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  1. Used to be a member there when I was younger and lived in Sheffield, lovely course. Enjoy it pal.
  2. No not wide I agree but overall as a footballer he was.
  3. Scholes was significantly better than Beckham.
  4. As footballers Beckham was v v good at what he did. He crossed brilliantly, had a great range of passing and was a brilliant dead ball specialist but he wasn't in the same league as Zidane, not even close. Beckham left foot was only for standing on yet even now it's impossible to know which was Zidanes better foot. Whilst it's ridiculous to say Beckham was signed by RM as purely a marketing tool of all the first generation of galacticos there was a greater element of that with his signing than the others. I was lucky enough to see RM in the march before Beckham signed and Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo and Raul were all on a completely different level to Beckham ability wise. Beckham was Herculean for England and put some great match winning club performances in over the years but Zidane won a champs league final and World Cup by his own efforts. And for those 2 things alone I prefer him to Messi and Cristiano and just behind Maradona.
  5. Just imagine if he'd played for us in the early 90's, hooper behind hirst with waddle and Sheridan in midfield!
  6. I was happy not today hit the clubhouse or housing estate
  7. F me, used to be a member there that's a long par 4.
  8. Ironically the fact that he's on huge wages may help our cause. He should easily have earned enough money throughout his career to be set for life financially so IF he wanted to could play for very little for the last couple of years of his career. He doesn't appear to be obsessed with the flashier side of the game (huge watch, trophy wife etc) and seems a fairly decent type of a guy. At our level he would be absolute quality and would hopefully bring the best out in TL. He offers a good threat going forward as well and apparently is an owl as well so with all things considered if we could sign him within whatever wage structure p & s allows it would for me be a no brainier. Having said all that do I think it will happen? I wouldn't put 10p on it.
  9. I've only seen them a couple of times this season but I've been very impressed with dawodu both times. Solid, very fast, reads the game well and v good going forward, can beat multiple players. A few others look capable of making it but I'd say he's probably the pick for me. One question, if I'm not mistaken that's the 2nd time in 3 seasons we've won the league so why no promotion? Is it due to the category of the academy?
  10. Words are never enough at a time like this. Thoughts are with you and all families and friends.
  11. I saw the last few seasons of sterland and yes he was one of our own. BUT Roland wasn't international class, he was world class. The best rb in the world at the time. Still the best player in their position I've seen play for Wednesday and the only player I've seen better in their position in the flesh was Zidane. If full backs were still picked for their defensive ability alone and if he was playing now he'd be worth £50-75m. Perversely Mel might be worth more today because of his marauding runs but for me it's a defenders job to defend. The only full backs in the world I'd consider in the same class as Roland in my lifetime would be Ashley Cole (vastly underrated) Lahm and Maldini. Privileged to have watched him.
  12. Leaves us a bit open down the left hand side, with Worthington playing right in front of Roland!
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