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  1. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Sibon vs. Derby has special memories for me
  2. We should poach Basford from Chesterfield
  3. If I were a terrorist I'd go to a busier stadium
  4. This is a bloody b*tch for me Always travel up from London in the morning with overnight bag. Can't check in before game/ or can't drop off bags at mates until after game BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  5. The old club shop

    Bring back rosettes and pennants Give the people what they want Not bloody half price Cam Dawson postcards
  6. Let's attempt to break the world record for biggest football cake
  7. Locked in a room somewhere sewing football shirts I hope
  8. so basically all weekends in December still available
  9. Social Media Embarrassment

    Twitter/FB is a platform for idiots. Just ignore it.