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  1. No it wouldn't and to suggest so is crass. These are very well paid individuals who should have experience in dealing with the pressure that the job they are very well paid for requires of them. I've had friends and colleagues suffer from mental illness and am fully aware of and sympathetic towards the effects it has on those affected and those around them. Mental illness is not one to be treated lightly and because it is unseen many sufferers often suffer in silence for long period of time and can be viewed as malingerers as people's view is often "look at him theres nothing wrong with him". Our manager has opened up this can of worms by his comments and imho his allusions are nothing short of disgraceful. Every day he continues to be paid by our club is a sad one in my eyes.
  2. I used to like cc but I'm actually feeling angrier more and more towards him as the weeks go. The alluding to a mental issue then refusal to elaborate effectively deflects all blame away from himself yet he can't be accused of directly hanging anyone out to dry. He is a coward, fraud and a charlatan and the sooner he is sacked the better. I want him gone now ASAP, he doesn't belong at our great club. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out!
  3. Craig Shakespeare

    An absolute snake of a man, got what he deserved for stabbing ranieiri in the back.
  4. The SWFC Chairman

    Today's result makes me actually angry about beating Leeds. If we'd lost that game I think dc may have pulled the trigger but the result and the nature of the performance bought "clueless" another few games.
  5. David Jones

    The stats don't lie but in general I think he is v poor. So slow it's untrue, whenever a player gets passed him his attempt to recover is closer to rugby than football and how he doesn't get booked every match is beyond me.
  6. What an absolute load of drivel. Opinions are fine but when you get 2 basic facts wrong in your opening paragraphs you instantly lose all credibility. Firstly we played Leeds in August 2016 not October 2016 and holt, brunt and whelan were not youth players. Holt was signed from Barrow, Whelan from Man City and Brunt from Middlesbrough.
  7. Joost Van Aken

    I said after his debut that he needs to add a couple of stones of strength and muscle for this league. He will learn and shows great potential and think he'd do better with Hutchinson alongside rather than Lees.
  8. At the sentence "united have more quality in midfield" you lost any credibility whatsoever. Behave, unless you're one of them, if you are jog on!
  9. Joost van Aken

    A promising debut, very impressive distribution and he will improve. I think he could do with bulking up quite a bit as he looks a bit lightweight at this stage for the physicality of the championship.
  10. Best player in his position to play for us in my lifetime. There was a programme on five live a couple of weeks ago celebrating 25 years of the premier league. A few experts were trying to come up with the best 11 of the premier league and one of the experts was waddle, he didn't even mention Roland in contention for the right back spot let alone pick him. I was was truly astounded!
  11. Tomorrow

  12. Tomorrow

    I was lucky enough to be at that match and literally for about 15-20 minutes it felt like every time we attacked we scored, we even scored their 2nd for them! We were unplayable that night.
  13. Deadline day mini doc.

    I love the game but absolutely despise the industry it has become. Danny drinkwater, £36 m FFS!!!!!