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  1. I don’t care about his age he got a 3 year deal and wilks who is costing a fee of 200k is 23yo getting a 2 year deal should be tighing down a 23yo for longer
  2. 5 players already in on freebies 200k for wilks purrington potentially and on a freebie what a window so far we have not even dipped into the loan market yet only thing I can’t understand is why we give smith a 3 year deal if the rumours are true about that and wilks a 2 year when we have paid a fee it’s abit strange
  3. If we sign wilks that’ll be a fee and probably the only player we pay for unless we get dean back i reckon we’ll get 4-5 in on loan young up and coming players from prem sides
  4. We ain’t even started dipping into the loan market yet, there has to be some quality fringe players we can help bolster and help bring the age of the squad down but who
  5. Imagine losing a player who scored 19 league goals to your next door neighbours
  6. ‘COnTiNuINg tO SigHn pLAyErs wiTH nO rEsAle vAlUe’ cant please everyone can you they didn’t cost us a penny except wages and they are good lge1 standard pedigree
  7. Ah right I get you still not bad for a guy playing for rovrum
  8. Smith scored 19 in lge 1 last year and like 6 in the pizza cup
  9. Isn’t 15k a week the max you can offer in lge1?
  10. I see this as more of a helping hand to us because when he’s injured they’ll be down a CF
  11. Rotherham fans are absolutely raging it’s so funny, even in the championship they can’t keep their players to a lge 1 team tinpot shīte club they are
  12. 2 more decent free transfers? Quality preseason so far this is turning out to be not spent a penny yet
  13. He faded into the background towards the end of season and looks like we ain’t willing to break the bank on wages for him we move on
  14. Well yea lge1 will do that to any club isn’t there a sort of wage cap or ffp involved with wages
  15. If hector dropped to lge1 to play for us we would win the league ….but won’t happen I can see him having loads of offers in the championship
  16. Dc needs to make sure he isn’t signing players that will extend our stay in league one any longer than we need .
  17. Getting linked with all these older players is dm going route 1 now just total shít housery time waste like the rest of these teams in league 1
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