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  1. whatdial

    Villa Man of the Match

    How he hasn’t played for us or when he was on loan is strange. He looks class
  2. whatdial

    Villa Man of the Match

    My villa mate reckons Bannan ran the show but our best player was Penney. He couldn’t believe he has only played about 6 games
  3. Everything going backwards from the team tonight. We just haven’t turned up. Joao shouldn’t be played wide left, he is wasted there now he has took him off. Matias has been none existent. Baker just had nothing going forward and Fox has looked like our best option tonight - that’s how bad things are.
  4. Very negative performance so far. Sitting far too deep and passing it around the back too much. Let’s hope we pick it up at half time
  5. whatdial

    Matt Penney

    Disagree. There was plenty of time to stop the goal. Palmer was equally at fault as he kept the goal scorer on side and should have stepped out in line with the rest of his team
  6. whatdial

    Dawson’s Starting Positioning

    My Only criticism of Dawson is he holds onto the ball a bit too long sometimes when we have the chance of a quick counter attack, which is something Westwood is very good at
  7. whatdial

    FF - potential ban

    Mentioned this 4 weeks ago and the topic was taken down. I’ve heard from a championship ref that he is going to get a 6 game ban.
  8. What’s going on with Joao’s leg for the goal, was it a 20 yard back heel???
  9. whatdial

    Goals on Sky

    Both goals are class side foot finishes
  10. whatdial

    Matt penney

    Needs a new contract
  11. whatdial

    We need a new ticket category

    What’s next people charged by hair length so the baldies get in free
  12. whatdial

    Fox, Boyd and Jones

    With fox and jones in the same team we have only won 2 games. A - Fulham Aug 19, 2017 H - Carlisle Jan 16, 2018 (thanks to @dalejohnsonespn)
  13. whatdial

    Nixon comments

    Agreed. No more holding onto players. It would be a big loss, the best player we have, but we need to start to see a return on some of our investments rather than letting them drift away for nothing.
  14. From reading the first dozen pages of this it’s clear we need to change our business model. We need to become a selling team that invests in the next player that we will sell for profit after a season or two. It’s not that hard. We look to have started to do this by bringing some youth in. I’d love us to keep the likes of FF and Bannan, but we should have looked to sell if we had decent bids in. However to sell you need the next players lined up and I doubt we have that sort of scouting system, that even the likes of Brentford have.
  15. whatdial

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Harry maguire! Seriously though, just not someone to make up the numbers. Let’s hope he gets in the team on merit and proves his worth if he signs