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  1. As a person who suffers with depression and anxiety I'm quite appalled buy some blasé attitudes from some towards mental health. A prime example of this is an interview Chester did in February where he basically tries to explain some of the day to day issues he faces battling depression and so on, much of which I can personally relate to, and the presenter laughs and jokes as though it's something funny. Were more people aware of the effects of mental health issues, maybe more peoples lives, Chester's included could be saved because those around sufferers would be able to help catch us when we feel like we can't stop falling...
  2. haha lemme know! We renewed in the same seats so still about 2/3 way up the kop in that little triangle of seats between the middle walkway and the diagonal one
  3. Sad to see this end. Sorry I hadn't had chance to get into this particular one as been rather busy. Was great fun while it existed @EighteenSixty7 so Kudos for all you've done with it over the last 2 years or so. If you've renewed you season ticket on the Kop in the same seat lemme know and we can grab a pint sometime!!
  4. Just to point out @EighteenSixty7 you've got my last pick as being by Zella Day but that was the one BEFORE Ludovico
  5. We will get to 100. One last pick each. It's a shame really as it was so much fun when everyone was involved. Only reason I still sign in is these threads Ive got a pick in mind if I need to do one fairly soon anyway. Will get on this tomorrow probably
  6. Glad you both enjoyed it. I actually thought this one could be a hard sell but glad you both see the brilliance in it
  7. Im interested in hearing @mcmigo's full review. I've been on the edge of my seat for about 2 weeks now
  8. nice! The "circles" remix thing I linked above is one of my favourite tracks of all time. I love it. I don't know why. Just the combination of Experience with Greta's lyrics & voice
  9. Are you just listening to the standard version that ends with Burning? I think even then its still a little over an hour
  10. Out of interest has anyone tried any of the remixes off the deluxe version? I implore you to try Cricles with Greta Svabo Bach which is a new version of Experience. I think it's fantastic.
  11. You know me. I usually try and bring something a little different to proceedings!
  12. haha just watching the F1 and the piece about Bruce McLaren is backed by Ludovico Einaudi!
  13. Nice write up @EighteenSixty7 Interested to see peoples thoughts on this one.
  14. So many good songs on it. Cochise probably being up near the top of the pile but Like a Stone, I am the Highway, Show mr how to Live are all absolutely brilliant tracks.
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