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  1. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Typical warnock tactics by the sounds of it
  2. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    We have a long way to go in this match but i feel since that loss to warnock/rotherham CC has figured out colins game plan
  3. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Is that 5 now for super hooper? Fœoking brilliant stuff
  4. Joost nearly made Hillsborough history

    Im sure JJ has done it
  5. Message from Keiren Westwood

    The forest keeper must have passed the bad luck along to him , Not a problem just think of how many last ditch saves hes done over the seasons
  6. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    If we cant stay consistent then we cant expect to be top 2 this year i just wish we would sort it out
  7. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    We always play crap against brentford
  8. 32 minutes in we have had 11 shots must do better with our finishing
  9. Only grumble is hooper should have scored but we are doing well so far enjoying it for the first time this season
  10. Expect cc to say matias picked up a knock expect him back in 9 months ready for preseason 2018
  11. Glad irvine is out, hes always been the main problem for us when we play them him and dyer
  12. Boyd starts And hooper fletcher upfront still
  13. Sell him for 10 million and buy jota-8mill and irvine - 2 mil sorted