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  1. The same goes for Hutch, who may actually not want to continue as opposed to being forced out...
  2. An offer is an offer - it can be accepted or declined - a decision which can be financial or opportunity-led. No guarantees of acceptance
  3. Spelling like that, is a steak through my heart...
  4. The different leagues are in a bar across the top - you have to look carefully. Move across from EPL...
  5. Just like every goalie in the country - PL downwards....
  6. Very encouraging. BTW, there's no such word as yous - it's you, and it takes less time to type, so you can be correct and finish what you're typing more quickly. Just saying'...
  7. Agreed - classic 'my pot is always half empty' comment, obviously not understanding what it takes to run a business. We've had many great moments this last season, but no divine right to get promotion. It will happen if everyone actually supports, like we used to do years ago, and just moaned into a pint on a Saturday night then moved on
  8. We have a good manager. I'm sure he'll review the playing strengths of the squad for next season, after all we went so close this season, and it's a slight readjustment that's needed to go all the way
  9. But who's going to shell out for a player of his age, however good in L1? He likes it here - I'm just disappointed some 'fans' can't get their heads around the fact that someone is allowed to be happy at SWFC, and wants to remain here. Same probably goes for the manager who may actually want to stay and see his contract out and carry on for a full season with the right mix of players from the opening day...
  10. It must be a miracle how we have about the best home record in all 4 divisions with such awful support and a manager who apparently is inept according to some on here. How on earth have we done it? I think Leeds supporters have been sucking it in the wrong end. However, don't disagree about the overall performances over the two games - a bit like vs Huddersfield a few years ago. I think people got deja vu, and what a shame after all those goals and open football during the season, what with the injuries and players who inevitably took a couple of months to get to know each other.
  11. Agree - for once in our recent history, can we just stick by someone who has largely delivered this season in trying circumstances, helping us to lots of points and lots of goals, a home record I haven't seen the like of in years, and who has the respect of the players and good contacts in the game - and who has a boatload of integrity. No, we haven't won anything, but neither do most managers, but at least we have some self-respect back and we can move forwards.
  12. Thanks for letting me know - I never would have thought to do it
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