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  1. .....I’m not so sure our Defending does!!
  2. Maybe......I just hope that he gets the same commitment from the players that Big Ron did.......although I can’t see it.
  3. But then wouldn’t fans make an extra 3 point difference for everyone? So in reality we’d still be up the creek!
  4. Fingers crossed.........oh to be unbeaten for a week!
  5. Apparently he’s bought a pair of socks that were a bit manky!
  6. I know that this is about the shop but there’s a common theme across the club isn’t there!!
  7. Christ....imagine you are out for a beer with your mates and DC stumbles over and starts squealing in his high pitch tone and only stopping talking to breathe every 3 minutes. I’d be first out the door to the pub next door!
  8. For many young uns it’s all about the product and the product needs to interest them, grab their attention and fit into their daily / weekly routines. Routine has gone out of the window for the vast majority and it’s no surprise that many will lose interest in what they once prioritised. SWFC - the product - is dire and its eating itself from within. It’s imploding and simply not an attractive option for many. Why surround yourself with that rubbish? Hard to argue against unless it is engrained within you and then you simply suffer through your ‘enjoyment’. Football eventually,
  9. A bigger pizza the action with a trip to Wembley in the Papa John’s Trophy final - got to be a positive!
  10. Let’s just stop and reflect for a second. He was playing against a very poor swfc team who have already thrown in the towel it would seem, not Man City. Ok he had a good game but let’s put it in perspective.
  11. Feed him to the dogs. Hang, draw and quarter him. Tar and feather him
  12. Hate it when players say they hurt as much as the fans. It’s a load of crap. He’s embarrassed not hurt. He will be playing elsewhere next season whilst we watch league 1 rubbish. Forget the self pity mate it doesn’t wash. Actions loader than words and we ain’t seen enough action from any player this season!
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