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  1. Imagine there being a thread dedicated to them on here. It would never happen
  2. Delayed return after his annual hair transplant needed more time to heal
  3. We need younger players, don’t we want to learn from our past mistakes with overpriced signings like this?
  4. Is he related to Geoff sheard
  5. Looks like their take over is in danger of collapse.
  6. Thought we’d have stuck to the tin pot mobile phone lights
  7. Sell Iorfa and Windass, too injury prone for their wages. Release everyone else out of contract. Try and buy Storey. We need to leave Dean alone, he’ll be injury prone in my opinion given his age and history here. Sell Dawson while we can as his value won’t be any higher and buy a new keeper. Bring in players under 25 with resale value. What we did with Whelan, Brunt and Maclean if possible
  8. No we didn’t, best team won over the two legs. We had one decent chance that we took in 2 games, they had more. Don’t know why we didn’t change to 4 at the back when he did the subs and hutch went off.
  9. Ok let’s pretend it didn’t happen. Shocking mistake should have cleared it to the stand. May cost us promotion at the end of the day. What is he supposed to say
  10. third game in a week is when Moore tinkers with the team. Always happens, changes our core players and we bottle it. Byers should play every game, cost us leaving him out.
  11. Knew I was onto something. He’s dropped back a bit since then but he’s still a class act
  12. Reminds me of yaya toure when he gets the ball and drives at players. Played very well last night.
  13. fair play! Just on my way there now. Looks a tough day today. Good luck to all who bet. Loads of offers on so make sure you all get the free bets in.
  14. I’m backing all the winners. Hopefully land a couple of decent antepost bets tomorrow
  15. We just need to keep winning. Fed up of everyone else winning now.
  16. Scott Carson got in the England squad based on his form with us in 2006.
  17. We’ve lost it by picking no strikers versus them picking 2. They’ve been clinical and we haven’t, poor team selection.
  18. I’d get rid if we had an offer. seems a good lad, but he’s not in our best eleven and must be on a fair wedge
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