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Community Answers

  1. Just our luck isn’t it knew after the pen miss it was one of those days. I’m hoping we get on track and absolutely smash some teams soon enough
  2. We scored the goal wasn’t off side we should have won . You are a loser pal go moan to someone who care baby
  3. We should have won we got robbed what more do you want you cretin
  4. Should have won we had the chances but ref/lines man fooked us over
  5. Feel right sorry for themselves instead of just going for it it’s just pathetic and monk tactics , just push for the goal I can’t see what the problem is just attack
  6. Should have been a goal but wasn’t so are they going to sit back again and feel sorry for themselves or keep the pressure on come on Lads ffs
  7. Worst thing about the crap performances is the cretins on here that’ll be coming out from under their rocks if we don’t win this
  8. It’s just not good enough ffs, why step off the gas? No better than what monk had us doing last season again we concede after going in front ffs
  9. It would be good to see 2 upfront like I think we always played better like that Hutch playing in midfield, first red of the season incoming for him then
  10. I’d not seen much from him that’s why I wanted a midfield of Adeniran Byers and bannnan
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