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  1. Harris again. Terrible player. I’d have 35 year old Ross Wallace over him.
  2. I don’t think he can play up on his own. He needs someone next to Him. he can’t hold it up
  3. When will Pulis realise Harris hates crosses more than Jesus
  4. You sound like a sore loser. I’d love our manager and team to be like this. How can we watch a team that scores 2 pens in 7 games. Awful awful squad.
  5. Said it for ages. We’ve no one that wants to get in the box from midfield. Desperately missing a player like Lee, someone who is box to box. Midfield today another example of this. Joey sits, Bannan sits next to him. Reach runs around floating to the wings. Brown comes on and is a slightly more advanced Bannan. Up front we have kachunga, who is never going to score. Windass, who makes good runs but isn’t a finisher for me. Marriott comes on and looks like a weak Winnall. Paterson isnt a striker, doesn’t hold the ball up and I don’t know what he is. I’d play Rhodes, th
  6. I agree with this. Although i don’t think it really applies to JVA, he played well. I don’t understand not changing formation. We doesn’t be change to 442, subs are generally like for like. Marriott and Paterson offer little. They’re not going to break through their defence, Windass is our only option to do that. I like Windass, makes some great runs and hassles teams, he’s just not a finisher. I’d play him with Rhodes, like the first game of the season. What has Penney done wrong? He’s going to leave us and have a good career, if we stick by the man who has turned us into
  7. People criticised me when i said we’d signed a big donkey. He isn’t up to it up front. Probably is we’ve probably given him a stupid contract
  8. Good to see we’ve got really deep and reverted to more hoof ball this half. Can’t wait to see what changed monk comes up with on minute 80
  9. Started a post on this 2 weeks ago. You could have just uploaded that, instead of stealing my insight
  10. Bit like my toilet at home. I need to use it but it’s nice and quiet in there, no one moaning at me, so I treat myself to a bit longer until I have to come out and see what the wife wants me to do or not do next.
  11. No we need an old school no nonsense manager for me. Someone to grab the club and kick everyone’s backside. Get Paul cook in. Don’t know why people don’t rate himself.
  12. What a joke this is. Same crap every game. Dawson parties they score. odubajo gives stupid free kicks away harris can’t cross. Bannan not interested pelupessy awful.
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