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  1. Under Luhukay, Nuhui was remarkable, was played regularly and scored. Got his contract, was not picked as regularly, did not play with any interest and JL must have found that a sickener. Venancio and Nuhui had been key to end of last season.
  2. victorturner

    Westwood - toe injury

    Wildsmith made numerous errors despite his remarkable agility on the line. Dawson is almost on a par with Westwood without his presence and assistance to the senior defenders.
  3. victorturner

    Westwood - toe injury

    Thought the penalty was engineered but thought he might have blocked the third. It was closer to the narrow gap on the near post than he expected and it seemed to swerve in off his left hand side rib cage. Slightly unlucky. Might have got the first goal but Bowen shoots hard and low and the ender failed to close him down--a shot ought not to have come in. Very poor defending as pointed out on Sky highlights.
  4. victorturner


    Need two strikers
  5. victorturner

    Why the urgency?

    I still think it was unnecessary to disturb the momentum which Bullen had secured , just for the sake of another caretaker without the advantages which Bullen had. The players were playing for Bullen, he had changed the way of playing seemingly to be more to their taste, changed the team significantly with brave decisions taken in conjunction with the players concerned, and another guy immediately puts on the SWFC jacket and starts taking the press conferences and running the team, not the new manager but his assistant. Returning to one isolated striker will not have impressed the players. Fletcher was never, ever in the game on Saturday and had no colleague to play with, according to my son who went. Hull are hot at the moment but players' shortcomings which we acknowledge are considerable , will look worse if forced into going backwards into a formation they thought they'd got rid of, and if a popular man sidelined....for Steve Agnew, a backroom boy.
  6. victorturner

    Why the urgency?

    Did he have the choice? Did the players want him to have the choice?
  7. victorturner

    Why the urgency?

    Maybe they are demoralised and uncertain at being managed by their third manager in a month. Maybe they are saying "what more did we have to do when Bullen was the caretaker, before Bruce comes in? Wasn't that enough to show how good we thought he was?"
  8. victorturner

    Why the urgency?

    I do doubt whether supporters would have been asking for Agnew and Clemence if LB had had a couple of defeats vs Luton and Hull. He is popular and respected. The productive relationship between the players and LB has been sacrificed. Seeing SA with his SWFC jacket just put on , taking the press and media conference straight off vs Luton, did not look right. I think the players are not as good as some think--even the fans' favourites-- and the midfield and attack have been jokes for well over a year-but spirit and determined organisation did make a difference. The players were running to Bullen in triumph and sheer exuberance after his matches were over.
  9. victorturner

    Stop the blame game.

    That is true, but it's undeniable that there were warm bonds of mutual respect between Bullen and the players, which led to extra effort and determination to do it for him. Bullen has been sidelined for his pains although he knew them extremely well and they are now in the hands of another caretaker whom they do not know , only for three weeks, with no doubt a decent guy acting for a boss who is on holiday and they are being set up with the old emphasis on an isolated striker and midfield dawdling. That being said, WBA were handicapped by a key striker being injured and another one sent off so maybe Bullen was lucky there. However, the drop in energy and decline in defending as a team seems obvious.
  10. victorturner

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    It was obviously very likely this would happen and it was hard on Bullen after a marvellous revival
  11. victorturner

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    We have to find out about each other? He hasBullen to talk to. He and the other Stephen have watched the matches for the last few weeks taking copious notes in the stand. It’s pathetic to say this.
  12. victorturner


    Wide left is the only position he can play.
  13. victorturner


    You need the “full range of abilities” or a proper blend. The midfield struggled vs Hull at Wembley , it has been rarely any good since and it only functions when it gets plenty of possession
  14. victorturner

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    Looks like it’s true