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  1. Nuhiu has finally scored a goal let's parade him around the city like the op wants to
  2. Let's just get at least a point from stoke, we can win it but all I'm saying is we haven't won more than 2 in a row this season yet
  3. Boro still have to play Bristol and forest, the Bristol game is not long after the I international break Derby have Bristol, wbrom and brentford and brum the first game back they play rotherham so that should be a good scrap Villa have a harder run they have Leeds and Norwich final 2 games unless its wrapped up by that time for them, they also play Bristol and us All in all bristol city have the worst run in playing nearly everyone around them and they are not as solid as we are Edit-- actually I changed my mind we have the hardest run in nothing we can't handle we have beat all these on our worst day
  4. We can take at least 8 points from this lot
  5. The beat part about this run in is we have to play Preston, Bristol and villa these are massive games for us
  6. Under cc and dross fletcher probably would have been out Injured already him and Hooper would find abit of form and end up out for weeks , Bruce is a proper manager and hes extending his game time with the man management
  7. 8 games to go and his contract is up at the end of it why wouldn't we right him off ? What team would be crazy enough to sign a player who's been out for this long absolutely best player him and Hooper but time to let go
  8. We are 2 points from 6th so it's not that difficult but as we a know we rely on teams to mess up , we play Bristol city and villa soon enough they are the big games now
  9. Yea end of next season I believe, can see him scoring 50 goals next season now
  10. Hes get a thread after every game recently so yea you can probably say he gets the appreciation from owlstalkers
  11. Fletcher wi be reyt hes got 2 weeks off now easy
  12. Yea I can see it happening, if we stay unbeaten mul until the villa game we can take 6th but I just hope we don't have the wind knocked out of us by having a push this season, seems like most teams lose it and can't get back in track after a play off loss
  13. Haha imagine, hes been in hibernation all season now its nuhiu time
  14. He hasn't had a good season that's fact, well done on the goal big lad if he stays consistent then I'll be happy for him but I can't see it happening
  15. 3 goals and an assist quality player and only 200k
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