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  1. So Norwich signed Rhodes off us and also signed delivery for him in for form of Ben Marshall? Bloody hell! Surprised you lot haven't broken Owlstalk over the prospects of this.
  2. RobbieOwler

    Post World Cup

    It's not over yet! We can still finish third! Hopefully we'll see more people interested in football, hopefully we can add a few 1000 on our gates. However I fear with the success of Maguire and Walker, United will benefit more from the casuals.
  3. 27 years old. Still has a few years of pace in him
  4. RobbieOwler

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Brooks had played games this season and has impressed, Hirst hasn't. Even when he had his chance with a few minutes here and there he's not done much. Plus Brooks has shown his professionalism where Hirst has gone out of his way to prove not to be trusted, upsetting fans, the management just to get a move away. He's going to be a reverse Vardy, been entitled and praised from a young age, will have very little to prove. I'd would have shoved him in the Megastore backroom mailing out the new shirts.
  5. RobbieOwler


    Not seen it but sounds pretty shocking. I've seen plenty of people saying that football fans support the release of certain far-right criminal, all unaware of the double standards of stereotyping a whole bunch of people because of the action of a few scum bags.
  6. RobbieOwler

    Joao’s contract

    We live in a world where Donald Trump is US President and Gary Madine is a premiership striker! Oh god!
  7. I was drinking a bovril with my phone in the other hand, ball coming straight towards me, I quickly dodged to the side and it hit a 5 year old boy who was sat behind me in the face.
  8. I would have complete sympathy for Bywater if he was dealing with Yodel or DPD.
  9. RobbieOwler

    George Hirst

    I heard his dad's opening up a English themed pub in Majorca and he's being lined up as the evening bar manager.
  10. RobbieOwler

    Wednesday Towels

    I heard the Towels will be in stock by September, Carlos has been seen in Crosspool Tavern discussing designs with Chansiri who turned up in a D-Taxi, wired on Elev8 energy drinks. There's a lovely selection of thermal clothing currently in the shop though.
  11. Wasn't hawkes a Wednesday player in 1994? I always thought he was the only Wednesday player to indirectly get an opposition player murdered via an assist
  12. RobbieOwler

    Big Atdhe T-shirt

    I'd buy a Nuhiu t-shirt if he signs
  13. I thought it was till 2001 under the sponsorship of Carling Black Label. There's still people who call Snickers Marathons or Starburst Opal Fruits, it's all nostalgia. I'm just more nostalgic than envious of the top flight of English football.
  14. Excellent, I used it deliberately. It was the Premiership when we were in it (from 1993-2001). Can't believe it took someone this long to get angry over something so pointless.