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  1. They want a sizeable loan fee, apparently. So you could say, we'd be left... ...with a big bill.
  2. Should give every one of those hardcore 3-4k away fans free home tickets and sit them all in the middle of the Kop.
  3. Van Aken is doing well at Onsabruck by all accounts. Been in the starting 11 94% of games, they're 6th in the league with the 2nd lowest amount of goals conceded. Who knows what will happen to him (stay or go), but he's certainly putting himself in the shop window more than Rhodes did last night...
  4. He had a calf issue Oct/Nov, but has played 4-5 full games since and scored a couple, so I see no issues there...played 46 games last season too. Had a storming end to 2019...to rival Nuhiu's relegation saving 17/18 season! He had a run of 11 in 11. We won't get him.
  5. I really can't see it being overturned, we're just going through the motions.
  6. Numerous websites quote Wickham's weekly wage to be £60k p.w.
  7. As woeful as he has been here, he would've buried one or two of Leeds chances against us...
  8. My biggest joy of last Saturday was this footage of the game. (the fun starts at 3:06)
  9. I remember Iorfa being reported at 200k-250k a the time. Which is crazy, when you think about it. I mean, Borner was different as he didn't sign a new contract and his old club lost out...but we really had Wolves pants down with Dom. Fox was 700k, IIRC.
  10. Playing devils advocate here, he's only 22. I was a massive, massive bell end of the highest order as well, when I was 22.
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