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  1. Honestly there was no upheaval last season. He brought in 14 players ( I think) he had the biggest budget in the league and he chopped and changed even when not necessary, and in some positions we never knew who his first choice players were. He has brought in some good players but just as many who were not contributors and most people seem to think although he is a wonderfully appealing character, he is still learning the job, at our expense. To be honest I am not impressed by poaching RU’s best players hoping they can do the same for us. We have flattered them although of course they had a better team than us last season. That’s painful. With the biggest budget. And a very big squad.
  2. Am not a “get him out” person but really we should not be recruiting a manager who will become decent in time. That’s DC’s fault.
  3. Understandable Rotherham fans annoyed. If the movement of players had been the other way round, we would have called the players cynical mercenaries and criticised the club poaching our favourite players esp if one was player of the season. Rotherham got promoted and were a better team than DM’s Owls and it’s a compliment that the best thing we thought we could do was take their best two players hoping they will do for us what they did for them.
  4. Maybe they are the facts. But Monk’s earlier table places as a functioning manager had been acceptable given starting under the points deduction and in light of what followed with the same players. DM was the new manager actually liked by the owner after a farce when he appointed TP but did not communicate with him then Neil Thompson a stand in for weeks ( neither a proper functioning manager) . It’s a personal view, but I expected the “ new manager” effect to lift us, but DM had a negligible effect while obsessing about one striker and passing it out from the back . And still we would have survived on the last day with a win against Derby, if Dunkley had not been brought back for one match after being out injured for weeks and wrecked the defence by having a nightmare next to two other cb’s. Getting out of League 1 is so difficult that I still regret how we were allowed to slide down here, and now poaching the two best players of Rotherham to try to find the right personnel. Rotherham on current positions is or rather was a better team than us!
  5. BB playing too deep led to our best football being played on the halfway line even under CC , but FF’s early brilliance meant it did not matter.
  6. Interesting question, Yes. Being tempted to raid Rotherham for mature players who got them promoted leaves open whether the manager is going to completely change his philosophy to use them in the way they are used to playing. He has strong views on systems and famously helped ruin our chances of staying in the Championship by insisting on immediate changes to the way he wanted it. Remember how he insisted on playing it out from the back, and how he preferred to play one striker when he arrived? Last season he went big on wingers but then decided to play with wing backs without wingers. Hopefully promotion is going to arrive this season by playing to the strengths of the experienced players he has acquired .
  7. They showed us how to get promoted last season while we failed. Let’s be honest.
  8. Like last season, we will have players to spare and Smith, Windass and Gregory will not be able to play in the same team let alone Sow and Paterson
  9. There isn’t room for Gregory, Windass and Smith in the same team
  10. “Player of the season”..sickening he would leave and go down a league , for the money. Particularly cynical behaviour.
  11. Some players will be more desperate than others eg those around 30. If they get an even better offer, will they off somewhere else in six months?
  12. There’s only one reason to decide to stay in this league playing minnows , effectively dropping down a league, rather than biggish clubs in good stadia and it’s not because they always wanted to play for the Owls.
  13. We can certainly play the hard man occasionally. You don’t need much of a manager to input on recruitment if that becomes the policy. I recall Dave Allen telling Turner to bring in the best goal scorer in this league for us, so I know it happens . We got Lee Peacock. Steve MacLean was recruited on a similar basis, but I thought DM would be using these big club friends and contacts he has. Dean from Brum. Storey from PNE and B P-F from Burnley were examples last season. Just surprised. Two from fellow teams from competitors at top of our league last season .RU and one from WW. Even Vaulks is originally from RU.
  14. I see that, but it’s not exactly creative or a brilliant initiative to look at a little club down the road who have achieved promotion and thinking I will have their key players to do the same for me. We did the same a year ago with Wing. These two Rotherham might be brilliant for us and I hope so. But….. DM is not exactly using his “ contacts with big clubs in the game” when he possibly antagonises managers , like Warne, at this level by coaxing their players to accept our bigger money which we can afford where chronic mismanagement has put us in League 1 and at our size we ought to be competing for players more widely. Stockdale is in the same category..Wycombe got to the play offs let’s have their keeper. Just my opinion. Uncomfortable about this approach. I want promotion badly and hope for it desperately and am still seething at our blundering vs Sunderland . Hutchinson was not the only to blame. We messed up.
  15. I thought DM had lots of friends in the game and that way he would be recruiting lots of young players probably from big clubs to come and play for us. Seemingly he likes to get older players by raiding other clubs at this level who have already performed at a low level and maybe this is the way to get out of league 1 . I am just surprised.
  16. Of course we hope he does well for us but let us not pretend he has always wanted to play for us.
  17. It’s mercenary behaviour . Not uncommon in football where agents push their clients to pursue money in both their interests.” Col” Tom Parker would fit in very well as Tom Hanks is currently demonstrating.
  18. We have to be realistic about where the management have taken us. To be robbing a little neighbour like Rotherham of their best players is somewhat pathetic. Even 25 years ago we were better than that.
  19. Vaulks does play a lot of matches per season so very fit unlike Luongo. However not being retained by Cardiff despite occasionally being in the Wales team, does beg questions about how good he is as Cardiff have been awful recently.
  20. You cannot blame Rovrum fans. Hard for them to decide who to dislike more, Darren Moore ...no longer the angel he is portrayed as...or the two players
  21. It’s the locality being so close that hurts. I couldn’t believe it years ago when Sterland and Palmer went to Leeds. Didn’t Chapman go somewhere not far away too ? Cannot recall. Mind you the SW club boss was probably quite happy for them to move whereas Rotherham are having their fingers eased off these players with some pain.
  22. I'm not surprised. We seem to be determined to get experienced outstanding players from Rotherham! Vaulks is ex Rotherham. After Rotherham made a counter offer, this seems like going in late. Prising players away from smaller clubs means we cannot complain if it happens to us. I hope the two Rother birds are going for doubling their money not just a few thou more as then you could not blame them, but it must look extremely disloyal at their end after such a wonderful season.
  23. He might be in Florida ( not sure whether this is a leg pull) but surely he can be contacted
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