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  1. But there's the togetherness which is good, but sentimentality is bad
  2. And neshing (if that really is the case) the odd tackle has helped preserve his fitness and availability when so many around him have been stuck in the treatment room. His overall contribution has ben excellent
  3. Yep, unpopular with me for one. Reach is a quality act in this team. Sure that SB knows how to get the best from him, and if he can't, he'll go...
  4. But if only people would encourage anyone who isn't in a good place for whatever reason - the resurrection of form would come that much quicker than going off on one. Basic parenthood - encourage and support...
  5. Time is a luxury - he'll get roundly b**locked on here if we lose two on the trot. Since when have supporters given ANY manager 'time'...
  6. Yep, that's exactly how I saw it - appreciative and good-natured, even when the (very odd) mistake was made - but most of those were swallowed up by another player coming quickly to the rescue. A delight to see
  7. You managed 3 mistakes in 5 letters which I think is an Owlstalk record - but your suggestion has merit
  8. Just like every other club in the land...
  9. We need a goal fest like the end of last season under Jos (oh no, look what I said...)...
  10. And I'd add that the contributions of both Fox and Palmer looked excellent
  11. They've been having their native Geordie lessons for the last month...
  12. I remember Paul Bradshaw galloping up the wing one snowy night for Rodger Wylde to nod in at the far post. Match details please??
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