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  1. I'm not entirely sure Hooper will get up to speed within the next 6-8 games - history says he takes a while, but he does tend to start scoring straight away.
  2. Probably the best performing player since JL was sacked. Seems he's earned an international place Wednesday fans say he's not really very good What a miserable set of sods you are
  3. Wierdly, watching the old 2-3 Rotherham highlights its clear how much we miss Lee and a player like McGugan. Players with legs, forward thinking, urgency - McGugan went completely off the rails and Lee has suffered horrendous injuries but we've just never replaced them to give us a strong midfield.
  4. Look at Villa now - have they really moved on at all? Fancy them for the play-off final again?
  5. Joey is the best corner taker at the club currently - by some distance. Thats genuine, too, just in case anyone thinks otherwise.
  6. Play the fella on the left - its really simple. Forget about the wonder goals. He can cross a ball and cause a lot of damage on the left. I could understand him being on the right if he actually crossed it loads from out there but whilst Palmer doesnt cross well enough and no-one delivers particularly well lr frequently from the left either we're scuppering our chances of scoring from both flanks playing him like this.
  7. That first half was painful. Bruce needs to stop worrying about things that have gone before - its like he's being cautious. For me its the same story that we've suffered from for years now. No pace Playing far too deep No movement An honest bunch but very predictable
  8. Lazaar looks some players (going off his highly accurate YouTube highlights) and just the kind of player we need on the left putting balls in.
  9. Of all the things that Jos did, making Dawson his number one was entirely understandable given our financial situation. Lets face it - as good as Westwood is, he's a big earner, potentially not a ling term keeper for us, and it seems we have zero money. If Dawson started makimg some seriously good performances there would be a seriously big selling value on his head at the very least. Its just didnt work out, but that doesnt mean he's not a decent young keeper - and one we'll now have a job keeping happy being a bench warmer especially now he's had a taste of being a regular.
  10. I'm all for putting prices high so we can at least negotiate a decent deal... but there arent many teams going to be interested at all at that rate. But lets plough on with Club 1867 hey?
  11. We own the players - and the market is daft. Bannan, Reach and FF are widely ackowledged as being amongst the best players in the division. There will be plenty interest at very good prices if we wanted to sell.
  12. ... yet various sources say we've turned down hefty bids for Reach and FF before now. Do we really all believe that Jack Hunt was the only player any other club has been interested in? Fair enough we dont want to sell them all, but I'd be staggered if clubs havent at least enquired about Bannan, FF, Reach, Joao, Lees and probably a few others too. We've more than likely just said "not for sale" to other clubs, or given some ridiculous valuation - or simply never known the best time to put them up for sale (e.g. Nuhiu at the end of his hot streak last season, Joao when he was flying and getting caps for Portugal, Westwood after the playoff final. Paying players ridiculous wages doesnt help sell anyone either - a massive blocker. Buying hugely injury prone players (Abdi) or, frankly, missjudged ones (Van Aken, Rhodes to an extent) for HUGE amounts of money... all down the toilet. The club's spokespeople (Jos) telling the press players were injured too - Westwood, Hutch etc - doesnt help either... and letting them get away with it. Just bonkers on an epic scale - and awful financial management.
  13. I've just realised that Steve Bruce is, probably by some distance, the biggest name manager we've had since Big Ron... possibly even bigger?
  14. Just a thought... Are the recent statements from DC more for the FA's eyes than ours? There is a definite puzzlement over why DC is saying his investment was to stave off relegation, rather than to buy our way to the Premiership - which seemed very much to be the case in the past. Likewise, there is also a question mark over why we don't sell, or havent already sold, a player or two to balance the books - which would seem the logical thing to do to help in a financial crisis. This would of course potentially weaken us. The club are saying we havent had any bids... despite previously (and others, like Carlos) saying we have - Reach, FF etc... Are these statements and Club 1867 relaunch now just trying to be a very public "woe is us" plea to the FA to try and convince them that the club is doing its best to gain income and appear to be putting itself in a stable financial position, rather than just a reckless spending machine? Are fans actually now just pawns in a wierd game of chess between the club and the FA?
  15. Absolute quality video, well done swfc
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