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  1. An 1867 sales pitch? Find it hard that he says that he invested the money to simply stay in the Champs when we were in and around the play offs for two seasons and then says that promotion this season is the only clear way out of our mess? At least it’s clear that unless Bruce can work miracles with what he’s got or cast offs we are in the proverbial.
  2. GMOwl72

    Substitutes (or lack of)

    Got to be balanced with who he has to come on and is a change necessary. Look at Jones v a West Brom. Came on and scored an own goal. Was this because he wasn’t up to pace with the game and didn’t react quick enough? Think he got the it right last night in terms of using subs.
  3. GMOwl72

    Possible Signing

    Based on the guidance and advice Chansiri receives we are more likely to end up with Paulo Rossi.
  4. GMOwl72

    luton game

    Not sure that it’s the last chance to ‘salvage anything’. If we get past Luton the chances of progressing beyond that are pretty remote! A win against Luton is needed to boost morale, I’ll give you that because a defeat, which is certainly a very good possibility, would simply be further embarrassment on what is a very embarrassing and disappointing campaign so far.
  5. GMOwl72

    Nothing short of pants

    It could be worse Weeds and Blunts could be top 2 and pushing for automatic promotion.......................... oh ffs!!
  6. GMOwl72

    Jordan F'N Rhodes

    Goals in the last few minutes (or even the 95th) are pissers aren’t they!
  7. GMOwl72

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    Yes, also maybe to get the low down on which players they feel are right for a ‘Bruce’ team. He probably values their opinions more than others?
  8. GMOwl72

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    Hopefully Bruce has got the desire and the drive to sort out this mess as well as the backing from Chansiri. He wasn’t looking for a job, taking time out going away with his wife following his parents deaths and we came knocking. He stated his terms (salary and availability) and DC accepted this. For me Bullen should have been given the role until Bruce actually came in. Don’t understand why Agnew and Clemence have taken charge for 3 weeks. It’s shortly over to Bruce who is to be paid handsomely and I would have thought he would have required a certain level of backing in the transfer market to take the job. He will have no hiding place if it all goes Pete Tong. We need to have a little faith. This season has gone, long gone. It’s all about getting the entire football operation of the club ready and performing for next season. Then again, it’s the hope that...........
  9. Crikey, is Hooper still being treated? Thought he’d been put down!
  10. Can see this happening............and then Luton dump us out next Tuesday!
  11. GMOwl72

    FA Cup replays

    Why didn’t they do the 4th round draw at half time of the Wolves game and instead of these pointless interviews?
  12. GMOwl72

    Frederick Nielsen

    Hamstring - 2 weeks.
  13. GMOwl72

    Why was Hutch not rested

    Would he have been rested if it was a normal Saturday League game? It’s not as if it was 2 games in 3 days. It wasn’t Luton or the FA Cup that injured him, it’s the fact that he’s half broken in general!
  14. GMOwl72

    Police presence today

    The Crazy Hatters! SYP must have thought that Odd Job and his Firm were coming!
  15. GMOwl72

    What today shows is .....

    Today shows.................that we have more players of a lower end champ/league 1 standard than an upper end champ / prem standard. How many of today’s starting 11 do you think are of a good enough standard to get us promoted - Bannan, Reach, Lees?