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  1. Top - yes, let's not forget that 3 days ago we were TOP of the league. Have we forgotten already? Show some respect and patience. What an ungrateful bunch. Look at Derby with their sparkling new manager - they aren't doing so well are they. Man U lost at home today (we've won both of ours). Perspective please. Save the clever comments until half way through the season
  2. Just over 3 days ago, the current team/manager were top of the league - yes, TOP of the league. Now seemingly written off. What's wrong with everyone???
  3. And maybe it's no wonder that the team did not perform to their best in the first half - probably pi***d off that one of their mates was subject to abuse from the idiots in the ground. It's a very thin line at the best of times - let's ALL behave like grown-ups
  4. Don't some just love a new knocking thread. Why can't we just love our own (inc Morgan Fox)? Such a destructive attitude. Wonder if they say this sort of thing about you when you take on new work responsibilities (presuming you're not still at school)...
  5. Yes - apart from when some brain-dead in the crowd decide to boo one of our own players. Wouldn't boo him to his face, would they...
  6. Exactly... LB: We need everyone together, players, fans, staff, everyone. For those 90 minutes, it’s amazing what that support can do. It takes you to different heights. The crowd were cheering every tackle, every header. We are together and long may it continue. We are (nearly all) together...
  7. But we're supposed to wear blue tinted specs, that's what we're here for, isn't it? Always easy to be the one to dampen the start of the party, though....
  8. Didn't do the quality of the footie any harm (hic...)
  9. Yes, the team can win the games - LB is merely a sideshow. If we win he won't get a mention, if we lose, it's all his fault. Who'd want to be a manager...
  10. The early season optimism has gone missing, it seems. What other club managed 21 shots away from home yesterday. Perhaps if we just supported them normally???
  11. Too right - unbelievable drivel posted one here some of the time. We're Championship, we're Wednesday, we're going to have a good season. Perspective has gone missing yet again. Man City let in twice as many as we did. What does that make them? Guardiola had better watch out for his job...
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