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  1. A lot of people's responses in here are part of the reason why we are where we are and have only really been close to returning to the top division once or twice in the last 20 years. Palmer is nowhere near good enough. He might be a great bloke and an owl through and through but ultimately we don't pay him (when we do pay him) for either of those qualities. We pay him for his ability as s footballer which isn't anywhere near good enough. The playoff final season was the only time we've really got close to returning to the top flight and it's no coincidence that Palmer rarely player that season. Thinking back to the last time we were promoted from this division he wouldn't have got in the reserve squad that season let alone the first team . If an offer comes in of more than £750k I'd be happy to accept that considering his age ability and contract status, if not like others have said we need to be getting him tied down to a longer contract on affordable terms.
  2. Sheffield utd have today been named as one of 5 football clubs (and other businesses) found guilty of not even paying the minimum wage to staff between 2011-18 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58083889 This typifies everything about the club, horrible little club, always have been always will be.
  3. @punkyhorrors I don't usually watch your videos, no particular reason I just don't. However the bravery you show to do them considering what you have mentioned in your posts in this topic is way beyond commendable. Mental health is quite rightly at the forefront of people's minds at the moment and hopefully this is a sea change in attitudes going forward and hopefully doing these is nothing but a positive for you. Whether people like them or not is imo immaterial, you're a Wednesday fan, that's that matters to me. Hats off to Neil as well for taking the time and effort to encourage and guide you. Take care.
  4. A question, why when they have a contract to a specific date (usually end of June) are the entitled to another month wage, I don't leave my employer and get paid for an extra month.
  5. Yep, was at burnden park with my dad as a teenager and some imbecile around us thought Jeff Winter was of Asain heritage and used the P word to abuse him. I told him in no uncertain terms to shut it and pointed out his stupidity as Winter wasn't what he'd claimed he was. He chuntered a bit but didn't say a peep after that.
  6. Absolute nonsense, waddle better and in their position Roland was better than both of them.
  7. Imagine this, 92 minutes on the clock and we've been 3-0 since early in the 2nd half. Rotherham are drawing so we are safe. Then Jeff Stelling comes on very excitedly "And there's been a goal in the Rotherham game, but who has scored it?" "With his first goal of the season on the 94th minute and surely now guaranteeing Rotherham's safety..... George Hirst" Just imagine!
  8. Iirc our first game back in this division was away at Derby so there's a symmetry there. Same thing happened against forest in the 80's first game for us back in the top flight under Wilkinson us winning 3-1 with a full length of the pitch goal from Varadi and the final game that confirmed relegation was against forest (0-3) iirc so the precedent is there.
  9. damianb1


    Sad sad news, one of the greatest of all time and around at a time of 3 other legends in Duran, Hearns and SRL, no dodging each other and not much dancing in the ring, fighters who wanted to fight. MMH was the first who got me into liking boxing. Brutal.
  10. Love the shirt, personally would keep the Chansiri name on the shirt but preceded by 2 words, the 2nd of which is off. Now that would fly off the shelves!
  11. Sorry mods just seen other topic, pls delete or merge.
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