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  1. This all makes Chansiri seem like a top-class owner in comparison. I suddenly love the fact that we're going to be on League 1 for a reset with a hugely reduced wage bill. Madly ironically, financially this could save us, and with a bit of luck on the pitch could see the club become a lot closer to the fans. And as for the Super League, I just despair at the whole situation - its almost like a bad dream or April Fool's joke. I just cannot believe how idiotic those 6 clubs have been signing up to this mess. They deserve every punishment coming -
  2. The current bunch of players are so inept, stupid and gutless I'm genuinely angry at them now. I'm angry that they havent accepted just how bad they are, just how ridiculous their inability to recover from conceding a goal is, or their sheer lack of care in anything they're doing. They do not give a throw about what a mess they've put this club into. I'm angry that this isnt a bunch of kids trying their best but getting outplayed, its a bunch of heavily overpaid losers who have consistently shown they are borderline unprofessional. And I'm angry that these
  3. This 100% We'd probably go 2-0 up on that final day too... then collapse like a withered old ball sack.
  4. Can only suggest a covid-safe (so at least the fans wont get in trouble) protest outside the two accessible sides of the ground in our last home game, we'll definitely be relegated by then. But yes, it does feel like a sad and pointless exercise. The problem is that the media will focus on our points deduction as a reason for our relegation. Like it was an inevitable event, whereas we know it was far from it. I just hope the relegation is the required 'cleansing' that the club actually needs. Personally would genuinely prefer the club to be in
  5. It's really difficult to keep remembering that DM is not the man to blame here. But for my own sanity, I have to keep reminding myself that DM is not the problem - and is in fact the one shining light to clutch onto in this utter mess of a season. Genuinely think us fans have our part to play in making it crystal clear to Chansiri that we approve of his appointment - because we know 100% that DC will look to the fans message boards and social media for 'feedback'. If he gets shut of DM after this season we are right back into the mess. With him,
  6. Couldnt disagree with this more. These players have proven time after time that they simply aren't good enough for this division and have together developed a horrific brittle mentality, born out of relentless mistakes and a lack of care down to their ridiculous wages - all underpinned by working for a truly woeful club management structure headed up by a full-blown idiot of an owner. So few of them deserve to play at this level and for this club. They won't care less when they leave.
  7. Great - another player whose name won't be spelt correctly most the time. Some even struggle with a club legend like Hirst (Hurst), what little hope does young (and possibly hungry) Stephen have?
  8. Crazy isn't it that for years the only player we've had over the past 5-6 years who can be bothered chasing down lost causes, or the keeper, or the defenders, is Barry Bannan. Our creative midfielder. Literally the only one who seems to gove a crap, regardless of whether it's worth it or not. It's a striker's or a winger's job - yet we've never had anyone playing for us up front who has any kind of legs for years.
  9. Chansiri's track record suggest 4 losses in a row means you're out. I genuinely wouldn't rule out DM getting the boot if we lose a couple more. Genuinely think Chansiri might still think someone could come in to keep us up, somehow.
  10. Its vital we get a keeper in who us used to playing out from the back. The whole gameplan goes out the window otherwise
  11. Oddly, Liam Shaw looks to be about the best suited to being a lone striker in the squad.
  12. Shankland will either get snapped up by the big boys in Scotland or by a Championship team challenging for promotion.
  13. Cardiff final - I was giddy, drunk, was right up in the rafters, that goal from Talbot that sealed it was just a moment to completely lose it, hugging random strangers around us, especially after the way the game played out, outstanding day right on the back of an absolutely awesome night out in Cardiff. Carbone's first goal for us, against Forest. I bloody loved that bloke, he was so bloody good, we had signed a belter. Us winning 4 games in a row to stay top of the PL in 1996/97 season, beating Newcastle at their place after Ritchie Humphreys had lit up the division f
  14. I actually quite like queueing to get out of the Wednesdayite carpark. Helps when we've won obviously. You've reminded me, I have no idea if it exists any more, and have zero clue where else to park.
  15. Personally think we are far better set to attract a decent quality of player now Darren Moore is in charge - assuming he stays on. Most teams will want to send their youngsters on loan to clubs who play in a similar style. Moore's style when it comes to playing out from the back is entirely suitable. This doesn't just cover defenders, or even keepers, but midfielders and players up top too. We havent had this kind of manager in charge for a lifetime. Big club, stadium and expectations on promotion... all adds up to a decent place for youngsters to join, along with othe
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