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  1. Aarons was MOM but Hector a close second.
  2. Thanks for coming visiting me in Bolton guys.
  3. Westwood 7 - Solid and did what he needed to do when they had their chances. Iorfa 4 - Poor at passing and looks like he isn't on the same page as others or a footballer. Just a big athlete with pace. Lees 8 - Targeted by Bolton in the air but did well. Hector 9 - Man mountain. Won the lot in the air and on the ground. A class above. Palmer 8 - Solid as a rock against their best players but he can't use his left foot which causes him distribution issues. Bannan 6.5 - Very poor early on and looked to have lost his touch and control but grew in confidence and dominated second half. Hutchinson 7 - Sets the tone on a cold, dull Tuesday night. Suddenly upped the tempo, got the crowd on side and we went on to dominate the chances after that. Reach 6 - Didn't do much, poor crosses, went backwards all night but nice assist. Aarons 9 - Man of the match. Worked his socks off, wins aerial battles he shouldn't, great touch and skill, gets at players. Great finish and a top performance. Fletcher 7.5 - The man in form, never looked like missing. Worked hard and nice link up play/ Nuhiu 4 - Nothing stuck on his foot, looked slow and not on it tonight. Winnall 6 - Lively but rusty.
  4. WELCOME TO BEZ-TOWN Feel free to leave a political donation on your way out.
  5. Chorley New Road is massive so just to avoid someone an accidental long walk, park either near the Beehive Pub or Victoria Road for stadium and beer.
  6. New rules at Middlebrook (the shopping centre that the stadium is on). Dont park there for the game as they are cracking down and issuing £100 fines. Park at St Joseph’s School. Cheap and near. Or on Chorley New Road for free and walk down from there.
  7. Westwood 8 Iorfa 4 Palmer 7 Lees 7.5 Hector 8.5 Hutch 8.5 Bannan 6 Aarons 6 Reach 5 Forestieri 6 Fletcher 8 Boyd 3
  8. Westwood 5 Palmer 6 Thorniley 5 Lees 6 Fox 4 Hutchinson 4 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 5 Reach 3 Boyd 4 Fletcher 6 Forestieri. 4 Joao 5 Nuhiu 3
  9. Dawson 5 Palmer 2 Lees 2 Hector 7 Thorniley 7 Penney 3 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 5 Reach 8 Fletcher 3 Joao 6 Nuhiu 6
  10. Congratulations England on winning the World Cup last night. Great achievement, knight them all. Unlucky Spain reserves on that huge, gigantic one goal deficit in a game that you dominated whilst playing in second gear with an experimental line up. Can’t wait for the open top bus parade for Sir Gareth and the boys.
  11. When people are snorting sh*t at half time in broad daylight, no wonder there are fights
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