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  1. As a cub we don't seem to put on many testimonials, probably because over the last 20 years we've not been secured enough to be blessed with loyalty or consistency but if you could pick 3 players from our current squad who deserve a testimonial for their service to the club who would you pick? My choices: Nuhiu Palmer Westwood Would love to see Palmer retire here, who was the last player we had from the youth set up who spent their whole career (excluding loan spells) at the club?
  2. I don't think we should encourage Chansiri to appoint an obscure Polish manager
  3. He's doing pretty bad at St Pauli, they were in the play offs when he took over and they dropped out in no time.
  4. Worst in my time, Danny Wilson a close second. Both suffer the same faults, cannot manage the bigger players. Can one of the old boys confirm if Eustace or Burtenshaw was worse than Jos?
  5. It's like we've actually done some scouting on our new signings after reviewing the qualities we lack in the team. Along with getting a decent fee for one of our players, we're a changed club.
  6. Most tackles in the Championship last season: Massimo Luongo 126 Joe Allen 125 Jack Colback 120 Most fouls: Massimo Luongo 98 Sam Morsy 98 Michael Smith 94
  7. You see him being half amusing and that and then you hear his music, complete opposite, not an ounce of wit in his lyrics or personality in his music
  8. I requested those odds on Jack De Gier just to see how short the price would be
  9. Wouldn't want Bullen as full time manager for two reasons; 1st he hasn't convinced as caretaker manager, he is a very important member of the backroom staff, he's been the stability throughout the chaos of the last few years, if we hire him as manager he will be sacked within 6 months and will no longer be at the club.
  10. Surely his track record of this sort of behaviour will work in our favour. You wouldn't be able to approach a player, unsettle him, make him quit the club and break his contract just to sign him a few days later.
  11. Would do a great job. But after 3 season in the Premiership we'd end up like all his former clubs and end up moaning about us not playing like Barcelona
  12. Just asked SkyBet for odds on a random obscure Dutch manager (Jack de Gier) and got 18/1. Who else wants to play the game? Pick a random person, ask for the odds on twitter and the winner is the one who gets the shortest odds
  13. Great news for highlights and for watching those midweek away games on the red button
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