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  1. This thread is the reason we will lose tonight. Every time we get within a win of being in with a chance, we lose.
  2. Monk knows what he's doing. Go see my analysis on the Forest game.
  3. Scummy move from Yeovil. Winning this one was amazing.
  4. League One is my favourite division. Most of my best Wednesday memories come from the seasons we spend down there. Away to Yeovil. Playing D&R. Kuqi flop against Swindon on opening day. Cardiff. MacLean. Rochdale & Bury away ends. If we were to be deducted points and go down, I won't be too sad because it's such a good division. What are your best memories from League 1?
  5. Depends on the other team, how they set up and what their strengths are. You couldn’t do that against a team with good heading Centre Backs and you couldn’t use that tactic against a team playing a big target man. Time and a place. Use it at home against teams who want to play along the floor - avoid against long ball teams or counter attacking teams.
  6. Not always. Look at my review of the Luton game. We pressed high, forced Luton to go long but they won the resulting headers and picked up the loose balls. We got smashed. If you press, you have to win against the long ball too. Iorfa was the difference between the two games.
  7. I did something similar after we lost to Luton. Quite a few comments about a lack of a gameplan, Monk is clueless etc. So I wanted to analyse his plan for the Forest game. Overview Our gameplan against Forest was spot on and 1-1 is a disappointing result. We should have won by a couple at least. The dropped 2 points was down to poor execution. Compare this to the Luton game where we lost because of bad tactics. The Forest draw is on the players, not Monk. 2 Man Press Monk used 2 strikers and we played further up the pitch. This made Forest go long a lot and gave them few chances to pass out from the back. Iorfa made a big difference, as did Palmer. Both operating in an unusual back 3, they cleared up most attacks from Nottingham. Forest lacked a dominating striker as Grabban lost out against Iorfa most times. Harris dropped deep to help out Borner on the left hand side and all three centre mids played Box to Box. High energy, ensuring we were covered through the middle. This defensive tactic wouldn't work without the Wednesday players putting big shifts in and getting back to help out. 3 at the back causes chaos at time when the ball broke to a Forest player but most of the time it worked. Lolley scored the counter attacking goal that highlights the weakness of Monk's defensive approach. This tactic relies on us scoring a few because Championship teams will get at least one against you. Playing wide Attacking plan A was to go wide to Harris and Murphy who would deliver a cross into a crowded box. When closed down, the players were supported by Bannan who could whip it in. We put 40 crosses into the box as Monk highlighted their weakness in the air at Centre Back. Execution was poor and many of these crosses went astray. BUT - Monk's plan also worked. 40 crosses translated into 3 key chances: Wickham's goal, Wickham heading against this post with the ball falling to Lee and Wickham header being handballed on the line. Clearly Monk thought Wickham could beat the Forest defence in the air and he was correct. Sadly so many of the crosses were poor and Harris was unable to beat Cash on the left. Plan B When the wings broke down we worked the ball centrally. Luongo and Lee would try and fashion shots or slip Rhodes in. This tactic worked and Luongo had 2 good chances. Rhodes was slipped in three times (one offside). Playing through centrally goes up against Forest's formation and what they excel at so to create those chances was impressive. Conclusion Monk got the tactice spot on. We had high possession and were able to work the balls into wide areas regularly. This translated to 40 crosses, 4 key chances and 1 goal. When things broke down we worked the ball centrally for shots or to slip in Rhodes. This translated to 4 chances on the edge and 3 in the box. Our wing players underperformed and failed to capiltalise. Too many crosses went astray. Monk changed this with Reach and De La Cruz. Cruz was the difference maker with his corner and several other good balls in. We made 2 major defensive errors but Forest only capitalised on one. We should have won 3-1. tl;dr Monk's tactics were spot on. The players failed to capitalise so we drew.
  8. I don’t know why people say that. Of course there was! Work it to the wings and have Harris and Murphy try to get a cross in. With Bannan supporting them both trying to do the same. Sadly the balls on were poor. - Harris didn’t beat his man or put in bad balls - Murphy delayed his crosses too much - Bannan’s balls in were terrible Only a couple of good balls in all game. One was the corner for the goal.
  9. Everyone reasonable. No one stood out. went for Iorfa because he drove us on a few times and won against Grabban
  10. Watch the Spain game. Just watch it. Spain score 2 onside goals that are ruled off. they also win 3 pens but none given. dominate the game start to finish.
  11. Completed it thoroughly. Excited about our squad and how Monk/Chansiri will freshen it up for next season Want a better Away Fan membership or package. Maybe regional season tickets? Think £35 is a decent price to pay Won't come to Hillsborough if the atmosphere is still so poor Would like Hillsborough to be upgraded and corners put on Want a standing area
  12. Went to buy the orange one. Did the discount spin and got a discount code. But the code doesn’t actually work when you try and use it...
  13. Anyone got a picture of the Terrace shirt? Want to see the quality close up
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