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  1. Ahh if I don't get the points then the Mrs can buy her bloody own then! Thanks for answering my question though
  2. Hate to sound like an idiot but I've always wondered........ Monday 4 September: Season Ticket Holders, Club Members and Owls Foundation Members Why would Season Ticket Holders have the option to buy a ticket? We already have one? Does this mean as a season ticket holder, which I am, I could buy an extra ticket for a friend? If so I'm assuming I get the points for it? Sorry for asking what seems like a stupid question but although I've had a ST for years it's something I've never been sure on.
  3. If We Can't Beat Burton Albion

    He's at Chesterfield now
  4. If I remember right last season there was only one boozer letting away fans in around the ground, better off drinking elsewhere first and then getting the tube to close to the ground and going straight there. took me 15 mins to get served in the one pub that let us in last year and was like sardines in there.
  5. Snodgrass free to leave West Ham

    Can't see this happening myself. Not only do we have enough in that area Carlos doesn't seem to like wingers
  6. Yellow ticker bar on Sky Sports News - West Ham make Robert Snodgrass available for transfer. Cue meltdown in 3.....2.....1
  7. tonights fans forum

    So did anyone actually ask anything about this Club 1867 scheme then or not? Can't see any posts on here or twitter? Is there a timescale on how long we leave peoples money waiting in case we don't get promoted any time soon? What happens with current 3yr season ticket holders should we get promoted this season? Does this mean the minimum ST price in the premier league will be £500 and will remain at that price for the next 2 seasons after that regardless of if we get relegated or not?
  8. What I want to know is what is the timescale for us getting into the premier league and if we don't get up then what? I have a 3 year ticket already which has this season and next season to run, what happens if we get promoted this season? Also if we get promoted this season and relegated the next.
  9. Steering group meeting

    I left the meeting at half 10, I'm assuming this was mentioned after I left as I didn't hear it before. When are we going to have them installed. I was assuming we'd have them by the rangers game if it was going to be this season.
  10. Steering group meeting

    I'm going, knowing our luck they'll announce the kits and 2 new centre backs tomorrow afternoon!
  11. What would you accept?

    I can deal with the non-stripped shirts, I actually quite like last seasons now after an initial dislike for it. They badge I don't mind either, it's still got an Owl in it. Having red in the shirts has happened before, the Sponsor has been red with Gilders Honda and Sanderson, we've also had red numbers on the shirts. However changing the home shirt to red would be a no-no for me, it would infuriate me and I certainly wouldn't be buying it. As for the stadium, he can call it what he wants for all I care, like Newcastle it will always been known as Hillsborough to us as it was St James' Park with them. If it brings in multi millions in investment to dodge FFP or invest in players then I'm all for it. Relocation I wouldn't be keen on but mainly because I live close to the ground now so it's quite convenient for me but also as I'm not a fan of the "Bowl" stadium designs and realistically where in Sheffield could we move to, we ideally need to keep in the north of the city as that's where most of our fan base is and it's all fine and dandy moving but if you don't get a shed load of facilities with it too like bars, cafes, bus routes, tram stops etc then it'll be worse than what we have now. I'm in the redevelopment camp when it comes to this, the world cup plans spring to mind. No point in either though while we're still in the Championship. I'd even say give it a few years in the premier league too before we entertained this. Re-naming the club. No, just no. Would I still go to games however if all of it changed and we we're in the prem? Yeah probably, I'd just be travelling a lot further to a "bowl" design ground in the middle of nowhere with a flask and packing up for food and drinks wearing hiking boots to get to it from the closest tram stop. I'd be one of those fans that buys a retro shirt to avoid wearing a red shirt that no longer has an owl on it and is red in colour.
  12. Only team left not to have a kit!

    We're running out of time for the new kit to be on FIFA 18!!
  13. Draw Win Win Lose Draw I think Preston has 1-1 written all over it QPR are pants. Win 2-0 Sunderland look like a club in freefall. 1-0 win. After 7/10 points reality will hit and we'll get beat by Fulham 2-0 Burton will be the tricky customers they were last season, 1-1 draw.
  14. Looking forward now

    I'm looking forward to seeing us hopefully making a genuine push for the top two positions, making Hillsborough a fortress and hopefully being entertaining to watch again with plenty of goals along the way. Am I asking too much?