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  1. Left: Borner, Thorniley. Right: Lees, Iorfa. Hutch as back up. Sorted.
  2. So 6 out, 4 loans sent back, 8 in. Rhodes in limbo. Potentially a couple more sales, couple of loans out... That would work. Thins the squad out (was far too big) gets rid of big earners, younger players replace them.
  3. Someone I know spoke to a player who said Börner and Odubajo were done deals. Not exactly thrilling news. Wonder why we're not announcing them yet? Strengthen our position in other deals? Not let clubs know what we're doing? Waiting for finances to be cemented (Ground? Player sales?) *Edit: Before anyone pokes at me for being negative, by 'not thrilling', I mean that we already know about them!
  4. I asked them if they would rather watch paint dry, or the Champions League final replay.
  5. Some gems in this interview. Bannan's Mum sounds amazing. Skip to 18:40! Giving Bruce some stick after 2 days in the job. Love it. https://www.open-goal.co.uk/siferrymeetsbarrybannan/
  6. My concern is that we do seem to have a lot of players that are injury prone...arguably 8 of those. I know it's impossible to forecast, but that seems like a lot. If it happens again and we've got a smaller squad...
  7. Footballers love London though, don't they? We can't compete if they want to swan around hipster bars, posting 7 Instagram stories a night.
  8. We are in the Wednesday of the football season. Hold on man, it'll be Friday soon.
  9. Coventry CEO says he is led to believe Jordan WIllis has had an offer from someone, with Derby, Hull, Bristol City and us all linked. Coventry want to keep him also, but he's not responded to their offer... https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ceo-gives-update-future-defender-2939305
  10. Having a player that can fill in at both left back and right back on the bench is worth his weight in gold. Source: lots of Championship/Football Manager.
  11. Footballers look after themselves more these days. Look at Giggs, Sheringham, Beckham...Cech...the lifespan of a footballer is only getting longer if you don't drink, smoke, are lucky with good genes/injuries, do yoga, etc. And being a keeper will be even more of a boon.
  12. If we sign Downing on a year with low wages and Bruce thinks he'll be useful to have around on and off the pitch in a playoff tilt, then it's fine by me. As long as we don't sign 6 similar! Guy was involved in 40 games last season...not sure his age is that relevant in his case.
  13. It does bode well, sure. But playing devils advocate, why didn’t they perform for him, leading to him getting the sack?
  14. Yay, let's all slag off one of our players. I love these positive threads.
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