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  1. I quite like both! Sorry to not be jumping on the bandwagon.....
  2. Not saying it's the most exciting signing ever, but got a mate who's a Villa fan. Said he's never been totally in favour, but always good to enough to see whoever they bring in off. Got a bad rap from been thrown into reserves by McLeish, I think it was who didn't see eye to eye with him. Said towards end of last season he was 8 out of 10 every week comfortably keeping Bree out of the side who they paid quite a bit for from Barnsley. Hate been, that guy, but maybe let's wait and see and give the guy a chance?
  3. Have a single ticket for the West Lower for Wednesday night, for a friend of mine, we all sit in the South. Just on the off chance wondered if anyone has a South Stand ticket and wanted to swap. Realise looking for one ticket is a long shot. But you never know.
  4. Don't suppose anyone with a single South Stand ticket wants to swap for a West Stand one at all? I realise that's quite a big ask!
  5. Nothing at all in this, shook hands, walked down tunnel, wouldn't expect him to take applause and stay out for a 5 minute appearance.
  6. There will be those that can't wait to put a massive downer on this, and harp back to what went before. Which was delt with, and settled on both sides, with both sides asking us, "the fans" to draw a line under it and move on. It was a mistake, it shouldn't have happened. Some just can't do that for one reason or another. Yet we still look a massively better side with him in it, than not, and he certainly gives us a much better chance of going up. I ask anyone to find me a player who hasn't had a bad patch of form. The bottom line is, we have extended the contract of arguably, the best player in the championship, There will be fans of 23 other teams in this division that won't be quite as happy when they wake up tomorrow.
  7. Horrible news in general when a plan crashes and innocent lives are lost. Seems even closer when it's a football team and will affect so many. RIP
  8. Right, that's it. Done. FF simply put is our best player, and our chances of automatic promotion, which I genuinely feel we have, are vastly increased with him in the side. He's made a mistake, he's been terribly advised, he's apologised, he gets out 100% backing, imagine how that would make him feel, his name been sang as loud as ever. Also, I can't describe my actual man love for Carlos and DC, how good we have it right now is unbelievable. But don't forget he's given us shitty shirt numbers........ Just to finish how nice is this to quite clearly say, Derby, Nigel, do one!
  9. Apologised, forgiven for me. He's made a massive error of judgement, advised very badly. Get your head down, win the fans back. Score some goals. It won't take long with the passion he puts in. If his head wasn't right before Villa that's a damn impressive performance even so. Our chances of promotion are doubled with an on form Forestieri in the side. I'd even go as far as saying, with him in the current side, and the couple of additions been touted, we look very good for a top two spot even at this stage.
  10. I don't think I have mentioned them as facts have I! It just won't go away, it's my opinion. It was mentioned on talksport that FF wants to go, Rob Staton has acknowledge that, saying there are reasons they are saying this, which clearly points to money or contract issues. Again I have said he doesn't seem the kind of person who is overly money motivated, so from that, someone must have got in his ear. I'm also not slating him, I said if this is the case, he seems to be on the edge of playing this out badly, fans don't like their club been held to ransom and if this is (not a fact by any means) what is happening, then my opinion is as above. Yeh it will end terribly, he will read my opinion and think, balls to "joe" I was going to stay, but now.........
  11. The more it rumbles on, the more it seems it is about money and this has unsettled him in some way. Someone has clearly got in his ear, he doesn't seem the type that is massively money motivated before this, or during his time at Watford. He is just on the edge of playing this out really badly, he is pretty much a cult hero in a very short space of time here, there is absolutely no guarantee he will get a new contract out of this, or if the worst thing happens and he forces a move, that he will enjoy anything like the success elsewhere, if the fit isn't as right as it is here. Such a shame to come out with a comment like he would happily end his career here, then after an agent gets in his ear, all of a sudden he doesn't want to be here.
  12. I can't see him going anywhere, as Carlos has said, we don't need to sell players, we don't want to sell players. It would be a disastrous move from DC, and in a way, he is irreplaceable, I can't think of a single player within reason, who plays with such skill, and work rate that fits into how we play perfectly, around at the moment. Added to the fact, everyone has kind of fallen in love with the little guy, it would cause quite a mess. Having said that, I would love Fernando to just do a cheeky tweet about how happy he is, or a new contract to be signed asap, if not to reassure those that are a little worried, but just to shut the smug Derby fans and more so their local journalists up who for some reason think they are the big cheese in the division.
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