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  1. It's a red card everyday It's from behind, he jumps off the floor, clearly not in control and blatantly tries to take the player down. It's a recklass tackle and it's dangerous play. Thought it at the time and it's clear on the replay too.
  2. While I understand a lot of you in saying it's time for Abdi to step up, as it should be an opportunity for him to get more game time and in a more familiar position, but I think it's more important for Bannan to now step up. Bannan hasn't had a great season, through his own form and also being played in various positions. But now he should get a run of games in his "best" position. He now needs to be as influential as Lee was, in terms of setting our tempo, creating goals, getting assists and most importantly, scoring goals. He doesn't score anywhere near enough goals for a player
  3. Until he improves & consistently controls the football under pressure more, he will always be an inconsistent, average Championship player. He needs to realise that he doesn't have to spin in behind defenders every time, be it a run off the ball or spinning defenders with a first touch. Sometimes he just needs to be stronger, bring the ball under control, look at playing to support players (such as Lee, Bannan, Forestieri etc.), then spin & turn defenders and use his pace to get away from them. He frustrates the hell out of me. Still a l
  4. i suggest you look at a few stats mate. 1 - The amount of clean sheets last season 2 - The amount of games Hutch & Loovens played last year. 3 - The amount of goals we have conceded since this calendar year in the league, including the 3 games this season. You'll be very surprised at just how good our defensive players are & what a good job they did last season, and the beginning of this (apart from the shocker on Tuesday).
  5. It's without doubt a good signing whether on a free or a loan. 5 CB's consisting of: Lees Hutchinson Loovens Sasso Semedo Thats very good depth & quality for this league. Sasso had a few dodgy moment last year, but there definite improvement & quality and he fits in to our squad with spending last year on loan. One of the standout individual performances last season for me was Sasso away at Fulham, when he was up against McCormack & Dembele. He was bloody brilliant that day, against two of the divisions
  6. Westwood Hunt Lees Hutchinson Pudil Lee Bannan Abdi Forestieri Fletcher Joao
  7. Be a good signing. Good footballer, bags of experience at the top end of this league, will suit our style of play and adds some much need depth to our central midfield options. Good work SWFC
  8. There are ways of trying to negotiate better terms on your contract. There are ways of trying to manufacture a move away. There are even ways of using interest & terms offered by other clubs (we all know it goes on) to negotiate with your current club. But to train all week, to be a part of the training sessions preparing for a big game away against Norwich, to be in the squad & probably starting and then drop it on the club, the manager & his teammates that he doesn't want to travel & play, just befor getting on the coach is absolutely disgu
  9. We don't need to necessarily sign someone as good as Fernando to still mount a challenge (3 teams last year did it without Forestieri). If we get a good price and re-invest (which we will) and improve the squad be it with the one player or 3/4, we will still challenge. Fernando Forestieri isn't the be all and end all of our hopes for promotion. The owner wants us promoted. He will see to it we do.
  10. If he goes he goes. If he stays, he stays (which I hope he does). If Fernando is using it to get more money from us then fine, but I hope we don't start bowing to silly demands as its a very dangerous presedence to set. If improved terms is in line with his value to us and our budget then fine. If Fernando would rather go to Derby or anyone else for a few extra quid, that we're not willing to match then that's fine too. There are plenty of footballers out there, some better than Forestieri, I'm sure our head coach and recruitment team will have p
  11. Pleased with this. Two good left backs at the club. Happy days.
  12. Good signing. He was terrific that season for Brighton before his move to Sunderland. Got good pace, good movement, can beat players & can create good opportunities. I think our style of play will suit him and that will hopefully help him find his best form. He's also a different type of wide player to what we have. Gives us good options. Happy with it.
  13. Deary me. Pointless arguing with you in this. You stick with your outdated and old traditions.
  14. This is not about supporting the chairman on this decision. its about not fight two flying f***s about squad numbers. Seriously, tradition with squad numbers and what players/positions get what numbers went out years ago. Wakey wakey.
  15. No, the squad numbers are irrelevant. How they play on the field is. tradition went out of the window with squad numbers years ago (20+ years). the whole squad numbrer thing is irrelevant.
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