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  1. RobbieOwler

    George Hirst

    I heard his dad's opening up a English themed pub in Majorca and he's being lined up as the evening bar manager.
  2. RobbieOwler

    Wednesday Towels

    I heard the Towels will be in stock by September, Carlos has been seen in Crosspool Tavern discussing designs with Chansiri who turned up in a D-Taxi, wired on Elev8 energy drinks. There's a lovely selection of thermal clothing currently in the shop though.
  3. Wasn't hawkes a Wednesday player in 1994? I always thought he was the only Wednesday player to indirectly get an opposition player murdered via an assist
  4. RobbieOwler

    Jessica Bridge

    Best thread on owls talk all year, well done Jessica Bridge who ever you may be
  5. RobbieOwler

    Big Atdhe T-shirt

    I'd buy a Nuhiu t-shirt if he signs
  6. I thought it was till 2001 under the sponsorship of Carling Black Label. There's still people who call Snickers Marathons or Starburst Opal Fruits, it's all nostalgia. I'm just more nostalgic than envious of the top flight of English football.
  7. Excellent, I used it deliberately. It was the Premiership when we were in it (from 1993-2001). Can't believe it took someone this long to get angry over something so pointless.
  8. I'm glad the media love in for Carlos has died down, probably will talk himself into the job for next season, just to fail in play offs.
  9. RobbieOwler

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    Mine wouldn't let me have it as a middle name.
  10. I work on the turnstiles and I let in a lad who I assume was around 19 years old with the first name Benito, he didn't look Italian. Made me wonder if any of you lot got a Wednesday related name past their partner. Any baby Atdhe's out there at the moment?
  11. RobbieOwler


    The way he's been playing he deserves to be in the premier league. But will he adapt into a squad straight away or would he be best off staying here?
  12. RobbieOwler

    Minutes Per Goal

    Neither have anything on Sammy Hutch with a goal every 31 minutes. Imagine if he played all season, he'd have scored way more than 100 goals
  13. I think what happens today and the next couple of games for Swansea will give us a little bit of a vision on how we would have performed if we had got promoted. The Carlos love-in by the media seems to have died down, they're in bad form and have a winnable game today before taking on two relegation rivals. As a Wednesday fan I'm still none the wiser what to expect from him (apart from going from a charming attacking based manager to a grump who plays negative football). I believe we would have stayed up and performed far better than Hull and probably Huddersfield, who I'm expecting to go back down, but this metaphorical situation relies on Carlos' approach with swansea, I think we would have been in a similar situation if we were promoted.
  14. So it's going to be a bit of a Quest to find Football League Highlights?
  15. RobbieOwler

    Klas Ingesson

    Des Walker was a truck driver for Eddie Shobart for a while.