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  1. I don't think Sheffield would be good for an event like this @@owlstalk These events tend to be in small towns with steam train stations. Check out Ramsbottom for example.
  2. I’d take Brandon Thomas-Asante from Salford. He’s far too good for League 2.
  3. I saw him play Salford City and score the winner. Nothing special - bit of a wind up merchant and does the dirty stuff well to finish a game. Took his goal well but it wasn’t anything special. Doesn’t excite me
  4. Zero sadness. Was a great game, top atmosphere and a good night out. Given how broken football is, I’m not that bothered which league we’re in. Just want to enjoy watching the team play, hopefully well. Looking forward to away games again next year and challenging for the title.
  5. BPF (resign on loan), Dawson (keep), Wildsmith (release) Palmer (keep), Hunt (keep) Storey (don’t get back), Dean (sign), Iorfa (keep), Hutchinson (release), Dunkley (release), Brennan (loan), Gibson (resign on loan) Johnson (keep), Brown (release) Bannan (keep), Byers (keep), Luongo (keep), FDB (keep), Adeniran (keep), Alex Hunt (keep) Shodipo (don't get back), NML (release), Windass (keep) Paterson (keep), Sow (release), Kamberi (don't get back), Gregory (keep), John-Jules (release), Berahino (keep)
  6. I couldn’t disagree more. Literally the opposite. Storey lost a lot of headers. Dean won all of them.
  7. I was in North Stand and the atmosphere was the best I’ve ever seen at Hillsborough
  8. BPF - 6 Poor kicking in the first half. Better in the second. Not much to do. Hunt - 7 Decent enough and got forward. Goal came from right side when he departed. Storey - 5 At fault for the goal as he let his man get past him. Outmuscled but was ok in spells. Dean - 8 Won almost everything. Good game and some crunching tackles. Hutchinson - 6 Hit and miss. He’s lost a step and time to retire. Johnson - 7 Defended well and some great crosses including the assist. Didn’t get at them as much as needed. Luongo - 6 Off the pace a bit. Not great passing at crucial moments but came alive in the second half with tackling. Byers - 6 Mostly anonymous and some poor passes. Bannan - 7 Gorgeous reverse thru ball before the goal. Some terrible long balls to no one but grew into the game. Gregory - 8 Got his goal. Struggled to hold the ball up but that got better as things went on. Nice link up play. Windass - 7 A threat at times but more effective when he drops deep and drives forward. Didn’t do that enough (tactics?) Palmer - 7 Solid at the back mostly and some good runs forward. NML - 5 Delays the pass all the time. Just pass and move Ffs. Paterson - 7 Needed him on sooner. His type of game and he put us on the front foot with his physicality. Berahino - 5 Not enough time tbh but couldn’t make an impact. Moore - 7 Good tactics but late with the subs. NML for Hunt was a killer.
  9. Cheers. Will have to see what’s available.
  10. I’m coming over for the game tonight but will arrive very close to kick off. Where is there parking as close to the stadium as possible? cheers
  11. Absolutely no good choices at the moment. Because none of the others support Sheffield based teams.
  12. Finally. Finally. Get to start Gore in fantasy. Don’t care if he’s rubbish, he’s locked into every lineup I have forever.
  13. Well summed up. I think we should expedite the eradication of the working classes from football.
  14. And those people decided they wanted autonomy because of poor critical thinking and a vulnerability to Russian funded propaganda. Oh and they thought their opinions and emotions were more credible and valid than experts.
  15. Not true for most clubs and it's a soft excuse to say so. I do away days with mates who support other clubs and haven't seen anything like it. Some clubs, some fans.
  16. He got something in his eye. He pointed to the flare when the physio came over - could have been the smoke.
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