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  1. Fraser Preston

    Yes, I have to agree with OP. Fraser, like many in the U23s and U18s should be pulled forward over the summer, instead of buying in those who never quite seem to hit the high spots with SWFC. If not now, when will it ever happen? Yes, there will be bedding in, but we'll have a real Wednesday team, with whom the supporters can relate. It'll be cheaper for one thing, if we are facing financial 'situations'.
  2. Brian Hornsby

    I used to go to Hillsborough just to see Brian Hornsby play - back then, he was an absolute gem...
  3. Unbiased Press?

    Our 4-1 victory never even warranted a mention in the I...
  4. Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    Well, at least, OP, you still have a club to 'support'. Honestly, what drivel...
  5. To the Chansiri haters

    Anyone who has read Jason Dickinson's excellent History of SWFC, will know that what is happening now merely repeats what has happened over and over again for the last 150 years - boom, bust, boom, bust, sack the manager, sack the chairman. The trick is how to change the cycle. Let's start by understanding that we have a patched up first team which will do well to stave off relegation (we have been relegated from better positions than this before). Let's just support all aspects of the Club by being positive - no-one wants to go down and the present is all that matters. It may come hard in some quarters not to take the easy option of slagging off, but we're here in the now. The future is for another day.
  6. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    What's the betting the refs' association close ranks, even having seen the video of the match. I can just read the trite comments in support of a man 'in a very difficult position'. But ONE FOUL against Villa in 95 minutes of professional football? Grounds for suspension - but will it get our match replayed. Come on, Wednesday, go for the throat on this one. BTW - fine, spirited display today. UTO
  7. Wildsmith

    If ever I despaired about our club's supporters, I now need look no further than the OP.
  8. Perspective

    Yes, we shipped 3 goals at home (with 9 on the pitch for part of the game) - but Leeds shipped 4, and even the great team from the other side of the city shipped 3 away. We have half a team that we'd like to play. It's football - I hate losing as much as the next, but Jos will keep it in perspective and move us on to the next game. UTO
  9. Dour and attritional.

    But at least Jos does have a track record of winning promotions, so obviously understands what it takes. Delighted with his initially dour 'sort it at the back' approach. The rest will come. The players seem to be responding to him. His character seems to suit Sheffield well - no fuss, like Howard Wilkinson.
  10. He was brilliant for the first 20 minutes of a game, then (it was rumoured) bar-propping at the Wheatsheaf at Parkhead, caught up with him. I'd go just for that 20 minutes though. Think he was at SWFC the same time as another Scottish winger, Jimmy Johnstone, was playing for the other Sheffield team
  11. Judge

    Wonder how many on here remember the origin of that...
  12. A game of two sets of supporters

    Patently not 'supporters' if they can't see that. Reckon Owlstalk has been taken over by aliens....
  13. Jos interview

    We don't have the numbers to let any go - and who is fanciable to another club anyway...
  14. ...who nicked it from the Russian nation, just to show they have a sense of humour...
  15. Just like every manager in every club - the boss pays the bills the boss rubber stamps. Nothing strange there...