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  1. Our scouts are like this........... When we we need them to be more like this........
  2. Didn’t realise it was so serious with Abdi! Must have been going through a right old time. True what they say - don’t judge until you have walked a mile in their shoes.
  3. Needs to grow up as a man and a footballer. He’s not ready for the number 1 spot. Some great saves but at the same time lapses in concentration and rushes of blood.
  4. I really really wish we were getting Aldi quality! More a case of Poundland with our lot and Id want change out of a quid for most of them.
  5. FFS, yes he can score goals but he’s an aging croc that’s why he’s not playing. Talk about building your house on sand!
  6. None of this team is ‘good enough’ for where we want to be. The players are finding their level - the table doesn’t lie!
  7. We are a bottom third Championship team paying top end/ lower prem wages in some cases with a manager who is of distinctly average ability. Going to be like turning an oil tanker this!
  8. Ah...the old....’we are rubbish you can’t fail to beat us trick’ It doesn’t wash with us mate, we will fail to beat you whether you are good or s**t as it currently stands. (* nice use of reverse psychology - all set up to thump them 3-0 now!)
  9. Got to believe I guess or what’s the point. Yes we beat Brighton but let’s remember both Hull and Cardiff turning us over at home in recent weeks. Dont think you can blame even the most ardent Wednesdayite for writing this one off.......
  10. It’s the hope that kills you......as well as these sort of posts!
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