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  1. Mad that people voted for Dawson when he made errors that nearly caused us to concede.
  2. Agreed. YEARS. Chansiri best chairmen we’ve had. EVER.
  3. Windass. Tons of energy, created chances, goal saving block.
  4. Shall I do my Chansiri thread?
  5. Got us out of the EFL mess and put together a team and manager that: Played in the cup - WON and Clean Sheet Played in the league - WON and Clean Sheet P2 W2 L0 Clean Sheets - 2 Possible League Points - 3 League Points Secured - 3 Win% - 100% Through to the next round of the cup Two tricky away wins on the trot No goals conceded Rhodes off the mark Windass off the mark Van Aken’s defence immaculate New players successfully bedding in Team Spirit - 100% Dejphon Chansiri - proving the ‘tickets are too expensive’ and ‘he’s caused this mess’ haters wrong. Love it Well done Dejphon Chansiri Best Chairman we have had in absolute YEARS 👍
  6. The Championship is like playing Scrabble. Each team puts their hand in and makes a team from what they pull out. You can spend more to get a 10 point Q but that doesn’t guarantee you can make a winning word, especially if you don’t get a U.
  8. So you judge Monk and the players performances today based on your anger and perceived failure of the Chairman? Despite understanding the situation, as you describe, you still go into matches expecting us to play amazing football?! You are making my point for me. The expectations for the manager and team are broken. Because too many fans have ludicrous expectations despite knowing the issues we face and the reality of football. P.S I fundamentally disagree with your entire post.
  9. I do. It's very clear. So maybe it's your issue? I've created entire threads analysing Monk gameplans before. They are very easy to see if you look.
  10. Check the possession stats if you didn’t notice during the game.
  11. Blame Chansiri. But judge the game based on reality. Monk and the lads did well.
  12. Why? Same question. Barrow made Derby look awful. We beat Arsenal 3-0 a few years back. Why are your expectations completely based on league position but ignoring reality and history?
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