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  1. Kicked out? Lol as if , Birmingham had a transfer ban first of all for 1 season, they were then allowed to sign a certain amount of players but they broke the rules again so were given a point deduction, I can see it being another transfer embargo
  2. Nice one they will only be able to replace them with another 2 players worth 10 million each lol
  3. Need to start turning draws into wins or the front pack will pull away
  4. Can we have 1 match recently where no player gets Injured last minute ffs
  5. 1 time on sat I didn't like was when we started to go forward and the ball comes to Joey but he runs it backwards, iorfa takes it off him and just steams up the pitch.
  6. Prices are high bit most clubs in the championship charge high prices bow apart from a couple small tin pot teams that is.
  7. I dont think hes been found out because he still shows his skill but teams are just keeping him quiet, hes getting no time on the ball leading to try and counter attack and rush into things and force errors.
  8. Regarding Harris I dont think his performance has dropped but because hes cemented that left wing spot I think teams have found him out.
  9. Backroom staff doing their job now it seems, had a few injured recently but only short. Hope it's the same for borner we are doing well with the congested fixtures
  10. He did really well bit I think he was missed in midfield that first half Leeds dominated the mid
  11. Hutch was decent but we missed him in the midfield in the first half, iorfa and borner start every game
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