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  1. No fans at the ground so they will probably win every game now they are not scared
  2. We should have had a clear out after the second season , absolutely mental keeping the team that failed 2 play offs , new blood would have helped his job a little better. so it was DC fault on this part.
  3. I bet you are one of those 5g conspiracy theorists, towers are making people sick Fml hahaha .
  4. Wasnt even paper talk, some toon fan on their own fans forum posted it.
  5. Does that mean we are signing Andy Carroll?
  6. This is what we needed from the start but bad advice given to DC has put us in the shîte , Ashley knows what hes doing even if the fans dont like it.
  7. If he did this and sold us to people as rich as Newcastle I'd be very happy with that
  8. On the flip side those people might be happy because they are not old as føok, and youth is on their side. I'm sure some of you would trade that in right now haha.
  9. So if the seasons doesnt start back up, they are saying no one will be relegated/promoted , I say give us the points deduction then and end the season now haha
  10. Let's be honest not many games left, if the cancelled rest of the season there would be uproar. If we had -21 in the champ next season we would be down already
  11. Atleast manderić was honest and told us we didnt have a pot to písss in , so much secrecy is not helping DC case .
  12. Ffs now we have to sit through another beating, nice one forest sons crying now
  13. I'd rather catch the virus then watch us play after recent results
  14. Yea I read forest players are going to be in hospital this week getting checked for the virus so might depend on that outcome
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