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Just got back

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to Bolton....

2nd half was great, really happy how we controlled the game, played some neat stuff and looked much better.

Morrison scored a great goal.

1st Half: They played Premiership standard and therefore outclassed out.

2nd Half: We upped the anti and looked so much better.

Bery happy with Morrison, Madine, Sedgwick, O'Connor, Batth, Lines and O'Donnell.

Reynolds and Reda were awful in the first half but much better 2nd. Palmer is developing all the time.

Semi was poor. So was Uchechi.

All in all im happy!

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Shut up you big Flounce you....... Oh no wait, someone with a bit of perspective, having seen us play a Premiership team with our reserves, in a cup we never really had any intention of doing anything in, well played Sir

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Nice to read some proper impressions.

I didn't go tonight but clearly things aren't as bad as some are making out.. just for a change. We went to a Premiership side, as a League One club, making sweeping changes to the team and we lost 3-1. Sure, after 7 minutes we were thinking it could have been an embarassment, but to lose 3-1 in that match bears no shame for us I don't think. At the end of the day if everybody in the squad was fit then only 1 of the players who played tonight would represent the first team.

We go out of the cup and the attention moves back to the vastly more important league competition on Saturday. As far as the attention grabbing cup exists are concerned, West Ham have stolen everybodies elses limelight anyway. Let's just quietly move on.

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Struggling to see how anyone can say Sedgwick was ok. Lost his man for the first goal and gave it away for the third. Consistently have the ball away.

Thought Uchechi, Palmer, Madine and Morrison did ok. Reda car crash first half, decent second.

Thought Reynolds and Coke just not interested.

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Don't agree with Sedgwick but I can see where you could get that impression from.

Sedgwick tried putting the ball on the floor and playing a bit, at times he got robbed but other times he created chances.

Translate his performance to League 1 and it would be a great one.

He battled in defence and tried to make things happen in attack.

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We were good in the second half for about 15 minutes.

Other than that a woeful performance - how some players can earn a living as League One footballers is incredible no matter if they are first team or second string.

Our tactic of trying to bully the midfield is embarrasing - like trying to emulate a hard side from the 80's it just looked classless.

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For me after the first half an hour we settled down and didn't look as over run as in the opening exchanges. At the end of the day our reserves have played a near full strength Premier League side and in the second half there wasn't much to choose between us, we played some nice stuff and i haven't seen the stats yet but i'd go as far as saying we had more shots in the game.

For me O'Connor played ok, as did Reda, Batth, Palmer, Morrison and Lines, all only in the second half though.

Sedgewick was poor, as were Uchechi and Reynolds

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Agree with a few on here. First ten we weren't at the races after that we did ok and controlled most of the game without threatening. My opinion of players:

O'donnell - not much chance with the goals bar the 2nd but they were all good strikes so can't blame him.

Reynolds/coke - just don't seem interested in the first half especially think they will be off.

Reda - car crash first ten after he was solid.

Palmer - or only outlet at rb and looks to have good vision on his passing. Would love him on the middle of the park. Mom for me.

Sedgewick - never seen a slower player in my life.

Clinton- played well hope more goals come.

Everyone else - very average

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Guest Marra_SWFC

I'm astonished at how people are saying Sedgewick was even ok. It was his fault for both the 1st and 2nd goals, gave the ball away countless amount of times and his lack of any kind of pace is frightening. He's like a frail old man that unfortunately peaked in pre-season.

I'm not a fan of Reynolds normally but thought he had a solid second half, same goes for Reda and O'Connor.

Overall an encouraging second half after a nightmare start. Fair play to Megson for whatever he said to them at half-time.

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Guest James-The-Owl

Sedgwick was flipping awful. Truly abysmal. I thought we controlled the game from 45-70 minutes then it just petered out to nothing. We kept a clean sheet after the first six minutes, I can't ever remember a more horrendous start to a game than that though. Don't really see what Uchechi offers, thought Clinton did well when he came on.

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I intend to watch the highlights on TV so I have seen nothing tonight so far but I can't go along with any feeling of being not bothered about conceding three goals in the first seven minutes and effectively losing the match before it's really started. It's actually terrible, whoever was picked. Seven minutes! This does not happen very often in football match.

Of course the league is more important but we have to develop some form and bring in some money, two reasons for which this competition was not to be sniffed at.

I read about how well we did in the second half but did the opposition need to try after the first seven minutes?

The highlights may prove me wrong but it sounds like a sad, waste of time for our wonderful fans.

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Just got back.

Felt sorry for Madine, didn't have one good ball in 45mins

Lines looked very good when he came on-personally thought he was our best player by a mile. Coke got lost so many times it was scary.

The less said about the defence in the first 10-15 minutes the better.

Uchechi ....... Just no

Think ROD could've done better wi goals.

Overall ...... Enjoyed the night, performance towards the end was encouraging but let's face it, Blackburn didn't get out of 2nd gear after 20minutes.

N how big is N'Zonzi ?!?!?! Jeeze ....

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Without going to game the most sensible bit off this thread has to be "Blackburn did'nt get out of 2nd gear after 20 minutes" quote that is why you can't really analyze the performance properly apart from saying we did'nt crumble


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We were just against a complete different standard of footballers, much better ones I mean.

Our reserves didn't stand our chance, but at least some players showed some fight, I'm not too downhearted right now.

Yep - agree completely.

Funny how Blackburn are one of favourites to be relegated this season but, especially watching thenm live, they've still got quality players !

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