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  1. Don't think we should exclude Thorniley as a prime option. Don't remember him making more mistakes than any other cb this season, and how are players supposed to get experience if they aren't played. It seems that there's always someone who can be brought in, and never promoted from within. It has to start somewhere, and it's a good £ option in these difficult times - and he's tough and he's English. Bruce will make the right decision though
  2. Cameron Dawson - for putting up manfully with all the unwarranted s**t thrown in his direction just because he was put in the front line, and generally performed well. Hardly his fault previous management didn't understand defensive formations. He's young and will earn his stripes and learn to be more shouty. Let's hope he gets the fans' support when Westie does eventually move on... (Don't expect to many 'agrees', but hey ho...)
  3. ...that the players have been 'on holiday' for the past two games. Under the previous management we managed a 0-0 draw at promoted Wolves and a 5-1 win against Norwich. No seeming lack of motivation to do well then, when nothing to play for. Must do better.
  4. A common sense reply which won't cut the mustard on here - Cam is a perfectly good 'keeper who can hold his own in the Championship, with his only problem being that he was chosen in front of Westwood. At least he has gained experience from this - no point in blaming him for anything - but supporters always support their team, come what may, don 't they, and they know that picking on somebody is negative and pathetic
  5. Yes, a full close season without the added time of the playoffs, particularly for our more senior players who will still be part of the squad. Proper prep is what's needed for a top 2 bid - we would not be in a fit state to fight the PL next season
  6. Good analysis - full of facts, and no stupid 3s and 4s. No-one plays that badly in any team. As you say, a good point against a team in the PL recently
  7. Twas ever thus - even in the heady early 90s, you got the feeling that native mistrust of spending money to capitalise on success, would be our undoing - which it was...
  8. What about Abdi - he looked full of it in the recent training ground pics...
  9. But there's the togetherness which is good, but sentimentality is bad
  10. And neshing (if that really is the case) the odd tackle has helped preserve his fitness and availability when so many around him have been stuck in the treatment room. His overall contribution has ben excellent
  11. Yep, unpopular with me for one. Reach is a quality act in this team. Sure that SB knows how to get the best from him, and if he can't, he'll go...
  12. But if only people would encourage anyone who isn't in a good place for whatever reason - the resurrection of form would come that much quicker than going off on one. Basic parenthood - encourage and support...
  13. Time is a luxury - he'll get roundly b**locked on here if we lose two on the trot. Since when have supporters given ANY manager 'time'...
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