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  1. In because only fools who have been watching too much Premier League and think Wednesday should win every game want Carlos out. Football is broken with Premier League money and the top teams spending zillions - modern fans watch it and want that for their own team. Despite being 17 years removed from the Prem, our fans think we are still big boys who should win every game... the Premier League mentality leaking through... Carlos led us to the playoffs twice with attractive football. Now you guys want him sacked... jog on.
  2. Do you even know who I am?
  3. We have finished in the playoffs twice and are still on track for that again this season. So yeah. Obviously.
  4. Having rivals in the same division. Means a number of harder games each season because, regardless of skill level and league position, the games are tough and can go either way. Personally, I don't care about Sheff Utd. The rivalry means very little to me as I see them as just another smaller team. Unfortunately, due to most fans demanding victory we played the game like a cup fixture. If that was Wigan we would have played calmly and with a sensible league tactic. Carlos got the tactics right, we dominated and looked good for large periods. Unfortunately, we pushed to far forward and defended poorly. Not bothered by the loss. Carlos is obviously the right man for the job - on to the next game.
  5. Bolton Away

    Not a bus service any more, trains running finally. Nearest away pub = Beehive. Decent food = Crown for pub food, Smokies in Chorley for BBQ, Fannies for an expensive, nice place. Parking = Chorley New Road, near Victoria Road. Then there is a cut through to walk to the ground. Don't park on the Middlebrook as they are clamping down.
  6. Wildsmith 3 - doesn't come for crosses. Poor. Reach 5 - a few ok crosses. Meh. Pudil 8 - won some important headers and played well despite being targeted by Bolton. Lees 7 - poor distribution but some great defending when they broke. Palmer 3 - does little. Sloppy passing and bad going forward. FF 5 - a few good moved in the centre forward role but not much success. Lost the ball too much. Bannan 7 - good long and short passes. Everything goes through him. Ran at them a bit. Abdi 2 - did nothing of note. Terrible. Gave all away at the end so many times. Wallace 4 - they knew he cuts in and defended that. He couldn't adjust. Winnall 5 - poor touches but put himself about. Rhodes 8 - two good goals when given service. Subs: Nuhiu 7 - always makes a difference. Did well. Matias 8 - very direct and plays with intent. Great cross for our second. Misses a one on one. Joao 7 - nimble and played with intent. Great pass for Matias to miss the one on one.
  7. Just got back

    Lees was great apart from distribution. Think he played well.
  8. Just got back

    I don't disagree with your points but that doesn't change that we dominated possession, moved the ball well and created chances throughout the game. Some good, some bad.
  9. Just got back

    Other teams know how we play so set up accordingly. That hurts us. We arent quick to exploit the space they give us. Today they left the middle open but we didn't take advantage for 60 mins. We played well but poor touches from strikers let us down. FF is getting marked out of games but we don't exploit the space this creates by lifting it in behind. Saying all that, we were the better team and with Hunt and Westwood we would have won.
  10. Disagree. We were the better team and played nice footy. Created chances against a defensive team but didn't put many away. They did very little beyond set pieces
  11. Foresteri

    First was a free kick unfairly given on FF as he tried to turn his man. Floated in to the back post where Wilbraham beat Reach in the air and it fell to Dervitte. Wildsmith should have saved it. Second was a break with Wildsmith making a terrible tackle to give away the pen. Third was given away by Palmer, a sloppy pass out, the cross was looped over Wildsmith. Im not sure any of the goals go in if Westwood plays.
  12. Just got back

    I would play him over FF. This league needs direct players and he is it!
  13. It was Pudil. What a game. Won so many headers when missing them would have seen Bolton score. Great performance out of position. Well done lad.
  14. I live in Bolton. Good peformance. Should have smashed them but they took advantage of terrible Wildsmith and poor Palmer. Abdi awful too. They cut out our crossing ability and we didn't make use of the centre of the pitch. Matias is a much needed player. Runs at people and takes them on.