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  1. We should sign this lad up and get his dad to buy us https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/worlds-richest-footballer-faiq-bolkiah-25962330
  2. Said this at the start of the season, but was shouted down by the guys who know best. We needed a 20 goal a season striker. you need about 70+ goals to get in the play offs and we will be way short of that. Both times we’ve gone up we’ve had that, maclean and madine got 20ish. We’re way off challenging without addressing this and the awful turgid style of play. Losing corbeanu isn’t helpful either. It’s a mid table season I’m afraid and hopefully we’ll learn our lesson for next season.
  3. Tim Breaker. Feared he wouldn’t get over a visit up against Chris Waddle. Felt for him every time we played against them in that era as Waddle always ruined him.
  4. What a shocking goal. Poor from hunt and that’s gone in the middle of the goal. Ffs
  5. these are the guys off Sunderland til I die aren’t they
  6. Ian Hendon in the spurs team. What an awful right back he was
  7. Didn’t he send Tom Lees for a stretcher today with an elbow?
  8. Why not stop moaning on here and tell him to his face. I’m glad he missed the goal though. Sounds like an idiot.
  9. Didn’t we sign Cresswell from York for about £1m about 25 years ago. So wouldn’t say it was overly inflated.
  10. 16 in 16 for the Spirites and looks to have been a great signing for them. If we lose our embargo could be one we want to sign up. Has anyone been to watch them and see if he’s actually any good? Knows where the net is that’s for sure.
  11. He isn’t intelligent enough to understand or realise what he has and will continue to do wrong. our formation is 5 at the back. We cannot play this way, we haven’t been able to for the last 4 years since Jos tried to play this way. we try and play out at the back we cannot do this. he doesn’t play the 5 wingers we’ve brought in. he needs to go
  12. Sounds like he’s look great alongside hutch but when we’ve messed about playing a 5 he’s look crap alongside midfielders!
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