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  1. I lived my normal life, with my kids and family. Football is part of my life but not the be all and end all. Had a decent day in the garden today.
  2. Look at it this way: If Abdi had worked out, where would we be? If Pelupessy, Van Aken, Lachmann etc had worked out, how much could we be selling them for now? If Reach was still in form, how much could we sell him for now? If Fernando wasn't banned and injured, what would be have been worth? If Penney, Baker, Thorniley etc had pushed on and been good, what would they have been worth? What did we sell Joao for and what was the profit? How much could the Argentinian lad be worth if he kicks on? DC has tried to create resale value and has almost always struck out. He has bought players for less than a million and they haven't ended up worth more... If you look at the above, you can see he has tried to find value like Brentford but it's failed.
  3. So to summarise... You all have wildly ridiculous expectations You all want to spend Chansiri's millions for him Not one of you is grateful that Chansiri has spent millions on the club you love No one is remotely grateful for the adventure we have been on for a few years, after nearly not existing You all think getting rid of him will be easy and a better chairman waits around the corner You are all losing interest because the team you claim to support isn't winning every game Understood Oh, if you are looking for the downvote button, its somewhere over there -------------->
  4. My fave time as a fan. Yeovil away in League 1. 0-0 to D&R away. That first League One season was alot of fun despite being sh*t
  5. What’s the worst run/period of time you have experienced as a Wednesday fan? For me, the current run is third worst. First would be when we nearly went bust and were in court. Second would be when we didn’t score for game after game. Think Chris Eagles broke that run. Can’t remember when it was exactly - anyone remember?
  6. Start defensively. Keep them out for 60 mins to gain confidence and prove to the players that they won't keep conceding loads. Murphy to drop deep and help like he did against Man City. Luongo and Windass holding the middle of the park with Windass allowed forward but Luongo holding back. Borner and Lee won't make the squad due to injury imho. Keep Fletcher on the bench to be fresh at the end of the game. Da Cruz can wear them down for 60 mins before coming off. Minutes 1 to 60: Dawson Palmer - Iorfa - Lees - Fox Windass - Luongo - Bannan Murphy - Da Cruz - Forestieri Then change the squad up on 60 mins and have a real good go for 30 mins: Minutes 61-90: Dawson Palmer - Iorfa - Lees - Fox Murphy - Windass - Bannan - Harris Fletcher - Wickham
  7. Replied on your website but it is hidden until approved
  8. Right, come on. Out with it. Before we play B'ham, what do you EXPECT. We are playing poorly, New players who haven't developed chemistry yet, Birmingham in great form, Unsettled team, Set your expectations here. I expect: Much better performance than previous games Tighter at the back Still sloppy up front 1-1 draw but could have won Fox plays a part
  9. Have we met? You do realise this is Bez you're talking to?
  10. It is, in essence, a part of the economy where people work on projects, gigs etc where it isn't a steady, long term job. Bit like doing the lighting for a pop concert - you come in and do it, but it isn't needed beyond a short period of time. This has morphed into zero-hours contracts. Businesses need staff at peak times like Christmas but don't need them at other times, so they give people contracts to mimic this need for labour. It perfectly suits students who may want jobs but not the full time committment. It also can suit parents who need to be flexible around childcare and school holidays or older people who may want a job that isn't commited to every week, all year, especialy if they spend time abroad or are having medical treatment. Labour want to scrap it because its a popular message to give their unions and some members - paint businesses as evil and the enemy - when really, zero hour contracts give choice and freedom to many who couldn't accept and commit to a full time or part time contract. The usual government overreach that reduces choice. Ultimately, the government should step in if a company abuses zero hour contracts and the job centre shouldn't force you to accept one if you are looking for full time work. But there is a place for them in our economy. IF one suits you, apply for it, if it doesn't then don't. Simples.
  11. Wind your neck in Dale. it was supposed to be a sad face.
  12. Seen it. It was supposed to be a sad face. Changed it.
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