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  1. Best season in his final year with us but he managed to keep himself injury free abit longer . With him every season hed get 5-6 goals and then get a bad injury and not do much after coming back.
  2. This city youngster, chris martin and hugill along with rhodes. I'd be happy with that considering our situation
  3. They do that lad from donny we are meant to be interested in . Joel Latibeaudiere
  4. I used to know all the lg1 and 2 journeyman that could do a job for 1 season . Out of touch now since we havnt seen lg1 in years wonder who's about these days.
  5. Main position left winger. Will wait and see on this never heard of him.
  6. You are talking about leeds who did that in lg1 right? . We struggle to get 4 wins let alone back to back wins
  7. They didnt try and fiddle the books tho did they they just sold the stadium I cant see them getting a deduction.
  8. If derby get -12 they wont have a problem winning 4 games back to back like we will.
  9. We just need to win games that simple. DC needs to get on with recruitment and a manager that's got the balls to go for it
  10. Cant we take - 7 this season and rest next that wouldn't be so bad lol. Relegation for us unless we can get off to a winning start
  11. Why doesn't it surprise me that warnock is in for 1 of our targets.
  12. DC will take 1 look at his name and sign him up.
  13. I guarantee their will be a sell on fee I doubt they would have first buy back for a club like city
  14. Agreed I'd happily get rid of Lee's now hes in need of a fresh start
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