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  1. Why is fox starting ahead of Boyd
  2. whatdial

    York’s v Lancs

    Hope so Lancashire la la la Lancashire la la la
  3. whatdial

    Cardiff in for FF

    Whatever they paid for Madine multiply that by 10
  4. I’d go 4123 dawson palmer lees hutch pudil Pelupessy Bannan reach Joao fletch FF
  5. Exactly this. You know every time Palmer gets in that crossing position more than likely it won’t pay off.
  6. whatdial

    British Manager

    Get Pearson back with the saviour the Son Of God
  7. Deserved battering so far. Poor
  8. We have no one in midfield that wants to get beyond the strikers. Been the same for ages, that’s why I’d be tempted to stick reach in. At least he gets forward from there.
  9. whatdial

    First 5 Fixtures

    6 max like normal.
  10. whatdial

    Van Acken at left wing back

    Not fit enough in my opinion to run and run and run. That’s part of a wing backs job and van aken while he does have a great left foot does not possess that in my opinion. I’d rather be played in the middle of the three centre backs in the John Stones role coming out from the back.
  11. What does that even mean? Because if that’s chest size then a small doesn’t seem small based on the sizing of men’s jackets. I’d say 38 would be medium in jackets, 40 large...etc. Has anyone bought one and can advise? Thanks
  12. whatdial

    Forestieri goal v Lincoln

    Who was number 37? Reminds me of Judge
  13. whatdial

    Would you prefer

    England. It might never happen again in my lifetime but Wednesday have another 50 seasons to get promoted
  14. Give him a new deal