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  1. Mind blown. Always called him Andy Taylor - wrong all along.
  2. Bez

    Any owls fans in Hampshire

    Used to be Farnborough.
  3. Hunt with a sloppy FK giveaway
  4. Pelupessy there again with the interception
  5. Reach has talent but pushes himself too far. He seems to always give the ball away with hollywood balls.
  6. What gama are you watching?! Great performance so far.
  7. Are you watching the same game Joey has won everything, headers etc and is growing in physicality. Quality today.
  8. Half time Playing well: Wildsmith - great saves Lees - different class to the other defenders Pelupessy - growing into his role, physical and winning the battle in the middle Playing poorly: Hunt - in the right position but has no end product and gives the ball away at the back Clare - not in the right spot when needed Reach - trying to hard and therefore, keeps giving the ball away
  9. No it isn't. Takes me a couple of hours to get to Hillsborough.
  10. Will you podcast from the game Neil?