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  1. Whilst some of this is true , we played 18th away from Home and once again it’s not good enough overall is it
  2. Yep , hopefully byers is back for the weekend too as another option . I’d drop wing from the squad personally
  3. Personally think a point was around what was deserved . Our performance just wasn’t good enough , could have won in it in the end mind
  4. Wing shouldn’t be starting , start Dennis , if he’s not available go with a 2 and play an attacking Mid (such as Berahino as a cam or corbeanu ) wing has been very poor so far since we signed him and today was arguably the worst performance of the lot
  5. Thought him And bazza were good , all the rest either average at best or poor
  6. Completely agree thought the commentary was poor , ok he complained no notes or whatever but he they should do their homework and know our players !
  7. Up there with some of the worst central midfield performances so far since the last league one days
  8. When I see bannan and wing together in a 2 We all know a Loss is coming dont we .
  9. Think if we lost the next 2 Moore would be on extremely thin ice .
  10. Very poor but no surprise, as games enter the last 15 mins I think fans of all teams are nervous but as a Wednesday fan its way worse . be interested to see of all the games we’ve been involved in over the last let’s say 3 years , in the last 10 mins of games how many have we scored vs conceded . I’d take a guess to say 75-80% against and 20-25% for
  11. haha , to be fair as poor as we are at times we’re still 7th . I reckon we will get 4 from the next 2 , to take us into the play offs.
  12. What would you accept as minimum in terms of a points return ? 4? 6?
  13. First goal wildsmith made a reasonable save , parried into a decent area and the lads provided a good finish (questionable defending though ) Second goal , he could have come out perhaps BUT mainly poor defending no closing down the cross and then brown not being goal side . Certainly not goalkeeping errors like the ones BPF has been making
  14. Totally depends on fitness , sounds like Dennis and hutch have a reasonable chance . Still have no massimo or Windass I’d imagine or byers Tough one with the keeper , probably DM will go for BPF BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Bannan Dele Adenrian Corbeanu (number 10 free role ) Gregory Paterson Subs: Wildsmith Johnson Dunkley Berahino Wing Kamberi Shodipo
  15. No mass Byers Gibson or hutch so: Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Theo Dennis Baz Brown Gregory Paterson Subs ; Saido Kamberi Dele B Johnson Wing shodipo BPF
  16. We can’t seem to get a settled 11 which doesn’t help and he certainly doesn’t know his best 11. That being said we’re in the mix and most fans would have taken the position we are in now at start of year BUT performances are poor and don’t seem to be showing improvement
  17. Hard to say , tight away grounds not ideal for us
  18. Bolton should have probably scored but no way was it a battering chances wise .
  19. To be fair to Gregory not had a lot of service but probably should have had 5 goals ish this year instead of 3. That being said he’s got 3 goals 2 assists in 10 . If he can keep up that sort of ratio and stays injury free we are looking at 20 goal contributions which would be a good return
  20. Looked very solid , hard to tell for sure. Ur nice to have a left footer out there for balance . I’d start him with Dom unless hutch is fit
  21. At left back his positional Sense is poor , and defensive awareness majorly questionable . At left midfield he will do a job , solid left foot and has put a few good crosses in already in his time with us. Probably will chip in with a few goals too . Not going to set the world alight but Moore is playing him left back when he prefers left midfield
  22. Due back October ( which we are now in ) probably play a u23 game or 2 I would imagine , maybe back for Wimbledon / Cambridge ? At a guess
  23. Theo could be a dangerous player but seems to lack positional sense, or end product ,
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