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  1. Started watching Bonding on Netflix. It's done quite well for a dark comedy...although its not hilarious, its enough.
  2. Just finished Behind her Eyes What the actual f*ck was that?! Has anyone else seen it?
  3. There HAS to be more to it than that documentary Her Dad comes across as the villain, but there has to be more we aren't being told for the courts to grant the continuation of his conservatorship despite all the media backlash. Complete speculation, but maybe she tried to harm herself ?
  4. Just finished Orphan Black for the 2nd time Bloody brilliant series for sheer entertainment. Tatiana Maslany is ace.
  5. Just finished Pembrokeshire murders (a bit slow) and Des (really enjoyed it) Currently also rewatching Orphan Black Cecil Hotel doc next on the list...
  6. It's really interesting how people see things so differently! Her performance kind of ruined the ending for me... I don't feel her reaction was very realistic for her character. It felt over acted. Still, I really enjoyed the series. Learnt a lot. I was too young to understand what was going on at the time, but it blows my mind how swept under the carpet it all was.
  7. Just started Lupin. Few episodes in and really enjoying it Have to switch to original French audio with subtitles though. Dubbing does my head in
  8. Just finished Russian doll. Bloody loved it. Will be reading theories on the ending all day now
  9. Bloody love it. Best show I have watched in a while for sheer enjoyment (rather than quality and all that serious stuff) Been Karate chopping and crane kicking the husband most days since.
  10. Grease 2 Greatest worst film of all time Michelle Pfieffer is a goddess
  11. 100%. Paris is rubbish. I also wasn't a fan of Venice. I loved Reykjavik and Stockholm. Also love Berlin, Lisbon, Granada & Barcelona.
  12. Someone moved it here. It was posted in TV section originally
  13. S3 seems more style over substance to me. There didn't seem to be a very strong plot at all They have taken the relationship between Eve and Villanelle as far as it can go really. Should have wrapped it up here, but seen it has been commissioned for another series already. Jodie Comer is still brilliant though
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