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  1. Mainly dragged down by his inability to mobilise the team last season when results did not improve and wins vs Blackburn, Barnsley and Cardiff were the few highlights.
  2. The performances are said to be poor by those who see them but the results are not too bad. And I thought was Moore was poor from the time he arrived last season, so I am not a fan of his, but the results are reasonable
  3. A tremendous performance. All the best to him.
  4. It does make it difficult to blend a team when like today there are guys on the bench who have been playing and who seemed to deserve a run in the team . Few sounds of unhappiness though.
  5. We were told we had two young promising centre backs last season…..
  6. As a matter of interest, was there a Boxing Day 1963 defeat on a tricky icy pitch at home to Bolton, with Francis Lee outstanding for Bolton on the right wing?
  7. Not just played Dunkley, but played him after being out injured I think since February.
  8. Got to recall Wigan gave us an early lead with the own goal …it changed the mstch
  9. Bruce signed Dom as a right back I believe.
  10. Team got unexpected points at Wigan and got much praise
  11. A tremendous win away at the league leaders. Suspect the midfield had some battling qualities which are essential in this division more than most.
  12. Was it Bruce who bought Luongo? Bruce also brought in Iorfa (to play right back) , Borner for centre back and K Harris all of whom must have been on big salaries. Certainly brought an end to Jos putting his faith in young players for the future of the club. Unfortunately, too many were blooded around the same time and not all were good enough. Since Bruce started , up to press, the only homegrown young player who might have broken through was Shaw.
  13. Jos got mocked for it. Got a feeling we had a young defender on the field who injured himself making a rash tackle in the second half. Jos still got mocked. Media locally did not like him, his English was poor!
  14. Given the recruitment and DM having the chance to mainly have his own players very quickly, a more than “decent finish” ought to be expected. Ambitions are generally set too low by supporters and media. When you look at the competition, a top 6 finish is essential given the 14 players brought in, otherwise that’s failure. And as someone else says on here, if your first season is only mid table you can get stuck in this division, as it encourages the opposition in the second season, and our players start to think that promotion would be exceptional with better ones being persuaded away if they are any good so our quality would decline. I bet opposition teams think we have a very good squad this season.
  15. The usual inscrutable Mr Biggs. First of all he says if the team fails, the players who say it might be their fault are wrong as the accountability rests with the manager not the players. Then he says it ought not to be pinned on the manager.
  16. He was very opposed to the life bans on Swan and co, and played a part in getting the life bans lifted through his newspaper column. Matt Busby did the most of course. JG was a great admirer of Swan as a player and wrote to the foreword to Swan's book.
  17. Given how the finances were reported a few months ago, DM is lucky that we suddenly seemed to be able to hire players other clubs at our level could not afford, no doubt partly funded by the departures' salaries. When he arrived late last season, he talked systems and tinkered constantly, as well as making some weird selections and substitutions, and did not improve things, admittedly having to manage remotely for part of the time because he was ill. The wins at Barnsley and home to Cardiff showed what might have been possible. He's popular but he has to do more on the field and, given the players he has, he ought to be fine this season, as I repeat he has been lucky to have so many players, although I fear he has recruited too many to gel a team, esp with Windass to fit in eventually.
  18. When too many players are recruited, it is difficult to put out a settled team. Mistake was to sign so many wing/ forward players
  19. That’s right. Mind you we seem to have a pair of tackling midfielders vs minnows at home, whereas at Plymouth we had none!
  20. He should not have any trouble today with little Shrewsbury no matter who he picks.
  21. As a pattern, it looks better than last week’s esp in midfield where last week, it looked like trouble just from reading it on the page.
  22. Monk turned most people off and it was difficult to support him. However we did not the shambles the owner would make of the succession and did not accept that with our players and limited finances , we were doing as well as could possibly be expected. I admit it. And now we have the humiliation of division 3 with some very small clubs who admittedly play decent stuff sufficient to test us!
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