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  1. It means the below. The top and bottom 3 remain the same if it's calculated weighted or unweighted...so at least nobody can argue about that.
  2. 🤔 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/19/hull-city-revealed-first-championship-club-oppose-season-restart/
  3. He might set up differently if he had players he'd bought in himself, had confidence in or carried out his instructions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Same same. Iorfa/Borner for me, with Lees as back up...and a quality one at that. Purely because Iorfa is better suited to the right hand side. If Lees is happy with being 3rd (2nd?!) choice CB, then great. If not, get him sold. Could make a bit of money from him and he'd be a very good first teamer for most teams in the Champ.
  5. Most of that would be instantly negated by the 6 points Rotherham will gift us next season.
  6. It's like the lass at the pub thats amazing at karaoke who thinks she can get a record deal.
  7. Jesus Christ it was a joke. How could you all seriously think anyone would think Andy Booth was better than David Hirst? 🤣
  8. Always going to cause arguments these! I'd agree with most, apart from Big Hec for Bougherra (guy was a Rolls Royce) and Booth for Hirst.
  9. Wade flipping Small. Anyone can run straight into someone, you bell end. Try something different.
  10. I was bored, so played the game with our last formation & set up on PES 2020. I just couIdn't stomach it though...had a bit of a mild hissy fit before KO and swapped Dawson for Westwood, Borner for Lees, stuck FF behind Fletcher instead of Windass, put Luongo in midfield for Pelupessy and bought Harris in for Da Cruz. We won 2-1, although it was uncanny...Bannan gave the ball away and we nearly threw away 2 points in added on time, but Westwood made an amazing save with his feet. 😪
  11. Yes, get it done now. Give us our 9 point penalty and end the season... (We'd stay up on goal difference!)
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