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  1. Come on Wednesday do something. am I right in thinking 9 subs can be named on the bench next year ? If so that’s a first team squad of 20 before injuries and suspensions(11 start with 9 on the bench ) dawson stockdale hunt palmer ihikiwe henegan iorfa johnson Brown byers bazza vAulks adenrian dele b paterson smith windass gregory sow that’s all our first teamers isn’t it ? (19) not even enough to fully fill the bench . i know there are a few young lads likes of Alex hunt / galvin / potentially Cadematri but it does make me realise we surely need 4+ signings minimum
  2. Saying hourihane would be a bad signing is purely saltiness . He’d be on paper one of the best midfielders in the league and would certainly give bannan a run for his money goals / assists wise imo. hopefully he goes championship . i do feel however we will have a better equipped league one side than derby .
  3. Come on Wednesday let’s have a decent week . Kit out . Sign another few players . Win Harrogate with smith getting a goal.
  4. Hourihane probably go Huddersfield anyway doubt he will drop to league one . Not fussed if they sign likes of James Chester .
  5. Got a lot of pace and scored a reasonable number at champ level . Probably 7/8 a year average from up top or out wide
  6. Wide options then should we change formation we have windass johnson new sow all capable of playing out wide
  7. With Brennan going we need 2 cbs . One for the first team 100% the other a younger lad I’d say . Palmer to then be back up when needed . another wide forward a left wing back So x2 cb x1 lb/lwb x1 wide forward
  8. In terms of any consistency I would expect that to be mid July . Might be when we play Wigan / Spanish side that we start to show a bit more
  9. New lads only trained for the first time yesterday (smith and ikky ) . Others getting to know each other . Young lads playing . Loads of changes , r
  10. Bower going makes a difference but regardless whoever gaffer is they are struggling financially so if can afford him then we should get him
  11. Didn’t know he could play cb to be honest . Suppose it’s only a friendly
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