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  1. Suzuki_San

    The promotion winning team

    Llera: Tried hard, worked his socks off, but always felt he had a mistake in him...not an amazing footballer, but gave it all. Bit like Semedo, actually. Treacy: Great left foot. Was hardly here 5 minutes. Weirdly, I think it all 7 games he played in, we never lost! Otsemebor: Super fast, but an average defender! Cough *Jack Hunt* Ranger:
  2. Suzuki_San


    I really can't be farted to scroll through all the pages, but I just wanted to say I loved it when Hector moaned at him to hold onto the ball, after he weakly punched a cross and put us in danger. He'll learn, with player's like that around him. He'll get better.
  3. Suzuki_San

    A Bristol City view....

    I thought we were going to throw it away again like the West Brom game! You lot certainly scared me at the end there. The first half was the worst I've seen us play for a long time. Players all over the place. If you couldn't profit from that, it was always going to be hard for you. 2nd half we were like a different team and some of your suspect defending helped us out. Looked like you targetted our right back (Palmer) today, did you think the same? Or does a lot of play go down your left normally? Good luck for the season anyway.
  4. Suzuki_San

    Any news on Bannan injury

    Weird, I thught it was a tactical sub and bring on a defensive mid. Had no idea he was injured. :(
  5. Suzuki_San


  6. Suzuki_San

    Is the transfer embargo back on?

    Where has this 15m amount come from?
  7. Suzuki_San

    Barry Baninio

    Hmm, good point, I didn't even think of this when he signed a new deal. I'm not sure he'll be on Rhodes' level, but surely he'll be close.
  8. Suzuki_San

    One small neg today

    You can actually see the offending urine recepticle on this Villa Blog video. The video should start just before it gets thrown...keep your eye on the top right!
  9. Suzuki_San

    Liam palmer

    Especially in the 2nd half. There was a long spell when that was all they did and Reach had to come and help out a lot. He (Baker) did ok though and it’s all a learning experience.
  10. Suzuki_San

    Daniel Pudil

    He had an amazing touch in the 2nd half, to nick the back away from what looked like a certain goal.
  11. Suzuki_San

    JOS OUT!

    Players didn't turn up at Forest.
  12. Suzuki_San

    Positives and Negatives

    Only negatives were could’ve kept a clean sheet by getting rid of the ball better and Fletch could’ve scored more! But that’s being picky......9/10 today. Double top performance.
  13. Suzuki_San


    Where are you (or your VPN) based?
  14. Suzuki_San


    Anyone chatted to iFollow yet? I thought it was suspicious when Wednesdya tweeted this earlier...they usually put 'watch international' on their tweets. https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1043398305047355392