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  1. damianb1


    Was Hi ho silver lining played before kick off?
  2. damianb1

    More positives from #SWFC

    Would be genuinely gutted if hi ho silver lining is not the final song before kick off
  3. damianb1


    Hooper, Bannan and fessi have not played together since Nov 2016. Those 3 plus Lee fit for most of this season and playoffs easily possible.
  4. damianb1


    If we played that team all season you'd make a fortune betting on over 2.5 goals per game!!
  5. No wonder Dawson conceded 3 if he's playing that wide!
  6. damianb1


    Ffp in itself is a sensible idea but the rules of it are the issue. With massively increasing transfer fees and wages £39 m over 3 seasons is too small. IMHO the limit for ffp should not necessarily against the club but the owner, whatever the liabilities of the club as long as the owner can demonstrate (& if required either put up an equal amount of money and/ or sign legally binding agreements in England and their country of origin) that they will meet the liabilities they should be free to spend whatever they want. So if for example we had contracts that were expiring next summer that cost £8million, the following summer £15 million and the summer after that £13m we would need to guarantee the same amounts for the same lengths of time to the efl. If a billionaire wants to spend £300+m on a football club it's his money I don't see why he (or she) shouldn't be able to.
  7. damianb1


    That would only increase income by £2m per year making very little dent in our p & s position
  8. If we avoid an embargo today and then sign players can the efl impose an embargo at any point during the season or only at specific times?
  9. Fundamentally disagree with the first part of your post. If y set any circumstances at sally no matter what level of provocation you revert to insults of any nature that are racist, sexist, homophobic etc you have are a racist, sexist, homomphobe etc. Deep down inside you no matter how hard you try if you have those tendencies they will surface. If provoked there are plenty of insults that can be used that don't refer to race, sexuality etc, but if you revert to using one of them, by definition you are. I sincerely hope ff hasn't used a term like that but if he has I want him gone immediately. There is no place in society let alone football for behaviour like that.
  10. damianb1

    Mr Chansiri

    The lack of sales for me is one of his biggest faults. The signing of older players on longer term deals is another but that may not have been solely his as I expect he wasn't negotiating the deals, he trusted somebody be else to do that and merely signed the cheques. He has to get more income into the club but the price increases have been ridiculous in some of the areas. His statement about wanting promotion within 2 years will be one I bet he wishes he had never made as it became a noose around the clubs neck and raised expectations. If you had said 5 years ago you will witness what we have over the next 5 years not 1 true fan could have been unhappy about the upcoming 5 years. We either now need to sell a couple of prize jewels to allow us to start again or (hopefully) tread water for a season or 2 before we start again.
  11. damianb1

    Mr Chansiri

    The team that started the game before chansiri took over were Westwood Palmer Loovens Lees Mattock Maguire Baker (Chelsea youngster) Semedo Maghoma Nuhiu Keane Subs Wildsmith Dielna Lee May Buxton Lavery Helan Compare that to the players who we could field next Saturday and the team we have now is light years ahead. Yes Dc made plenty of mistakes (and will continue to do so) and appears to not always learn from his mistakes. However think about some of the football we have seen in the last 3 seasons especially, and what some of the players are capable of. I reckon you could get significantly north of £45m today if you sold our few best players which is significantly more than we paid for them.
  12. damianb1

    Swansea want Forestieri

    There is so much crap spouted in here about certain things, irreplaceable, won't get promoted without him etc etc. Yes ff, bannan and maybe 1 or 2 others are exceptionally good but none of the things mentioned above. Ff was promoted with Watford (as was abdi) but ff mostly came off the bench IIRC. Players are only irreplaceable if they are the best players in the world in their position, surprisingly (listening to some on here) we don't have any of those. Over the last 2 seasons I expect ff and bannan would have got into the vast majority of the promoted teams first 11's but miraculously they still fluked promotion without them! i would be massively disappointed to lose either of our 2 stars but if the right offer (£18m+ for ff & £10m+ bb) I'd accept in the hope that JL could find players for much cheaper (probably abroad) that would make a more effective collective (and simultaneously help ffp).
  13. damianb1

    Question re: transfer window

    Please don't take this as being arsey Scram but do you have any legal experience? Whilst I fully appreciate it isn't stoping a player from working it is stopping them from changing employers at what would more than likely be vastly increased salary and possibly a v large singing on fee. Imagine a young striker bangs in 10-15 goals by the middle of October and rumours abound that top 6 clubs are very interested in buying him and paying him £100k p/w on a 4 & 1/2 year deal. His current club are a bit strapped for cash so are happy to sell. Under the old system he is sold before the start of November and all parties are happy. Unfortunately after banging in another 10 goals by the middle of December he suffers a broken leg and can't complete his transfer (which would have seen him set for life financially) and his career never recovers. His freedom to move employers and get the best financial package for himself is restricted which surely amounts to restraint of trade. If there are any solicitors out there please correct me.
  14. damianb1

    Question re: transfer window

    Year but effectively it still amounts to restraint of trade because novlub would willingly sign a contacted player and therefore incur the transfer fee and wages and be unable to play the new asset. For proof of this just remember the Leicester city issue last August when they signed the Portuguese midfielder who was registered 14 seconds after the deadline. They went up extreme lengths to challenge.