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  1. Our midfield doesn’t get in the box and break the lines enough. We’ve had the problem for years. No true box to box player. We need someone that gets 10 goals from centre mid and haven’t had one of them for years
  2. I’d go for Karl Robinson. Some on here don’t like him, but I’ve been impressed what he’s done at MK and Oxford
  3. I don’t buy that. It’s a vanity project for me. chansiri over everything. He could get his money in other ways.
  4. Hunt needs a start. I know the game was gone but his passing is incisive, quick and impressive. He’s always moving the ball quick which we lack with Bannan, as he likes to have too many touches and for me should be playing further forward. de Cruz, looks to have ability, but he just runs down blind alleys all day long. Wouldn’t sign him. I’d have kept Rhodes on for longer. Nuhius touch was way off it more than normal. Obviously not helping with his lack of game time. odubajo was poor. Can’t rely on him in a 3. Stupid pen given away again. Cost us the game as they defending very well. murphy and Harris did well. Murphy just taken out every time he was getting a run on. Cynical fouls the sort of play I appreciate and would like from our lads. reach didn’t pull up any trees. Poor game from him and luongo.
  5. Hopefully this shocks him into running the club like a business. Selling players at good prices, not overpaying salaries and getting good sponsorship deals in.
  6. I think it’s been leaked that we’re getting 9 points deduction as the sky presenters were going on about it all the time before the game
  7. Seriously? Problem was the other defenders out of position. Was a great block and covering.
  8. Needs to open his mouth when he’s going to clear the ball. Twice players have gone for it when it should have been his. I do like watching him though
  9. Struggling to understand the odds today. We are 6/4 favs vs Bristol city at 9/5. They’re a great bet I think having seen the teams and our poor record down there.
  10. Everytime I see this it makes me miss Lopez
  11. Guardiola only usually stays 3 years at teams. Must be time for a new challenge for him at hillsborough. What do you think?
  12. I’ve been saying this for years. Can’t get my head around it. The player should pay, surely players would soon understand and start to do their own deals if they could.
  13. I reckon £4-£5m a year across them lot
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