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  1. Bez

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 5 Palmer 2 Lees 2 Hector 7 Thorniley 7 Penney 3 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 5 Reach 8 Fletcher 3 Joao 6 Nuhiu 6
  2. Congratulations England on winning the World Cup last night. Great achievement, knight them all. Unlucky Spain reserves on that huge, gigantic one goal deficit in a game that you dominated whilst playing in second gear with an experimental line up. Can’t wait for the open top bus parade for Sir Gareth and the boys.
  3. When people are snorting sh*t at half time in broad daylight, no wonder there are fights
  4. Our performance wasn’t what we hoped for but the game was a great watch. End to end, tons of chances, always felt like goals were coming for either team. That’s the kind of game you want to see when you pay your money - an credit to Wigan for staying on the attack to kill us off - that’s what made the game so enjoyable and open.
  5. Can’t say I agree about Palmer - he did ok defensively I thought. Much better that awful Joost or Pudil. Pelupessy was woeful. Simply dreadful. Apart from that I agree
  6. Bez

    Player Ratings

    Dawson - 4 Made standard saves. Had terrible kicking, one poor kick led to the 2nd goal. Made better saves at the end but spilled the ball for their 3rd. Palmer - 5 Not bad defending at times, some good crosses. Missed two chances he should have scored and was sloppy with the ball. Lees - 8 A cut above the rest. Calm, wins headers and wins the ball back. Van Aken - 0 Awful player. Can’t win headers, can’t tackle, gave the ball away so many times. Headed the ball into the centre rather than away for their first. Shocking. Pudil - 2 I’m a big fan of his but he was woeful. Gave the ball away tons, lost header after header, bullied by their winger. A poor showing. Reach - 8 A talent that always shines through. Wasted at wing back although he won some important back post challenges early on. Great crosses for both goals. Amazing game. Pelupessy - 0 What does he do apart from lose games? Can’t tackle or pass, loses the ball all the time and was at fault for the third when he stood waiting for the ball which the Wigan player nicked off him. Seems on his toes and sleeping all the time. Wasn’t in position much as he kept tracking runs wide. Ugh. Bannan - 5 Off the pace but with moments of quality. Seemed pissed off at his team. Hutch - 6 Nonexistent in attacking mid but played well at CB. Nuhiu - 3 Good composure for the goal but was bested by their defence and did little to hold the ball up. Idiotic red. FF - 7 Good finish and a threat at times but too quiet in the first half. Subs: Joao - 7 A threat all the time. Great pass for the goal. Fletcher - 7 Looked good and brought a needed spark. Jos - 4 That line up doesn’t work especially when we don’t press the other team. Slow to make changes but the subs did make a difference. We were too predictable which is unforgivable after a full pre-season. Poor.
  7. Every team that presses us does well. We are being pressed into sloppyness and the formation doesn’t work. They are doubling up in the left when attacking and it keeps Reach back.
  8. Every team that presses us does well. We are being pressed into sloppyness and the formation doesn’t work. They are doubling up in the left when attacking and it keeps Reach back.
  9. You coming today Neil or listening on the radio? #TooSoon?
  10. Brace yourself, a storm is coming later today when we lose/draw against Wigan. I was going to post this prior to Preston Away last year but I didn’t, and then you all lost your minds. The Championship is a difficult league where anyone can beat anyone. Wigan just got promoted and will be on a high, we are trying to gel but not there yet. Expect us to be pressed, expect frustration and poor passes, expect a lack of shots. Dont lose your minds when we don’t win convincingly - it doesn’t define the season. Now lets enjoy the day! UTO