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  1. Folarin balogun for Arsenal has signed a pre contract agreement with rb leipzig but Arsenal are confident of coming to some agreement to stop with them. It’s so all the details are there and Celtic can’t turn round and say you know what we are taking x amount away from the deal or to stop shaw asking for more right at the last minute.
  2. Players can sign pre contract agreements with loads of clubs it’s not 100% done deal it’s just putting down on paper what they have offered him.
  3. I’m pretty sure he can sign a few pre contract agreements, that just confirms what they will pay him when the time comes so there isn’t any last minute issues between club and agent.
  4. Every ‘proper’ manager has failed and done bollacks all with this team since cc got sacked , Thompson is literally the best we have had in a long while.
  5. Stoke haven’t won since 19th December , They should be there for the taking but we all know how this usually goes.
  6. Without reading this thread and to answer the op question it’s because they are more organised and have people who know how to run a club. they profit from players and are well run. They will sell players and strengthen correctly in preseason .
  7. Coventrys next 3 games Norwich Brentford Swansea I’d say they are getting worried now.
  8. It’ll be a miracle if he signs a new contract
  9. I thought that, Dunno then as the op stats have him on 7 games
  10. If we can stay consistent now in the next 5-6 games then we will be well clear of relegation
  11. Relegation fodder all have big games this weekend so it’s not the worst time to be playing Swansea
  12. Hated harris performances most of this season but recently he’s played well providing assists finally please keep it up lad it’s working nicely
  13. So we went from losing every game at Hillsborough for the past year to winning a couple and now it’s a fortress hope so.
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