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  1. More alarming how Lees and Thorniley have been squared up both watching / going to the same ball neither aware of where the two strikers are.
  2. ........his kneecap maybe? Hope to god it’s not his Hip!
  3. GMOwl72


    More of a Zippy fan so Im out!
  4. Something very fishy about that isn’t there
  5. Agree but players we have need to do their job properly - no ball watching, switching off, losing their man - basically the basics!!!
  6. GMOwl72


    They hopefully have plenty of miles in their legs as the amount of space between our attack and midfield means someone covering an awful lot of ground!
  7. GMOwl72

    can you...

    Nilsson Walker Pearson Worthington
  8. If only we had a team to match the support and I’m not talking about quality but general commitment and passion.
  9. They will certainly be here longer than Jos
  10. GMOwl72

    Lucas Joao

    Exactly. Wait for news of a loan move over next eeek!
  11. GMOwl72

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    What was the official following from Hull?
  12. GMOwl72

    Gonna be a long old season

    Awful today but ask yourself this - would you play for him? He comes across as a right wet lettuce!
  13. GMOwl72

    Another pathetic manager

    Joao injured, Hooper injured, Winnall injured, Fletcher an injury waiting to happen. Rhodes scores for Norwich. What was the other thread- a stockpile for of strikers FFS!
  14. GMOwl72

    Fernando Forestieri

    Maybe we should have cashed in on big Dave before Thursday????
  15. .......Free with a 4 pack of tinned tuna after today!