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  1. Could you possibly add 2 more lines, one if we had no point deduction and one if it was halved and see where we would be after each game pls?
  2. Hope you're feeling better everyday and back to normal asap.
  3. Comes across well, up for the fight. Like him, he'll be a crowd favourite if we're ever allowed back.
  4. The slightest touch base on the cross to the far post that stopped their right winger having a volley was absolutely first class.
  5. Way before my time but clearly a club legend as well as a thoroughly decent human being. RIP
  6. Why don't you just debate rather than trying to get cheap laughs and failing miserably, I'll happily answer any question you want to ask me if I can but I notice you still haven't answered my question! So ask me your question or stop wasting everyone's time with you puerile attempts at humour.
  7. What's the question then ( I know i'm going to regret this in the morning but I will engage you further).
  8. So make your mind up, am I Dom (assuming you mean Howson) or Daniel (genuinely not sure who you mean there) or just a normal swfc fan? I'll give you a clue (it's not the first or second options). Question for you, if Chansiri did get rid of Monk now who would you realistically go for as our new manager?
  9. If the question is should you be blocked from the site it's a resounding yes
  10. You're barking up the wrong tree fella. Not a journalist just a fan for 36 years who wants the club to do well and for most of my time supporting the club we haven't. Couldn't really care who manages the club, am neither pro nor anti monk ( as I stated at the start of my initial lost which you convenienly appeared to ignore). Success is more likely to come through continuity, we can give monk a multi year contract and him only be entitled to a few months severance pay (this is actually quite common in football) and this is likely to increase our chances of success (whether Monk should be the r
  11. Not sure why you mentioned Dominic when it's neither my name or anyone I've referred to. Strange.
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