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  1. was really hoping for a graph of Ross Wallace's distance/shot ratio if I'm honest Disappointed
  2. thanks for your incredibly vague post about an ex player being on the TV
  3. Unlucky. I sit on H so are you right in the front? Dunno. Does that bloke always talk shït and do the "come on Wednesday" thing at corners in a trumpet voice? Cos if he does, that's me
  4. I'd happily stand if everyone did. I do at away games and happy to stay standing but majority seem to want to sit Where abouts do you sit neo? V2?
  5. Well one time apparently her boss gathered them all around in a huddle and said "ok before we go if you had to have sex with one person here who would it be" there is much better, but I'm not blowing the load in one go!
  6. shame me he lost the ball at the end of every other run
  7. I wasn't on about him. I was on about my post if he was being a twât then fair enough but standing in front of him was like 2 wrongs don't make a right haha
  8. Deal mate. I'll get you one when the none owl from tonight pays up
  9. Its only some banter to be light hearted after a bobbar game. You should hear the crap the 2 behind us come out with sometimes about their work lives and sex lives. I don't stand in front of them because they aren't properly watching the game. But that's mainly because their lives make good entertainment during the game
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