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  1. Shouldn't dive in there. Stay on your feet, make a block, block the pass.....seconds, SECONDS to go, DON'T dive in.
  2. No. He makes too many mistakes. Giving away the free kick tonight is just one example. He misses great opportunities, he makes the wrong pass, makes wrong runs....like tonight when Bannan tried to put him in. He made a run beyond a defender, so Bannan passed to him, but he checked back. There's just something about him that doesn't sit right, especially after al this time injured, or out of form then all of a sudden, near the end of his contract, he starts to try. He's had a good few months (back end of Jos, plus when Bruce/or Minions played him), I'll give him that, but it doesn't deserve a new deal off the back of it. Would rather see Penney play in his place on from the bench.
  3. We were brilliant. With a Brucie Bonus that I don't really give a poo that we conceded a late goal as our season was over 2 weeks ago!
  4. If he's given time, he can be deadly. He was given none today and looked very average. We've seen it before. Similar to Chelsea with Jorginho...you stop him, you stop the cog and the clock fails to work. Leeds aren't stupid...he was targetted and we had no answer. He's a quality little player, but he needs better around him. Fox? Boyd? An unfit Hooper? An out of form Reach? Next season he'll be pivotal, IMO. UTO.
  5. We had a decent like...15/20 minutes in the first half....but yep. Without pace of Aarons, FF not anywhere near his best, no Lee, Reach playing terribly, no Lazaar, no Iorfa danger from set pieces...we've got little chance against teams this good.
  6. I love the guy. He's not too far behind some of the greats at our club, like Springett, Pressman and Tidman.
  7. Yeah, not a chance now. Shame. If Fletcher's pen would've gone in, I think we'd have taken all 3 vs. Villa...we'd be 1 point behind them in 7th with Bristol still to play...oh well. Let's concentrate on trying not to injure any more players...seeing how Hooper can end the season, getting Lee fit and cementing our formation so we can hit the ground running next season.
  8. Let's be honest...Winnall has not been much cop at all since he came back from injury. I'm not surprised. *Runs away*
  9. Bit harsh...towards the end of Jos's era, he was the only outleft we had, willing to run in behind, bit of pace...as soon as Bruce came in, he's dropped. I personally thought it was a bit unfair. He's worked hard in recent months. Wouldn't keep him mind you, but still, credit where credit is due.
  10. (For anyone wondering why I reacted to the prevoious post with a 'sad' emoji, they are happy tears.)
  11. I'm not fuming... they won, it wasn't deserved and a couple of their players were trying it on, but that's football. However, I do agree that their official Twitter feed is totally cringe worthy. Christ!
  12. Maybe he wants crosses into the box for Fletcher? So a lefty (Boyd) on the left and.......oh. Never mind.
  13. So when Luhukay said in many, many pre/post match interviews that the decisions surrounding our keepers and other players were down to him, due to his opinions around fitness and bringing youngsters through....and then when Chansiri came out at the fans forum and said, probably on 6 seperate occasions, that it was all down to Luhukay...why would you think either/or is lying? Especially when they are both saying the same thing?
  14. If we'd have sacked Luhukay earlier, we wouldn't have landed Bruce though...
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