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  1. Good and right move from DC, to keep them all on full pay (unlike some other, 'wealthier' clubs who don't have DC as Chairman)
  2. Probably the same greedy, selfish and brainless ones who strip the supermarket shelves...
  3. Think you're outvoted on this one, pal
  4. Where did you read? Is it official or just people making unnecessary mischief? Is it even worth posting cos all it does is to sow seeds of discontent which might make you feel better but does nothing to help?
  5. We're going to have to do that against Man City, who are guaranteed 80% possession. Quick breaks with our quickest players up front. Maybe Mr Murphy will have learned to chip the 'keeper by then, or at least run round him
  6. Which is why he's on loan here and not in NUFC's team....
  7. It's the ever-present sense of entitlement, just the same reactions with Sunderland and Newcastle up where I live. Compounded by the other Sheffield club and Leeds doing better. Yes, it kills me too, but it's not like it's not happened before. Doesn't happen with non-big city clubs not playing well in the same way, hence your Hudders and Barnsley comments. Will take a real leap of faith for a purchaser, if Chansiri walks. We are a mid-table second division team, just like so many said at the start of the season. But we have beaten Brighton, Leeds and QPR away recently, so there must be hope if they can get the mental side right...
  8. Smacks of Eric Taylor's comment years ago, that the team will be 'Craig and ten others". Not surprisingly, the 'others' didn't take kindly to that....
  9. I was being ironic.....but optimism still lives. Who's have thought we'd have beaten Arsenal 3-0. OK, I know it's a 1% chance....
  10. No goals in the last two games. Are we catching them in a fallow period with our revived and speedy forward line to catch them on the break, whilst they huff and puff around our penalty area? Optimism lives....
  11. Maybe because their season-long application was good, and the play-offs are only a couple of games?
  12. Strange how so many said at the start of the season that we were going to finish mid-table and that would be acceptable. All of a sudden it's not acceptable. I agree, we are a mid-table side, so we'd better get used to it. GM 's tactics only reflect the strengths of his players. Bet it changes with the new acquisitions. He's no mug...
  13. He's been known to walk before now, but is sticking in and trying to assemble 'his' team. Don't think he has any reason to walk at the moment. Managers get well enough paid to be able to walk if they want, but guess it all depends if he is able to make his own decisions. Seems to take the Wickham/Windass acquisitions as his own, which is a good sign
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