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  1. Why aren’t we changing it. We need to get Murphy and nuhiu on and throw everything at it
  2. Disappointing news this. When we played villa away it was up there with the best performances from a former academy we’ve seen since Humphrey’s burst on the seen in the prem. seems like he won’t play for us after this and I can see him going on to have a good future in the game.
  3. Bullen gets the job for me. None of the candidates excite me enough
  4. Fed up of reading Owlstalkers recommending players in positions they’re not good enough to play in. Iorfa couldn’t play centre half he isn’t good enough positionally. He’s a full back, let’s see him get in that position where he is comfortable and did well last season. We have 4 centre backs ahead of him.
  5. Good news for the Sheffield fa, him Sam and bannan paying for their Christmas party this year with all the fine money
  6. Rather have Bullen than this dinosaur
  7. Centre back is a worry if lees or Borner pick up suspensions or an injury. Iorfa is nowhere near good enough to play there. Doesn’t have the football brain or positioning.
  8. How good is Shaw? Looks to have some size about him and always seems to be in the goals
  9. Only problem with appointing bully would be if he failed he couldn’t work for the club again. I’d rather he was here for the next 20 years than sacked after 9 months if it didn’t work out.
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