad. I didn't have the best brains at school. I focussed on my football since I was young so I'm lucky that I've got it.

Bannan was named in the Championship team of the year

It's worked out..

Yes I'd say it's worked out. But if it didn't work out I'd probably be a painter and decorator.

Who is the best player you've played with?

I would probably say [Christian] Benteke - I enjoyed playing with him. Either Benteke or Gareth Barry.

Best moment in football so far?

When I got promoted with Blackpool - that was a bit special. I was young at the time as well. I was on loan and didn't really know what it was all about, the football league, and to get promoted that day was unbelievable. We were underdogs as well.

Brilliant play-off final..

Yes it was brilliant. That was probably one of the best moments thus far - hopefully I can better it this year.

Bannan spent five years with Aston Villa

And worst moment?

Probably when I got sent off against Nottingham Forest a few weeks ago. That was my first red card ever so that was a bad moment but luckily we won the game. Then probably when we lost in the semi-final - Bradford v Aston Villa. It was the League Cup and we were one game away from Wembley. Over two legs we lost and I'd say that's probably the worst one.

What's your favourite item of memorabilia from your career?

I got a lot of good shirts. I've kept a lot of good, good shirts. Probably the Paul Scholes one is the one that sticks out most.

Did you wait to the end of the game to ask to swap?

I couldn't get near him during to swap so yes, I had to wait to swap. I had to catch him in the tunnel.

Now you're probably going to finish sixth, so describe your season so far in one word?

Good. Not very good. Good. It will be very good if we get promoted.

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Should imagine Chansiri had something to do with Forestieri's shirt number too.

45 is often used when strikers can't have or don't want the number 9 shirt, in our case we'd already gave it to Nuhiu.

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