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  1. The one thing that does give us a get out of being so critical of last week is how the red card has been rescinded. It's likely we wouldn't have lost 5-0 if we had 11 men However, we were still likely to lose having already set out our stall to be negative and toothless. In true Wednesday fashion, we'll probably recover somewhat - but because of our poor form and general lack of threat at the moment its feeling like the Leeds game was a one-off... not the Blackburn game.
  2. To an extent, I agree. Winnall isn't the striker to play by himself up front. Likewise for Rhodes. We could do a successful 1 striker set-up with Fletcher playing, but in his absence I'm not even sure Nuhiu plays that role well at home. Away, against teams who dominate possession... maybe yes. Plenty other contributing factors but it shows the complete dependence on 1 player Fletcher, and hence why we've been largely woeful in his absence at home.
  3. Scarily accurate. However you forgot the bit where the defence chicken out and feed back to Dawson, who hoofs it to Winnall, who doesn't win it... and it returns to the opposition... and repeat.
  4. This, 100%. It staggers me that more people dont think like this. This batch of players must think they can just take the mick and say "we'll do better next time" on an ongoing basis, week in week out, year in year out and the majority of fans will forgive them. I just can't accept a real lack of bother from players every single game. It feels like so many of them just dont really care enough about being successful. They're far too comfortable at being average and hugely inconsistent - so few of them show any signs of bravery or leadership or care. They're scared of success and what that might bring - they dont believe it's possible to push the boundaries and get vertigo whenever the real possibility of success gets into view. We've flattered ourselves for years now - flirting with promotion when we all know we get damn lucky most weeks and get a whole load of results that we dont truly deserve. This team so rarely gives fans any value or pride back - merely enough to keep us hoping. Sooner or later the mask slips off though, and the reality shows glimpses of its ugly face - it happens all too often - and today was a full-on reveal that was, unfortunately, inevitable.
  5. Started reading about it Ridiculously confusing Completely irrelevant for the vast majority of supporters Does nothing to entice new fans in Feels like a doomed plan... or at least one that wont make any inroads into improving our finances... which it what I assume it was done for But - its not for me - good luck to the club and hope it takes off. Please though, can't we just have a simple, enticing season ticket plan that doesn't require a bad explanation and zillion page Q&A every year?
  6. We've got some really key players whose absence really affects us, but for me, Luongo is the golden piece in our jigsaw.
  7. Let's put it this way. Wickham is different gravy to our current fit strikers. With Fletchers injury it's a complete no brainer. We just need someone else, too.
  8. This 100% Age isn't on his side, but at this moment, with the right players with him to supply, I'd say Fletcher is one of the best in the division. He's been a signing of real quality.
  9. I believe Forest's upturn in form has been massively helped by the return of one of if not their best player, Sow, in midfield. Us losing both Fletcher and Luongo has been hugely damaging. It's completely messed everything up, they're so bloody important to us - their replacements (particularly up front) are simply nowhere near as good and as importantly it badly affects a lot of the other better players too, particularly Bannan.
  10. Personally would put Borukov in the squad. He's the closest we have to Fletcher, scores goals and looks far more dangerous than any of the others (Rhodes, Winnall and Nuhiu) do. Also can't believe Matt Penney has gone from a genuine talent to a flop. He was consistently superb for the U-23's, that left peg is immense. More importantly he looked to have a real swagger about him that is so rare at the club. Not sure about the details of his loan but there just has to be a future for him at SWFC. Whether as a left-back or maybe a central/right sided midfielder cutting in I'm unsure, but letting him disappear into the wilderness just because of a few poor performances playing out of position in a dire team seems crazy.
  11. If we're irritating Jim White then I'm delighted. Always strikes me as an absolute weapon of a man, working for an arse of a company. Well played SWFC
  12. Can you imagine how much this team would transform with a nippy kid playing up front? We've been subjected to Rhodes, Nuhiu and Winnall for so long that we've lost track of what strikers should do. Stick a quick lad up front for us and watch him become a fan favourite overnight. Regards to Joao, I actually really liked him, he was streets ahead of the above 3 albeit still with his own problems - but it made sense to sell him at the time.
  13. Controversial... but I bloody love long throws. We used to be damn good at them too. I know Reda could fair wazz them... and Antonio... who else was it we had doing them for a while? I bet Joey could do them, he's got fair guns on him. Generally on throw ins, we could do a LOT worse than get that coach in that Liverpool got in.
  14. Full backs take most throw ins. We've had awful, indecisive full backs for years. We've also had a load of strikers and other players who don't know what movement means for years. Co-incidence? I dont think so. If anything, our quality of throw-ins is the perfect summary for exactly what is wrong with this whole set up.
  15. This 100% Looking at the news about Blackpool signing Thorniley this morning is staggering - a team that hasn't just realised January has suddenly arrived, they've been planning it. It relies on a recruitment network, leadership and clear decision making. I doubt Monk and Chansiri and whoever else might be involved have even discussed transfers yet. In fairness, it reminds me of my own inept planning at work - often belatedly doing something for an event in a rush because it wasnt planned in well enough. All comes about due to bad planners, like me, and firefighting too much other stuff going on ... like bloody fighting the EFL, for example.
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