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  1. Good point. Hope we have majority in early and get them all up to speed . We really need a bit of buzz this summer created by good quality signings . Get season tickets purchased and a feel good factor . Then a good start
  2. Would be a great league one cb. Let’s be honest he will probably end up at a decent champ club such as a qpr
  3. As always we underachieve and become the laughing stock / forgotten boys.
  4. If windass was to go we should get Oliver for that big physical presence up top . tshminga from chessie pace and natural goalscorer Gregory Oliver Tshsminga Paterson Cadematri to maybe start playing a few games ? Or maybe a young lad from the prem
  5. For the amount of chances we created at times any reasonable player would have scored a similar number to Berahino. He did well towards the end but even then he was inconsistent. Someone like ladapo would have scored more . I’d love to go and sign the lad at chezzie up top
  6. He said the other day tbf he will listen to offers etc
  7. offers being the key word . Clearly didn’t match our valuation .
  8. Perfect in the middle of a back 3. Obviously lacks pace but massive in the air , be a good set piece threat and probably chip in with goals . I’d take him for a year . We probably need to sign 4 cbs tbh .
  9. Reckon between 2-3 million is about fair . He’s shown glimpses but we could probably get 2 decent players in for that value
  10. Must admit whilst I think windass has quality I do often feel he does need to settle down and just crack on with playing football .
  11. Good goal record but poor attitude at rotherham by all accounts . Certainly a lot better option thank kamberi or sow . I’d be interested
  12. Been amended today for whatever reason . Available to few in 10 days . Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about !
  13. Always thought he was decnet . Generally a winger on the left . So not sure if he could play wing back ? probably end up at a champ club such as reading
  14. Would be excellent . If luongo goes and we signed this lad we would have a midfield of baz camera byers adeniran FDB That would be an excellent 5 for 3 places . Maybe one of the young lads such as shipston can feature the odd game
  15. Would be excellent and really think a midfielder with height would be a great option with or without luongo . Wouldn’t get our hopes up mind as think he will be championship bound
  16. yes good point it would be nice to have a good few young lads . Brennan/ cadematri/ shipston etc around the first team . As well as signing a few hungry players . No reason gregory can’t do a sharp . Gregory 33 so good few years in the tank yiu would assume. . glenn Murray billy sharp lewis grabban Jerome (mainly last season ) all 34/35 ish and we’re / are still scoring goals
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