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  1. Tatis is back. Love that man.
  2. MUSGROVE NO NO Was amazing to see.
  3. How about keep the rules the same and I just won’t do the same tactic as last year
  4. Little late for a major change. Ive been mock drafting all week without those categories and I’ve no idea how they change things. Surely need more time to adjust to something so major?
  5. Gore looked terrible early on this spring. Better this week but I am not convinced. Poor control
  6. As much as I love Fernando, he's being overdrafted based on his new stardom.
  7. Happy to have a minimums rule, no problem from me.
  8. Guys, Alex Neil has achieved miracles at Preston. Preston have a bottom 3 budget and have done every year since he has been there. They limit their player salaries to £15k a week max. Yet they always overperform. I would take Neil in a heartbeat.
  9. Kilmarnock in general. Celtic in the big rivalry. Hate Rangers.
  10. Netflix film. Still have no idea what actually happened. Anyone?
  11. Booked Spain to see the family in August but with a flexible ticket
  12. 9 or 10 seems a reasonable age unless they really want to go before then. Any younger and I would be taking them for my own benefit and not theirs. I prefer doing something for the whole family than drag them to my event where they sit on an iPad and endure the event.
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