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  1. He looked like he wanted to nut Harris in the first half, when he was waiting for a simple pass inside in the box, could've had a good chance to score. He was decent today, but I think our defence deserves the plaudits.
  2. This site really needs to adjust the size of it's embedded videos. I scrolled down and nerarly sh@t mesen. (you really have to click the picture to get the full effect. Or maybe not...)
  3. It might be that we need Westwood to leave before we can commit to paying most of Zohore's 40k p.w.
  4. He was brilliant here and I was so disappointed when Fulham splashed 5m (?) on him, but....he's having a horrific season. Embarassed by Fulham staff publically, leaking goals...but to be fair, looked like he was in 2nd gear against us. Maybe if he was somewhere that appreciated him and built his confidence back up, who knows. Is a selection of Iorfa, Borner, Lees, Dunkley and Van Aken for a season of playing 3 at the back enough? We need one more. But is he the one?
  5. The domestic-only transfer window remains open until October 16th at 5pm.
  6. Pretty scathing from Khan...basically saying he's not good enough and is being replaced.
  7. I stream to my tv through Chromecast from a PC, work great (hardwired PC, wireless to Chromecast). Also works with a Firestick. Try not to use wireless if at all possible, or the least amount of wirless links. . E.g. Hardwire a laptop to tv, or hardwire a PC to internet, then Chromecast wireless. The less wireless, the more stable.
  8. He was adequate first half. But after the goal, he was a different player. Drawing/winning, he's fine. Under pressure, he is mentally fragile.
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