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  1. Teams with the corner would hardly ever go man for man, they would predominantly have a spare man and even if they didn't and just went man for man at the back they wouldn't have a spare man it would be equal.
  2. I've always advocated going a step further. Randomly during games I'd leave 2 or 3 up when defending a corner. This would give the side attacking a huge dilemma, do they leave one more back than we leave up or risk that they will get a really good chance and more than likely score and be outnumbered at the back?
  3. Resale value on a deal like this is completely irrelevant. It is purely a question of economics. If the £20m is only on promotion you are effectively buying £200-250m for £20m and if anyone would turn that down you are off your rocker.
  4. After a strong first week of the transfer window I'd go with the following Neuer Alexander-Arnold Varane Van Dijk Robertson Kante Henderson Sancho De Bruyne Sterling Aguero Subs Allison de ligt Salah Pavard Mane Nuhiu
  5. The game is all about opinions, that's what makes it so great.
  6. Thought Loungo was virtually anonymous today, having said that he offers more offensively than hutch. I assume hutch is unfit or unwell otherwise why wasn't he at least on the bench in last 2 games instead of pelupessy?
  7. Yep fully understand the theory behind that but teams and players are in the championship for a reason, they're generally not consistently good enough to play that style of football. Admittedly it was a freak season but Leicester won the title with iirc about 35% possession all season. They had a striker who could finish and they set up to keep giving him chances. Someone (who I can't remember) once said "football is a simple game complicated by idiots" that was true then, now and always will be!
  8. Absolute rounduns, the new football intelegentsia would like you to think it has, all the ticky tacky cr@p but ultimately it's about putting the ball in the opponents net more than they put it in yours. Statistically most goals in football come from crosses into the box and we probably have 2 of the best forwards outside the premier in converting those types of chances.
  9. No body ever the history of football would have protested that decision if they were in Dawson's shoes. Both him and Bruce handled themselves well in the after match interviews iirc.
  10. This aged well We didn't play to his strengths, by that time in cc's reign we had gone very negative. If he plays for the rest of the season and we play like did first half it wouldn't surprise me if he scored 15-20 goals.
  11. If you're referring to when ff was sent off that was nothing at all to do with Dawson, it was 100% the referees fault not Dawson's.
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