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10 points from 15

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Over Christmas and New Year.


VERY good return for a team struggling at the foot of the table.


Today wasn't great, in fact it was dire, but we've got a good points haul over the last few games, and now we've got a breather.


Play a few squad players against Franchise and give some a rest for Hull, and let's go again.


Milan is clearly backing DJ, so now isn't the time for getting on his back whenever we don't get a positive result.


Even the best teams have off days, let's just hope this was one of ours.

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Would have snatched your hand off for 10 points from the last 5 games.  After the Bristol game, the players confidence must have been in pieces.


We MUST bounce-back from this defeat.  Tbh, we could do with giving MK Dons a bit of a hammering, to get the player's belief back up.

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Ultimately too many if the players aren't good enough, Christmas haul has been v good but all teams around us have picked up points as well do not been able to make the progress we would have hoped after a 10 point Christmas return.

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