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  1. Suzuki_San

    Alan Nixon

    Maybe there's a clause that if he's released before the end of his 1 year contract, we have to pay compensation or something. Who knows. This is all just a guess anyway. We don't know what's happening!
  2. Suzuki_San


    I'd take Steve Martin, Lenny Bruce, Bruce Forsyth (yes, even now) or Steve Irwin (again, yes, even now) over Jos tbh.
  3. Suzuki_San

    Alan Nixon

    I think you'll find that it currently sits at 28.6% in the league...for this season. This season, by the way, where out of 21 fixtures, has changed the formation 17 times. 17!!!
  4. Suzuki_San


    3:02 - black screen. Joy. Probably for the best.
  5. Suzuki_San


    For International subscribers, yes. Currently showing a black screen though.
  6. Suzuki_San

    Mr December

    Some keeper by the looks of it. Is it this Westwood I keep hearing so much about?
  7. Suzuki_San

    Owls 0 Graham 3

    Yeah, but come on...Graham Norton would have scored against us yesterday.
  8. Suzuki_San

    Contract clauses.....

    Why would 146 appearances be some sort of milestone for Westwood? He's played 144 games? If he was on 148, or 149, then ok, I could see why there were rumours. Jones: 65 appearances. Ah yes, the famous '67 appearances and I get another year' clause. Boyd: 28 appearances. Ah yes, the famous '30 appearances and I get another year' clause. Hutchinson: 107 appearances. Do you see the pattern here....
  9. Suzuki_San

    Serious Candidates?

    Los Joke, Hi!
  10. Suzuki_San

    When Did Carlos Go?

    Right before Xmas, wasn't it? I remember some people feeling sorry for him...
  11. Suzuki_San

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    There were 3 players over on Thornileys side for that goal. I've no idea why he shot, to be fair! Awful, awful defending. Not Thornileys fault, being played out there, should be at CB. :(
  12. Suzuki_San

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    I just bough a new one IMMEDIATELY. So, if we are feeling superstitous, It's not my fault as I officially 'own' one, it's just not here yet... No, just Waddle, Hirst...then Waddle and Hirst again. Lazy printing, I tell thee. I mean, it needed replacing, to be fair. Look at the state of it...
  13. Suzuki_San

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    I have some terrible news. My Wednesday mug of 21 years ("Wednesday Legends", 4 players: Waddle, Hirst, then Waddle & Hirst again) has just broken.
  14. ...and both generally don't track back as much as Fletch or Matias. There are arguments for both. If they put more effort in on the pitch, then they'd get picked (when fit). If they don't give 100% and don't carry out basic team orders (as in, a bit of poxy defending now and again) then they should be on the bench until they do.