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  1. He needed Iorfa upfront with him tonight for his long throws as he was finding the centre half every time!
  2. A big journey starts with small steps! He’s limited with the resources he has so it’s the structure and team shape he needs to get right until he can work with the players that he wants. Monk unfortunately set off on his journey in the wrong direction!
  3. C’mon, let’s just embrace this for a minute. Top of the standings! Feels great doesn’t it?
  4. January incomings? Don’t get your hopes up!
  5. Pullis isn’t a magician. Monk and Chansiri have already cost us relegation imo. We need wins, draws are no good. Pullis seems to have instilled some steel and structure but he can’t pull a goalscorer out of his back pocket.
  6. Not so sure I share this optimism that it can all be sorted out in the January transfer window. Who is really going to want to come to a bottom 3 side? The old saying is invariably true - ‘bottom at Christmas, relegated in May’.
  7. My point was more about the collusion involved given that you implied Monk had the strength to simply walk away from Leeds. He didn’t he left because he had already lined up a job at Boro.
  8. No ‘tapping up’ then? That’s ok because it is the norm I guess?
  9. Too true...but you need Passion to do a job properly and Monk had none. Without passion it’s too easy to give up on something and that’s what Monk did because he knew he would get his contract paid up. He obviously wasn't bothered about the calibre of players the club were recruiting for the team he was managing which has, for me, left us in the position we are in on the pitch. Now get thi ‘sen to bed Garry!
  10. That’s not my point, who would / who wouldn’t do it. That’s what I said above - we reward mediocrity and failure too easily so people don’t really give a stuff. It was a ‘job’ at Wednesday for Monk, nothing more, nothing less. re Leeds......Yeah and 2 weeks later he walked through the door at Borough! What a coincidence?
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