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  1. Newcastle offering us deal to get over the loss of Bruce. Give us Gayle on loan no fees involved
  2. Every time we look for a manager we get a list and fans on this site dont like any of them but then when asked the come up with ridiculous names that we'd have no chance of getting. If it turned out we got someone like monk I'd be fine with it , yea we want people like GVB but not happening
  3. We really could do with getting a manager in for the last friendly so he can at least put his stamp on things before the season begins
  4. Even tho Gayle has been linked with various clubs I think DC should be bold and go for him
  5. Upto 4 loan players from toon if this deal is to be believed. Gayle Lascelles Aaron's Colbeck
  6. Yea a season with Wednesday for arsenal to come poaching him a year later yea , no thanks hes to arrogant
  7. Hooper if fit all season would have been our best player but because it was stop start with him and it took a game or 2 to find the net every time he came back
  8. Another bore draw no attacking sparkle, bullens great but not as head coach , bring on the next week new man should be in hopefully
  9. Some could say he lost his fire for management after QPR, been more into the media side of things for awhile now Decent bloke though
  10. It is understood that SWFC have lodged an official complaint about NUFC to the English FA - An FA spokesman said this afternoon "I can confirm we have received a formal complaint from Sheffield Wednesday FC over matters involving Steve Bruce' move to Newcastle United. The matter has now been resolved and Fernando Forestieri will serve a 6 game ban"..
  11. Means nothing if I put a tenner on him now itll drop even further
  12. Without looking is he currently in work? DC wont poach another manager unless hes changed since this issue with bruce
  13. Yea and that's not DC way of working
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