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  1. Hector and Borner would have made a tremendous pairing. Hector oozed class could bring the ball forward and pass short or long, Borner doesn't appear to do much of the offensive stuff but he also doesn't appear prone to the odd clanger like Hector could. The thing is I'm not bothered at all about that because I like my defenders to defend. Borner was a free I believe whereas Hector has reputedly cost Fulham £8m. Think we've got the right one myself.
  2. Had a very poor start to the season. Needs a rest and let Lee or Luongo start.
  3. First day back at work after 2 weeks hols in Sark. The start to the season is making today more bareable!
  4. Surely now swfc no longer own the ground any maintenance and upkeep costs are the landlords responsibility not swfc's?
  5. He dropped some right changers in first half. Iorfa should come back I'm for millwall.
  6. Confirmed by swfc twitter account
  7. If we could get a beast of a central midfielder the best centre half pairing would be Hutchinson and hector.
  8. Couldn't we do a 'buy Rhodes/Joao get nuhiu, fox, van aken, pelupessy, winnall' free offer?
  9. The only job fox is worth back up for is tea lady
  10. We appoint semedo as manager who manages on deadline day to secure his best mate cristiano for his final season of football but the registration doesn't go through until seconds after the window slams shut meaning he is ineligible to play until 1st January. On New Year's Eve the night before his first appearance the he is awoken by midnight fireworks and upon getting up and opening his bedroom window to examine the noise he suffers a perforated eardrum ultimately ruling him out for the season which is his final one as a professional footballer!
  11. Haven't fully read all the threads all day but would have thought something as big as this would have deserved its own thread. Mea culpa.
  12. I know it's the sun but he's reporting that Ashley has paid the £4m upfront and DC has accepted it.
  13. We can refuse to accept his resignation just like Simon Jordan did at palace.
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