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  1. There is a few wednesday fans in the ground. I just missed out on a ticket the other day
  2. Cc first season was the only time we played good football . The only part bothering me is the possession we give the other teams but I’ll take the right defence for now they are working harder than I’ve seen for a few season now
  3. Norwich manager confirmed earlier pukki was training this week and will be available for tomorrow
  4. Best start winning some soon ffs wouldn’t be bothered if we were mid table . solid defence tho happy with that part
  5. Unbelievable save hopefully many more of those by joe tonight
  6. Rumours are he’s got a 1.5 million fee in his contract if he keeps us up. I reckon he’s been told finds will be made available to him d pulis is old enough to steer the chairman in the right direction . TP will stabilise this club and give it an identity before he leaves .
  7. The lack of quality in the final 3rd isn’t pulis fault it’s been our issue all season , monk has killed any creativity we had we need to sign a couple of forwards who can get us going proper again
  8. Quality player I wish he could stay fit most of the season but I just get a feeling it’s a case of when not if he gets injured
  9. Fans desperately wanting Chris hughton as the manager, he seems to be working miracles at forest doesn’t he lol and he’s got a much better squad at his disposal
  10. And two month down the line the efl will lose the paper working saying we can register and fine us for playing an unregistered player
  11. I say this it’s literally the thumbnail on the clip haha was a pathetic thing to see that
  12. Is that the game all of them laid in front of the goal when we were attacking
  13. It belongs to the new owner that’s lined up I heard
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