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  1. ...if you'll stop writing stuff like 'stunk the place out'. Take a lesson in good humour from other supporters (footie and rugby).
  2. VIC MOBLEY - the hard man's hard man.... Don't think Dave Rushbury fits this mold...
  3. Got a good left back, and a back up goalie. Dawson going nowhere...
  4. Good performances from the two of them - a little bit of support goes a long way...
  5. Oh well, too much to ask for support when you pay your money to come. Perhaps people boo you at work...
  6. I hope all SWFC supporters give Cam Dawson (as currently our only fit first team goalie) and Morgan Fox, playing well at the mo, their full support at the Stoke game - as well as all the other players. No snidy boos - let's put all that behind us. We're in a great position in the table, and offering unquestioning support, makes all the difference to how the team perform. UTO
  7. Sure that he'll be under firm instructions not to get involved. There's enough s*** flying around SWFC, that an argumentative manager could see us playing to empty stadia or worse. Let's hope that we have good lawyers on our case. Agree that it was a shocking decision. If I was Dawson, I would have dropped to the floor in agony to prevent to free kick. As it looked to me, his positioning seemed less than perfect. Still, a point....
  8. #SkyBetChampionship Strength of Schedule League leaders #WBA have the easiest run of fixtures in the next 6 games, with 2nd place #NFFC and #FulhamFC close behind. #SWFC have the toughest run of fixtures by far, while #CAFC may find it difficult in the coming weeks.
  9. You're right of course. Lazy boy, should have prefixed it with 'It's a...'
  10. No such word as fred.... there's only thread or Fred? Spelling, eh....shame school doesn't deal with things like this. (shakes head)
  11. A bit early for him to win it - fancy Alex Neil this time around. Good to be nominated though, must be doing a lot right...
  12. No, Fred plays for Man U, dude, FFS...
  13. It's bang average at the moment. Who would have put Leeds down for defeats and low scoring. We're right in there, albeit our generally older legs will have to be kept well massaged until the end of the season. Great test of management skills, when it's so wide open.
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