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  1. Im sure we do. We can offer him £10k per week but he’ll only get paid £1k!!
  2. He was Wise enough to get out while he could!
  3. Let’s face it....his dad could still do a job for us!
  4. ....either that or he’ll start to sign on the dotted line and run out of room before he finishes his signature!
  5. No points off Rotherham or Luton, especially given how some of those games played out have done for us....along with the pts deduction....but basically we were poor across most games.
  6. Yeah....but it’s not like we finished bottom of the league like utd is it.......oh hang on.........
  7. He had a shocker today. At fault for the 1st and 3rd goals conceded. If Moore stays though he’s going to be first name on the team sheet unfortunately.
  8. Great bloke. Even cut my mums grass the other week. Did some beautiful stripes and did it wearing full kit. True professional!
  9. Where’s John Harkes when you need him......!
  10. He’s in for a shock at 2pm on Saturday isn’t he!
  11. This hopefully won’t be the case for us as it doesn’t matter if we lose 1-0 or 7-0 we simply have to win. Derby may set up cautiously at the start as a draw is all they need if rham don’t win. Early on is our chance to strike imo. We have to come out all guns blazing like the Cardiff game.
  12. Got mine and read it already. I was 19/20 at the time and looking back now consider myself very fortunate to have followed such a team. At the time you hear stories of how much the players were out on the sauce but some of the accounts in the book are unbelievable. 48 hrs before the League Cup final and the players are getting smashed! What the book does hit home was how much the club was ‘as one’ for a few years from the apprentices through the reserves to the first team. It couldn’t be further from the current set up!
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