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  1. Carlos goes if we lose?

    Not yet in my opinion
  2. Only one ’we’re happy as larry to squeeze every penny out of our hard working fans where ever we possibly can’
  3. 3-5-2

    Im inclined to agree however I cant see it happening any time soon. If it was going to happen it would have happened against Bolton given the fact we had 2 weeks on the training ground to work at it.
  4. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Hutchinson Bannan Hooper Joao
  5. Oh good, a new talking point...
  6. Why would he jib on the deal? Not really understanding that mindset at all especially given the fact we appear to be at FFP limits...? I went in a box on the Friday night before the Derby for my old mans Birthday and they lady that looked after us said we'd only sold 1 box for the coming season and i'm sure she said they were priced at £40k for the season. Is that right?
  7. How does it possibly mean that. It literally doesn't state anything of the sort mate.
  8. I'd say your friends left because they were surplus to requirements due to the fact we haven't sold any corporate boxes...
  9. Why didn't you ask these questions when you met him? Didn't have your keyboard with you?
  10. Blimey We made the kits ourselves to save money so we all know for a fact there's plenty of wiggle room in what we retail them at. DC proves yet again that he's so far out of tune with Sheffield folk with how he's priced it. He could have got a few people back on side with this and offered them for a bit of a cheaper price given the fact that people have had to wait 5 months for it to be released. Especially given the fact it will be relevant for 7 months until we change it again. £49 for an adult shirt and £35 for a kids shirt for somethings that has a shelf life of half a year is scandalous. Again, a commercial stinker from the club.
  11. Not it doesn't. It translates to we have left gaps in defence through pushing people forward. Its quite clear if you can speak English
  12. Van Aaken

    23 years old
  13. Is that it then?

    We all know its not as easy as that. When you're not performing particularly well you take what you can get. I realise that we should be out of sight and they shouldn't even come into play but they did and us getting the decisions cost us.
  14. Is that it then?

    Refereeing decisions do impact games though. I'm not going to sit here and say we should be relying on the decision solely to achieve points. But you cant sit here and say that they dont impact at all. Goals change games and they also change mentalities. You can bet your bottom dollar that the goal against Burton kills that game. The goal against Brum kills that game. I can comment on the penalty decision at Bolton because i;ve not watched anything about it. So not sure if that would have changed the game.