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  1. true re loan signings but Gibson will never play , Shodipo out and no sign of return anytime soon. Wing massively out of favour . So that cuts it down a lot
  2. Yeah id either go with this or put windass as attacking mid behind Kamberi and Gregory Or TJJ, . Wouldn’t be against a 4-2-3-1 , put it this way we have better options if dean gets confirmed
  3. Dean was voted Birmingham's Supporters' Player of the Year and Players' Player of the Year for the 2020–21 season seems ok to me
  4. If Dean does sign it signals we are probably without dunkley and iorfa for a long while . either storey and hutch or hutch storey Dean in a 3 . Or Dean and hutch . not sure if we will play 4 or 3 .
  5. basically signed then . Seen quite a few good reviews from brum fans amongst odd bad one . As said previously they aren’t all going to be good or he wouldn’t be coming here. On paper he’s a higher pedigree of signing than batth
  6. That last minute mk winner not ideal , ipswich tbf have played 2 games more . As you say at the minute 6th seems only one we can look at . Need to get a run of winning games . Win something like 7/8 of the next 10 and not 4 wins 4 draws or something frustrating
  7. I wouldn’t be that keen to sign BPF but one of the only ones to have done ok
  8. Correct tbh most haven’t impressed enough anyway . I’d go as far to say there isn’t one who I’d really want to sign , obviously JJ and Storey just signed so can’t comment on those but the others
  9. Yep and that would be by team at tmoment pal . Only potential would be to have windass central behind gregory and John jules / Marvin Johnson competing but id be happy with that side .
  10. crackers isn’t it , nothing worse than having those players who clearly aren’t interested about playing and show nothing when they do , just happy to pick up a wage . Adedoyin looks fairly sharp , decent pace and a good left foot it seems . Loan to Accrington and then bring back . By the end of the season John jules / kamberi won’t be our players so we could assess it then if he went there and came back .
  11. Just hope he’s not one those young lads who struts around thinking he’s the next big thing and doesn’t really contribute or put effort in… hope he comes with the right attitude and that
  12. Personally always liked the look of him but not played much , would have preferred a loan but suppose if we get a fee he is 4th choice , much prefer to get rid of Berahino
  13. As a few have mentioned it probably does signal a back 3 . Dean centre hutch right Storey left Palmer/ hunt right wing back Johnson/ Mendez laing left options there to play around with .
  14. Played consistently in the champ for years , played for a Brentford side who finished around the play offs then always played for Birmingham since 2016. Mixed reviews these days but hardly going to be great when there clubs in turmoil and if he was number 1 choice we wouldn’t be getting him. Out of favour but experienced and only 30 . Get him in and let’s get Gibson sent back
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