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    Seriously though, it's better than I expected Hopefully they'll get the stocking and pricing of the club shop reprints right
  2. Jermaine Johnson Like an overly eager dog chasing after the ball. No control whatsoever
  3. Wouldn't have got enough exposure in DR @mirodo
  4. Twitter (in particular @fudge27) has some classics
  5. Swfc world record cake

    Surprised there hasn't been a Cake Ball photo shop thread Sort it out @OWLSTALK
  6. Swfc world record cake

    It's the greatest meme of 2017
  7. I was Turning and throwing all over the place tbh
  8. Boyd

    First half meh. Was much better in 2nd half. Enjoyed the steward trying to tackle him
  9. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Is everyone going because of the Christmas lights?
  10. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Is everyone going to Leeds!?!