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  1. Millwall away

    See you there Sam
  2. Footballers love every club/city they go to Called PR
  3. Gary Hooper update

    I bloody love Gary Hooper he could turn things around
  4. Imagine if we won. It would be like when Aslan was laying dead on the stone table and all the devils and ogres and imps (utd fans) were mocking him, torturing him, and then when they finally stfu he rose. He rose again. Or summat 3-0 Utd
  5. They are allowed to do some running themselves, un-supervised. If you know you aren't fit from training, surely take it upon yourself to do extra?
  6. I heard this 'song' at Brentford I am so embarrassed by a small pocket of Wednesday fans.
  7. I am literally in your first pic Cream bobble hat two people in front of you. Chris E and russy also in your pic
  8. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Sibon vs. Derby has special memories for me