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  1. I think our deep, inherent problems are something that a 'new manager bounce' are too far to affect. Moore today just looked exasperated at times. This is not to say I feel sorry for him, he took the job, but I think it is definitely harder than he could have envisioned.
  2. Not many of them can control a ball. You can forgive defenders a bit, but....Christ.
  3. I used to love living at the top of Leppings Lane/Parkside Road. Had a flat above the businesses on the corner and a Saturday match day was always a buzz for me. I used to sit in my window and have a late breakfast, watching people milling about... gradually getting busier and busier. Seeing the police horses arrive, people meeting mates for a pint, getting a Pork sarnie...replica kits everywhere, kids in the park. Then have a brief walk down for my day to be ruined. Miss it!
  4. Can you show him this screenshot of my WhatsApp conversation of the Cardiff game and tell him to make sure he tries to do more of the 17:51 Paterson and less of the 17:45 Paterson. Thanks.
  5. Ola Tidman over Kean, by a long shot. Purely because I never saw Kean play, but I did Tidman. Also, if we're including loans (Bothroyd) then Jacob Butterfield is in with a Godzilla sized shout. Along with....Jesus....Kenny Lunt. What a wasteman he was. Ronnie Wallwork! Oh man, you're making me annoyed and I've now going to bed with the hump. I can't neg, so I shall love instead.
  6. Not a chance. He signed a pity deal, so we can make a bit of cash off him when we go down. He will never play in League One. Apart from a few youngsters and Pelupessy, I guarantee we will have none of the players that were in the squad today next season. And good riddance, IMO. Need a clear out.
  7. I hope they let some of us in the ground for at least one match before the end of this season. They need to hear it.
  8. At the end of Luhukay's first season, he was on . In the last 16 games, he scored 10 and assisted 4. We finished with 58 points, 16 above the bottom 3. Without him, we might have flirting with relgation...
  9. I mean, I wish it wasn't like.
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