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  1. We have thrown so many games away this season its unreal.
  2. That is a dead give away isnt it. He always adds players we are linked with just before signing them does att.
  3. The meltdown on here if wigan score the equaliser in the 23rd minute of extra time due to their own net fiasco. We need another goal 2nd half.
  4. The sort of game you expect when away at scrappy teams like wigan.
  5. Love him or hate him hes our main scoring outlet at the moment.
  6. hes already out on loan unless hes been recalled, stats look decent tho. 15 games 5 goals 6 assists, 3 red cards aswell lol
  7. Some bloke called Mike McCarthy (not the manager) posted it earlier.
  8. So that journo is half correct in what he said cammy signs, just waiting on other part now 2 signings
  9. 5"8? I read somewhere he was 5"3, if true that's abit better haha
  10. 5 foot 3 and weighs 59kg be interesting to see him up against players like hector at fulham
  11. Another day and linked with a new striker.
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