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  1. One of us is lying. Can't make up my mind. Hoping for some huge twist.
  2. I saw The Hunt too. Could have been great, fell flat 5/10
  3. Voice Another Korean Netflix show. It's a bit cheesy and a long series. Can't make my mind up about it. There are quire a few gory scenes, which they pixilate out !
  4. The Lost Daughter. Oscar nominated. I don't get it. Nothing happens. It's pretty pointless. ....or its just too deep and not for me. But literally NOTHING HAPPENS I like my films that come with a nudity and violence warning.
  5. I am against Zombie genres usually as they have been done so many times. But i stuck with this and it was actually quite moving. Be disappointed if they milked it for a second series. It should just be left.
  6. I feel like I was tricked into watching Fantasy Island. It's so so so so so shyte.
  7. Euphoria. It's dark but it's brilliant. Definitely recommend. Zendaya is actually pretty great.
  8. Don't bother with the Vegas sign. It's crap We hired a mustang convertible for our trip to the grand canyon. Go big or go home
  9. The zombie thing is worth sticking with btw In from the cold was next. Its daft. Enjoying it. Young Anya is fit
  10. I'd do one of the buffet breakfasts at The Wynn or similar. They are great. We did the gun range close by if that's your kind of thing? We hated it, but it was an experience. Helicopter ride over Grand Canyon was incredible
  11. I started watching "All of us are dead". I just don't get the zombie genre. It's just a slightly different version of a zombie chasing and eating someone in every scene. Sticking with it though. Was a bit gruesome so had to turn the baby away
  12. I didn't. My doctor said it wasn't best idea for me to go as I am immunosupressed. Went to Russia instead The people who went in my place had an amazing time though!
  13. Just seen ad for All of us are Dead on Netflix Out 28 January. All over that
  14. Elite on Netflix Loving Spanish dramas at the moment
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