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  1. Don’t like buttons on shirts. No need for them.
  2. Watching Wednesday ain’t good for your health!
  3. Bloody annoying. Something that will always happen Clubs riding high at home will always get the rub of the green . Bruce should know this shouldnt he as us older fans will certainly remember!
  4. Is Huddersfield a good move for Westwood? It’s certainly not a progression. However better pay in the twilight of his career and a little bit closer to his home in Manchester it might be tempting!
  5. Fletcher scores the pen v Villa and we hold on for the win........we’d be sat in 6th now. West Brom hadn’t equalised in he 96th minute...... We hadnt scored our injury time winners...... Fine margins.
  6. The one positive from today is to simply confirm to Bruce that we need significant changes to be a real threat next term. As good as many think Fletcher and Hooper are they won’t get us out of this division. As good as many think Bannan and Hutchinson are they won’t get us out of this division. The same can be said for the majority. A squad of honest players (in the main) but who just wont win promotion.
  7. Its because they are injured that they are appearing!
  8. A front 3 of Boyd, Winnall and Nuhiu it’s not surprising tbf
  9. He should follow Rice and switch allegiance to England!!!
  10. Lancs Cricket do this quite well after their Friday night T20 Games. Stay on and watch a band and have a few drinks with friends or before heading into town. Totally different crowd to football though and in the summer months - would never catch on imo after a footy match.
  11. He’s doing the Tour. Apparently he didn’t get to see much of the home dressing room whilst here!
  12. Stuff 8th place or 16-0, let’s just bloody beat them! Come on Wednesday!!!
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