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  1. Anyone else noticed Fletcher and Reach's very formal handshake celebration on both goals? Bit wierd - like a celebration from the 1950's
  2. I think Murphy will get back in Just behind Fletcher Then we'll see what the lad is all about
  3. What a top post - love it - Monk is a strong character who'll take no crap but feed warm apple crumble to the players too. I think we largely have the players to fit his preferred system, too - so this does seem a genuinely thought out appointment rather than plucking someone from the game based on reputation alone - instead of how they'll 'fit' our club and current squad. Nicely positive, cheers.
  4. I wonder how big it was that Lees went off injured in the warm up. Completely knackered our structure, lost the captain, Iorfa suddenly a CB, Bannan suddenly captain, complete mess. And just how regularly does this happen to us? Seems almost ever other week that a player gets replaced prior to kick off - what the hell do we do in warm ups???
  5. Look at the reaction by a lot of Newcastle fans and wider media to Bruce joining Newcastle. They reckon his style is awful, more so than his record as a manager. Did we have a problem with his style? Nope. Taking away he screwed us over he was a perfect fit. Does Pulis have an unfair reputation for being hoof ball too? I'm all for direct - if it leads to goals then so be it. Maybe I'm just getting desperate.
  6. I think Kadeem Harris is probably the only one at the moment. I get why Kieren Lee can't necessarily play every game - but in an ideal world he would.
  7. He's my choice now for sure, and is the type we need to continue Bruce's approach. I like his arrogance and think he'll sort out the soft underbelly we've had for years. Might not be the prettiest football mind, but far more effective and purposeful that what we're used to. This lot have flattered to deceive far too often.
  8. I'm not even sure DC knows there is an international break.
  9. It was thought by a few in the media that Wednesday would be "unrecognisable" this season. For me, the complete opposite has happened. We're just as frustratingly disappointing as always. But what do we expect by having the same players underperforming year in year out with barely anyone of quality coming in to do any differently? The problem now is that we just don't really have any better options, bar Luongo coming in the middle instead, to make any real difference - and nothing of real worth coming through the youth set up either. We're so desperate for a proper manager to come and lift the whole set-up - carrying on what Bruce started.
  10. Bruce raised the profile of the club a significant notch, too. He's a big name and a big character with big game and big club experience as a manager and player- with a very decent managerial record at this level - and more importantly was exactly what we needed and still need to lift us from 'fairly decent sometimes' like most the division can be to promotion candidates. He can get fairly average players playing at their very best consistently. We're better off waiting for the right man - maybe we're playing a waiting game on Hughton, Moyes or even someone like Van Bronkhorst. I get the feeling that DC is happy to spend big or than getting someone in for the sake of it. If it was to be one of the more available candidates I'd personally go for Rowett. The situation at Stoke seems like it wasn't really his fault, he was decent at Birmingham and Derby and obviously Burton before that and he seems like the straight talking type we could do with at times - wouldn't really have a problem and can see him doing well here.
  11. I'd put Murphy or even Harris further forward and more central to help Fletcher to give Reach the wing place
  12. Personally, I think it's quite telling that with Bruce in charge leading up to the season's start I was confident we'd have a very good season and be genuine promotion candidates whether playoffs or possibly top two. His record last season and the new signings didnt make that such a crazy thought. With Bullen in charge, as much as he's done a decent enough job, I think with a good wind we might be in the mix for challenging for 6th place but no more. So the difference is a real experienced head in charge who knows what it takes to win games and can handle a big club with sometimes slightly unreasonably high expectations at this level to make players play above their natural level - like Bruce can. Bruce has acted badly in leaving - but he was a perfect fit for us and we need someone very similar.
  13. Thankfully, I think neither of Bullen, Westwood, Dawson, Lees or Borner are remotely interested in this new fashion. Leads to absolute gifts of goals.
  14. Makes you wonder what Joao could do in this system...
  15. It's a promotion winning kit I tell thee
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