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  1. Murphy didn't impress me at all last night. Reach should be back on the right wing next week with Murphy to come off the bench. With his pace, that'll terrify the opposites.
  2. Reach was only stuck there originally because Bannan was injured and Bullen didn't want to change a winning team. Now he needs to bite the bullet and put Reach back to RW and Murphy needs to sit out the next game. Should be Hutch, Bannan and Lee again next week. Luongo to sub on.
  3. He's not a central midfielder. Bullen seems to think he can't drop him...personally, I think Murphy has been gash and I'd stick Luongo on for him, move reach to the right.
  4. How do you record? I get no option and pressing record does nothing.
  5. I reckon FF will start too, can see Harris being rested.
  6. If we continue crossing/finishing like we did against Milwall, it won't be our season.
  7. Haven't you got loads of injuries?
  8. Knew he was going to do this, and it's the right clal against these brutes. FF will start against Luton and he'll rest Harris. Lee and Palmer will be rested Tuesday as well, and Luongo will start, maybe Fox. Can see what he's doing and it all finally makes sense.
  9. Sky highlights are quicker, but under 2 minutes long. iFollow short higlights are better (biased commentary, multiple replays), but take longer to be shown. iFollow extended highlights take longer still, and are comprehensive.
  10. We seem to have lost a manager at the right time for him! Look at August's fixtures...he must be rubbing his hands together. Yeah yeah, every game in the Championship is hard, you can only beat what's in front of you, blah blah blah, but come on...what an opportunity for him.
  11. ...but the manager oversees/decides how the players train? How much ball work? How much running? He dictates. The fitness of the players would not be solely determined by the medical team...It would've been driven by CC, and therefore he has a massive part to play in it...the biggest part.
  12. You could say that about all of August, never mind the next 2. We have the easiest start to our season in the league, I think including the Prem/L1/L2. A superb chance to get up a head of steam going into the tougher games.
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