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  1. Half a dozen of them might be enticed into a ‘new Premier league’ if the leaked European Super League happens with City, United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea
  2. GMOwl72

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Let it go, let it go.
  3. GMOwl72

    Chansiri kicking off

    Desperate man. He would have been emotional anyway I would have thought with the funeral of his fellow football owner and countryman today without a 4-0 reverse. That said he’s done well getting Lady Gaga to come to Hillsborough!
  4. GMOwl72


    His legacy will be the stadium and training ground improvements...... .....but it will also be his very poor appointment of managers, overpriced tickets and general mis-management of the footballing side of the club. He needs to go as much as Jos but no one is going to buy him out. Here’s to our next manager ..........from Turkish League Division 2!
  5. GMOwl72

    Atmosphere today

    Flatter than a pancake that has been put under Giant Haystacks mattress!
  6. GMOwl72

    Dawson slagging after last night

    For me Lees at fault for both goals. Too easily turned for the first and the less said about the second the better.
  7. GMOwl72

    Sell Reach?

    Need to keep Fessi, Reach and Bannan.
  8. GMOwl72

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Whatever you do you better bl oody not shove it all on Red!
  9. Neither! Fox, Jones and Boyd for me.....teams will be queuing up!!
  10. GMOwl72

    Simple Question

    Be surprised if we see Jones in a Wednesday shirt again. Could go in Jan but will probably sit tight. Hutch was seeing a specialist a week ago so presume not fit to return. Westwood we all know about and will no doubt go either in Jan or end of season. Boyd - no idea but personally I don’t see where he fits in the current team so expect him to sit tight until June then leave. Football contracts dictate - they give both the club and players power in different circumstances. They are what they are.
  11. GMOwl72

    Not sure how to feel...

    Agree when we play like we did away at Villa but not so sure when we play like we did last night. OK Leeds are a decent team but we didn’t half make it easy for them.
  12. GMOwl72

    Matias or Reach

    We actually badly missed Matias last night. I think he would have helped to create a better outlet up front linking play between the midfield and forwards.
  13. GMOwl72

    Win Nothing with Kids

    We drew 1-1 didn’t we???
  14. GMOwl72

    That foul on Stephen Fletcher

    Very poor from the ref that. No advantage at all to be gained from picking up the loose ball 50-60yds from goal with covering defenders as opposed to having a chance to float a free kick into the penalty box from 40yds out. Let’s face it our opportunities second half last night were limited so set pieces were always one of our best chances to create something.
  15. GMOwl72

    Dawson and Baker

    Neither had their best games tonight. Baker very much off the pace and Dawson didn’t command his area like you want a keeper to do. I contrast Baker with Penney on the other side and it’s chalk and cheese. Having said that Palmer isn’t a great alternative!