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  1. damianb1


    I thought it was an Uzi he pulled out and then hosed the home end down with it!
  2. 100% agree. I always used the analogy of a driving instructor to show it's ridiculousness. Imagine you've been learning to drive for 2 to 3 months and one lesson you say to your instructor "can I learn a manoeuvre today" the reply"sorry I can't teach you to go backwards, forwards I'm brilliant, but backwards no chance its just too difficult for me". I think the instructor would struggle long term for pupils! Yet this nonsense is allowed at all levels in football. I'm not expecting every player to be able to beat 4 players then bang it into the top corner from 25 yards with their weaker foot but they should be competent enough to perform the basics with each foot.
  3. As title, good to see our profile being raised!
  4. Can't wait for this one, loving it so far.
  5. damianb1

    Roland Nilsson memories

    The only ones in my lifetime who I'd argue were better we're Maldini and Lahm. Roland was world class!
  6. damianb1

    Morgan Fox

    Neither player has been with us that long.
  7. damianb1

    Why aren't we selling?

    Surely this would only apply if contracts were cancelled? I can understand certain bonus payments becoming due if players leave but have not asked to leave. I am fairly certain though that no club (even one as incompetent as ours) would agree to a contract that allowed the full contract to be paid up if we sold the player.
  8. damianb1


    Hope hutch stays with us for the rest of his playing career then becomes a coach at the club. He's got the passion every club needs.
  9. Surely the sale of an asset (the ground) any funds received would class as income?
  10. damianb1

    Adam Reach Injury update

    If you put a 1 in front of the 6 I'd be happy to start talking.
  11. damianb1


    Class, some great stories.
  12. damianb1

    Adam Reach

    That's a shame, if you'd said Reach I was going to ask how much you wanted for your house? lol
  13. damianb1

    Adam Reach

    I assume you're referring to ff rather than reach Reach with that valuation?
  14. damianb1

    Hutch's salute....

    That just demonstrates the difference in humans. Westwood had just got on with his job whereas Sam has "worn his heart on his sleeve". Sams response would be frowned upon in a professional workplace but football isn't a professional workplace. A huge proportion of footballers come from working class backgrounds and as such aren't always the brightest buttons in the box (yes I'm aware that us a sweeping generalisation but it isn't that far wide of the mark). Football is a way of the making a better life for them and their families. Most have to develop a thick skin in order to succeed and banter (or whatever you wish to call it as this word appears to have been hijacked by the pc police) is very much part of the football world. Is it something which i would be proud of doing? No it isn't, is it something which I can understand when (if what a lot believe is correct) that someone who has a second chance at a career he clearly loves by someone who is plainly making very poor judgements and lacks the moral fibre to listen to alternative perspectives? Yes I can completely understand. Is it really worth debating? Probably not. You think he's done something wrong, I don't. Let's agree to disagree but I will say I'm a damn sight happier this Thursday evening after the last 2 games including sams gesture than I was this time last week with the previous incumbent still in charge!
  15. damianb1

    Hutch's salute....

    If you genuinely feel that the way pogba conducts himself is better you seriously need to give your head a wobble. Like others have said he typifies all that is wrong with the modern game and society in general. He is more concerned with haircuts and celebrations than being the best footballer he can, if he'd been around at the same time the class of 92 were coming through he'd have been released, not because he wasn't good enough but because of his focus and determination. You can see why SAF didn't trust him. Not fit to lace the boots of the likes of scholes, Keane etc, and in a fifty fifty between him and hutch I know who I'd back every time. I even know who I'd back in a 30-70!