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  1. DC won't do it though, will he? Just outside the top 6, loads of new players...it's easy to spin to your advantage to get more time. He'll have at least until Christmas.
  2. Peacock-Farrell always looks like he's stayed up too late playing Super Mario.
  3. I've not been impressed with him at all this season. He makes so many random errors under no pressure whatsoever and his decision making is suspect. He picks balls that Premiership players would struggle to pull off when there are simple, more effective choices available. An odd player.
  4. Was perfect for me throughout the whole match. ?
  5. These two need to start next game. Give them the Pizza Cup to get settled, then start them for Bolton. Palmer and Johnson today were terrible defensively. Granted, getting forward, they (especially Palmer) got in some good positions, but were really poor covering going back towards our goal and made some mistakes.
  6. I don't really want to rag on him, but I do, so....here are some choice quotes from the interview. ..."and then we had to, like, sort of, erm..." "I've not seen them Trevor, to look back on it. Erm. Callum's adamant in there that it was a definite pelanty before...you know....3 or 4 minutes from the end." "What I said to him is that I'll have a look at the video evidence. And then I'll have a look at it. Erm, but it looked like...it looked like a pelanty...erm...claim...and then...and then we had another, nother, pelanty claim."
  7. We were playing the 1-10 formation. I noticed Dele-Bashiru was mostly on the riught wing when he came on? WTF?!
  8. I'm not saying it's right, but DC likes him and I can see him giving him that much time.
  9. HMS ******** The League is stuck on its Mooring...
  10. I agree with the sentiment, but I din't think Iorfa should be dropped whatsoever.
  11. I read that he takes all of their set pieces...maybe he will when he comes back!
  12. ...just scored the winner (probably) with a rocket free kick for Grimsby. Had a good game by all accounts.
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