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  1. Yeah, I suppose it's all about how Monk wants to play. Palmer is a little better on the ball, I agree, but Fox gives balance and better crosses (which we need for Fletch). Maybe the 'keeping posession' conundrum would better solved by getting FF on the pitch, moving Harris right and getting Lee involved. Reach needs a rest!
  2. He was dangerous in the first half with his crossing, which Palmer just doesn't have on that side. Good in the air too and was pretty muich faultless all game. Clean sheet. Deserves to start next week, two good games on the spin. Long may it continue.
  3. ...but we'd miss Fox's natural left foot. In the fiurst half, he put some awesome balls in the box, made overlaps, linked up well and defended great. I am baffled that anyone would say they would prefer Palmer at left back after watching that game.
  4. It was better than the last 2nd 45 we played... We're slowly improving!
  5. It did feel like the Cardiff game, especially when Bannan gave away that free kick on 90 and I had flashbacks...but we saw it out a little better. Pigeon steps... He is, bit now FF is back and will get more involved, I can see this link being another way to link midfield to attack. Certainly if they both play and they are on either side. Lee needs to play too, as he keeps hold of the ball and distributes so well.
  6. ...it's why we need players like FF and Lee playing. They hardly lose it and it they do, they win it back.
  7. They were subs to grind out a 0-1. Once we were pegged back, we were screwed.
  8. https://live.soccerstreams.net/event/cardiff-city-sheffield-wednesday-live-stream/43349 FootyBite are decent too (used to be SoccerStreams from Reddit). Keep an eye 30 mins before KO. There will be loads, as it's on Sky. You'll be able to get a really high quality stream if you have AceStream installed too.
  9. I noticed that multiple tills were using the same card reader when I paid for drinks last time. Maybe you've mistakenly paid for someone's 6 pints and they've had a result! Please forward your description and seat number, so I can queue behind you in future. Regards.
  10. It's a great idea and the club should be applauded for coming up with this kind of thing. It enables you to get kits now if you've not aready (for Xmas, kids, etc) and then do the same next year....for free.
  11. You'd drop Harris...the player who, in the entire Championship, has carried the ball the most into dangerous areas?
  12. If we buy anyone else from a Scottish club, I will have a heart attack.
  13. Someones obviously winding them up (probably other players) because at 1:21, Kieran Lee clearly says "B@st@rd!".
  14. Scored 3 away at England too. They're pretty tidy.
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