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  1. Hopefully as the squad atm isn’t strong enough for promotion
  2. This surely calls for ‘Time Lapse Cam’!
  3. Whatever the deal make sure we get the money upfront else we will never get it from South America
  4. 2-3 new centre halves the priority then (unless Iorfa surprises us and stays fit)
  5. Your club has to look at itself for that. Not exactly looking after their own jumping into bed with ticketmaster eh!
  6. Arrest made and the video evidence will hopefully see him sent down. Forest also could be held liable for failing to control fans in the stadium. Probably unlikely but they will probably be fined. could have been nasty with the pen shoot out, celebrations and smoke bombs in front of the away end.
  7. 10 v 240 not very fair though is it?
  8. Hunt otherwise Byers would have said ‘a proud feeling to HAVE playED for this club’. …..then again footballers aren’t known for their grammar I guess.
  9. not so sure it’s would be a direct fix. teams shithouse to try and waste time yes but they also do it interupt and break up play, to slow things down. A 60 minute clock wouldn’t affect this.
  10. Maybe but then he didn’t turn up for either play off game did he!
  11. They have absolute no composure do they. Barry if pressed hard becomes impotent and ineffective. Byers and Luongo very little confidence on the ball and simply passed around over the two legs. No support to the front two whatsoever.
  12. As much as many fans want him out there is no way in the world that Chansiri will get rid. Be interesting to see how Chansiri backs him as he’s got another off-season of rebuilding and he’s got to do a lot better than the start of this season if he is serious about promotion. Can’t aim for top 6. Has to go for automatic but will he have the team to do so?
  13. Yes he did……..I’m more than happy to be paying premier league prices for premier league players
  14. We need loans like Roberts and not NML. They are out there we just don’t find them!
  15. The squad ain’t gonna be together though is it. It’s another year of freebies and loans that take until Christmas to gel (if they do) and another wasted season. This was our chance just like the udders play off was and we bottled both!
  16. Just put a full stop after ‘lock down Darren Moore’ and you’ve hit the nail on the head!
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