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  1. 9 points behind Huddersfield, so technically no but just wondered what Smith would be saying when we get tonked?
  2. unofficial sources. You training for a job at sky sports pal?
  3. Agreed. Might get a bit more but he will definitely be sold
  4. I know it’s too late, as he will probably be leaving at the end of the season, but Rhodes goals return per minute is excellent this season, in a poor team. 164 minutes per goal - at that rate he’d be on 21 goals by now if playing every minute. let’s hope this season carries on for the rest of the season.
  5. Needs to stop dishing out stupid contracts. Overpaying players, god know what bannans latest contract pays him, but he should have taken a pay cut given the lack of income and performance of the team.
  6. Remember when we had Jermaine Johnson. Harris isn’t fit enough to lace his boots, Jermaine used to frustrate, but could beat a man, scored more goals and probably had the same crossing ability.
  7. Finally someone getting beyond the striker. Who’d have thought that would lead to a chance
  8. Love how Lee hendrie thinks it will be tough for Rotherham to see this out
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