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  1. Sorry, who's trolling? Theres a reason why I haven't posted on this forum for 2 years, now I remember why.
  2. A penalty that was a penalty doesn't make the performance a good one... it just papers over cracks We're garbage
  3. We should be winning. As you'll have seen from watching the game, Palmer should have scored a header from a free kick. What do you make of the performance so far? Other than they've shown an ounce of effort
  4. Seen a lot of people in this thread praising this performance. Yes, they've shown a bit of fight and have ran about a bit that doesn't deserve praise. That should be a given in any football side, I'm not in the game of praising a team for doing the bare minimum you should expect from a football team. The bits that deserve praise are what you do with the ball, our performance has been pitiful yet again. This performance level on a regular will still see us comfortably relegated. Monk has to go
  5. I ask you one question, what was Chris Wilders highest ever finish before he was hired by the other lot? And where is he now? Paul cook is cut from the same cloth as him. An honest bloke who's teams play good football. He was on sky sports yesterday and the guy just oozes positivity. Which is a damn site more than what that clown we have in charge gives us at the moment. Wigan battered us twice at their place under him and he's also used to inspiring a team that's had points deduction. He did it far better than Monk did at Birmingham.
  6. No, I simply pulled apart your daft comment and made you look silly.
  7. Pep Guardiola had his 'audition' with Barcelona. Zinedine Zidane had his 'audition' with Real Madrid What truly idiotic statement you've just made
  8. sounds as though you do know westwood, but are a lil' bit shy about posting

  9. Hi Ladies and Gents If anyone has/knows of anyone flogging 2 tickets for Forest please drop me a PM Ta
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