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  1. I’m assuming that he’ll still be released in the summer though. Hopefully we can give him a send off against QPR on the final day.
  2. If Fox is fit then play him at LB, as much as Palmer did ok there the other night you could see he certainly doesn’t have a left foot, with the way they overlap the wings and full back positions are where this game will be won imo so stick with players in their natural positions. I wasn’t a fan of Fox by a long way but he’s been a different player last month or so
  3. I’m in the last year of 3 and already signed up for another 5yrs when the option was there.
  4. If we released players that are out of contract then this would open up the opportunity to bring others in on a free
  5. With Steve Bruce as manager and us having a lot of players out of contract this season I can see us doing some free’s in the summer to replace some of the ones we lost. Being that it’s Bruce one player who’s out of contract this summer is Mo Diame who I can certainly see us going for. Kebano from Fulham who we were after this window just gone is also out of contract. Another that I could see Bruce trying to get is Papa Soure from Palace who’s also on a free. Anyone else got any ideas of what you think Bruce will try bring in?
  6. with 3 home games (Reading, Swansea & Brentford) plus 2 away at Milwall and Toy Town could this month be the month that shapes the season for us? For me we are capable of going at least unbeaten in this time. I’d like to think we could win the next two (Reading H and Milwall A) then we have Toy Town away and should beat them also but you know what local games are like at times. Then it’s a double header of Swansea and Brentford at home. If we win the previous 3 that will be 5 wins on the bounce in total so confidence will be high. What a better way to go in the derby against the piggy’s at the beginning of March
  7. So I’m slightly confused. I already bought a 5yr extension to my current 3yr season ticket that ends this season. So what it’s saying is I’ll get a 15% discount off the total price I paid for the 5yrs or is it 15% per season if I then pay another £2275 for the Club 1867 membership? For a “free” 5yr season ticket IF we hit the premier league?
  8. 5 games ago I would have said the same but he’s looked a different player recently
  9. Sounds like a goodbye message to me reading the first bit
  10. I can’t make it but have a ST with 630 points so can get it on the first day, let me know if you’re in need of a ID
  11. I think with a lot of people me included it’s not like we see something nice but refuse to buy it thinking I can’t buy that it’s in the pigs colours but subconsciously, you’ve been brought up not liking red because of the pigs and now without even thinking you’ll dismiss anything in red without even realising it
  12. I don’t own a single piece of red clothing, I always avoid the red & white straws at the cinema and I paid extra to have my old car that I bought new resprayed from red to white, my current car is blue. Thats the honest truth.
  13. Although Kirby looked better in the second half so did Hunt after the first goal, would Kirby have done any better in the first 25 minutes?
  14. Odubajo would be a great signing even if he’s half the player he was before his injury
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