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  1. Maddison Lee If he is going to name her after a taxi firm, could at least have gone with everyone's favourite firm, D taxis
  2. I saw him in a nightclub when he was 17
  3. Racism in English football

    If you're comparing to Russia/US then everything seems dandy But you can't say that racism in this country is 'incredibly rare' when some of our National newspapers perpetuate racism every single day. Occurences of racism since Brexit vote has shot up
  4. Is Hooper confirmed out for the season?
  5. Ask why Hirst is banned from playing in the first team
  6. Racism in English football

    You're being naive
  7. Racism in English football

    Never heard anything at Hillsborough, but heard some terrible racism at away games from Wednesday fans in recent times. Particularly Brentford this season. Disgrace
  8. Football match of donkeys this Saturday at Hillsborough Steve
  9. Are we losing yet?
  10. The quality of local journalism is just terrible (not Rob)
  11. Wonder how much we made from Cam Dawson postcards..
  12. And look how well we have been doing since June 2017
  13. Gary Hooper

    Gary Hooper is our biggest loss
  14. Ross Wallace

    He's been a right diver this season too P*ssed me right off