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  1. A few years ago I got a Wednesday Player 'earwig' that let you listen to radio commentary during the game. Anyone know if these devices still work and if they work elsewhere or were they tied in to SWFC only?
  2. In every Deepdale game in recent years, PNE man mark Bannan to stop him controlling the game. They high press us into long balls and win the midfield battle via high energy. We counter that with Lee and Luongo - high energy possession players who benefit if Bannan is marked. Harris and Odubajo high press and try to get balls into Rhodes. Nuhiu has played well against the PNE system in past years so I would bring him on late. FF has really struggled against PNE so not sure if he gets on.
  3. I’m just concerned with his fitness but I’d agree if that wasn’t an issue.
  4. Tough place to go as Alex Neil has his team well drilled for pressing football. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Lee Luongo Bannan Odubajo Rhodes Harris Subs: Dawson Bates Palmer Pelupessy Reach FF Nuhiu Give Hutch and Fletcher a rest to avoid injury. PNE play down the right a lot so Moses can help out Iorfa. Moses also helps with a high press.
  5. Westwood 5 - Flappy and out of sorts Odubajo 6 - Better when he presses near the halfway line Lees 6 - Plays people onside all the time. Average. Borner 9 - ROCK SOLID. Superb. Love him. Fox 8 - Great performance defensively. Wasn't allowed to get forward so offered little there. Hutch 6 - Some great tackles, some stupid free kicks. Bannan 6 - Didn't notice him much. Calm in possession but lost it a few times. Poor final product. Reach 4 - Very poor and offers nada. Murphy 6 - Very poor for spells and then turned it on and was a threat. Fletcher 7 - Offside loads, wasted chances but got an assist and won some decent flick ons. Harris 9 - What a lad. Fast and always a threat. Subs rated for performance during time on pitch: Winnall 6 - Needs longer to make an impact. Luongo 8 - Looks a good signing with intent in both directions. Lee 6 - Didn't do much.
  6. MOM Solid as a rock tonight. Different class.
  7. Borner is superb. A tone setting CB like Hutch can be from midfield. We look decent until we get to the box and then we lack attacking ideas.
  8. Murphy was poor. Lees was beaten in the air too much. Everyone else played well but we didn’t seem to have a connection between the strikers and wingers - balls in weren’t well timed with attacking runs.
  9. https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/statement-from-bury-fc-staff/
  10. im on Heart radio about it tonight
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