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  1. I stand by Rhodes upto now , give him a season under Bruce it's not a big risk hes no worse than nuhiu or an inconsistent Joao. It's got to be sid that Joao is good if he can keep his form going but we all kno he hasn't
  2. If the grounds has been sold to DC then best way to go about it is to support him, If he ever sells us he will sell the ground back aswell I would have thought
  3. Nope couldn't give damn about yourself, sounded pretty funny to me, That was more a stab at the mods than you haha
  4. If you are not banned for posting them links and there are kids on this site just shows how bad the mods are on the here
  5. Exactly! It's just other fans that probably were not born until 2000 think that liverpool hate us
  6. I want westy to stay hes got a few more years in him still but if he goes I wont be to bothered we do fine for keepers
  7. It'll be the pigs who are in for Austin the lazy sods probably just added us to the list for the craic
  8. We can afford some coin to send but cant be paying out for them all, this is smart business hope it pays offs
  9. I'm loving how hes telling us what his intentions are instead of keeping them top secret.
  10. Hes got 1 year left at Chelsea, they wont offer him a new contract so he is going to sign for someone this year if not us one of the teams with parachute payments
  11. I cant wait for the last season of his contract so he starts banging them in
  12. First time in ages that we have fought back usually it would just be done and dusted whatever Bruce said really worked
  13. He recognises we are light on centre mids so can expect a signing in that area
  14. Realistic Mo diame Alan Hutton Elmohamady Dream signing Tammy abraham
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