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  1. Hudson-Odoi, yes I'm sure a player they turned down 2 bids in excess of £30m from Bayern Munich is highly likely to be loaned to a lower end championship team, ffs.
  2. If we'd sold FF to derby for £10m after the playoff final we'd have been circa £16m better off now (assuming he was on around £30k per week) as we would have saved £6m in wages over that period on top of the transfer fee. Now in all likelihood all that money would have been reinvested but I'm sure we'd have seen a better return (and maybe even more saleable assets) if we'd sold him then.
  3. I suspect legally it is unenforceable but PFA and in particular Gordon Taylor are a disgrace. I think he is a pretty vile individual tbh and has done nothing but line his own pockets for decades. He is a morally bankrupt individual.
  4. Good article but doesn't say much that people don't already know. Iirc Arsenal have between £200-300m in the bank and an owner worth billions. There decision is abhorrent in the extreme and is far far more disgusting than anything dc has ever done. The press should be shout out loud about this. As I've said many times before I love the game but despise the industry that surrounds it. Despicable.
  5. Sorry my mistake, I thought you were stating his previous deal was £12k per week.
  6. He was on significantly more than £12k a week.
  7. He did one great thing on Wednesday which many don't seem to have commented on. He was just outside our box, Bannan had the ball and the pass to Hunt was being closed down. He sprinted 10 yards forward to create the angle for Bannan to pass forwards rather than backwards, controlled it, took another touch then hit a great 50+ yard ball to the right winger who won a corner. From defence to attack within about 5 seconds. Quality play.
  8. He plays with his head up and is constantly looking at what is around him. Both v v good attributes.
  9. Accuracy of people's statements here makes a huge difference, if it is assine have suggested 9 and 6 is that a 9 point suspension with a further 6 points next season OR 9 points with 6 of them suspended until the end of next season and only applied if further transgressions occur. All in all potentially 12 points difference in possible punishments.
  10. I'm more concerned they'll go the other way and wait until the season is over and give see how far we are clear of relegation and give us one more point than required to put us in bottom 3.
  11. Wouldn't touch Pearson with a barge pole,comes across as a thoroughly unpleasent individual when things not going his way.
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