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  1. Well better team winning awful performance. first time I’ve thought this but we’ve got to get this terrible negative manager out. Alan Irvine mark 2
  2. Harris gets the ball comes inside, we lose it again. Repeat ten times a game with reach on other side too.
  3. We are adopting we cannot lose tactics, when we need to adopt we need to win at all costs tactics. Harris and reach are on the wrong side. What have penney and palmer done not to play in this team. It’s terrible
  4. That’s exactly what we are missing. Players breaking the lines from midfield, we haven’t had one for years.
  5. For the last few games we kick off and the ball goes back to Bannan and he just hoofs it out for a throw in. What’s the point of that? Really winds me up just giving away possession so easily. Why don’t we try something different, maybe like passing the ball to one of our 3 midfielders? I just think this starts us on a negative footing for the game.
  6. Problem for him in my opinion is where he is being asked to play, on the right of a central 3 from what I can see. He keeps getting in the way of Harris or whoever is playing on the right. I’d push him in more centrally. Think he would have done well centrally instead of hunt, but don’t think he’d play well alongside Bannan. I think him luongo and brown would suit each other. We’d also not be weak in there too.
  7. People might moan about pelupessys quality, which is poor, but at least he tries. Same with Moses. They’re terrible players but give their all. Dele bashiru looks very lazy to me, doesn’t work hard enough off the ball, just seems to get stuck in that inside right position and doesn’t break the lines enough. Bannan and reach delivery has been very poor tonight. We’ve just been beaten by a better team quite easily. Not one shot in this half. Terrible.
  8. Christ this half has been dull. We’ve got nothing other than the Dawson hoof
  9. Love seeing us give away so many cheap fouls. Odubajo, Harris and Joey P make a living out of it
  10. I’d change us to 4 at the back second half. Get pulled all over the place here .
  11. Awful defending so far. Christ. Worried everytime they have the ball
  12. Glad I slated Paterson, he scored lol. Who is next...Marriott not looking like he has a goal in him to me.
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