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  1. Let's attempt to break the world record for biggest football cake
  2. Locked in a room somewhere sewing football shirts I hope
  3. so basically all weekends in December still available
  4. Social Media Embarrassment

    Twitter/FB is a platform for idiots. Just ignore it.
  5. Here's a better picture of him looking doubtful
  6. There's confidence, and then there's making bold claims that put pressure on your team and set yourself up for a fall. He's always been calm and collected when talking about promotion chances (last two seasons) by playing it down. Taking each game as it comes. This just oozes of a man who is feeling the heat.
  7. Grow up...

    Were two not enough?
  8. Try and say operationalization after a few pints
  9. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Come on you super sexy owls Let's smash 'em 1-1 Hoops