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  1. Cowley was found out anyway in league 1 , he had started to lose games.
  2. Cowley said they would.only make a decision if it was right, and ,udders wasnt right for them, he lied to the Lincoln fans and now they may trade places next season. What a career disaster
  3. Chuffed for winnall , hope it's the start of more to come he deserves it
  4. But with every good manager bullen will learn a lot of different methods which will help his stock when he eventually goes into management, (if he ever does), working with Bruce and now monk will set him up nicely
  5. Hes just caretaker at brum, they sacked monk but kept his coaching team in, depends if monk wants him I'm sure he'll be on the phone to him if he wants him
  6. So all of monks backroom staff are at brum I'm expecting them to join us eventually, that guy pep apparently works well with monk
  7. He looks strange when he smiles, like hes trying so hard not to show his teeth when hes doing it.
  8. Didnt monk have Birmingham top 6 near enough and went on a crazy unbeaten run before the points deduction? He fell out with them when they started selling all their players like che Adam's
  9. Yea I know you wasnt that was aimed at other posters that bit.
  10. The man literally said it's all happened quickly in the past 48hrs hes not going to have anything in place yet, fans are just over reacting like they do.
  11. Im sure if hes not bringing anybody in it's not down to DC, so stop spouting shíte on here .
  12. Bullen will be a coach again, DC just has bad English, I'm sure monk will want and have his own staff in place by the next game.
  13. This site, f*cking hell man, a lot of you are negative and think we will finish mid table anyway so the manager doesn't make much difference then does it. Monk will at least deliver your expectations
  14. It's all that twohat fault who asked for monk when speaking to DC other week at a game...... No but seriously I wanted cowleys like the rest of us but I'm alright with this.
  15. He should have accepted it to begin with, we all know its bo ll ocks but we knew what the outcome would be. Hes not played anyway apart from 1 game his ban would be served but no we have to wait until November now to get him back.
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