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Gregory's movement for the goal.

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He was the player I wanted before he moved to Stoke, he would have kicked on and done something with us, at Stoke it was one of them just got relegated and they need a striker and we will flex our parachute payments sort of things

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On 24/11/2021 at 20:57, TodwickOwl said:

Love him - wish he was 26/27 and not nearing the end of his career. 


Agreed, but....then maybe he wouldn't have the nous that he has at the moment.  He has that old head, clever Sheringham-like movement and intelligence. 


Not phased either, been around the block, knows that another chance will come so no point in getting phased by missing a chance or two...

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Btw that is the run - practiced on the training ground - that Bannan is looking for when he hits it to the near post.


In this case the defence failed to react to the movement - I think they were assuming the ball way going towards Dunkley at the back post again 

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