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  1. 14 people on here so far picked Odd-job for MoM! Now I am up for a laugh and a joke as much as anyone but that’s simply taking the pis s. The man can’t defend his to save his life.
  2. Let’s hope performances don’t turn this into Monks Moanings.
  3. We need a graph. Fletcher’s Goals with hair and Fletcher without hair. I’ll leave that for you to research and sort out?
  4. I note your argument but raise you that Monk beats Cowley and Owls beats Terriers when saving on characters! ..............they fecking hate us
  5. An evening with Bullen - are you sure it wasn’t a Right Said Fred reunion!
  6. Ok ya cu nts whose got the key for these handcuffs!
  7. Well this weekends fixture will be a damn sight more interesting now!
  8. New meltdown - unlikely that Pep is coming with him!
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