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Community Answers

  1. Moore better smashing the changing room up while having a go at them , pathetic half need to up our game
  2. Pathetic team , why do we revert to being so crap in play offs
  3. We have reverted to that crap play off team we became just continuing form in a lower league it’s mental
  4. We’ve done nothing so far been crap Sunderland already playing like that at home it’s crazy
  5. I can see him signing again if we don’t go up, why not he came In The first place and most of them had the chance to go to champ teams and they chose to link up with moore
  6. It’s taken hirst a while to start being the player he is this season, chansiri didn’t want to pay him over the odds for something that may have taken years to develop. And fans would have lost patience with him way before now
  7. I f we don’t win promotion bring him back knows the league now he’ll get a few
  8. Maybe Bannan was protecting himself forcing Moore to sub him………… at least that’s what I’m hoping
  9. That’s my fault I was just thinking 30 minutes it would be the Wednesday way for Bannan to get injured now going into the play offs ffs
  10. WOOOOW Iorfa man such a pitty about him
  11. As long as rovrum keep messing it up then yea it’s possible but a huge ask at this stage of the season
  12. Believe baby if it’s at the expense of rovrum then brilliant they were class most of the season aswell I thought they’d run away with it
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