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  1. People actually want Rodgers out at Leicester and OGS at Man U. It's endemic....
  2. Correct in my case - back in the 60s, I'd watch Wednesday one week (because I supported them), and United the next (because they had a great team and played great footie) at their 3 sided ground. But never any doubt whom I supported, and still do....regardless... UTO
  3. Some really great, grown-up answers, suggestions and reasoning behind Sheffield's inability to achieve in terms of football. I'll distil these and try to come up with a composite document. THANK YOU one and all - and whilst it doesn't solve anything in the short term, maybe there are pointers there for the future. I just hate this 'why us?' during and at the end of most seasons
  4. That's interesting in its own right. I'll now have to look at city populations in the UK, and see how they fare. Not expecting St David's or Wells to be knocking on the EFL door though...
  5. Well said, that man - it started to look up when I left in 1989. Surely a coincidence.....
  6. I'm putting us in a block above all these - Bristols have never been crowd generators, Nottingham have only ever had Forest to make a decent crowd, whereas we could reasonably get 30K at either ground, with full houses for big games. Leeds (a one club city) would never generate a regular 50k+, as it's a rugby city
  7. Yep, good answer, that's where I'm sort of coming from and you've put it well. The only two times in living memory that I've felt we could be big-time, was the day I was at Hillsborough and Chris Woods was also there putting pen to paper - on top of all the other players, and I just thought 'we're serious now". The other time was the night we beat Arsenal 3-0 in the Cup, but strangely never felt it when we were in the playoff final.
  8. I was born in Sheffield, so it's a place very dear to my heart. But why is it that football in this city - apart from the odd sparkly season, like we've had and the other lot have had - is unsuccessful? Why aren't we like Manc or Liverpool, or N London? We can get the crowds to match any city, but why do we manage to make a mess of it? How many players come here and are sold for a profit? Very few. Next season, we'll have a Championship and a League 1 side more than likely. There must be something in the air or it's the people which puts the mockers on consistency.
  9. Bet Reading fans were saying this about Lucas, this time last year...
  10. All we need now is for Howson to print 'A Wednesday win tonight would mean that.....' to cement the result
  11. Looks mighty impressive from this angle, more so than anything else in Yorkshire
  12. Start with all the big cities and work from there. If Sheffield, won't be Hillsborough - too much baggage
  13. One more way to have a dig at the club. What's next for a business that has effectively had no week-to-week income for the best part of a year - but what the hell..... I agree that the;'re too expensive, BTW
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