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Community Answers

  1. Seems far too concerned with how many minutes players got rather than the impact they made.
  2. Think we will see Lord Lucan again before we see Luongo.
  3. Managers are either inspiring or uninspiring and DM is definitely the latter. I just can’t see him getting any better results or performances from this group of players. If he carries on we may end up mid table or at worse with our current form (5pts from 18) in another relegation scrap. Very hard to comprehend.
  4. You're a Giza with a lot of knowledge on this are you?
  5. He’s a poor manager who like many that get ‘top’ jobs get them as they are jobs for the boys with the right contacts. Is he actually hungry enough? We need a manager who feels it more, who takes it personally when we play as crap as we are doing and getting poo results.Likewise the players. They are over hyped soft centred who can’t handle this league. Everyone said ‘Great summer recruitment’ when no one had even seen them play a game! Same every year. Both manager and players are extremely average yet massively overpaid for their skill set.
  6. Pin this. It could be used as a measure of success. The less spit in siowls hair = the less Johnson gives the ball away = the better we play = the more points we get. Lets have a weekly update please.
  7. DM simply rotates to give everyone either a start or a place in the match day squad. A true sign of someone with no courage or gumption.
  8. He doesn’t seem to have a bleedin’ clue but he’ll still be here at Christmas (unless DC does a Carlos on him)
  9. DM going for a hat trick of draws by the look of it. Starting to regret making the trip!
  10. ‘Absolutely battered’ was your term not mine. I simply said the highlights ‘suggested we were battered’.
  11. DM will simply never get rid of Bannan. He looks to him as the one that can actually do something on the pitch. That’s his strategy - ‘give it to Baz’. He’s misguided and will ultimately fall on his own sword.
  12. Crosses per game ranked 6th. I’d love to see however the percentage of our crosses that actually find a team mate.
  13. Mate, watch the sky highlights. My post was based on what I and thousands of others will have seen. Ipswich if they could finish should have scored 3 or 4. Possession football is rounduns it’s about creating chances and finishing.
  14. Didn’t go but the highlights suggest we were battered. They should have scored 3 or 4. We are miles off top 6 and if we continue this form (2pts from 12) we are in the poo!
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