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  1. Harkes had one of best engines I’ve ever seen in a Wednesday player. Him and Carlton in the midfield certainly covered some miles. He’s probably still eating out on his goal at Derby in the Cup when he’s back over.
  2. Obviously Sphinx there’s something in it.
  3. Never going to walk. A couple more results like the last 12 he will be sacked with a nice settlement. He knows he is unlikely to get another gig at this level so it’s bide your time, get your cash then a stint in league 1
  4. I’m confused.....thought it was ‘keep the prices high and continue with our ongoing strategy towards League 1’?
  5. ............but if you want my very best then it’s an extra £10 a ticket!
  6. Sack him? He should have the balls to walk. An absolute embarrassment and so are the players.
  7. Feeling that today will be the hammering Man City didn’t give us.
  8. Don’t think anyone expected us to win and personally I was expecting a big reverse which could have happened with their chances but didn’t. We see it against other Championship teams and last night just emphasised it - we simply cannot keep the ball and do anything with it. We invite pressure which ultimately no matter how dogged your defence is will result in goals against. We dilly - dally with it in defence and this is why we are conceding silly goals and have a mountain to climb from early in the game. Is it the players? Are they that poor? Or is it that the coaching and management can’t get them actually playing football. Well done to Liam Palmer last night - you can almost kick it the length of the field!
  9. No. Was expecting a hammering if honest. I just don’t like to go out with a whimper. Maybe you do?
  10. Clear the ball to half way, let them come back at us. Repeat for 90 mins. What happened the one time we pressed higher up the pitch? We won the ball and Hunt sent it across goal for our best ‘chance’ of the game. Ok some back to the wall defending, ragged at times and not pretty and they had 5 or 6 very good chances to score. Yes I know it’s Man City but if we always settle for second best that what we will get. Never expected a win, more like a 4-0 defeat (which let’s be honest it could easily have been)
  11. Some fight???? Shrewsbury at home versus Liverpool. Can we not expect the same? FFS.
  12. He was blowing out of his ar.se after 30 minutes yet Fessi gets pulled on 55! No threat at all and his touch is awful.
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