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  1. With news that fans will be allowed back into stadia with no restrictions from the beginning of next season, let's organise a HUGE protest about the state of our club. Pack the stadium, banners, balloons. What we thinking to send our message to Chansiri? Enough is enough. We need change and improvements.
  2. Sort of. One of the reasons that Blair and co did nothing wrong. An Intelligence agent claimed to have intelligence of Iraqi chemical production that was stored in glass containers, which is not something that happens in real life. The film, The Rock, happens to show this but there is no evidence the intelligence agent used the film as inspiration. The intelligence, which focused on new chemical weapons plants being built, was sent to Blair and the Cabinet and only withdrawn a long time later. It was not part of the final dossier which included other,
  3. Your defending Champion reporting in.
  4. We don’t even try and play it around any more. How have we got a squad of terrified players who lack composure and technique?
  5. Oh god I’m wet. Cronenworth rotating in too.
  6. In other Padres news. Melancon + Kela. WELCOME.
  7. Tatis. 14 years. $340m. Ma Boiiiii.
  8. I’m a white guy who talks with a Home Counties accent. Yet when some people see my surname and realise I’m foreign, and they they can’t pronounce it, they change it to something British. Ive been called ‘Dave’ before by an ignorant idiot. Manuel is common. My Nigerian uni mate, Obi, was called Dave or Nigel all the time. If it’s someone close, who you know and there’s a private joke between you that’s mutually accepted, fine. If it’s someone you don’t really know and they don’t like it, it’s racist.
  9. Racist. Something English people do when they encounter a foreigner with a hard to pronounce name. It’s ignorant. just learn to pronounce names ffs.
  10. 2015/6: Hull 31 Burnley 31 Brighton 31 Derby 30 Boro 30 Brum 25 Reading 24 Wednesday 24 Cardiff 22 Ipswich 21 Brentford 20 Fulham 20 2016/7: Newcastle 34 Brighton 31 Huddersfield 28 Norwich 27 Reading 25 Bristol C 24 Birmingham 24 Wednesday 24 Leeds 23 Brentford 22 Fulham 21 Barnsley 20 Preston 20 2017/8: Wolves 32 Cardiff 31 Pigs 30 Bristol C 27 Derby 25 Leeds 23 Middlesboro 23 Villa 23 Norwich 22
  11. Bez

    Project Winter

    Loving this game. Among Us but set in an artic station. Anyone tried it? Free on Xbox Game Pass
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