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  1. This has 1 nil Wednesday until the 97th minute derby equaliser
  2. The way arsenal went about it was better loads of fans outside just protesting, that’s how to do it, these Utd fans took it to far .
  3. Dunkley and iorfa cb pairing in league 1 go on then if we can keep them 2 it’ll be decent that
  4. They’ll win no problems next Saturday nothing to worry about for derby fans
  5. All set up for a last minute equaliser this
  6. I can not wait for the first game in league 1 when we can go and the whole club get peters from every fan that day, if chansiri is there then he’s in for a massive shock
  7. Moore is still the man to get us out of league 1
  8. The only shining light about being in league 1 will be never seeing any of the idiots play for the club again
  9. All of them are gutless never in my life have I seen less of a fight in this team than this season
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