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  1. C'mon Wednesday get that bloody Steve Smith out!
  2. Without it being deep fried!
  3. 1 & 5 are 'must haves'. 2, 3 & 4 are 'nice to haves' but couldn't care so long as 1&5 are nailed on.
  4. caption this

    .........I've just been sacked by Wednesday!
  5. C'mon Wednesday, get that bloody Steve Smith out!!
  6. Subbuteo t shirt would be ok without the 'Rhodes' and old owl logo on it. Less is more.
  7. For me however we should be showing improvement and progress. Two years finishing top 6, big money spent on players and we are at the same level as the previous 2 seasons? Don't think it's unreasonable to have expected a better return from our first 15 games.......well at least we don't seem to be going backwards.
  8. When you have a manager that sets out not to lose rather than to win games it stifles your creativity. Hard to change this mid game which is why when we do go a goal down we very rarely come back and win.
  9. Wallace and Fletcher need resting irrespective of any system.
  10. 6 points off 5th

    5 points from the last 21. Maybe 6pts off 5th at minute. In 2 weeks it could just as easily be 12 points off 6th.
  11. Player ratings

    Got the sh I ts. Next week he will have done his ACL!
  12. How poor a side are Barnsley.

    People in glass houses...........Think we need to focus on how poor we are this season. I reckon if we went on opposition boards after playing them we wouldn't like what was being said about ourselves!
  13. Sam Hutchinson

    Crikey what's going on behind the scenes? He only had the sh i ts last week keeping him out!
  14. Viscous circle this then because the manager's negativity is affecting the fans!
  15. Twenty Dollar Bill quote

    Who ended up getting the $20? FFS don't start a story if you aren't going to finish it!