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  1. He’s got a fox on his head, aimed at a ginger steward
  2. He needs to appoint someone to run his business both off and on the pitch and have a long term plan. I believe he has the best intentions but has fallen out with people, it would seem, at the detriment of the club.
  3. I’d probably say for pure defending ability he is the best defender we have. Hope he signs
  4. Played well. Good to see a keeper not passing the ball to the opposition for free shots on goal
  5. Good news we are not behind yet then
  6. Unless they have done something that is disciplinary related then they should be Judged on their performances on the pitch versus their colleagues. Obviously we don’t know what’s happened but we need them both badly.
  7. We seem to be really bunching all over. No one knows where they’re playing. what a joke this is. Defence all over the place. Iorfa can’t play with Lees.
  8. Anyone know what formation we are playing tonight?
  9. Three grafters. We have a bunch of “fancy dans” at the min. We have a distinct lack of horrible [email protected] that we need. Such a push over team that has no fight.
  10. Finally DC doing something about the real issue at Hillsborough. It’s about time we knew who the phantom farters were and making them all wear an Owls shirt with Windass on the back makes it easier to identify the culprits.
  11. This could happen. We always have 10000 empty seats anyway. She could buy them all for a £45m+ investment in the club.
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