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  1. victorturner

    Some analysis

    And the midfield can neither support the attack or help the defence, which is probably the key to the problems with both.. And two of the most highly praised players are in the midfield!
  2. victorturner

    Pudil receives national call

    We saw what happened against Huddersfield in the play off semi final at home. He might still be the best left back at the club because Penney likes to wander.
  3. victorturner

    From a player.......

    Is this really true? Isn't Westwood injured after all? Must say that Boyd's exclusion is odd given how often he was picked last season.
  4. victorturner

    My take

    To be fair, Joao sometimes comes on and takes too long to get up to speed and does not hold the ball.
  5. We don't know that. And the collapse was by players who were on paper reasonable but we know they are declining. Tonight was a defensive performance, over defensive perhaps, a defensive performance of quality with a more defensive line up.
  6. Agree-they really fought for it.
  7. ....against a better team than United.
  8. That was simple defensive incompetence after a baffling decision to leave out Hector.
  9. That's not his problem. He is a misery. It's our problem. Top paid players who are no better than Wilder's.
  10. Am afraid going back to a defensive approach is the way forward...as tonight.
  11. Derby County coming up at home.....
  12. Well done the team and the manager.
  13. More concerned about last week's defensive collapse. JL's response very good tonight.
  14. Very few saves actually and it was a soft hit penalty. Well played though.
  15. Sorry..meant he and the team