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  1. What I recall was how mobile the players were, the teamwork and the determination.
  2. Much sympathy to the family. I always thought PS had serious illness in Chile. He was all the things described on here, a fast, hard tackling centre half, very dominant in the air and skilful on the ground. His step overs I recall particularly in a home match vs Everton in 1960-1. The partnership with Springett, who was sensational in his first five years, was taken into the England team. The two of them with Kay were the best players at the club, and some of the best of all time.
  3. Stiles took the place vacated by Kay who had. Just got into team when banned in 1964.
  4. He did give us what turned out to be flannel about ensuring the club was passed into good hands. He did have a modest amount of duty to do that.What about the previous guy he tried to sell us to? Wasn't impressive was it?
  5. Manadaric is partly to blame for having no interest in doing due diligence. The original poster made some very good points, but the can is carried by Chansiri for allowing CC to continue with defensive sideways football in his second phase with the club, culminating in the pure incompetence of how we tackled Huddersfield. CC should have then left.
  6. Is he any good at arguing with chairmen?
  7. Personally, I am glad to be given a reason why the favourite does not look likely to be appointed!
  8. I'd like to hear from Milan Mandaric. He has put us in this position. Either he or our most prestigious supporters like Blunkett, Betts, Wilkinson and Vaughan need to ask to speak to the owner because they are so worried..if they are not worried, they ought to be. This affects Sheffield as a city
  9. Of course managers are employees, as are MDs and Directors in a public company. But not to have any influence in key decisions about staff means you become more of an employee and less of a MD/manager. Imagine the owner of a company picking all the recruits, and telling the MD how he wants the company to produce quality products with no say so
  10. He has declined to get interested before Monk and on Sky said a month ago the job had major deterrents
  11. Suspect SB had more influence than most. Stature and personality.... but if he had to struggle for decisions and realised the promised money for players wasn't there ( like Pulis), he was prepared to walk even if NUFC had not come knocking.
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