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  1. GMOwl72

    Surely bloody not!

    Can’t they just have Winnall?
  2. GMOwl72

    Welcome to Hillsborough

    Van Crooij looks good - typical Wednesday to be in for his not so good brother Van Crooy. (with our recent scouting record I wouldn’t be surprised!)
  3. GMOwl72

    Westwood will be Off

    Stoke are ‘too big’ to be in the Championship according to Paul Lambert!!! Nearly choked on my cornflakes reading that!
  4. GMOwl72

    Rate the season

    4/10 ‘what could have been’.
  5. Know what you mean mate. I’ll be in the grandstand so that’s my excuse!
  6. Looks like you are on your own Neil!
  7. GMOwl72

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Last game should be names and positions in a hat and players pick one by one. Don’t know why teams don’t do this more outside of the Attercliffe Sunday League Div 8! C’mon Wednesday!
  8. GMOwl72

    Anyone remember this guy

    I must be getting old! These type of threads ‘anyone remembr this guy’ and ‘blast from the past’ I didn’t use to have the foggiest who they were from the old b&w photos now it seems to be a player that I remember as playing like it was yesterday!!
  9. If safe standing is given the go ahead then can’t see it being restricted to certain clubs. For example if it’s introduced in the Championship then it has to be for all the Champ clubs to choose whether they go with it or not. Sticking point at Hillsborough would more likely be someone having the confidence to erect it on lower west stand. The Kop would look awesome again.
  10. It’s the hope that .........................
  11. Maybe his drink was Spike-d?
  12. GMOwl72

    Prepare Yourselves

    Two players we need to keep are Bannan and Forestieri and mould a team around them. Like to keep Westwood, Hutch, Hooper, Fletcher but it’s a dual edge sword. Time spent in the team against how long out injured. No doubt there is a big need to strengthen this team if we want to be back in the top 6. A definite need to strengthen if we want top two.
  13. Need two or three good solid summer signings to throw down a marker and set us up nicely for next season. Hopefully injuries won’t be as bad but 3 or 4 of the squad you can almost guarantee will miss 40-50% of the season.
  14. GMOwl72

    Stadium Tours

    He is....goes by the name Biggsy!
  15. GMOwl72

    Westwood in demand?

    Bitter sweet feeling if he were to go. Great keeper and a great player for Wednesday but another who struggles regularly with injury. Would get next to nothing aswell given he'll be in his last year.