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  1. Is this a podcast? Can I download it on my preferred podcast app? if so where can I find it?
  2. Steve Howard, scored a goal which saved us from relegation.
  3. RobbieOwler

    Wednesday Tap

    Yer what? They're probably on grindr cutting out the middle man. No need for bars and clubs no more when you want to meet some meat
  4. RobbieOwler

    Mobile Data / WiFi in the ground

    Useless at HT, ok during the match.
  5. RobbieOwler

    Jordan Thorniley

    Hopefully we can copy United and Barnsley here, sell him to a mid Premiership club for 8 million with a good sell on fee and then hope he gets snapped up by one of the big clubs for £50 million plus, for too long we've failed to operate like most other clubs because we don't generate revenue through transfers.
  6. RobbieOwler


    He was worth his first two seasons wages on that Leeds goal alone, hopefully he'll step up this season now he's in arrears. He has the skill.
  7. RobbieOwler

    NOW TV

    It's getting shown in 3D SDUHD (super duper ultra high definition) tonight at the Hillsborough stadium, only one camera angle though.
  8. RobbieOwler

    2003-4 season stats

    There's a reason why it doesn't exists
  9. RobbieOwler

    Be careful of fake news!

    'fake news' is such an idiotic term to banish disagreeable opinions and reporting as 100% inaccurate. Palace have put a £15 million offer in for Forrestteri. FAKE NEWS! It was actually £12 million.
  10. RobbieOwler

    Membership costs, a loop hole

    Even better idea, set memberships at £10 million, sell a dozen funded by Chansiri, buy a premiership ready squad
  11. So Chansiri said anyone who cannot afford memberships should contact the club. Got me thinking, maybe Chansiri could raise the costs further, could he get away with a few grand? Then we should all contact the club saying we can't afford £5k and then Chansiri could pay for it, so he's getting some money into the club via the backdoor without creating fictional taxi firms. Paying for a 1000 fans at the rate of £5,000 would generate £5 million which should be enough to tie us over with a couple of shrewd buys and their wages. Simples, problem solved.
  12. RobbieOwler

    Loss of leaders

    Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Pudil?
  13. They don't have a good track record of signing Welsh international strikers.
  14. RobbieOwler

    Tim Robinson ref on saturday

    I doubt many Tommy Robinson fans will be singing along to that, they're already confused enough as it is.
  15. RobbieOwler

    EFL highlights

    As if many of us were watching lower league football in the 90s. are you a secret pig fan?