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  1. It does seem we're sticking with him for the season. On paper, he's got in a few decent signings this week - which should make us stronger and plug some gaps which have hit us hard (Dunkley in particular) I don't line how much we still rely on Luongo to be fit every week - it just won't happen, and we look a seriously worse team for it - but who knows we might just squeeze into those playoff places then it's all about bottle. Even if it does carry on going downhill and DC sees fit to make a change, I reckon we've got a fairly well rounded (and big) squad that could happily switch to various playing styles to fit the needs of a new manager coming in - still giving us the narrowest of chances to stay in the mix, or at least salvage some momentum going into next season. If it goes well - happy days.
  2. I personally don't think Moore should be kept - I just think someone else could get better results. But, in fairness, when it comes to playing decent football - which was definitely one of the reasons for his appointment - he appears to (usually) be delivering on that. By all accounts (opposition and our own view) are in-the-main playing decent stuff and score a fair few. Not necessarily winning football - but then that's not what Darren Moore is about... hence me thinking we would be better changing now rather than later.
  3. Ironically, for a team that finds it needs to play with wing backs, and one who is trying to play loan wingers there and then getting them recalled by their parent club, Jaden Brown is probably the best suited player to be a left sided wing back we have at the club.
  4. Imagine signing a player on loan from another club, not playing him as intended, despite struggling, and despite whenever he played he looked our best player. To the point that not just the parent club but also the player himself wants to leave... to MK Dons. Now imagine how other clubs will look at that example before considering whether to loan us any players. Wow.
  5. Jesus wept. I have no words to express how utterly stupid this reply is. No words. Baffled.
  6. I think you're forgetting that Lee Bullen was an experienced qualified coach.
  7. Lee leaving is a big loss to the club. Not only a damn good coach but a real good fella too. He deserves success, good luck to him.
  8. I don't think Chansiri really takes a view on a whole season - and that's a good thing. I think he wants results but just think he is too patient and takes a bloody long time to make up his mind - through not having any specific targets or success criteria for his managers, in addition to not actually knowing what he wants. He doesn't get the feedback given to him or see for himself that we're not improving - because he relies on the manager for feedback... and the manager in the job will always obviously defend himself and insist things will/can improve. It's not a good combo. We usually end up 'wasting' significant amount of games at the back end - throwing away precious and multiple opportunities to get points on the board to still potentially save or make a season when we all know we won't get the performances or results. So, by the time he does make a decision we've wasted 3, 4, even 6-9 games just ambling along playing games that could have been given to a new man in charge. He's done it consistently since being here - it's the problem with just viewing results rather than performances - meaning that when those results start turning pear shaped he's working from complete scratch on getting a new manager in place (hence why we usually always have a lot of caretaker manager games between jobs and not just someone swiftly brought in)
  9. I just don't think this is true. I think DC made a superb appointment in Steve Bruce. Exactly the right kind of manager to get the club back to soke level of respectability. While Newcastle might not have been the only club that he would have jumped ship to, I can't fault the appointment and with comments such as those from Westwood about how he brought a real step change in quality. I do think DC has the ability to make a good appointment - likewise as he did initially with Carlos. He's played a few bad hands too it's fair to say, but I've seen logic in each situation. If he's got the money to hire and fire I've got no issue with him making mistakes and trying again in Watford style. I'm not one for giving managers more time than they deserve. If it's working, great. If not, move on. He has backed each and every one of them relative to the situation - on that level perhaps Monk was a tad unlucky to have joined in the real messy time, especially post-Bruce, as he really did get scraps after Joao was sold and had Fletcher get a long term injury. Even Moore cannot say he hasn't been backed - certainly as much as he could ever have been promised. A change can be a good thing, the world is a big place for managers and we just need one who can do just that bit better than the last one to progress.
  10. I would be surprised given the situation we (thankfully) are in whereby we 6 point deduction will apply. However... I wouldnt be surprised at all if the players have collectively had some downbeat news, either about players leaving (Windass? BPF? Some of the other loanees?) or perhaps wanting to leave. That all said - I think it's far more to do with how without our better players (Windass, Luongo, Dunkley) we just aren't very good at all. With them - fine - I think we're pretty decent. Without them we are a seriously poor side, and do not have a top manager to compensate for that, instead one who has played all his cards and is now short of any ideas.
  11. You'd have thought that losing millions upon millions every year, all through terrible decisions and acting the same way 5 years in a row, refusing to employ people who know what they're doing, would maybe make him change his ways. But alas.
  12. I got told last week that fans going to games should just lap up whatever gets served by the players "A good day out with banter", apparently. Seems like quite a few are actually getting peed off now because we're actually serving up sub-standard, half-arsed stuff drivel. Watching Wednesdsay play has no interest for me any more and this last week has fully explained why. Lack of quality is one thing, but lack of effort is unacceptable for any club.
  13. Good to see we have it all in hand. I get a feeling BPF and Kamberi will stay. And the others will leave.
  14. We have to remember he literally only plays there because he is left footed. Left midfield or nothing. Palmer did that role superbly when playing there. Injuries elsewhere in the back line (Hutch, Iorfa, Dunkley, Hunt, Gibson & Paterson (if you can include them two) have knackered us and mean Palmer has to play elsewhere but we're hardly busting a gut to sign any defensive cover are we?
  15. Genuinely think our best route forwards would either be promoting from within (they know what the chairman is like, and visa versa) or go with random foreigner like Watford (best case) or Reading have done (they don't know Chansiri and potentially have worked with someone just like him). Bruce, Pulis and to a degree Monk are very well connected and Chansiri is well known to managers to be an oddball who supports the manager as best possible but must frankly be bery odd to deal with on a regular basis - indeed that SWFC is an odd club to manage (our FFP penalties are a decent example of this) Whatever the case, it's wrong to say that the chairman won't support the manager - I'd argue every day that he's far too patient/tolerant - and he does support with keeping players rather than selling them and clearly paying a very decent wage to them too. In fact, money being paid to the manager, along with a underlying "it could be me that transforms this giant club" mentality that attracted Bruce and Pulis, will hopefully ensure we have a reasonable calibre of manager at least wanting the job for the foreseeable future. I really did hope and think that DM was a good shout when he was appointed, as regardless of his record Infelt he would be a decent figurehead for the club with a style of football fans can help behind (which hasn't shown its face at all yet) - regardless of his results - but I was wrong and I imagine DC might be feeling similar about now.
  16. It's probably best we don't in fairness. For me, by fluke, we've got the perfect time now to make a change of manager. Window still open (even though we'll only be looking at loans) and I really don't think Chansiri will want to be playing his trust in Darren Moore to get the right players in. Whatever we're paying Berahino per game is too much, his other loan players have either not been played correctly or simply been poor - and he's got a horrible record or playing players not even in their best positions - or at least not consistently doing so. On paper Darren Moore is a draw for players to join... but in the current position where he's flailing BIG time with calls he has made on the squad then I can only see more bad decisions being made.
  17. I'm not sure what real trouble looks like to other fans but being 6 points off the playoffs and behind a whole loads of bog average clubs with budgets that are dwarfed by ours is frankly embarrassing. He shouldn't be in a position to even take on those games. He's failed already and has been given plenty support from the owner. It's a natural break now and we need to use this to move him out.
  18. Completely agree with the top paragraph. Personally, I think it's inevitable Lee Bullen will come back in charge for the 2nd half of the season. Less disruption, always happy to step in and might just get enough out of these players to scrape into the playoffs, at the very least just get SWFC it's identity back.
  19. Lets just say I am begging for a Club Statement with a photo of a corner flag at Hillsborough tomorrow. Like Terry Yorath before him, a really nice man but absolutely not what this club needs.
  20. 4 good seasons out of 23 No wonder we're all depressed angry goons.
  21. I get the logic that people think we might improve in the 2nd half of the season - a lot of new players, potentially more joining, injured players back etc. But I will frown upon anyone who thinks that last performance was just a blip, and I will also frown upon anyone who thinks this first half of the season is anything other than a massive let down, considering the players and relative resources we have.
  22. I get that feeling the players collectively know promotion is going to be unlikely. The realisation of the situation has started to kick in to a few heads... and the continued uncertainty of what the January window will bring, combined with a number of key injuries to important players, and a general soft underbelly has seen some of them put their head down and lose any belief they had. Some will be far more positive and insist it can or will still happen. But we haven't got enough of those, and we haven't got enough real quality either considering the injuries. That's why players and manager alike (plus fans) know how important someone like Windass, Luongo or now Dunkley can be... without them we do struggle. All fit, we're got a really decent spine there alongside Bannan, Gregory and the keeper on his good days. Without any significant changes I expect the 2nd half of the season to be pretty similar - some good, some bad, some indifferent performances and results - and we'll finish mid table. ... which definitely isnt what the owner wanted after choosing to keep players, pay them plenty money and trust his manager to do the job - and that's about the only thing that really matters here.
  23. Read it again. This would be a proactive thing from the owner. Not someone calling for refunds. And definitely not me, who didn't even go. Don't you think that would make a hell of a statement of our intent to everyone involved for the rest of the season? Don't get confused between someone calling for refunds and someone suggesting what a good idea it would be to other fans on Owlstalk.
  24. Different kind of collapse. Stoke was a wicked and rapid punch to the flabby guts that we never recovered from, after what was in truth a pretty gutsy 89-90 minutes of defending (watch it back I dare you) Whereas I'm hoping last nights was more akin to a hosing down, a rock bottom moment - that results in a similar response to Southampton after their first 8-0, or more recently Blackburn's 7-0.
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