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  1. The club really don't get it, do they? £30, as an offer, is an absolute shocker. Why are we run by fools?
  2. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    I really don't get any sign that Jos is the man to push on next season. While i think we're going to somehow do enough by way of getting some draws to keep us safe, I also don't really think he's the man to finish this season either.
  3. A firesale (or really, a sale)is pretty much exactly what we need, and have needed, for the last 2 years. Sale of a few players Sale of shirts and merchandise Sale of tickets
  4. Just imagine - that wonderful signing of Almen Abdi and all his wages, or maybe think of that fantastic wage that Steven Fletcher is on - or Jordon Rhodes maybe, or that nice 4-9million (whatever you choose to believe), or that wage of Morgan Fox (or the transfer fee)... We really couldn't tie George Hirst down to a contract? It's because of one of, or all of, the above.
  5. Lucas Joao

    I still pity the idiots who wanted him out a year ago. He's streets ahead of any of our other fit forwards and absolutely criminal that Carlos completely froze him out.

    In fairness, he was clearly a better choice than Jos.
  7. I've always wondered why interviewers feel the need to antagonise defeated managers. From Roy's point of view it appears he's had it all bottled up since the England/ Alardyce video tape thing, getting beaten by his team and getting some annoying imp of an interviewer set him off afterwards. What a legend. As far as Wednesday manager interviews go I think Carlos' can't be far off...
  8. Conspiracy theory

    The biggest piece of madness, for me, is the fact DC won't sell our players due to wanting us to be a family. It's lovely - but in my opinion completely negligent given our current predicament where we can't even afford to get in some cover for the squad-worth of injuries.

    I worry that our 2 latest signings - £8m Rhodes and premier league last season Boyd - both can't even get in our reserve team. I also can't believe that the club decided to gamble on our players comjng back from injury rather than spend a few quid getting some desperately needed players in on loan in January. This may not be the worst team in a decade, but its possibly the most frustratingly inept one.
  10. I'd be embarrassed for the club if they DIDN'T appeal it. Seriously, why wouldn't we?
  11. Given there are no official reports coming put from the Q&A sessions, no-one including the club can claim that they are of any use for the fan base - outside of the 50 or so in attendance. It's weird that I know more about the longevity of Man City's injured players than of SWFC's
  12. Let’s face the truth

    I'm sure even if you asked him now, CC would say he would have got us promotion this season. I guess we'll never know. (He definitely wouldn't)
  13. Probably just as well they sent this survey out yesterday, rather than after today's matters... Are you pleased you paid to watch this shuffle? Yes No OK
  14. Nailed it. Staggered the club don't understand this. The lack of responsibility and accountability by the club about reckless investment is bewildering. The club can't go on spending money while not balancing the books and moan about FFP. I don't even go to matches but even I'm insulted by the club's ignorance here.