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  1. It’s going to have to be bloody drastic.......even a global pandemic can’t stop our decline and path to league 1!
  2. I just can’t imagine his team talks being very motivating at all. He says the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways it must send players to sleep. It’s certainly going to help me drop off later!
  3. This says it all. Whilst there might be lots going on the stats speak for themselves and ultimately the buck stops with Garry. That said however, we are rotten to the core - poor manager, clueless owner, dodgy administration and woeful players.
  4. Maybe / maybe not we will never ever know will we. Can’t be certain about anything that wasn’t or isn’t allowed to happen.
  5. If the airborne link to COVID-19 transfer currently being investigated by WHO proves correct we can kiss goodbye to any live sport and modern life as we know it tbf!!
  6. If Garry is going to pass any comment, someone has posted the league table since Christmas. I’d really like Monk to pass comment on this and explain it away. (I’m not trying to be obnoxious but would really like to hear his take on the reason for this alarming decline)
  7. For me this formation leaves us wide open at the back especially against teams with a mobile front two.
  8. This is like asking which one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters do you prefer!
  9. The club has been totally mismanaged throughout his tenure from day 1. We are in a right old mess.
  10. To quote from the FA technical coaching guide - He’s gash!
  11. Typical Scouser - ‘it wasn’t my fault mate and it’s a load of rubbish when footballers say they didn’t intend to hurt someone. They amount of anger and frustration in players on a pitch means plenty go into tackles with intent - maybe not to break a leg in 7 places but certainly to do enough to put others out of the game.
  12. No need to apologise mate, football is all about opinions and I sure we can agree to disagree on these points.
  13. Did he win a header all game other than when it was a free header? He gets bullied too easily for someone of his size.
  14. Maybe but Iorfa is what 6’4” standing up but 5’ 7” when he jumps!
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