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  1. little bazza

    My villa mate reckons he is easily the best midfielder in the championship
  2. Matt Penney : goals

    Guessing his agent has put this together to get him out of the club. Which would be sad
  3. Baby Lee

    Explains his hip injury over the summer
  4. Why? I know I wouldn’t, I would still be delighted to go to a World Cup - if they qualify - and be on the bench.
  5. Aitor Karanka

    He is more negative than Carlos .
  6. Paul Lambert? Thoughts?

    Clueless at blackburn
  7. Lee Johnson

    Rather have heckingbottom
  8. Rhodes on at 0-0 before Joao

    I doubt he has had a shot. Every time he comes on we don’t seem to be able to play football and I cant really remember him missing a chance.
  9. Rhodes on at 0-0 before Joao

    Has Rhodes had a shot since he scored against Bolton?
  10. our team bores me

    I would kill for a player like JJ now. Yes he was frustrating, but he could turn defence into attack in a second and could beat a man - i know his cross would end up being crap but occasionally he produced.
  11. Can't believe Leon Clarke has destroyed us today
  12. They have out fought, out paced, out battled and out thought us so far. They have a deserved lead. We aren't at the races. Still time to turn it around, but we need to step it up soon.
  13. Football Heaven Boycott

    Is this for real. Get a life mate.