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  1. stocksyuto

    From a Wigan fans forum

    In a way I think we might have got lucky with the goal...Because what kind of team plays so far back giving a striker 20 yards of space , he could have nipped home had a cuppa come back and scored, any team would have closed down the moment he got the ball.
  2. stocksyuto

    From a Wigan fans forum

    So it’s possible we are back to playing long ball that’s fine with me we have had such a different style past few seasons I don’t mind if we play that way. I enjoy when we get a win that way and away supporters start crying about it.
  3. stocksyuto

    More attack please

    This is what we are dealing with Bruce as manager non attractive get the job done football thee won’t be no carvahal first season with this set up
  4. Was it CC fault hutch was playing like a mad man?
  5. stocksyuto


    I’m not worried forestieri will be back next week to run on to fletchers flick ons anyway
  6. stocksyuto


    I dunno watching him pick apart Newcastle was enjoyable
  7. Just terminate loan it’s completely pointless keeping him he will be back end of February and will need to catch up so for a loan he’s missing to much when we can terminate and get another loan in Gutted he’s had this set back was just starting to enjoy his performances
  8. stocksyuto


    He’s got quality and always picks up momentum when he’s playing but he’s in a similar situation to hooper every time he gets abit of form he gets injured hope he can stay fit
  9. stocksyuto

    Neeskens Kebano

    Fulham will love that their player gets some good experience of the league again just in time for when they start their championship campaign
  10. stocksyuto

    Substitutes (or lack of)

    Put under the cosh abit towards the end you say, course they were we wanted to see a result out they were battling for an equaliser, lately every time we make a sub we mess up a lead so I’m happy he did that last night
  11. stocksyuto

    John Marquis

    Yea like some said give them nuhiu in exchange win win then , Marquis is a big favourite of theirs I’m sure they are only trolling
  12. stocksyuto

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Is abdis contract up this season ? Happy days if so
  13. stocksyuto


    We need a god damn goal scorer who won’t get injured during a run of goals, happens every season for us
  14. FF, Reach,winnall, westwood - keep these I couldn't care less about the rest of them
  15. stocksyuto


    We are just shītè no two ways about it, trust us to go through a takeover and it end up like this, Leeds and the pigs are probably going up while we go back to floating around bottom of any league we are in , might be the drink talking but meh