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  1. He’s doing the Tour. Apparently he didn’t get to see much of the home dressing room whilst here!
  2. Stuff 8th place or 16-0, let’s just bloody beat them! Come on Wednesday!!!
  3. Think everyone needs to accept the situation with Hooper. His playing days are coming to an end. Even if we get him back for 3, 4, 5, even 7 or 8 games he will break down again at some point given the demands of modern day football. All the best to him but we need an attacking future built on more solid foundations.
  4. .....we would be top of the league if we had won every game..........
  5. Everyone was asleep by half time weren’t they - job done game concluded!
  6. Pointless If it was 3-3 this thread would simply be, ‘well at least we are scoring goals’. Thinking about the last two games I think I’d have preferred two 3-3s! Two clean sheets against Reading and Millwall. Let’s see if we are still talking about our new ‘well organised defence’ when we play a top end club. I know for sure we will still be talking about our lack of goals! Got to back Bruce I just hope he has some decent ideas going forwards (or should that be with the forwards!)
  7. If he’s offered a new one then that’s a bad omen for next season.
  8. Get thi summer hols booked before kids break up!!!
  9. Fessi only one I would keep. We need 2 or 3 quality striking additions to be a top 6 side. More pace, more movement, greater skill than what we already have.
  10. Disappointing to say the least but at least it shows Bruce who is up to it. 3 months now to get his house in order. Use it wisely as we don’t want to suffer false hope yet again come September.
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