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  1. Nothing to lose by showing the lads a video of the 4th round tie 4 years ago - Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4. One amazing comeback it would be great to replicate...
  2. hangonrose

    Luton manager joining Stoke today

    Newcastle under Lyme's nice and only just across the dual carriageway...
  3. But has Steve Bruce approved any exits? Would want to reach out to keep Reach if we're to progress this season and next
  4. hangonrose

    Adam Reach

    A bit like Messi then....
  5. hangonrose


    Yes, agree with all that, with a memorable end to last season, scoring goals for fun, and everyone smiling again - even Jos. Best of the future to him. Most managers find it's an ageing experience working at Hillsborough, which is a major reason why we are where we are. Ludicrous expectations....so here we go again...
  6. hangonrose

    So..whats next?

    I think that the answer is 'just go to matches and support the team unconditionally'. The other stuff will sort itself out, as it always does. This is the lot of the true supporter....
  7. hangonrose


    Perfectly good goalie, as the stats prove - but the vultures are always ready to leap on his carcass after he dares to make the odd dodgy decision. Funny, I remember both Springetts, Grummitt, Hodge, Pressman and the rest (inc Westwood) all making mistakes, and not having their legs taken from them, by 'experts' who can't wait to moan on. So much for the old ethic of encouragement...
  8. hangonrose

    Praise our manager !!

    And after that great end to last season, and top six by one of the international breaks this season, and holding then 'better' teams in the division, this..... Reluctant to blame him - a perfect storm at the moment. It happens...
  9. The one thing that is impossible to ignore is that his record - in a comparable league situation - is that, as a manager, he has the ability to manage players and inspire - yes, inspire - them to gain promotions. So it is difficult to point the finger at him specifically from an inspiration point of view, however undemonstrative he is as a manager (to us). So, where's the problem?? Players refusing to 'do and they're told', or the upper management for not being able to plot a path forward? Sorry not to have the answer, but buying 'over the hill' players for silly amounts, and probably paying them silly amounts, must have something to do with it. Who would have given Daniel Farke at Norwich a cat's chance, having lost 5-1 to SWFC (yes, the beleaguered SWFC) in the last game last season. And now he's top of the league. Suggest that it's not a manager situation, but circumstances out of his control, and he's just a part of it...
  10. hangonrose

    Lees goal “celebration”

    If so, strange - he's signed a new contract recently. As boring as Brexit...
  11. hangonrose

    SWFC U18s v HULL CITY U18s

    I'd pay - and as mean as owt
  12. hangonrose

    SWFC U18s v HULL CITY U18s

    And even Hull City Academy haven't bothered to post the full time score - what a shower!!
  13. hangonrose

    Must read

    Or maybe his own 'inconsistencies of selection' have been caused by the 'team mentality....a bit weak'. Chicken and egg. Still feel for the guy, and still feel he is making the best of a mis-sold job
  14. hangonrose

    An assessment of where we currently are?

    A lot of logic there...