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  1. Only problem with appointing bully would be if he failed he couldn’t work for the club again. I’d rather he was here for the next 20 years than sacked after 9 months if it didn’t work out.
  2. Worthwhile asset to sell, no issue with him wanting to move on. Can understand his frustration with being picked out wide when he should be playing up front. Having said that he does let himself down with his application. If we get £5m I’d take it and reinvest elsewhere. This is why we need a manager straight away
  3. He’s bent as they come. No thanks
  4. Probably as he wouldn’t sign a new contract
  5. Both of them have massively invested in their infrastructure, Brentford are getting a new ground and Ashton gate has massively changed. They’ve accepted what they are and trusted their scouts to get the next decent player in, which they probably will do. Decent model to me, if say they’ve strengthened as clubs massively over the last five years. Problem we have is lack of patience. yes I know we’ve had nearly 20 years of it now but is the championship that bad? Not really, yes it would be great to go up, but I’d rather build the blocks and secure the club than spend like maniacs to fail. Hopefully we’ve learned now and can start to build under Bruce, rather than spend millions on signings that won’t make much of a difference.
  6. Think Bruce might give Penney a chance at left back, so can’t see him signing
  7. Sam morsy still on holiday so won’t be signing this week at least
  8. His favourite position might be goalkeeper but I’d still rather he played at right back. Positionally he would be all over the place.
  9. Iorfa is a right back. No chance he should ever play at centre back for me
  10. Somoeone I work with went to school with him. I’ll see if I can get some info when she’s back from her holiday
  11. Zidane would be in an all time eleven for me. He was the last top player before Messi and Ronald came along for me.
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