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Community Answers

  1. I am only 4 or 5 in. Been quite predictable so far, but I am enjoying it
  2. Blackspot on Netflix If you like eerie gruesome crime dramas this is for you
  3. ....and just being a brilliant fella really
  4. I watched it all but had the same sentiment anyway. Her ''flakiness'' or episodes were highly annoying.
  5. It's just an interview isn't it? So of course of the cuff
  6. I thought it was an absolutely ridiculous ending.
  7. Loved the ending of this On to series 2 already
  8. On to my next Spanish drama, Bitter Daisies. Absolutely loving them. Find them so much more gripping than American shows.
  9. I've had to binge watch this today. Great series 8/10
  10. Just started Innocente on netflix. Another Spanish one Only 2 episodes in and hooked.
  11. Toy Boy on Netflix. Spanish murder/revenge type thing I am enjoying it, but it's way too long. Could have been wrapped up over 6 episodes, not the 13 it's taking, Invested to find out who the murderer is though.
  12. Getting your hopes up is what is going to crush you.
  13. I think if Kate would have walked out of the cottage instead of that red head that would have been drama enough for me
  14. The comparison is so blatant, even the Mail can see it!
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