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  1. Do you mean Foxoppolous?
  2. GMOwl72

    Why the negativity

    Hopefully that’s the case and Jos is the second coming with healing hands.
  3. GMOwl72

    Why the negativity

    I think the one way movement of players is concerning for some especially given the injury issues we had last year and the fact that the injured players have all remained. Rhodes, Hunt, Vernacio, Hirst, possibly followed by Winnall and most likely Clare is potentially 6 players. Can Bannan, Hutch, Lee, Hooper, Lees, Fletcher, Forestieri stay fit for the season? That’s potentially a swing of 13 players. Many will say ‘we wont get the same injury problems of last season’ but these players are older and injuries are more likely to resurface. Unless the club are working on player recruitment plans the current one way movement of players is concerning with 3 and a half weeks to go until th season opener. #InJosWeTrust I guess.
  4. If reports that Henderson is injured are true then that’s a big blow. Midfield is going to be a key area where this game is won or lost imo. Give them too much space and time and we will suffer. Henderson the only midfielder we have that gets at the opposition. Dier and Delph tend to sit too deep.
  5. £3 mill tops and once it gets to January he’s basically worth very little. Hopefully we get a good start to the season and he signs a new deal. Can see him wanting to see how next season pans out though before commiting .
  6. A simple thought that involves way too much paperwork, red tape, grief, potential trouble etc etc for something not even connected to Wednesday.
  7. Lovely indeed......if you are going on a bike ride!
  8. GMOwl72

    Initiation - best one yet?

    No - the manager manages the opposition analyst
  9. £15 is I suppose ok for adults but £10 for u11s is scandalous in my view. Should have been £10 / £5.
  10. GMOwl72


    Who with????
  11. Keeping the wheels of industry turning.......reading Owlstalk you cheeky monkey!
  12. That won’t be stopping Hooper!
  13. GMOwl72

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    You get two!
  14. Not a fan of buttons/zipped necks on footy shirts.
  15. GMOwl72

    Pitchside beer

    although I do actually like Brooklyn Lager. 3 for a fiver in co-op by the way. (got to get a return on my co-op shares somehow!)