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  1. Complete scandal if the HMRC debt is cut or scrapped in any way
  2. No Ive not got the kind of cash these days for that sadly but cheers. Did it for the 3-1 reverse under Carlos
  3. Longshot but need two if anyone has any! Cheers pm me if anyone can help
  4. That sheepshagger is just waiting for gibson
  5. Pride park?! No chance of a win even if they turned up with three players and a maggot in goal
  6. Keep it Atdhe keep it Atdhe no you muppet noooo yesssssssssssssssss
  7. A personal erm call from him would put me off too
  8. Thank god another few thousand didnt turn up and force themselves in it wouldve indeed been another disaster
  9. So reading between the lines… Iorfas out for a while
  10. Im not sure we do have ‘goals in the team’ sadly esp with Windass being out for most of the season
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