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  1. Got a few kits (teamwear) for sale if anyone is interested PM me. All kits are available for reasonable offers. Silver Adidas - x11 Shirts Blue and White Adidas Kit - x11 shirts + 1 goalkeeper shirt (Yellow) Green and White Bukta Kit - x13 shirts Red and White Errea Full Kit - x14 Shirts x8 shorts x8 Socks + Full Goalkeeper Kit - Only Been used a handful of times
  2. In Rotherham league for chapeltown Celtics Played against him last season he was garbage, turned them over 8-0 and 6-2, think he did get one of their goals though
  3. I'd be more concerned that the kids watching and looking up to them are driving at such a young age, now that is reckless....
  4. tbf i've got 2 season tickets, one of which hasn't been used since the Arsenal game and i personally have missed 6/7 home games this season and tonight will be another. I'm sure there's plenty of others like me
  5. i'll be at the game, buy yes, get yourself round
  6. £7 day pass i only pay £11 for the month!!
  7. My credit score is absolutely Shiite and I got accepted, hope this helps
  8. The 3 one on ones missed today were nothing to do with him 'adapting to the league' a good striker doesn't miss one one ones in any league, May isn't and never will be the answer
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