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  1. Is this your contribution to there 'let's not abuse managers any more' conversation? Perhaps you can copy Bruce, Arteta and Dyche in on this, in case they think it's all over
  2. The only person's view that matters is the manager's. The only time I've seen him, he's been direct and selfish - not a way to endear himself to team and manager. Maybe he's just not a good fit, and not willing to learn. Funny how so many on here seem to think that Corbeanu is not to blame, and that Wednesday are at fault. Why not the other way round?
  3. Not when the 'fans' look for any excuse to moan and boo. What must the players think...
  4. Ah but they don't count.....it spoils the argument and the name calling of our manager - clown,,,,muppet....idiot....If supporters behaved like supporters, ah well, that's for another time....
  5. And yes, we could have/should have scored at least a couple more today, but we moved up the league to 7th, and I think we'll see a positive reaction over the next few games (ducks, and heads for cover). And what if I'm right??
  6. I think I see what you're saying, but these 'Championship players' didn't show it last season, which is one reason why we ended up bottom of the league. Can't always blame the manager, but yes, some do have a certain pedigree which would indicate that the club should be right up there at the end of the season. I wish it was as simple as that
  7. Why? Our record in the Papa John's is immaculate. We have our Cup-fighting hat on this season...
  8. Why are last minute goals the manager's fault? I played footy for years and conceded lots of last minute goals - and no-one blamed the manager then. There are loads of good and bad reasons for conceding last minute goals, but none relate to the manager...
  9. Exactly, JOHNHARKES - but you'll never make the headlines with common sense - and most supporters think like you - but there are always the stirrers, who think they must be right. New players, new league, but same old 'supporters' calling for another sacking. Ridiculous - they don't know much about real life...
  10. We're in L1 with L1 players who are new to each other, and an L1 manager. What else do you expect?
  11. Inevitably because their players have been together a lot longer than ours - that's all
  12. Stop being so realistic and thoughtful - you'll be excluded. I agree with you btw
  13. Lost 3 in 11 - regardless, that's a decent start with a new team
  14. Moore's teams have lost 3 out of 12 games this season and you call him a clown. I'd say you are the clown
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