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    I'm not sure Bruce would be my first choice, but in fairness i'm staggered he's even been been approached given our track record. If he agrees to take over we've got very lucky indeed. He's a proven winner at this level amd more importantly an infinitely better option than the current manager. May not be the most forward thinking of managers but the fact he knows how to win games of football, get a system together, can man manage as well as anyone and will give players simple instructions.
  2. davey_wells

    Alan Nixon

    Take a look at what is happening at Reading. Luis Castro, a random unknown foreigner with links to other random clubs, is about to be appointed. This will be us. Absolute garbage appointment coming up.
  3. Convincing win. Everyone will be happy for a week. But I've seen plenty to know myself that we are far better getting shut of him than keeping him on.
  4. davey_wells

    Over Complicated

    Frankly, we havent got the fanbase (me included) for playing it out from the back. We are an impatient bunch - we have a right moan at anyone who passes it backwards or sideways if there was an opportunity to fling it forwards. Our current players are (largely) incapable of it. High tempo, aggressive, direct, wingers - I bet thats what 90% of our fans want, despite seeing the likes of Man City and co on MOTD playing 'lovely' football.
  5. davey_wells

    True impact of FFP

    People arw forgetting why we're in a financial mess in the first place. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on very average, aging players with little or no resale value. Paying those players ridiculous wages. Not replacing leaders and characters in the squad Incredibly slow decision making. Not selling anyone until we're absolutely desperate and therefore get peanuts (Hunt) Zero commercial awareness - year after year. Spend spend spend... a massive, misguided, niaive gamble from an owner who was more bothered about his ego than our success. Zero plan B when its not worked out. We've got vastly experienced, expensive, fully fit players not even in the squad... a decision by whoever that is slowly turning out to be a disaster. Employing a manager who hasnt got the faintest idea on what to do. Players who have zero motivation, leadership, direction - and a lot of disillusioned players who look at the club and wonder what on earth they're doing there.
  6. davey_wells

    Is Bannan undroppable?

    People who say Bannan cant tackle are, frankly, deluded. Also... off topic... but Joey takes a really decent corner.
  7. davey_wells

    Our club is dying

    This bit really smarts, because it's so true.
  8. davey_wells

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    In normal circumstances, absolutely. Do I think Chansiri has even thought about changing manager yet though? Nope. He's about 3 months behind us all - completely oblivious as to the state of things. If he was remotely aware, he would have jumped at the chance to grab someone in already. I suppose the other view is that the clean sheet and decent point at the lane gives him time to reflect - hoping it was the start of something of a turnaround. Losing to Derby isn't the most unexpected thing - we didn't capitulate - but now the better players are back this Bolton game is absolutely massive - and nothing less that 3 points sees him surely having no choice but to make a change - and fans shouldn't accept anything less if they've got any sense.
  9. Make them eat dust - pure dust. Nothing else. Their tiny brains are not big enough to give them a decision on their breakfast. Christ sake, maybe the fry ups are needed again if it gets us playing football like the 15/16 season. We seemed perfectly fit enough then.
  10. davey_wells

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    David Pleat Signing PDC and Benni
  11. Would be an absolute pipe dream to get him in. His track record speaks for itself - he'll end up somewhere very good surely.
  12. davey_wells

    A little persective on the Derby match.

    In fairness Utd were anything but slow and predictable.
  13. davey_wells

    Its got to be done

    Of course Jos can take some credit... he picked the team, made the call on going with 5 defenders, opted for Fletcher over other options, brought Matias on which helped us see the game out... but do you have belief that he's now the man to take it on from here?
  14. davey_wells

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    He's on a season long loan - not sure if Norwich would need to buy him in January? Norwich will want to strengthen but if they have him for the season already... seems little point in buying now while they don't know what division they'll be in.
  15. davey_wells

    Its got to be done

    I feel that defensive performance last night was all about the players themselves. I don't think it was necessarily 'tactics' to defend for 90 minutes, simply that Utd were - frankly - so much better than us that we couldn't do anything else but desperately defend. We didn't really make any big mistakes, excluding conceding the penalty, and the lads played as a team defensively. Does it mean we're suddenly going to get more clean sheets and start scoring goals again because of the manager being tactically amazing or suddenly being able to inspire the players? The end of the game must have been one of the most satisfying for all the players - notably Dawson and the defense - but did the manager exude any sense of real fighting character... or did he instead react in usual underwhelming fashion? Fair play he's achieved what he intended, but that was all about the players, Utd not being clinical and a big pile of damn luck. Personally, I think we'd be better 'banking' this performance and feeling - and getting a new man in now to take us onwards and (perhaps slowly) upwards for the rest of the season and into next season.