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  1. Westwood Odubajo Lees Dunkley Palmer Luongo Green Bannan Reach Shaw Windass
  2. Couple of really interesting things in this. Bruce signing him, then doing one! Funny to see his reaction, seeing that he reached out to Bruce, got signed, then Bruce swans off to Newcastle and left him in the lurch....only for Monk to pull him aside and say he's 4th choice. Great confidence boost! Also, him speaking about his journey from being absolutely woeful...pen after pen...then coming back and trying too hard...to him working on his mentality and it having a difference. I remember seeing it, i said to myself/mates that you could see he was trying too hard
  3. Lettter sent to all EFL clubs yesterday urging them to keep to COVID regulations...
  4. Wants to come back to the UK apparantly, his stint in Turkey didn't go well, was on the bench loads.
  5. Has he played a lot for Pafos? His fitness is a concern...if he's fit, fine.
  6. Whoever it is, we have now had more managers this season that SUFC have points.
  7. I went to that match with my Stevenage supporting mates and stood in the away end with them. Cracking day.
  8. ...to make it even worse, it was the first time Forest had scored in the first 15 minutes all season.....and his first goal of the season.
  9. The f**k is Odubajo doing laughing and joking with Grabban 1 second after he scored his goal?
  10. If we lose this, where does it leave us in the table then?
  11. Can't even be bothered to post a gif. Successful crosses: 5/23. Christ.
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