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  1. davey_wells

    Local media blackout

    Especially given THAT questionnaire. Given it has been in place since March/April, that is pretty naughty of the club. You could even argue that more transparency and the club (not Jos) saying how we are going to utilise the youth team and ask the fans to help the club in this time would have led to significantly higher early bird season tickets. Unlikely I suppose - the numbers are very decent already - but I guess we'll never know.
  2. That'll teach me not to post when shattered. I am a moron.
  3. Interesting choice of photo chosen by the club on the embargo lifted news. North stand free from the words "CHANSIRI" (Seems a bit fishy to me anyway)
  4. davey_wells

    Did I hear right?

    I reckon they have no idea
  5. There is very little the club can do once it has set it's stall out on Season Tickets. They really just need to make season tickets incredibly good value - like REALLY good - then they can afford to make special offers pretty good too without annoying anyone.
  6. davey_wells

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    Already have (In fairness he's only been a few times - but I do feel for kids on the Kop in general who will all be in the same boat)
  7. davey_wells

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    I wouldn't mind it if the Kop was the place to be for atmosphere - but it's deathly silent there too. The guy with the drum - why don't you use it? Where's all the singing? Where are our amazing vocal fans? Do they really only turn up to away games? We are so short of songs and chants - god forbid Bannan and Sammy Hutchinson stop playing or we'll have none.
  8. davey_wells

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    On the South, people don't stand up like bell ends once we get to the half way line, in turn blocking the view of all the poor kids who have bothered turning up. "Tell me if we score dad" is all I get from my lad on the Kop - he ends up just watching the replay of a chance on the big TV the poor sod. He's even given up standing on his seat to try and see.
  9. davey_wells

    Adam Reach

    I always think his deliveries from the left are far better than those from the right. Thought he played well today actually and he's had a decent start to the season with a hand in both goals last week too. Skied one today but think he need to shoot more too - he's clearly got a left peg to do so.
  10. davey_wells

    Flag Surfing Today

    It was the wrong way round when they had it on the pitch - the Hull fans had a great view of it - it was upside down for us. Albeit... I guess it was on the start of it's journey up the Kop... my bad.
  11. davey_wells


    I couldn't hear what they played for the walk on music. Which kind of takes the point away. Our stadium sound system is a bit pants compared to others I've been to hear (Preston's is amazing btw) but it usually works fine for what gets chosen normally. Feels like they just need to play the uptempo ones.
  12. davey_wells

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I genuinely think it will prove to be more than that. North looked full. Kop was very full. South pretty full. Although Hull brought about 6 fans which doesn't help. Regardless, it's a hellish expensive day out for very little entertainment - I've spent £160 on the club today on a ticket for my lad and myself plus a new home shirt each - and that's easily £70 too much for what things should be to attract fans in.
  13. davey_wells

    Just got back

    First half was an absolute mess. The club and the fans have tried to make this week as positive as possible and I'm sure most fans turned up today with a real spring and positive thought in their heads - and that first half completely sapped everything away. We were so negative and lazy - no movement, so many backward passes, crowd got completely worked up and it looked like the players had absolutely no idea what they were meant to do. 2nd half we should have won it - some huge chances, though I thought Forestieri was so unlucky with that absolutely FILTHY turn and shot. Added points... The drum... Why on earth don't they try and get the crowd going when it's like it was today? What's the point of it if not to add to the atmosphere? It's alright doing it when we score, but just get a drum going when it's quiet surely? Also - people who stand up as soon as we get past the bloody half way line on the Kop. My 8 year old lad got the amazing view of other people's backs - it's a compete nightmare - sit down you complete bellends - it's the 3rd time he's been on the Kop now and he bloody hates it which relegates us to going up in the sky in the expensive family stand next time now.
  14. davey_wells

    Morgan Fox

    Feel awful for saying this, but he did himself and us all a big favour with that challenge. To think we spent really good money on him... but also to think that he somehow is getting picked ahead of others... mind blown.
  15. davey_wells

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    Every team signs gems, every team wastes money. That's football. We're no different to loads of other ambitious clubs who want promotion. It's all about how we manage the situation now - and we've got a hell of a team and some outstanding players to give it another big push.