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  1. Probably due to having to sit through about 15 of Jos's team talks. Can you imagine?
  2. I did notice we bullied them effectively too. I imagine this possibly wasn't exactly a tactic, but there were periods in the 2nd half where they were just pushed off the ball really easily, easier than any other game I've seen this season.
  3. Exactly, if he was amazing every week, he would be in the Prem. People need to be a little realistic with their expectations of our players.
  4. To be that fast and big, and good with his feet...in the air...and have decent anticipation of where the ball is going to be? For a centre half?! That's rare. I would not be surprised if someone really twisted our arm next month. And if he wants to futher his career and go to an established Prem side, then we'd all have to say good luck to him.
  5. Out of a possible 1710 minutes (when he's been in the squad) he's played 1564. Over 91%. Played a full 90 minutes 11 times. Our oldest outfield player! He's a machine.
  6. Brilliant 2nd half. Iorfa is just insane at times. Nicking the ball away when he was on the floor!? Insane.
  7. You're crazy. We only need to replace the core of the side. Then the wingers and get another striker and new wingbacks.
  8. Here too: https://home.footybite.com/ These are the old reddit football streams guys. And if you have AceStream and know how to use it...big matches are usually in 720p 50FPS too. Hopefully todays too, if it's been picked.
  9. This is nonsense, he defended very well last night.
  10. If Westwood isn't injured, expect him on Twitter very soon saying exactly that. He's done it before.
  11. We tried to score from the start? We didn't defend and 'try to nick it'.
  12. Mine is a bit odd...I'll explain. My Dad was born in Sheffield, but I was born in Brighton. So I was an Owl living miiiiles away from Hillsborough, which made growing up a bit poo. Wearing the kit got me funny questions and I have to say, made me hate Brighton fans. They were generally awful to me. (I loved the Carlos playoffs!) I watched Wednesday as much as I could on their Southern away days at Southampton, QPR, etc, before I even got to Hillsborough. Moved here in '99, the season we got relegated. Never seen a top flight game at Hillsborough. First goal was Carbone in the loss to Liverpool season opener '99. All 3 of my kids are (obviously) Owls.
  13. Nuhiu off was an odd decision, I'd have taken yanked Murphy or Harris.
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