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  1. The players on the big bucks, many still at the club, had the best chance in years to get us to the Premier League. Wasn’t the loss to Hull but the meek surrender against Huddersfield at home when a win would have left us with a shot at Reading in the Play Off Final. It’s moments like that which help define your future. Massive opportunity missed and boy are we going to pay for it!
  2. I need to start wearing my glasses more - I voted for the Erection!
  3. We could walk forever Walking on the moon We could live together Walking on, walking on the moon
  4. No we should be 7th We are the masters of our own downfall so far. We COULD however be 2nd if things had worked out differently.
  5. The only way you will effectively deal with this is to follow the rugby time system of stopping the clock when play is stopped I.e for a substitution, booking, VAR check (not for a corner, or throw in). Wont happen because of TV but it would be more transparent then what we currently have.
  6. C’mon we win one game by a few goals away at Boro and we think that’s it. We have been distinctly average without any cutting edge all season if the truth be told.
  7. For a squad with the highest average age in the league we don’t half lack experience thats for sure and this is at both ends of the pitch.
  8. Long time till January! Players need to start earning their keep or its gone again for another year.
  9. It certainly is with that team. Long from Westwood/Lees to Fletch/Dave all game!
  10. Some seats still left in the South but you need to take some Chutney in with you apparently.
  11. Don’t know about Monk Out but I know a few have Monk On!
  12. This is what I can’t understand. The game is 90 mins. What he’s effectively saying is that he is trying to condense it into 30 mins! Why not use the full 90 to be adventurous and take the game to them especially given their awful form of late. This doesn’t mean being cavalier at the back it simply means looking to take control and create opportunities - and play the sort of football you’d happily pay £40 to watch!!!!!
  13. We need to set ourselves up to win games from the off. Press and dominate. Look at Hull winning away at Fulham, Our current side, although we have some decent players, play some of the most boring football I have seen.
  14. After today I’d take the 12 Bore.
  15. Disagree -it will take us all the way to mid table!
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