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  1. You're getting mixed up with how good a player has been in his career, versus how good they are now. As each player is now, Gregory is the better player for us.
  2. This is the biggest punishment for not getting promotion.
  3. I was a massive fan of Fletcher, especially in that season where he virtually kept us up with his goals in the first half of the season. But although it took me a little white to shine to him, Lee Gregory is just the better player all round - he's like Fletcher with a poacher instinct. And for that reason, I'm out.
  4. Where were our weak links this season? 1. Real pace up front (still) 2. Legs in midfield 3. Bannan being our only creator. 4. Sloppy on set pieces 5. Lack of ball-playing defenders for a team trying to play out from the back. Assuming we're going to carry on playing 3-5-2, I'd therefore look to bring in; 1. A pacey striker to play up with Gregory. 2. A good young stand-in/alternative for Gregory 3. A replacement for Luongo in midfield (though maybe Adenarin is the man?) 4. A technical/skillful ball-carrying winger/forward midfielder 5. 2x centre backs comfy and capable of playing put from the back 6. A proper old head centre back (e.g. Dean) 7. Reliable Goalkeeper (BPF was fine, just can't see him coming back) All those will take us up a level and enable us to play consistently better football on the deck.
  5. I still think Kamberi would have done a job tonight, but hey I know that won't be a popular opinion.
  6. Him and Gregory are both amongst the very best in the division. But we need a hell of a lot more than these two to get promotion. I find it almost unbelievable that any team coming to play us DOESN'T smother Bannan. The key to stopping Wednesday is stopping Bannan... it works every single time.
  7. Windass was the only one of our lot with any shithousery skills tonight.
  8. Plus - we've already found out that the squad players such as Dunkley, Iorfa and Paterson are just not quite the level we'd need them to be - and we have no youngsters (potentially bar Cadamarteri as a long shot) who could make a real impact next season... we haven't really blooded any who will learn and be better next time - if anything it's only Dawson who will have developed from this season.
  9. It seems everyone who has the mentality that Darren Moore deserves another crack and that we'll just end up finishing top 2 based on how we did at the back end of this season is making a huge assumption that this squad will; 1. Stay together 2. Be no worse than this season (despite everyone being older) 3. Have zero injuries Its just not going to happen. And looking at the other clubs - we've got Derby, Peterborough & Barnsley, MK Dons and one of either Sunderland or Wycombe already before we think about others. Regards to the players, it feels like Bannan is here to get us promoted before he leaves - it's inconceivable he won't have a barrage of offers to play in the Championship for good footballing teams, paying him better wages and giving us offers frankly we can't turn down given his age and our financial mess. When he's good, which he usually is, he's superb - and the way we play is SO reliant on him having a great day. Our whole system collapses without him. Albeit - he bloody loves it here it seems, so who knows he might just stay 1 more year... but again be entirely reliant on him creating everything. And how about Gregory, Windass, Luongo, Byers, Johnson... with their wages and (for some) their transfer value to the club are we really expecting them all to stay around on the off-chance we'll storm the division this time and definitely get promotion? Then there's Storey and Peacock-Farrell - both won't be here next season, no chance. Maybe we'll be able to get equivalent players in? Perhaps Dawson is suddenly ready for a League 1 promotion season... is he though? We'll be pretty competitive in the market I'd assume - we're capable of punching above our weight with taking punts again on Premier League youngsters but we'll be losing out to the likes of Wigan, Rotherham and other Champ clubs when we try and buy proven League 1 quality that we need -- playing a curious brand of football that is nothing close to "Darren's Moore's style". Watching Wednesday is STILL somehow like Groundhog Day - we play almost exactly the same every single game. We have a nasty habit of replying on a couple of players - Bannan and a No.9 (For Gregory read Fletcher) Sometimes they're really on song, we get breaks and score a few, sometimes Bannan will make a difference and run the show when teams let him, but we're consistently so sloppy, slow and hoofball-heavy, struggling to break anyone down when they mark Bannan out of the game - that it ends up being such a slog - as we don't really have any gusto elsewhere to make a difference the way we play. DM did a really good job getting us actually into the playoffs from where we were in January, but how we struggled for the first half of the season with this squad is just crazy. It just feels all about the players, not the manager and I don't think it can be good enough that way. I just fear that unless we switch managers to one who will get us playing really intense high pressure football that simply barges our way to wins, we're just going to see next season pan out in a similar way to this one... a slow start as the team gets used to each other, then hitting long hopeful balls up to hope for a break in the dying minutes, again.
  10. Even if we win tomorrow I don't think it changes how butt-twitchy the weekend is
  11. That whole move was just superb. Bannan's control and hooked overhead pass to Johnson was magic, the cross lovely and the finish just what you'd ever want.
  12. Credit where it is due, even including the last 2 results DM has got us into promotion contention after a really crap first half of the season. But if he fails to get promotion with this squad after all the signings and all the quality it is a whopping failure and we'd be mad to keep him. I just don't see this team staying together at all if we don't go up - Bannan, Luongo, Byers, Windass, Storey, Peacock-Farrell, Mendez Laing, Johnson, Hunt, Hutchinson, Iorfa - all much better than League 1 level and even they would be mad to hang around here any longer - and there is just no way we'd replace them with anything close. Add in the strikers which are perfectly good enough to score the goals needed and we're never going to see a League 1 squad like this again. I'd go as far as saying if we don't get promotion it's as bad a failure from a manager than I can remember in my lifetime. As bad as Wilson, Yorath, Irvine and Jos did at least they didn't fail in League 1 with this kind of quality.
  13. Palmer had a dream To join the Wednesday team He joined as a kid and went to Tranmere on loan He'll run through brick walls And sometimes scores goals Oh Liam Palmer, he's one of our own.
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