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  1. Sky: 7 minutes to add on.... thats a bonus to Wednesday
  2. Oh great we’ve got wig head commenting for 90 mins
  3. Sky: so garry are you still looking to finish the season strongly?...... 🙄
  4. Blimey honest interviews, how refreshing
  5. Dont be silly barnsley wont pay over £5m for jones
  6. You dont get the ‘ive wasted my time, money, energy, petrol‘ etc etc to watch that shower etc etc feeling... so the frustration in defeat must be diluted somewhat. Its all part of the ‘matchday experience’ we love though.... cant wait to get back
  7. No tv footage!! Gutted, cameras went wonky for the match. Remember it, just
  8. Yeh knobbers those two cynical tackles on murphy were out of order (remembers giving K Lee man of the Match for his tackle on sunday🤭)
  9. Exactly. Biggest load of tosh ever whoever came up with that
  10. Played very well there before christmas, remember thinking with 15 to go we’re going to win this.....
  11. God no!!! ‘Young and hungry’ not past his best on big wages, we need to learn
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