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  1. Jack hunt when he played for Huddersfield against us was class
  2. loved the Carlos up until the play off final. We were immense, exciting, scored goals. Then for some reason he went all cautious and we completely lost our identity. I’d definitely have him back if he went for games. None of this 0-0 crap.
  3. What actually happened to Stringer? Was he crocked?
  4. Remember once I’d started working at one of my first post uni jobs in 2002. While working I got talking to some scouser who was in his 50s about football. I mentioned I was a Wednesday fan and he asked me what I thought about the team. I said we were crap and started slagging a number of players off most notably Ashley Westwood. Turns out this bloke was his Dad! Lol. He wasn’t very happy and I just said he wasn’t good enough to be a championship player and a player for us. I only worked there a month so it wasn’t that bad afterwards.
  5. We also sign Andy Pearce. He was shocking. Atherton will always be remembered for marking Mcmanaman out of the game when we beat Liverpool at anfield. He should have been born Italian would have been appreciated in Serie A
  6. Can’t believe Lopez didn’t start the final. He was a class act.
  7. Good time to get any planning done as they’ll approve anything to get investment given the situation
  8. Check the BBC probably headline news on there
  9. Because his awareness, passing ability and touch aren’t good enough???
  10. Who would you rather have Messi or Ronaldo?
  11. Alex hunt puts out come and get me video on twitter https://twitter.com/__alexhuntt/status/1258859016719122447?s=21 We should be looking to keep him I’d have hoped.
  12. I hope we have this policy going forward. We need to take a chance on players like this.
  13. If the likes of Stobbs and West thought they’d have got another contract and were relying on Wednesday to hand them out another year then that’s a bit delusional. Hopefully they’ve got some cash saved up and will be alright.
  14. What would we want with a goal scoring midfielder. Ridiculous we don’t have them
  15. How can the club retain anyone out of contract. As a business they shouldn’t be renewing £20k a week contracts when players can’t play. Madness to even think we should.
  16. theyd have to agree to it, yes, but clubs are going to go bust over this when football isn’t back for 18 months
  17. They only get £2.5k a month though not £30k a week. I’d furlough the lot of them and pay the office and normal staff.
  18. Is he off? Just uploaded a video to twitter of his best bits. Hope not.
  19. He’ll be keeping his cash for now given his shops won’t be making him any money for a while
  20. We needs to make sure all our future signings are under the age of 25. No more handing out pensions for 3 years for over the hill donkeys
  21. I think Penney will be our next one that got away player. He’s easily a decent championship player and as a breakthrough player should be supported. Looking at our last outfield player to come through, Palmer, I’d say Penney has more quality and ability than him. we need to get him in the team, I’m sure he has a contract until next season, fingers crossed he does and we don’t do the normal Wednesday thing and lose out.
  22. He’s got a fox on his head, aimed at a ginger steward
  23. He needs to appoint someone to run his business both off and on the pitch and have a long term plan. I believe he has the best intentions but has fallen out with people, it would seem, at the detriment of the club.
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