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  1. davey_wells

    Hector and Joao

    I find it a little odd, yet strangely comforting reading about Tom, Joey and Michael... it's like a storybook Wednesday... featuring the grown ups Pudil and Nuhiu... and then... (gasp)... the bad lad 'Fletch'
  2. davey_wells

    Slept on it thoughts

    We do look shaky defensively when teams really go for it - but there isn't a lot wrong. I don't have an issue with Dawson, think he's done fine if not amazingly (anyone else hear him lose it with Pudil first half at a goal kick?)... Pudil blows hot and cold but was OK to a point, not overly comfortable with Lees especially at the end... but I like the look of Hector, think Thorniley should come straight back in, like the full backs with Penney giving us something entirely better than normal, Bannan and Pessy work fine in the middle (he had a stormer last night... but obviously should've taken the booking... but he isn't the only one to blame) and Onomah did very well coming in too... Reach I'm loving more every week... Forestieri played so well last night, Nuhiu did everything asked of him and more... and we missed him badly when he went off... Joao let himself down but just giving up running... and our other striker option in Fletcher is perfectly capable too... So, I can't really find too much fault at the moment. We've had some really tough couple of games and done really well to come out undefeated... and perhaps any frustration including last night is simply born out of how we're starting to think we COULD do something this season and just need that little bit of extra nastiness and know-how. In touching distance of the play-offs, very much in the mixer, some tough games to come but grab some points there and we're looking alright.
  3. davey_wells

    Joey p

    Thought he had a superb game. Yes he perhaps could have brought Barnes down... but Lees and Pudil didn't do their jobs. No biggie - no need for hate.
  4. davey_wells

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    I'm not sure he got it right either. Onomah was doing fine Nuhiu was knackered but Joao completely stopped running too. Our defenders made that goal look almost world class - but it was awful defending. And we missed a big chance to make it 3 I've never felt as oddly comfy during a Wednesday game until 85 mins... it was bloody inevitable...but that all said, maybe we're best just giving credit to West Brom, realise we played incredibly well for the majority of the game with some outstanding performances... and push on to the weekend. Let's face it - we've had worse evenings!
  5. davey_wells

    Joey p

    Jesus, some of you lot would blame Joey for climate change.
  6. He's had a stinker tonight Just get him on the left. Joao has had a stinker too Get him in the middle It's not that difficult
  7. May as well blow up now ref - we don't even look bothered about scoring here.
  8. Great goal in fairness - we look like a team without a plan.
  9. It appears Reach, Joao and Onomah have all contracted a huge amount of sloppiness tonight. Hugely wasteful all 3.
  10. davey_wells

    Make no bones about it.

    The wider media attention he's receiving now is acknowledging him as one of the division's very best players. We're doing well. He's doing incredibly well Love it
  11. davey_wells

    The gaffer's post match interview

    Wow he's certainly growing out of his she'll ain't he? Maybe it's a language thing, now really bedding into a new country and job, a real familiarity with his players and them really buying into his way - but it looks like the real Jos has landed... and I like it.
  12. davey_wells

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    All a bit daft and embarrassing - let's be aware that Fox is our No.2 left back... meaning that if Penney picks up a knock gets suspended or simply goes off form then he's straight back in. Man City's Benjamin Mendy just got completely MULLERED by Traore at the weekend... Fox isnt exactly my favourite player but good god lay off the hate ya' idiots.
  13. davey_wells

    Liam Palmer

    I thought it was one of his very best games for us. A proper 'full back' performance Lovely stuff
  14. davey_wells

    To Put It In Context...

    Balls of steel tonight to play how they did against Millwall - the bloody lot of them - the young 'uns, the not-so-young 'uns Jos Bannan Joey Thorniley - wow Penney - superb Preston Reach Palmer Dawson Fletcher, Lees (all forgiven!), Matias... and the subs We don't celebrate wins and really good performances enough - crikey, we don't get a lot of 'em - and we're all guilty of having a good old moan... so when we play like that against a very good team AND win then I think it's only right to make a bit of a fuss. Well done lads, all of you.