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  1. Part of me wants Wycombe to win just so we don't have to play them again next season! Horrible side... Good luck though.
  2. Anyone watchign on Now TV with a crappy, stuttering audio/picture?
  3. Johsons flits in and out of form, so let's hope he's back on it tonight. Can't see anyone else playing there bar NML, who is better on the right and better as a sub, IMO.
  4. Praise Waddle BPF is starting, I hope Baz is fit, Berahino deserved to be dropped, Hunt is the better option at home (although Palmer was great last game). The End.
  5. Go home Barry and get straight to bed. Get some rest for Monday.
  6. They actually said 7pm when talking to Hichcliffe earlier on SSN Must be 7:30.
  7. I honestly can't see him tinkering much. Only issues really (apart from Bannan) is the defence. I can't see Storey/Hutch/Palmer again, I think he'll mess with that and shoehorn Dean in, move Hutch to the left maybe.
  8. I wonder who Hutch and Luongo were throwing the 'love' sign at?
  9. That's funny because we had our own Big Dave, which was what some fans called an old player of ours, Atdhe Nuhiu. Although it was not said with an element of respect...
  10. Also, how many games had the opposites played...and how many will Wycombe/Portsmouth have played before their games against us.
  11. It will kill us in the playoffs, as teams will just exploit it.
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