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  1. In Rotherham league for chapeltown Celtics Played against him last season he was garbage, turned them over 8-0 and 6-2, think he did get one of their goals though
  2. I'd be more concerned that the kids watching and looking up to them are driving at such a young age, now that is reckless....
  3. tbf i've got 2 season tickets, one of which hasn't been used since the Arsenal game and i personally have missed 6/7 home games this season and tonight will be another. I'm sure there's plenty of others like me
  4. i'll be at the game, buy yes, get yourself round
  5. £7 day pass i only pay £11 for the month!!
  6. My credit score is absolutely Shiite and I got accepted, hope this helps
  7. The 3 one on ones missed today were nothing to do with him 'adapting to the league' a good striker doesn't miss one one ones in any league, May isn't and never will be the answer
  8. I've been saying the same as the OP since the day Palmer went it at right back, he goes in and does a job, hes not wee wee poor but hes not good and how he gets a game ahead of Buxton at times is beyond me, his positional sense is shocking and he just doesn't know the basics of defending, which being a midfielder is understandable, people watch him and think hes brilliant because he tries hard and hes a local lad, in reality, hes not a patch on Buxton. A very good defence are covering up his mistakes.
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