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  1. hangonrose

    Away kit 2018/19

    9/10 (one point deducted for having no blue in it - discounting the badge). Very nice - we look serious...
  2. But can all the players wear black boots instead of the multi-coloured monstrosities which will take the edge off this new kit?
  3. Too long believing what's on Google
  4. So I just blindly believe what's on Google
  5. EUFA ruling says no stripes allowed on back (applies to all teams)
  6. TC talking nonsense. Equally, people will want to come because he isn't a 'big' name. The club will pull in what is needed. Feel it will be a good season coming...
  7. hangonrose

    Fans' verdict: Season ticket sales

    Management will have to be creative re pricing, but I (possibly along with many others) will look at the end of last season form, rather than the stasis and injuries which both contributed to the club going nowhere fast, prior to Jos coming and getting the team moving forwards. He has my vote - just the type of manager who will keep things moving forwards, aware of the constraints he has to work under. Feet on the ground, steady investment should make for a decent season and decent s/t sales.
  8. An excellent interview with an educated and thoughtful professional. He fully deserved his contract - we should be proud to have him. WAWAW...aren't we.....let's hope everyone can learn something from his attitude.
  9. Definitely Adam Reach - barely missed a moment all season, and as consistent as anyone can expect, playing all those games.
  10. hangonrose

    Empty seats

    When other clubs seem to be able to sit opposing supporters virtually next to each other, I feel embarrassed that the lower Leppings Lane end is virtually always completely empty, plus the bit in the corner, and now also the the first few vertical rows in the North. Looks awful on TV. Who is at risk of what? Are we still in thrall to South Yorkshire Police for the events of 29 years ago? When will the club move forwards and start some meaningful re-siting - opposition supporters in the lower Leppings any the very least, with ours up above? Will make for better atmosphere, and look better to the outside world. No doubt all been said before, but why not some action this close-season.
  11. hangonrose

    Fraser Preston

    Yes, I have to agree with OP. Fraser, like many in the U23s and U18s should be pulled forward over the summer, instead of buying in those who never quite seem to hit the high spots with SWFC. If not now, when will it ever happen? Yes, there will be bedding in, but we'll have a real Wednesday team, with whom the supporters can relate. It'll be cheaper for one thing, if we are facing financial 'situations'.
  12. hangonrose

    Brian Hornsby

    I used to go to Hillsborough just to see Brian Hornsby play - back then, he was an absolute gem...
  13. hangonrose

    Unbiased Press?

    Our 4-1 victory never even warranted a mention in the I...
  14. hangonrose

    Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    Well, at least, OP, you still have a club to 'support'. Honestly, what drivel...
  15. hangonrose

    To the Chansiri haters

    Anyone who has read Jason Dickinson's excellent History of SWFC, will know that what is happening now merely repeats what has happened over and over again for the last 150 years - boom, bust, boom, bust, sack the manager, sack the chairman. The trick is how to change the cycle. Let's start by understanding that we have a patched up first team which will do well to stave off relegation (we have been relegated from better positions than this before). Let's just support all aspects of the Club by being positive - no-one wants to go down and the present is all that matters. It may come hard in some quarters not to take the easy option of slagging off, but we're here in the now. The future is for another day.