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  1. Tom Lees MOTM for me - won absolutely everything. Whoever voted for Luongo Needs their eyes testing
  2. I went in Feb 2018 - it was absolutely freezing and snowed...but, I would still recommend the hot springs / sauna, if you get the chance.
  3. Absolutely gutted Birmingham sold out - already bought train tickets
  4. I was in town for a fair few hours on Saturday afternoon and it was pretty packed from Leopold Sqaire right up to (and including) Dev Green.
  5. Really ? I can’t find any mention of it.
  6. Anyone got any recommendations of any companies / 1MD to hire a Mini-Bus for the Wembley game ? Only 2 stipulations is that they're all in Sheffield (1 or 2 pick-ups) and, of course, we need to be allowed to consume alcohol Looking at a 12 or 16 seater.
  7. I know plenty of people that went to the Arsenal and / or Brighton game (amongst a couple of others) and didn't use their Membership to get allocated points. I suspect this was very common.
  8. That's only going to get worse the closer it gets to General Sale.
  9. I'll be fine getting a ticket - it's the people I want to sit with that will be the problem
  10. Looks like it might be a go-er for me. Thanks for that, really appreciate it.
  11. This looks amazingly ideal. How quickly can you spend the reward points ?
  12. Yeah it's a shame I seem to have missed the boat. £250 with FIFA / Battlefront would suit me, but can't see it happening
  13. Anybody know of any amazing deals on PS4's at the minute ? I'm looking to buy one - but deals don't seem that amazing.
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