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  1. So pleased all parties concerned seem to be seeing sense. George back to doing what he does best. Young'uns getting chances in the first team. Only a matter of time if you ask me
  2. Re Wilder, I'm exactly the same. However I find myself listening to the interviews as they make me despise him even more. Its a really strange guilty pleasure thing I've got going on...
  3. As simple as that is it? A bit North Korea if you ask me...
  4. Maybe I listened to it wrong. I felt the tone was - 'Well I'm Rob Staton and I think you should have gone to Millwall with these tactics and I want you to give me an explanation as to why you didn't and if I dont like your answer and i'm going to continue to get narky with you' Utd have just come off a run of 2 wins in 14 and not once was Wilder questioned. Carlos was asked if he would consider resigning after a run of 1 win in 7. I dont see that as fair personally bit thats just me
  5. I could give you some right belting photos of me. Keep you going for months it would
  6. If thats how people feel then thats how people feel. Seeing as most of the people contributing to the thread share the same opinion perhaps its not as daft as you think and the journalism is as dogger and as negative as everyones saying... Just a thought Also, how many fans asked why so many season ticket holders failed to turn up (in Doms opinion) for an FA Cup tie where both teams made shed loads of changes? I cant personally remember asking that question...? I may have missed it
  7. You're right, they wouldn't in the slightest. I found his tone and line of questioning yesterday really awkward. Almost like Rob was Jos' superior. It was really weird He wouldn't dare speak to Wilder like that
  8. Correct. Everyone agrees with you mate. I think they read this website from time to time so its obvious why some are trying to defend them. They have such bitterness towards Wednesday. Rob Staton is usually the best but even he's beginning to get in on the act. His tone in yesterdays interview with Jos was nothing short of a disgrace. If there's a negative to be found you can bet your bottom dollar Howson will have found it already looking for his next one...
  9. Surely he's not about to stick a penno away...?
  10. Link doesn't actually show the game...?
  11. Hummel is an excellent brand
  12. Its more the tone used pal.The questions were fine. Its the aggressive tone and direct questioning that makes him sound like he's the master tactician and Jos has to justify himself to Rob. As I mentioned previously, he never presses Wilder with that tone. None of them do.