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  1. Zidane would be in an all time eleven for me. He was the last top player before Messi and Ronald came along for me.
  2. No chance £1m if we are lucky
  3. Doubted him when he signed but he’s done very well. Great signing so far. The sort of signings we should have made for the last few seasons players with a resale value
  4. Shows what selling players at the right time can do. Maddison was sold for big money, they replaced him with players capable of getting them promoted. We should be prepared to sell someone like Reach to better the squad! That’s if someone bids a decent amount for him.
  5. Great engine but can’t pass a ball. No way at present is he a prem player
  6. Gave us a handball goal to be fair
  7. I wouldn’t renew his contract. Been a top player but he isn’t up to the rigours of the game.
  8. Been coming, we don’t deserve anything from this
  9. No no no no no. Haven’t you seen him play yet? He can barely trap and pass a ball. Technically he would be way out of his depth. Let’s leave it to the manager to hopefully play him in his best position!
  10. Another one of Big Ron’s great buys. He bought us loads of class players for decent money.
  11. Made Des Walker look even better though didn’t he
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