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  1. If we can't get 3 points against Bolton at home we deserve to be in League 1 next season. You never know we might go and surprise Bristol or Ipswich.
  2. If Carlos was still in charge getting these results most would be screaming blue murder.
  3. All this is very well but we need to grind out points. Bristol away next league game - not sure where our next point will come from. Playing ok and not picking up points is classic relegation form,
  4. Remove the elev8 and Chansiri and it's a lovely top.
  5. Somewhat dissapointing to find out that the Trotter's flat is in Bristol and not Peckham!
  6. Jos post-match interview

    Maybe he needs to look at the games and opposition more. The game v Millwall was very winnable in my view whereas the game away to Bristol in my view is a very likely defeat. Maybe rest players based on this
  7. We got what we deserved tonight

    Villa and Bristol City next two league games - it's not looking good if that's the best team Jos feels he can put out.
  8. Cash in for me but if Derby get promoted they won't want him. If they don't they can't afford him.
  9. Points to be had from these games. Big concern is if we lose 3 straight to Villa, Swansea and Bristol the knock on that will have for the very winnable ones to come.
  10. Song revamp

    Wednesday, coming and going Take a look at us watch our season growing I know just where we are How many corners do we have to take How many saves do we have to make All the love I have is for my team Well I'm a Luhukay man Lucas Joao is in my hands.........
  11. Shows what a good win it was against an in form Derby team!
  12. caption this

    Not a caption but just to comment that if he is as successful as Philip Schofield has been after starting in the broom cupboard with Gordon the gopher then we'll all be happy!
  13. Could argue that all these type of decisions are unclear given 2,3,4 players contesting a ball in the corner especially if Lino is not on that side of pitch. I personally hate to see it be it Wednesday or oppo doing it so happy to go with defenders ball every time.
  14. Unwritten rule among officials - defending team always get any unclear decisions in last third of pitch. Defending team unlikely to score from a decision that turns out to be wrong.
  15. Contract Issues

    All a bit insignificant when we are fighting for the scraps of money on offer in league 1!