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  1. The wheels really came off for JL after that international break-even though eh was insisting on playing w/o the two best players
  2. Defence overconfident towards the end and could easily have conceded
  3. rash effort at defending by Hutch -really ridiculous- to give away a free kick in good position-lucky it was a demoralised so poor effort
  4. good speed skill and cross from Aarons giving decent shot to Winnall
  5. It's the simple mistakes which cause pondering.
  6. Yes but they have real quality and then comes surprising big lapse
  7. He thrives when not up against a physical packed midfield.
  8. Iorfa and Hector occasionally do silly things eg with their passing. Need to concentrate better.
  9. Winnall immediately involved in some passing football
  10. Yes it was good free kick by Bolton and Westwood was rescued by group defence and esp Winnall
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