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  1. Brian the blade finally lost it tonight radio Sheffield. Plenty of clueless blades, think they’ve blade well though. Crazy
  2. Norwood getting picked on now. Brutal blades turning on their idols
  3. If any of these teams aren’t built around Yaya Shawre then I’m not interested
  4. It survives by rearranging contracts in line with current income. For too long clubs at our level have paid people too much money. If we didn’t pay the ridiculous demands it would all sort it self out. players are going to have to take pay cuts if they want to play football.
  5. The greatest goalkeeping performance I have ever seen was Carson away at Wolves when we won 3-1. He was unbelievable that day.
  6. Don’t know why we are surprised if this were true. One of our best players, available on a free. We probably can’t afford the current contract he is on. He will be signing for someone with money, maybe a team like stoke. If we can get money in we should consider selling, but I’d rather keep him for this season as his worth to the team staying up is more to us than getting maybe half a million for him now. We aren’t going to get money as no one is buying players at this level. Unless a prem team like West Brom came in for him.
  7. Shaw should be in midfield when we have a full squad. That was excellent
  8. Galvin made a decent start. That defence is shaky though
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