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  1. Can't see any Premiership clubs being after him. Plenty of Championship club with a bit of cash might fancy him though. In our interests to be cemented in the top 6 come January.
  2. Can he do a job for us ?

    That could be really good. Monday: Little Barry came to see me today worried about his hair loss. Provided comfort and told him to stop combing over it looks ridiculous. Tuesday: Big Dave sought solace. Finding it difficult on the bench. Told him it could be worse he could be McGugan. Wednesday: Most holy day of the week. Cancelled all appointments and had a couple of sherries instead. Thursday: quiet morning until I find out that Wallace had cut the end off my socks. Blood and Sand! Friday: Still trying to get some quality time with Kieron but he says he doesn't deal with crosses too well. And so on.......
  3. Frederico Vernancios Picanto

    Shrewd bit of business - 7 year warranty these KIAs. This will be ok for the next 2 or 3 dodgy Portuguese signings!
  4. Carlos’s fault?

    We need these sort of performances to be the norm rather than the exception. That's the true test for Carlos.
  5. Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    Yes things should start brietling up soon......
  6. Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    The clocks definitely ticking on Carlos now.....
  7. 19 years ago

    87 years ago we won the League!
  8. Corners and freekicks

    We are poor from set pieces. Jones effort summed up today for me when we got a free kick on the edge of their box just after they had nearly burst our net. They had a well worked free kick routine we simply had an half arsed effort that hit the defending wall!
  9. Hunt, Reach and Van Aken

    Our defence is going to cost us many a game and goals this season. 3 hopeful balls over the top resulted in 3 goals today. Truly shocking. just when we get back level and looking favourites to go on and win we gift them a goal straight away. I think this current team has done as much as it can in this league. We need a new leader and some new players if we want promotion. Teams are looking a cut above us and it's extremely frustrating.
  10. Can see Buttefield definitely starting today away from home in a typical cautious approach by Carlos. Lee maybe on the bench or rested full stop for the derby. Can also see Rhodes starting up top today.
  11. Forestieri Transfer Value

    I'm sure DC wouldn't sell at that price that's why players are going at over the top prices these days that are simply too attractive to turn down. My view re FF is that you would have to be very brave or very silly to pay northwards of £10m to bring a player with his record of, shall we say, ill discipline into your dressing room. I think a £10m bid would be tempting enough for DC to let him go.
  12. Forestieri Transfer Value

    The reason they aren't probably has much to do with Managers thinking he's not worth the aggravation!
  13. Umbro

    Exactly - I hear that they are a brand on the way up!
  14. The Championship This Season

    Really tough league this year. A top 6 finish would be a great achievement in my view.