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  1. Lukas Jutkiewicz would be ideal. Experienced, knows what Monk wants, a leader, mobile enough - he'd be a great replacement for Fletcher and still a few seasons left in him yet. Also, he was bombed out at Boro by Karanka - and with Karanka now at Birmingham I dont see him wanting to stay there, nor Karanka wanting him especially as he'll expect some money to spend. The Juke and Che Adams made a superb partnership at Birmingham - we get a kid in whos the same vein as Adams and we'd be getting a decent strikeforce partnership.
  2. Ironically, Garry Monk is almost THE perfect manager to have in our position. He absolutely bossed it at Birmingham with that team under a real financial mess. Completely galvanised the team and the fans together. Monk knows we all hate SWFC at the moment, he's said it loads - he wants to make it right. Who else in management has that experience and knows what it takes to come out the other side and survive? (Makes me wonder if this is a masterstroke from DC after all, and he was hired for this very specific scenario!)
  3. What a weird thought. I'm not even sure that League 1 will even exist next season - or at least not all season. A 12 point catch up is about the very best we could have hoped for. It will galvanise the team, give them a real focus to get back up to zero - then crack on from there. Time to grow some balls SWFC, swallow your embarrasment, roll up your sleeves and put this mess right.
  4. Exactly. It's a really odd choice to not keep him, unless he's wanting regular first team football somewhere and we cant really give him that if we want to go for youth/pace instead up top. If he's happy being a squad player , a plan B player... I just dont think he will be properly replaced - plus I fear as a character he'll be missed in the dressing room just like Semedo, Loovens, Wallace etc is. In fairness, Monk himself seems to want to keep him.
  5. When you look at the points we achieved without a manager (I.e. under Bullen) it's just as well we did wait.
  6. Reckon you've nailed it. Would add that Luongo's absence at a similar time to Fletchers really didnt help, but it did feel like Monk 'wrote off' the season far, far too early in that public Wigan rant. We were barely at the half way point - and then the whole lockdown aspect (off the back of a 5-1 loss at Brentford) simply added to the period where players were peed off, especially as Fox didnt stay either who at least was playing fairly well.
  7. Looking at the reaction from Forest fans, it seems they are in such a similar position to us. Boring dull football Winning games without really deserving to Good start, awful 2nd half Conceding too many late goals (including the one against us the other week from Wickham) Bottling great positions Big club, loyal fans, huge wait for success Plenty of their own fans betting on them to mess up last night There are a lot of fans unhappy with Lamouchi, despite him being somewhat of a breath of fresh air earlier in the season (had a certain Carlos-esque nature to him) A lot of similarities. Not quite our level of inept, but not far off. Just shows, we're not alone in 20 years of frustration.
  8. This 100% Monk constantly falls back on how the players are making mistakes. It just doesn't wash with me, at all. There is just no excuse for the consistency of poor performances, constant inability to see out a game, to constantly have slow starts. Monk , in essence, is now 100% relying on every single player coming in to hit the ground running, to perform week in week out and not make mistakes - or we'll be back in exactly the same position as we have been with the current bunch who he blames for everything. Does he have a plan? Has he shown despite the results that he has a methodology that we can see what he's trying to achieve? Or is he simply muddling around hoping something sticks? It's very true that there has been a dangerous culture at the club for a couple of seasons now. Some players have let themselves down. Too many are dangerously overpaid and under motivated which can be toxic. But you have to take a step back and question why he wasnt able to get players to play for him. Especially players who HAVE been able to perform under different managers. For me, I just dont think he's the man for the job. Many of the players have left, as intended Let this transition happen under a different man with fresh ideas.
  9. Do you *really* think this is the case? The guy was injured too. Of the players still with us, only Iorfa can look back at this season woth their head held reasonably high. But for me, Fletcher carried us single handedly and it could easily be said he alone saved us from relegation with his goals pre Christmas. He often seemed like the only one who actually gave a damn or who had any sense of urgency. We dropped like a cannonball after his injury - just shows what a weak fart this team is to have crumbled so badly afterwards. Fans deserve so much better than the absolute dross we have served up this season since Christmas.
  10. The result, and end of season, that truly sums up this team, management, ownership and club. An absolute calamity. And now we wait like idiots for the icing on the cake - a comedy sized frying pan to the head in the form of a hefty points deduction. How on earth has it come to this.
  11. For me, minus 12 points starting next season would be pretty kind - if we're found guilty
  12. We wouldn't be able to register any players. This wouldn't be a soft embargo like last time
  13. I think it's be a great shout, personally. However, new shirts are possibly going to be one of our bigger income streams given the lack of big fan numbers being allowed in stadiums.
  14. Have you seen the state of our squad after everyone leaves who is out of contract???
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