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  1. What's the betting hesrither loans or sold to Leicester within the next 1-2 years, and I suspect either Leicester will be subsidising his wages or they will have pre-agreed the transfer fee which will more than cover his wages ;and a nice profit) for the time Hebert is in Belgium.
  2. Posted in error
  3. Yorkshire club can only be the dog botherers, if we seriously want upwards of £15m there is no club in Yorkshire other than them who can afford it. Leeds owner has just bought the uk rights to la liga for the next 3 seasons and the previous deal was about £50m for 3 seasons so I can't see spending the transfer fee and wages that would be required to secure fessi. Including wages I'd expect a 4 year deal would set the buying club back north of £25m.
  4. If you mean overall quality you might have a point but the championship is probably THE most competitive league in world football. On the opening weekend next season you can probably make a case for 15-18 teams getting promoted, if you put the top 10 teams from each of the last 5 seasons and the bottom 10 from the prem on a 20 team league I'd be happy to bet that it would be a relative even spread throughout the league table; as proved by the fact that all 3 teams from last season have survived.
  5. damianb1

    Our Goal of the Season Is...

    How many times. He doesn't like being called Dave, he finds it disrespectful. If you can't pronounce it I can understand but if you can't even f'ing type it!!!
  6. damianb1

    R I P mum and fly high

    So sorry to hear Tinkerbell. Thoughts with all your friends and family right now.
  7. damianb1

    Jos: DC got it right.

    I advocated him being sacked in the march international break of his second season. Only a tremendous run towards the end of the season secured a playoff spot. The football was dire for the majority of the season. The league wasn't there for the taking as some have suggested as both Newcastle and villa had been relegated. Newcastle did what was expected which only left 1 auto place up for grabs but with the teams in the playoffs (and the fact that we didn't have to play the worlds greatest team in Fulham) we should have done significantly better in them. The benefit of sacking him then would have been an impetus towards the end of that season and more chance of promotion then but also giving the new manager time to assess the squad, see what was lacking/required in terms of personnel, health (i.e. not waiting for ff operation until a few weeks into this season) and being much fitter going into this last season. This season has been a complete waste on every level but I am hopeful and excited about what Jos can do next season.
  8. damianb1

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    Looks like Neil sat next to dc
  9. damianb1

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    Damn you todwick owl you beat me to it! Mods pls merge.
  10. Mark Williams just walked past dc on way down at start of final session
  11. damianb1

    Jos's Record

    They would have been under cc from league 1 next season.
  12. First season he and us were brilliant for the vast majority but ultimately failed. It was the quality of the footballers and playing high tempo pressing game, leading to winning the ball back high up the pitch which achieved this. Cc then diverted away from this in the 2nd season and although the points total was higher we never looked like winning the playoffs due to the complete lack of fitness. Not one shot in the semi final against 2nd choice keeper and players blowing out of their arses from about Christmas due to a negligent fitness regime. Even more unfit this season hence why most of the squad injured most of the season. Think that's a pretty compelling argument to be honest but if you want to ignore all that then crack on. Jos hasn't started perfectly but given the clusterf@ck he was left with his sole brief this season for any fan with reasonable expectations were championship survival simple. Next season is when he should start to be realistically judged not before.
  13. If you are so big on performances how did performances in the 2nd and 3rd seasons under Carlos impress you? Turgid is being polite.
  14. If hutch was injured enough to come off on Friday why was he kept on after the incident?