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  1. RobbieOwler

    Next 3 league games

    Incorrect, that would be Manchester United in the 5th round
  2. It's going to get confusing in the dressing room with three people with the same name running the on-field aspects of the club. Sorry, this is a really pointless thread but please bear in mind the chaos
  3. Completely sympathetic for him, obviously had enough of the family over Christmas and wanted to get back to work.
  4. I really don't get why he hasn't got sacked. Poor excuse from Chansiri 'we could hire worse, how!? Only way we could get a worst manager is if we hire one who fields ineligible players and gives the players food poisoning from his homemade chicken stews.
  5. RobbieOwler

    Walk out of the meeting

    I've just walked out of the room to put the kettle on now I'm back to read more incoherent moaning on owlstalk
  6. Can we have a vote on this? If so I'm voting for the rummaging couple on the Kop
  7. RobbieOwler

    Has he gone yet?

    So it's officiall?
  8. Just asked his uncle Russell to tell me more about him, he says 'As the moon aligns with Jupiter, Conors career will blossom with the positive energy from the Wednesday faithful. Single? Devote more time to brushing your teeth'
  9. RobbieOwler

    Paul Clement

    Assistant material at best
  10. RobbieOwler

    Jos or Irvine

    Similar managers so should be a hard choice between Scatman John or Father Ted. Personally got to go for Alan Irvine.
  11. RobbieOwler

    Martin O'Neill

    O'Neil and Keane at Hillsbrough? Welcome to hell!
  12. RobbieOwler

    Not worried much

    Just changed my wifi password to: Atleastwed0n'trehirerapists!
  13. RobbieOwler

    Poppy badge with owl

    Those proud of club and country badges make me feel a bit queasy. I'm not proud of how millions of young working class boys were needlessly sent to their deaths thanks to clueless upper class generals who despised us and used us as cannon fodder with no effective or strategic plan. Lest us forget, those men need to be remembered So the same mistakes are not made again!
  14. RobbieOwler

    Chansiri kicking off

    People always make this mistake, a football club isn't your standard business.
  15. RobbieOwler

    Chansiri kicking off

    The first, I've heard that she can be quite difficult and is very pernickety, but i suppose that means she's hands on and in a way I suppose attention to detail is a good quality to have. Maybe she's learnt from her time at Charlton.