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  1. Football Heaven Boycott

    Is this for real. Get a life mate.
  2. Tom Lees

    Our best centre back since Des Walker easily
  3. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Rhodes will be on to get the winner tonight
  4. Kicking towards the Kop first half

    We usually do well when we do this. Remember 6-0 vs Leeds? Be interesting to see the stats on this if anyone had them
  5. Should have stayed on his feet.
  6. Rhodes!

    Sounds legit
  7. If's and but's : Jordan and Fernando

    These 2 go to our competition then we are only strengthening them. our bench will be weakened and I can't see us getting any replacements in before the window shuts, so we will just have a bit more cash in the bank.
  8. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I agree if he doesn't want to be here, but I can't see us spending the money by the end of the window
  9. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I can see Fulham going up if they sign him
  10. In my opinion we play better with a narrow 4. 2 years ago we scored all those goals as our full backs bombed on and we had either Lopez or hutch in front, bannan inside left, Wallace inside right and lee attacking mid. This allowed hunt and pudil to bomb on. Last night we did something similar and this formation seems to work out for reach and bannan. This formation should get the best out of abdi too - if he could run . I think carlos likes this hence when we try wingers it doesn't work as he struggles to get the best out of them. Our width is always supplied by the full backs.
  11. Morgan Fox

    I prefer him to pudil and would get him in
  12. Passmap V Preston

    No balance at all
  13. Rhodes to Wolves???

    We should be selling fletcher, hooper and nuhiu before Rhodes. They are much older and Rhodes when given service is a goal machine.
  14. We need to learnt to get to the byline and cross the ball. That's what Rhodes would thrive off. I can't believe the lack of opportunities we create for him.
  15. iFollow

    I have nothing on the listen option just some crap music