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  1. Swansea Replay

    Buy on phone and ask to pick up at swansea
  2. When are tickets on sale? Anyone know?
  3. League one

    I adore League One so not sure why anyone would be annoyed at a year down there. So much fun!
  4. Sheffield United mean very little to me. Having a derby game in the Championship is a massive hindrance - makes it harder to get promoted because form and league position mean nothing.
  5. Adam Clayton

    He is a good player - always performs on FM 2016..
  6. Even more credit to Carlos then
  7. Carlos is a managerial genius. Due to all the injuries, we are left with a skeleton squad that gets beat heavily week in week out, but his tactical plans kept us competitive. Bring him back.
  8. Karanka, Fonseca or Bielsa. Maybe Poyet. None of which are realitistic. Don't want any of the lower league guys or the Championship retreads.
  9. Scabs

    Not really - none of the strikes I have seen in the companies I worked for were for very very short term issues.
  10. You moaners are about to get what you really want. Bo investment, a carousel of new managers, lack of investment etc etc. Idiots
  11. Scabs

    Most of what he says I disagree with - many points he makes are completely reasonable.
  12. Scabs

    I know her very very well - she was active in Labour Students at the same time and we had one very significant run in when we both ran for European Officer. A breed of MP that are completely 'career politicians'. Everything she has done in her young adult life is to further herself politically - she is the complete opposite of me, politically speaking and just the kind of person that we don't need in Parliament.
  13. Scabs

    Politics needs to be less tribal - stop seeing things as your party vs the other party. It should be about the individual MP or Councillor standing in your area - what ideas and track record do they have? Are they decent or in it for themselves? Are they an ordinary person, active in helping the community or a parachute candidate using your area?