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  1. Neither of them thank you. And not Zola either.
  2. Amazing that A. Biggs has said he was courting NUFC. That's really amazing and quite troubling as it's been recently SWFC should have been doing more to shake up the squad.
  3. Most managers and players are mercenary in a world different from 30 years ago where a change of club can set you up for life! My other note of realism would be to sy that even though The Star says SB knew the financial situation when he came, I bet he did not realise he would be unable to wheel and deal because of the soft embargo and because our mediocre big earners are too highly paid to persuade other clubs to take them on. All he has been able to do is release the out of contract players and bring in 2-3 low profile signings. We still have six strikers even with Hooper being released. He must feel frustrated and with the sale of the ground being a one off move, the future does not look much better either.
  4. He expects SB to walk out and leave SWFC to keep trying to get goodish compensation when the horse has bolted! SWFC's only alternative would be to go to court, but that would be very drawn out and would still leave SWFC looking for a new manager, which I hope they are doing now!
  5. Agree he was almost certainly given promises and reassurance about the finances, a bit like Theresa promising Nissan and Honda there was no need to worry. He said the 7 strikers were too many, and they are, but we seem stuck with 6 as he cannot wheel and deal because we are locked into a freeze and none of them will leave because they are on exorbitant wages. Hooper goes because he is out of contract. Depending on how strong the promises were, the more irritated he will feel and to be fair a few of his walk outs have been because of broken promises. He won't put up with what happened to Brian Laws here. Of course he may not go but it looks like it.
  6. Usual caution by Mr Biggs. No real news there. Embargo being lifted shortly when the accounts are lodged is a situation known about for weeks.
  7. Surely a one year option on top. Surely.
  8. That's reassuring. Negotiate by moving to two maybe with conditions. He needs to stay. Westwood this year reminded me of Banks' comment quoted after he died, that a good keeper helps keep down the number of shots he has to save. Westwood a prime example of this.
  9. Jack Marshall the manager? Eric Taylor the general manager? The club was relegated at the end of the following season under Danny Williams. The money spent on Tommy could possibly have been spent better. Ten years earlier, another Craig had arrived, Bobby Craig, another "inside forward", fiery little man who for a few years had a very good passing game, feeding right wingers Alan Finney/Derek Wilkinson.
  10. Very much agree. They've probably put more effort in than some of their seniors
  11. I do worry about Hector when his focus isn't there and at his age he ought not to give us matches like away at Rotherham when he admitted he had been caught by surprise by the intensity. On loan at Hull, he had a reputation for being inconsistent and Luhukay did of course drop him to howls of protest after a bad game or two last Autumn. He also tries to make passes which catch him and colleagues flatfooted. The club ought not to spend more than £3M on him.
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