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  1. But we didn't let any goals in for the previous 3 games. How many clubs can say that. (yes, it needs working on, but don't get it out off perspective, as some seem to have)
  2. More twaddle....who do people think they are writing tripe like this...
  3. Does he? And if he doesn't, he's realistic enough to do what he thinks best. That;'s what he gets paid for. He tacticianed his way to the best home record in the country last season and a more than respectable position given that his team didn't know each other at the start. Give him break - but I guess that's never going to happen...
  4. I think that it may even worry him - but he's one of ours, so we love him....
  5. This is what Moore is talking about when saying players last season couldn't handle it (the expectation, atmosphere etc). The moans are there and the club needs players who won't be put off by them, and rise above all the chat. Solve that, and that's a long way to solving the league
  6. It was those 11 goals in two home games last season - everything's a bummer if not at that level
  7. Probably not 'You Don't Impress Me Much'. by Shania
  8. Some supporters don't do 'early days' - they expect Liverpool from day one. Good job they aren't Liverpool fans, though, they'd be truly upset.....
  9. So the club has a new official spokesperson?
  10. The ones who run at 100mph to the byline then don't know what to do with the ball?
  11. Time to sideline Owlstalk. Is it fit for purpose any longer? Back in the 70s, the players used to do a lap of honour if they won a corner....
  12. Guardiola's much vaunted defence let in 3 yesterday - so we don't want him here, then...
  13. And if he hadn't put the funds in, regardless of all else, where would we be? They'd be sticking up 'affordable homes' on the pitch.
  14. And interesting how the 'no black players' issue, of course wasn't ever an issue, just people who can't wait to moan. Pick the 11 best players - colour doesn't come into it
  15. And no-one standing up in seating areas, shouting obscenities...
  16. OK - largely off the list, and not a lot since 1997, probably coinciding with the club's demise
  17. I've always thought this - as good as any, with a West End refurb overdue
  18. Hillsborough has been off the list since the Liverpool/Forest semi, for obvious reasons
  19. And so many games played already, and so many points lost (NOT). Just waiting for 'it's the Wednesday way' (pre-season taster)
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