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  1. anyone on I Follow ?

    Maybe we should have a private PM thread?
  2. God I Miss This Team

    I can see why he missed it. Bright set himself up to hit it with his right foot, but the defender gets a touch on it right at the last second, so he has to adjust his body to hit it first time with his left.
  3. anyone on I Follow ?

    We all pay for it, pal? It's just that we then have to use a VPN (paid or otherwise) to make it look like we're outside the UK, or the feed is blocked. Everyone in this thread has paid the £140/150 quid for a sub! Paid VPN. As an aside...another VPN worked fine. So, I don't think they are blocking all of them...anyone wants details, drop me a PM.
  4. Venancio

    A great replacement for Loovens, who's been an excellent servant. Reminds me a bit of him too. Doesn't seem to get flustered....calm and assured. Was ace today.
  5. He does make a lovely poster though, look at this I got from his official Twitter account.
  6. i worked it out in the last Abdi thread...see below! He's been involved in 4 games this season, on the bench and unused for 7. He's been involved in 11% of all possible SWFC minutes played since he arrived.
  7. Have we really made a mess of transfers? When you look at the overall picture, we can’t really say they’ve been a mess. Abdi, yes. Swapping Winnall for Butterfield. Who else? Fletcher maybe? He’ll sill be around for a while yet, so we can’t write him off. Not sure who else you’re thinking of.
  8. anyone on I Follow ?

    There may be other VPN’s that still work....
  9. anyone on I Follow ?

    They can ban IP addresses linked to VPN providers whenever they want. Sometimes the VPN provider will start to use new ones and access will work again. It's a cat and mouse game.
  10. anyone on I Follow ?

    At least they had the decency to wait until the season is over before doing a blanket VPN ban! Is anyone abroad not using a VPN but can't acces the game? Kazakh_Owl? hugeowl?
  11. anyone on I Follow ?

    Been faultless all season, obviously a problem today. Has anyone reported it? I am now.
  12. anyone on I Follow ?

    Same here. Your Access Is Restricted From This Location
  13. My opinions on this are many: I don't Westwood would go to Leeds. I don't think we would sell anyone to Leeds. If he goes, I think he goes to the Prem, or recently relegated Prem team. We all hate Leeds scum. Repeat to fade.
  14. Bottom Three

    I think we'll be keeping Venancio and have Thorniley, Neilsen and possibly Pudil as back up (if he stays). I can't see any other central defenders coming in.