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  1. Wish him well but no loss to us considering the last two seasons
  2. This!!! but still… what a dweeb. Get back on the tins!
  3. Leave it. Just give us the upper. And make the lower more uncomfortable somehow.
  4. Til Liam went up the ladder one day and spilled the beans to his ma
  5. Cheers!! Like I said, new to this game
  6. Help required fellow Owls please! Ive just watched the Johnny Sheridan under the cosh podcast, brilliant! Its my debut podcast (love my music far too much) and wondered which other Wednesday ones are worth a listen and where to find them… cheers all (wednesday only, cant be bothered with anyone else)
  7. Peterborough will be top 2. We have a chance if we set out not settling for draws
  8. Probably a nice chap. But nah he can do one
  9. But what does he eat for breakfast?
  10. Dean and Jack Hunt first on list for me after that Im hoping we are going for hungry players not last payday fodder. Obvious I know….
  11. This. Good in patches but brushed off far to easily when it mattered most. Wish him well
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