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  1. Didn’t go but the highlights suggest we were battered. They should have scored 3 or 4. We are miles off top 6 and if we continue this form (2pts from 12) we are in the poo!
  2. Got to chuckle though….it’s very apt he was done by C Chaplin!
  3. Gonna be lucky to start next game unless it’s in the loan agreement that he starts league games if fit.
  4. This is the thing, people will focus on the howler but we aren’t pulling up any trees are we and that’s the worry.
  5. I get the feeling DM is simply a bloke in a tracksuit relying on ‘Baz’!
  6. There isn’t any magic formula. The players are simply hyped up and sent out there. Like a bottle of pop they lose their fizz and go flat. DM isn’t some master Tactician he’s a bloke in a tracksuit relying on ‘Baz’!
  7. This could be said for many players down the years that have either been at Hillsborough with high hopes or left and then flourished elsewhere.
  8. The minute a manager starts having to dissect offsides to justify not winning he’s on a slippery slope. Yes it was a good goal but c’mon Darren we need more from you and the team……
  9. …but if he’s worth his salt he wouldn’t have to have these ‘difficult’ conversations. What he’s putting out on the pitch at the minute is tripe so for me he should bloody well justify his selections and game plans.
  10. DM isn’t alone. How many ‘good managers are there out there? It’s a closed shop for ex pros with the best contacts. It reeps what it shows. Most managers can’t ‘manage’. Football is over complicated today with pundits etc. The game is simple and a good manager will get the best out of his team. DM doesn’t seem to have any insight into what his best team is or how to set us up. He’s going week to week looking for some magic to happen. It’s a shambles.
  11. No ….but the cold light of day is basically we aren’t anywhere near as good as some think or maybe thought preseason.
  12. Or from a Shrews point of view….one point against the ‘mighty’ Wednesday!
  13. This time next year we’ll be millionaires!
  14. Dunkley is DM 10-12 years ago. He’s a shoe in!
  15. No but maybe for the lack of intent over the other 89 minutes?
  16. Well 1 point from 9 is automatic relegation form isn’t it.
  17. A damn sight better. Shrewsbury 3rd from bottom with minus 7 GD. Really disappointing Wednesday.
  18. Drink it in mate unfortunately. The new normal!
  19. Will be interesting to see what reaction there is from last week. A good performance with a few goals will be just fine but I can see a low scoring draw.
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