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  1. RobbieOwler

    Not worried much

    Just changed my wifi password to: Atleastwed0n'trehirerapists!
  2. RobbieOwler

    Poppy badge with owl

    Those proud of club and country badges make me feel a bit queasy. I'm not proud of how millions of young working class boys were needlessly sent to their deaths thanks to clueless upper class generals who despised us and used us as cannon fodder with no effective or strategic plan. Lest us forget, those men need to be remembered So the same mistakes are not made again!
  3. RobbieOwler

    Chansiri kicking off

    People always make this mistake, a football club isn't your standard business.
  4. RobbieOwler

    Chansiri kicking off

    The first, I've heard that she can be quite difficult and is very pernickety, but i suppose that means she's hands on and in a way I suppose attention to detail is a good quality to have. Maybe she's learnt from her time at Charlton.
  5. RobbieOwler

    Chansiri kicking off

    His problem is his trust and faith in people high up around him who are also way beyond their own depth. I do think he has his best intentions, he could easily walk away or let us rot. He needs to be a better judgement of character and not be taken in by people with the gift of the gab like Carlos and Katrien. We're talking about a guy who is where he is because of nepotism but I generally feel he has our best intention at heart (maybe to protect his ego) and I like how he can be quite fiery. Business wise, he's far from the cream of the crop but at the end of the day he's the one with the money.
  6. RobbieOwler

    Chansiri kicking off

    I don't like all this abuse towards Chansiri, he's a good guy with money doing a bad job. His decision making is poor, remember he didn't sack Carlos, Carlos mutually agreed to leave once the Swansea job was in sight. Perhaps Chansiri is too nice for his own good, he needs a bit of ruthlessness.
  7. RobbieOwler

    The promotion winning team

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Ranger turning up at fleetwood
  8. No point in this and rehashing much debated topics but would you rather: We signed Cantona after his indoor trial OR Steve Bould not breaking David Hirst's ankle? No doubt either event/non-event would have shaped our future for the better...
  9. RobbieOwler


    We need to give full power back to the English ruling classes, entitlement and arrogance will bring back the glory years of the Premiership. Dave Allen anyone? Ken Bates still alive?
  10. RobbieOwler

    Iyad Hamud

    These lists are complied every year and they focus on a year of birth, I assume this year will be 2000 or 2001. Surely for most of us this is going to cause some existential thoughts, we're soon going to be watching players who weren't even born when we were a premiership team!
  11. RobbieOwler

    Maintaining a top six position

    Our away form is pretty good, hopefully we'll continue improving it.
  12. RobbieOwler

    Taking two others up

    Be careful! McCabe will sue you if this happens again
  13. RobbieOwler

    Taking two others up

    I'm surprised that so many people want leeds to go up
  14. RobbieOwler

    Taking two others up

    But surely Sheffield United over Leeds United! At least you're more likely to be related to a Sheff U supporter or live near one, they're not that bad! Leeds are just scum.
  15. If you could pick two of the current top 6 up with us who would you choose? I'd pick Forest and Sheff U. Last choice might be controversial but it would be great to see both Sheffield teams in the premiership once again, obviously for just a season whilst we stay up and they beat Derbys record for lowest points in a season. Leeds can rot and will be intolerable back in the big time. I like West Brom but they've just been relegated and Middlesbrough will add nothing to the premier league.