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  1. Without having a clue about how he played, it's fair to say that given his only recent football experience has been in U23 football with very little riding on any game, that's simply going to come with time.
  2. I quite like the thought of all 3 of Paterson, Marriott and Windass. What a bloody handful they'd be. Not sure where that leaves our formation midfield and all that stuff, but that's not my job to sort out.
  3. Faces look exactly as they do on Fifa 20. Its literally the kit that is the only reason you'd buy this version.
  4. It does sound quite straightforward. It's the equivalent of a headline saying the bank could take your house from you if you dont make your mortgage repayments. Like, yes - that's true - but just make the repayments yeah?
  5. Yeah, it helped walking into a club ethos and set of players that Martinez, Sousa, Rodgers and Laudrup had worked on for a decade.
  6. It's because we dont score enough. Defensively we're generally OK...but when you've hardly ever scored more than 1 goal there is always a chance the opposition will push on and press for a late equaliser or winner. We're hardly ever 'comfy' at any stage of a game when leading, and never push on to double the damage or put a game to bed. We dont create enough chances or take enough chances, because we still dont have clinical forwards or players to really stick the knife in, or win fouls, free kicks, penalties, waste time. Many of the players whether the old
  7. For those unsure about whether we should be spending £25k a week on wages (if rumours are true)... look at it this way. £25k a week = £1 million over the season (roughly 40 wks) Is £1m really too much of a gamble to give us a better chance of staying up?
  8. Too many people playing at being the owner here. No-one really has a clue about the finances at the club anymore - what is good value, what Monk wants, what we can afford in wages or what wages Zohore or West Brom wants - or whether an "up and coming young striker" (whoever that is that will suddenly want to come to us and paid peanuts and not wanted by anyone else) would be a better option. Just take a break, be glad it's not your money they're spending and relax - and try to enjoy the fact that the owner is still wanting to invest his money for your benefit rather tha
  9. The weird thing is that Reach (apparently) also thinks his best place in this formation is up front. Bonkers.
  10. Purely speculating, but just wonder if Reach might be involved in funding such a move. I guess Cardiff will be looking to replace the sacked Mendez-Lang. Potential swap for Paterson? Unfortunately (my lad is a big Reach fan) I dont see Reach getting much game time if we sign another striker (or two) this season - and he might just be keen himself to move elsewhere too.
  11. McCauley Bonne at Charlton - QPR are having a go but getting bids rejected (seemingly around 200-400k level) - for my money he'd be a really good option for us.
  12. Hope so, almost exactly fits our criteria and could be worth millions in the coming years.
  13. Confidence is a truly wonderful thing - he looks a proper handful, a real threat - and I bloody love it.
  14. Too good a player to waste his time at Newcastle if he's not going to even make the squad. Though a bit wierd given he played a lot pre-season and impressed- perhaps taken a knock or just ill.
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