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  1. When we get a new manager and seeing as we do not have a semi competent right back at the club could it be worth trying Joey at right back? Hopefully a new manager in will see certain players who are currently "unavailable for selection" become available again so hopefully could see hutch back in the team. Joey does have a good engine, cross and tackle on him so surely he'd be a massive improvement on either of our current options?
  2. damianb1

    Alan Nixon

    If Bruce does come hope we get swarbrick refereeing a few of our games!
  3. damianb1

    Mark Warburton

    Bloody predictive text on phones!
  4. damianb1

    Mark Warburton

    It's nothing to do with patience it's more to do with the fact that everyone inside Hillsboro knows outback defenders aren't comfortable on the ball (IMHO).
  5. damianb1

    Steve Haslam / Stuart Gray

    You have made probably the 2 most contradictory statements in only 2 sentences in owlstalk history!
  6. damianb1

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    Bruce - only buys experienced players (we already have plenty but they're mostly crocks) and we don't have any money to buy new ones. He failed at villa so think his ship has sailed. Moyes - not managed in the championship for about 20 years and no great record there when he last did so he's a no from me as well. Megson - Been here once and again no great managerial record and hasn't managed for quite a while. Viewed by a proportion through v rose tinted spectacles. Not the answer for me. So the least worst from that bunch would be McCarthy. I don't like the style of football he plays but we're hardly playing like 1970 Brazil now anyway are we so that's not too much of an issue. Can and has worked on a budget and does know the division, would demand effort so in our current predicament I'd be on the phone to him right now if I was chansiri.
  7. damianb1

    Tom Lees

    Fair point but Hutchinson actually gets injured and booked a lot less at centre half than he does in midfield so not as much of a problem. If hutch not fit I'd go with hector and thorniley.
  8. damianb1


    Problem with Bannan being captain is he constantly mouths off at ref every game and talks himself into the book most matches.
  9. damianb1

    Chansiri kicking off

    Might be better if you have 8 pints and a blonde!
  10. damianb1

    Tom Lees

    Not even the best centre half at the club right now. Hutchinson is much better as a centre half. Better decision maker, better in the air, reads the game just as well if not better, distribution light years ahead. Much better leader too.
  11. damianb1

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    No my fault I misread. I want him out.
  12. damianb1

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    Ill give you my reasons why. I think he has been given a bad hand in terms of injuries but some decisions don't even come close to baffling. I coul understand the reasoning behind picking Dawson or Wildsmith from the start of the season but to still not realise 16 games in that Dawson needs taking out of the firing line for the sake of both his long term confidence and our season is exceptionally short sighted. Similarly with Hutchinson, he may ave had a mare at Brentford but he certainly wouldn't wave the white flag like some of them are doing at the moment. The insistence upon playing out from the back with ball players like palmer and lees I think even stevie wonder could spot and change! Today he was nowhere to be seen, no touch line coaching/berating/anything. Did he leave his seat once? For me that was unforgivable as a manager.
  13. damianb1

    Tom Lees

    Not in the same class as Hutchinson as a centre half.
  14. Had nothing to do with the result what so ever. Poor defending on both goals. Tom lees making very little effort to get back for the first and joey had 25 yards to concede a free kick by fouling Barnes for the 2nd. If we'd been offered 2 points a week ago most fans would have snatched your hand off.
  15. Did you actually watch the game. We changed formations more than once. Started 3-5-2 then Nestor moved into defensive midfield. Then 4-4-2with thorniley l/b and Penney wide left. That's just the few changes that immediately spring to mind. As for Nuhiu he was truly woeful, the replacement should have been Joao for fletcher.