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  1. Finally someone getting beyond the striker. Who’d have thought that would lead to a chance
  2. Love how Lee hendrie thinks it will be tough for Rotherham to see this out
  3. Shocking. hopefully this makes Moore realise the following: reach can’t play on the right. Bannan can’t play in the hole. paterson can’t play on his own. Windass can’t play on the left. the defence can’t play passing football. really glad he sorted our kick off out too. Back to Bannan and out for a throw. We need to win games. Play 442 with attacking wingers. Get it forward quickly and play the percentages. Only chance we’ve got.
  4. His dad is. Chansiri is the equivalent to prince Charles. a spoilt rich boy who hasn’t got a clue.
  5. This is a disgrace. They’ve not even had to play well to batter us. We need to change this crap now. Get a Cook in and plan for league 1. Bunch of poo players. Now he brings Joey on FFS
  6. Fed up every time of seeing Adam Reach put his thumb in the air when Bannan or someone else plays a terrible pass out of play. He should be having a go as some of the balls are shocking. It’s not just reach all the players are accepting poor play and no one in the team seems to care. We are doomed if we don’t win our next two. sorry for the rant, just needed to get it out.
  7. Scores 2 in 3 games then benched. It’s pathetic selection. He’s our only goal scorer (based on history).yesterday’s team selection was a joke. Osaze and reach should be starting every game.
  8. Harris should have Fox all game with his pace
  9. What’s going on with Westwood, wearing red socks. Unbelievable
  10. No let’s give penney a new deal.
  11. The amount of teams in the bottom 10 with great form is unbelievable. We’d have been knackered if we’d continued in the Pulis mould. Thank god we’ve started winning. huddersfield and brum are the ones to watch if we keep going well.
  12. Idiot post this. Reach did well. Set BB up for his shot, set up Harris for his cross. What more do you want? The best we’ve played for ages last night and you moan. 7/10 min from every player I’d say.
  13. My Bournemouth mate wasn’t very complimentary of him, sent me this last night when I said thanks for the 6 points... They panicked after relegation. He stabbed Eddie in the back. Think they thought Eddie was a shot fighter and JT said he knew the players and could reunite the squad. He is thick as two short planks, the players mate and poo on media. An embarrassment. Chickens coming home to roost now but CEO won’t do anything unless owner quakes and he is disinterested in Russia. Start of the journey back to what we know!!
  14. Probably down to Watford’s ground getting more sunlight and about 100mm less rainfall a year than hillsborough.
  15. We can’t afford to pay players on time no chance teams will offer us credit for players
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