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  1. No no no no no. Haven’t you seen him play yet? He can barely trap and pass a ball. Technically he would be way out of his depth. Let’s leave it to the manager to hopefully play him in his best position!
  2. Another one of Big Ron’s great buys. He bought us loads of class players for decent money.
  3. Made Des Walker look even better though didn’t he
  4. Hope this isn’t true. Westwood needs a new 2 year contract for me. id sell Dawson if anyone bids. Get some cash back in the club
  5. Definitely missing a midfielder to break in the box. Can’t believe there isn’t a gem in league one who pops up with 10 goals a season doing this. We have no one who makes that late run in the box. Bannan sits too far out and hutch is never going to provide that. It’s not a surprise we don’t score enough goals.
  6. Hector, Palmer and Westwood our best players that half. We need something more expansive. Central mid are just sitting too deep so we have no chance with the 2nd balls when we hoof it to fletcher - which is playing into their hands
  7. Need to get reach around to the left and Bannan in the middle for pelupessy who is offering nothing
  8. Sorry lads I’m going to burst the bubble on Iorfa. He is crap. I work in wolves and their all laughing at me here about this signing. He’s just a big unit who doesn’t know how to play. Fingers crossed he can prove me wrong and I’ll support him as any player who wears the blue and white.
  9. Seriously? What’s it with our fans thinking a player that’s never played in central midfield in his professional career can just slot in and play there. It’s totally different to pinging a ball when you have time and space after receiving it from the keeper. Play players in in their best position and make the best team possible. This also annoys me with England playing the best individuals and not the best team. Southgate finally seemed to sort that so hopefully Bruce can do the same with us.
  10. We should have contested the drop ball
  11. Seriously? These offer zero protection. May as well wear some old school pumps
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