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  1. Probably player of the season so far for me
  2. Lol Wednesday 2 up but fans can’t help but mention a player we had for a couple months on loan hahahahahahaha
  3. Haha sow scores everyone fickle fan will be hugging his nuts now
  4. Oh look luongos back for a game or 2 how good of him
  5. The channel is crap these days but it got even worse when he left
  6. Watch him smash up the league now he’s at another club Only swfc can mess up a players progress
  7. He’s back baby…………….but for how long? I’ll go 3 games
  8. I see the comparison, flashes of brilliance but couldn’t do enough to help the club out a rut and eventually moved onto other things
  9. Chansiri is making this side into a bottom end lge1 side we will be here for many years to come
  10. Chansiri doesn’t know how to run a club what more can we do
  11. Not a fan of chansiri, he needs to sell us to someone who knows how to run a club
  12. Josh said himself he had interest from a few clubs in preseason and chose to stay so I ain’t worried
  13. Jack hunt got the assist with a beautiful cross onto Gregory’s head
  14. We keep grinding results we can catch 2 place most of these teams have wobbles during the last part of the season, I think unless Rotherham implode they win it
  15. Some fans genuinely think the club will get a points deduction for fans on the pitch, we really live in a world we’re people think like this, give me 1 game that happened to a team in England??
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