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  1. In that case, they definitely aren't worth the wage. Just because we can afford them doesn't mean we have to.
  2. We've got to be looking higher than this. They've been in a rubbish Cardiff team for a few years so you have to ask yourself why they're being released by them. Pass.
  3. Wouldn't swap with anyone in our current first 11. Let him go and sit on the bench of someone like Burnley.
  4. Anyone watching the game tomorrow night in London? Is there a specific place? Mabel's near Euston again like playoffs?
  5. I'm licensed by the CAA to undertake drone operations and I completed my ground school and flight assessment as recently as Monday. The start of your video clearly shows a dog walker and people on the path in front of you. You fly within 50 meters of them and as they are not under your control, you are prohibited from flying. If you're so confident, you won't mind me reporting you. Good day.
  6. Did you complete any kind of flight planning form? Or a site assessment? Are the dog walkers and other people in the park under your control? Did you take any notice of local NOTMAS? Do you even know what airspace you're operating in? If it's controlled, did you get permission? You flew within 150m of a congested area, you flew directly over the heads of the general public without their permission. I doubt the club would be too happy with you doing this as you didn't have their permission. The only thing you've done vaguely correctly is that the park is public and you don't necess
  7. Why aren't the club producing an official one? It's been our most successful season for nearly 20 years. Madness.
  8. I hope we don't sign their targets. We're looking slightly higher than Lee Gregory.
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