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  1. Had nothing to do with the result what so ever. Poor defending on both goals. Tom lees making very little effort to get back for the first and joey had 25 yards to concede a free kick by fouling Barnes for the 2nd. If we'd been offered 2 points a week ago most fans would have snatched your hand off.
  2. Did you actually watch the game. We changed formations more than once. Started 3-5-2 then Nestor moved into defensive midfield. Then 4-4-2with thorniley l/b and Penney wide left. That's just the few changes that immediately spring to mind. As for Nuhiu he was truly woeful, the replacement should have been Joao for fletcher.
  3. damianb1

    Penney vs Ayling

    I thought Penney was outstanding tonight. He coped with playing different formations, already showing increased confidence going forward. Has great feet and close control just needs to improve his decision making as often delays final pass a but too long. An awesome prospect who we MUST get signed up as THE main priority.
  4. damianb1

    Matt Penney Goals for SWFC

    That will explain it then
  5. Surprised bannan not made the team
  6. damianb1

    Matt Penney Goals for SWFC

    Some cracking goals there but imo his best one isn't on there. I remember seeing one a couple of seasons ago, it was a free kick on the right hand side outside the box and he bent it round the right hand side of the wall a short he looks at it into the keepers near post with the outside of his left foot. Can't find it anywhere.
  7. damianb1

    Season ticket problem

    No trumping from me and last season of 3 yr s/t.
  8. When I handed my season ticket over yesterday the turnstile operator scanned it and said it was invalid. I said it had worked fine for the rest of the games so he tried it again and said it was still invalid. My 11 year old had already gone through so he let me through but said I needed to contact the ticket office. Anyone else ever experienced similar? Just tried phoning ticket office but phone cuts out after a couple of minutes. I assume closed on Sundays?
  9. damianb1

    U-18's tomorrow

    Rally enjoyed the game. Dominated first half, 2nd half a bit more even but to say they were 2nd before the match we were a class above. Hagen and Hammoud both looked useful. Hammouds body strength incredible. Fully deserved victory and me and the lad enjoyed it so much he even said can we do this every home game!
  10. damianb1

    U-18's tomorrow

    Thanks for the replies.
  11. Thinking about taking my lad to u-18 game tomorrow. Is it a 11 am kick off, can you park at the training ground if not where is nearby to park. Thanks in advance.
  12. damianb1

    Strength of our academy

    What do you have to do to get to level 1 academy status?
  13. damianb1

    Team V Reading

    You'd put our under 23 striker who's scored loads of goals in the last season in def midfield??? No experience or awareness how to play the role. I can only assume you've typed the wrong name. If not could you explain the thinking behind it pls.
  14. damianb1


    Great clearance yesterday but not anywhere near as good yesterday. Often makes poor decisions with distribution and Bannan had a right go at him in 2nd half. Bit later reach was getting boxed in in front but of South stand and kop and palmer just stood behind reach on the touch line, looked as if he didn't have a clue what to do. If you compare him to Penney Penney looks much better and as he if he knows what he's doing both defensively and going forward.
  15. damianb1

    Adam Reach

    Mostly today we played 4-2-3-1 with Reach the central of the 3 behind Nuhiu.