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  1. Surely a one year option on top. Surely.
  2. That's reassuring. Negotiate by moving to two maybe with conditions. He needs to stay. Westwood this year reminded me of Banks' comment quoted after he died, that a good keeper helps keep down the number of shots he has to save. Westwood a prime example of this.
  3. Jack Marshall the manager? Eric Taylor the general manager? The club was relegated at the end of the following season under Danny Williams. The money spent on Tommy could possibly have been spent better. Ten years earlier, another Craig had arrived, Bobby Craig, another "inside forward", fiery little man who for a few years had a very good passing game, feeding right wingers Alan Finney/Derek Wilkinson.
  4. Very much agree. They've probably put more effort in than some of their seniors
  5. I do worry about Hector when his focus isn't there and at his age he ought not to give us matches like away at Rotherham when he admitted he had been caught by surprise by the intensity. On loan at Hull, he had a reputation for being inconsistent and Luhukay did of course drop him to howls of protest after a bad game or two last Autumn. He also tries to make passes which catch him and colleagues flatfooted. The club ought not to spend more than £3M on him.
  6. I thought it was Pelupessy he was fuming at. Looked like Pelupessy failed to properly track back for both goals.
  7. Chronic injuries before he signed that were concealed?
  8. We certainly have weaknesses in the back four, the midfield and strikers. Am amazed The Star can give such high marKs today for a team losing at home to QPR.
  9. A really effective player out wide woud be essential if we still labour on without an attacking midfielder who can push and run. Aarons made a big difference for a while
  10. He's a bit dozy at times. If Westwood stays, he is already captain de facto.
  11. Agree. Tried very hard this half season but the signing was never the right one for this division of youth strength and pace
  12. A real bit of class. Well done. Am afraid United's attitude among their fanbase, and even sometimes the manager's, need an injection of class into the dialogue between the clubs . This promotion is very good for the city and reminds all of us that among our overpraised players they should know how they underperform and the management how the team needs to score more goals after tightening up the defence. We have some players on enormous salaries who should have delivered a lot more and this is a reminder.
  13. What was he doing in the first half of the season?
  14. Hector cost the club the play offs with a couple of appalling performances eg at Rotherham
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