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  1. Left of a front 3. Best crosser of the ball we have. Decent pace. Wicked shot power - but needs trust his ability more here to score more regularly. Good energy for chasing down defenders. Decent enough on the right side if we'd want to mix it up occasionally.
  2. He'd still be a fairly decent option off the bench and as a squad option. Reach did very well last season over on that right hand side - with him being off form this time round, and lack of consistency on the right-back slot, the whole right side just looks a bit short. So yes, on that basis, we've kinda missed what Wallace brings to the party
  3. Mammadov False promises, false Dawn's. We must have been proper desperate at that point
  4. I wonder whether DC has been advised to not spend any unnecessary money while this EFL charge process is going on. Bringing in new coaches isnt exactly necessary when we already have a set. We'd have to pay people off - and then also pay the new ones - or at the very least add to our staffing fees. Likewise on players - hence the loans (which in my opinion are 'free' to us as their wages are covered by their parent clubs... certainly with Wickham) Big mess
  5. Surely if Garry Monk had any integrity he'd just force a big pay-off if this was laid on his plate? It completely undermines him as a manager. Also, this quote at the time he signed suggests Monk is more than happy to play Da Cruz... "Monk said: “Alessio is a player I know well through contacts. "He fits the profile that we need. He is young, athletic, quick and we don't have that option in the squad. He comes with a hunger and a desire. "Those are the type of players you need when you are recruiting. "We are delighted he is in the building. He is something that we have not got. "He can play in other positions but his main position is striker. It was important that we added that type of player so I am delighted he is here.” Personally just think he was a very cheap (free) option that was all we could achieve in January. Just in the same way that Wickham was free (Palace wanted him away to get fitness) and Windass wanted to get out of Wigan and they were more than happy to let him leave too.
  6. I just wonder if our wage structure is an absolute disaster in times of a struggle - where nothing they do is penalising their earnings whatsoever. I'm talking club-wide contractual decisions that are utterly detrimental to a player's motivation - would certainly explain a 'cultural' problem. We know they get a huge wage - I get the impression the numbers are ridiculous. Some are on a lot more than others - which is something else that doesn't help. Especially when the big earners don't 'earn' that money whatsoever. Perhaps they don't get goal bonuses, clean sheet bonuses, appearance fees - so therefore they don't care whether they do or don't play, or score? Just one massive wage that they get regardless of results or performances. Or maybe they get huge bonuses for achieving very little? Like playing 20 games, for example. Job done already if so for most. Perhaps they've already got deals lined up by their agents, so they really don't care whether they play or not? Paid in full while they're injured - do they really want to get back playing for a club they're going to leave? Perhaps these decisions were made in order to get them to join the club in the first place. I'm sure plenty others around the world are like this - but get them all together in one club, combine that with clumsy mistakes, players with VERY frail mentalities (there really are no leaders - look at our last minute collapses) then its a horrible combination. No pressure, no competition for their place, huge wages, weak mentality - its a bad combination for sure. Personally, I think while some of the above may be very true, I think its a complete lack of structure and leadership in the club that is the underlying problem. I think all the stories of DC using SWFC as a 'toy' of sorts for personal ego and his family is bang on true. He doesn't want anyone telling him what to do and what to spend his money on. He can't take personal criticism, insisting he's "doing his best" - but that best is just woefully wide of the mark and no-one is aloowed in to help guide him. This might not be so bad if we had a structure of management below him who kept him in-line and All this about SWFC being a family, where no players are sold, we already know IS true. These stories of last minute hikes in transfer fees for the like sof Jordan Rhodes (actually... we now want £1 million pounds please") is all too true. Its all led to a horribly comfy scenario where players have felt 100% at ease all the time. No management structure of the club itself, no clear plans, no objectives, no investment plans (albeit anything would be restricted under FFP anyway) - and this EFL charge is looking more and more likely to go through with every passing day. Its ridiculous that we can suddenly sell the stadium to ourselves for a ridiculous value, place it in the previous year's accounts (which we conveniently delayed) and think we can get away with it - but that just about sums up the lack of commercial awareness, experience and structure we have at the club. Everything adds up - the god-awful scouting system, hap-hazard management appointments, the woeful commercial department and merchandise, awful catering, badly thought out commercial ideas like a 10 year season ticket and gold plated seat, overpriced tickets, shirts... the list goes on and on and on... This first half of the season - we've fluked it, its as simple as that. We've seen it before - the performances we put in are largely poor yet we sometimes get away with it through individual excellence of some of our players. Is it any wonder we're struggling now, really? Feels to me like this period is our 'norm' and the first half of the season was the exception to that.
  7. Genuine query. Monk talks a lot about getting to the summer. It's clear he believes there will be significant changes at the club that he can help lead... but I just dont know how much of this team is really going to change - or how all our recruitment, coaching set up etc will suddenly improve. A lot has been mentioned today by Monk about how things he can't/wont talk about but that he thinks people know what they are. Add to the silence of DC, the whole FFP charge threat and a serious backwards step in terms of his activity and presence around the place... I wonder if we virtually already know the result of the charge and have a deal already lined up for new owners to step in, with Monk being given the green light to be the manager?
  8. There is a weird similarity to that situation today.
  9. Of course its Lee Bullen. There is not a flying chance that anyone would come in here with any reputation at the moment. Possibly in the summer once things have calmed down - but we havent got that time. Even though he isnt the long term solution, and we need to get new ownership or - at the very least - structure in place, I genuinely think Bullen is a much better option than Monk at this point in time. He might not have lost the dressing room per se, but he doesn't know how to sort them out to get a performance that for sure.
  10. Culture always starts from the very top. We all know it - we are an absolute shell of a club when it comes to people and senior managers and directors. Those in a job are stealing a living and Monk himself has no support, no help, no direction, no coaches, no structure above him whatsoever. God knows what will change in the summer though.
  11. Enough is enough. After being convinced Monk needed to go after the Blackburn and Wigan games I've foolishly tried to switch to a positive attitude about the owner, manager and the players a couple of weeks ago ahead of the Birmingham game. But I've having to concede I was wrong - this club doesn't deserve my support. The owner refuses to listen and has made a wealth of poor decisions - running the club into a ditch at full speed and being too stubborn to ask for help. The manager has lost it - big time. So well intentioned, but hasn't got a clue how to get these players on board and has destroyed any confidence they may have amassed at times, switching personnel and formations like someone truly lost for ideas. No plan A, no plan B - an inability to manage personalities and unable to get over his ideas to the players. And the players - my god. Even if the manager is confusing them to death their lack of professionalism, care and effort is unforgivable - they should be embarrassed to take a wage. What a mess, I'm utterly depressed about the club and what it has quickly become.
  12. It's not part of the job though is it - they're paid to play football and help get results. Take any of our players - whether young or old. Social media and related abuse has only kicked in during the last 2-3 years max. These players have been training and making their way being a professional footballer for at least 10, 15, 20, 30 years and have earned their place towards the top of the tree. Sure, they're well paid for it but I'd sure not want that if it meant getting a tonne of abuse multiple times a day by apparent 'fans' of my own club - just because I misplaced a pass, scuffed a clearance or got caught in possession in a couple of games. We all have a choice of the club we support. We've chosen Sheffield Wednesday - maybe it's best to support the players who wear the badge rather than try to destroy them.
  13. Well said Garry. Being a manager who is young and yet still very experienced has got him very clued up when it comes to the pitfalls of being a football player at a big club. The problem with social media, Twitter in particularly, is the lack of accountability. You can literally say whatever you want about whoever you want, directly to them or out into the open with zero consequence. Bonkers really when you think about it.
  14. That sounds a very decent set up Really liked what I saw of Hunt last night, I can see him getting some serious game time in the coming weeks.
  15. I think you know the answer to that question...
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