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  1. Slagging off players, coaches, chairmen always was counter-productive. Real fans don't do this - there are better ways to make an argument...
  2. hangonrose

    Impressing Jos

    So there must be a very strong reason - something we are not privy to. And the stats prove that Dawson is well worth his place regardless of some supporters' perceptions
  3. No favourite children at SWFC for the boss - his comments about today on the BBC "Lucas Joao was having a difficult game after going on as substitute, not always keeping the ball. But he was different after his first goal and in the end was very important to us. "If he wants to be in the starting line-up, he has to work very hard in training day after day. It's as simple as that." Everyone has to earn their place - great to have a strong man at the helm...
  4. hangonrose


    Fair to say that if he was the finished article he wouldn't be playing with us in the Championship
  5. hangonrose

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    It's so easy being a supporter - just support....
  6. hangonrose

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    But we don't know what's happening behind the scenes to influence his choices...
  7. hangonrose

    It's a car crash of a season?

    Well put and concisely put. The future is blue. For the moaning minority, we've been having a nightmare 5 minutes for the last 50 years from my experience. Even clubs at the top of the Premier do, so I just bite my tongue, think of an excellent 80 minutes last night, and be happy that we're moving in the right direction under a good manager, unafraid to make the tough decisions.
  8. hangonrose


    But we don't know if he's suffering a niggling injury, do we....and that Jos is just protecting him...
  9. The mountains I was thinking about are such as discipline, and certain people thinking they had a divine right to play, instead of earning the right. I think his team selections are just part of the process of finding the elusive blend (a bit like the Glenn Miller sound)....
  10. It's a different language in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire...
  11. It's the footballers who perform though. Manager can't kick the ball for them...
  12. Love Jos's attitude (quote from yesterday following the Brentford game's fallout). I have to love his positive, level-headed, committed outlook, with no razzmatazz and cheap quotes. And why shouldn't he have success - he has started to move the mountains, and if the players take it all on board, who knows where it will lead. He's a stayer who wants young Sheffielders in his team, so we can support a man who 'will have success'.
  13. hangonrose

    3 games

    Results not guaranteed by loan signings, though. Take time to bed in, more defeats, loss of faith, the roundabout keeps going around. Stick with what we have and are developing - keep the faith, Rome not built in a day...
  14. hangonrose

    there’s something about Jos....

    He was well rated in the last games of last season, when, with little to play for, he motivated the team to multiple (and some heavy) wins. He can only play with the cards he's been dealt. Nothing has changed - some are happy, some never will be, whoever is manager. He has the post, let's just support him, it's not that hard...