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  1. whatdial

    Paul Cook

    Very good manager. Always rated him and wouldn’t have minded him taking over us
  2. Hutchinson is going to be man of the match. Loads of features about him to come I’d imagine
  3. whatdial

    Efe ambrose

    He is a big donkey, awful player. Worse than when we signed Andy Pearce
  4. whatdial


    Big Ron never managed Waddle
  5. whatdial


    We need someone who can cross a ball if we’re playing fletch and or nuhiu up front. It doesn’t happen with our current midfield formation.
  6. £10m not enough these days
  7. whatdial

    Luton ticket prices

    Money is split between the clubs so we will benefit
  8. whatdial

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Is Messi signing too?
  9. Unfortunately this is how we should be operating. Cash in and reinvest in the next Reach. I’d hate us to sell and then spend stupid money and wages on 30 something has-beens like Bong.
  10. whatdial

    Chris Brunt wins lottery

    Grow up
  11. whatdial

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Definitely him or Wilson Palacios
  12. Don’t know who I fancy but it isn’t Bruce. It will no doubt be some foreign mercenary
  13. whatdial

    5-1 again??

    If fox starts we lose. I’ll wait for the team sheet
  14. whatdial

    The frozen outs

    Abdi isn’t going to play for us again. ffs when will people learn