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  1. I told you to set sensible expectations before Wigan away 2018. I reminded you before Preston away in 2019. and I’m reminding you before Preston in 2020. Deepdale is a hard place to go against a well drilled team. Alex Neil is a great manager. We aren’t suddenly going to be amazing because of Pulis. DON’T OVERREACT.
  2. Who beat them 6-0 last time?
  3. The job of sorting out the Spanish national team out has been an immense one but Luis Enrique has done a great job. Just look at the lineups below. The first 3 are Spain winning 3 consequtive tournaments. World class players winning major tournaments. Followed by the Spain teams that struggled since. Some of the same players, but ageing and trying to replace World Class names (Villa, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas) with 'new' World Class names that weren't as good (e.g Isco, Costa, Asensio, Nolito). Then look at the lineup from yesterday. A diverse Spanish team, ignorin
  4. Buzzing. We're te best again.
  5. Didn't Pulis headbutt Beattie? Not sure they are the best of mates...
  6. Piecing together different accounts from various managers, it seems that he isn't a model professional. He decides when he wants to play and has pulled out of squads with random injuries. He's also had a mystery injury and asked to go home and not train over Christmas.
  7. Here is us beating his boro side. More typically Pulis style against us. The long ball works well for them and they are constantly a threat from set pieces.
  8. We looked the better team, but we lost. Don't think his style is always what you imagine it is.
  9. Oh and I watched the first leg game earlier today. You dominated Villa and created a bunch of chances. Better finishing and you would have won.
  10. I was on that night. Had a right row with them for ages.
  11. A handful of childhood friends were also Wednesdayites. No family tho. Not met a Wednesday fan here in Bolton. Never met a United fan in my entire life tho. Not one.
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