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  1. If we don’t pick up soon the Tuesday nighters will be 17/18k
  2. Looks to be about 700 tickets left of the just over 3k allocation. Goes on general sale Monday . 2,500 is approx what I thought we would take
  3. poor and off the pace ? He scored a perfectly good goal , put a few cracking balls in . Won us the penalty . what more could he do
  4. Like the look of that , feel Moore wouldn’t drop baz though
  5. totally agree either up top with someone else or just behind OR as a forward on the left / right , doubt he’s one of those who burst pasts 4 , seems more clever , yard of pace but not blistering
  6. Well done to these 2 yesterday. saido - very clever with his passing , skill and movement. Looks a player if we can get him fit and playing and motivated there’s a real player potentially There . Shodipo - put more dangerous balls in (1) than Harris did all last year . Very unlucky to not get his league debut Hillsborough goal . Always a threat . despite a poor overall performance, these 2 could be key to our attacking play in weeks and months to come
  7. If Moore did ever go I would Like Lowe at Plymouth tbh
  8. Win game in hand we’re back in play offs , worry is since Morecambe (2 games we’ve been woeful ) that said we could and should have won yesterday if Lino watched the game . BUT second half was an absolute shocker . Really need to get a consistent game plan and players who want to win , win second balls , win first , fight for the ball . Not be passive , slow , lethargic,
  9. Seems quite slow and lacks agility./ balance , is he played in the right position? What’s his role? Can he play with bannan ? There is quality there it’s just getting it out of him
  10. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch/Gibson Brown Paterson Dennis Bannan shodipo Gregory Berahino Paterson/berhaino exchanging at certain times in the game subs: wildsmith gibson / hutch Palmer Byers wing Sow Theo
  11. why did he put kamberi on the left and not Johnson or sow ? Crazy
  12. Be interesting to see if owlstalk was banned until 3 hours after a game
  13. understand what you’re saying but Jorginho takes them for Chelsea . Salah for Liverpool, bruno for Man U, none of these are strikers
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