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  1. He needs to act immediately
  2. If anyone at all votes back him their comments on football can be ignored forever!
  3. Personally I wanted cc gone in march but when will dc realise cc won't get us promoted and cut his losses. We've no chance of promotion this season and if cc really believes he has he is beyond delusional.
  4. Where would we be if....

    .... we had a decent manager
  5. How about you set the team up to attack and be positive for 90 minutes and we see what the result is. He is nothing other than a fraud and a charlatan and the sooner he's gone the better!
  6. The pigs performances will have a big bearing as well. On Tuesday the lost to the odd goal in 9 but both sides got a standing ovation from all fans because they'd both gone out to try and win and entertained. In that context we're not even in the same league as the pigs and we've missed 2 golden opportunities. Sickening!
  7. Can I save these to my phone??
  8. “Clueless

    He gets called clueless because of his complete inability to either see the obvious faults or if he sees them do anything about them. A definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing whilst expecting a different result. He refuses to set up in an attacking fashion despite it working so brilliantly last season (especially the playoffs). He's become a Portuguese wenger. His purchase of players and then no idea how to incorporate them to utilise there best abilities, still being unwilling to rectify the oh so glaring shortcomings from the play off final defeat, is that enough to be going on with. I do like how he comes across but genuinely don't think he will get us promoted from this division and on current evidence is more likely to get us relegated.
  9. what would the score be ?

    Could be double figures.
  10. No it wouldn't and to suggest so is crass. These are very well paid individuals who should have experience in dealing with the pressure that the job they are very well paid for requires of them. I've had friends and colleagues suffer from mental illness and am fully aware of and sympathetic towards the effects it has on those affected and those around them. Mental illness is not one to be treated lightly and because it is unseen many sufferers often suffer in silence for long period of time and can be viewed as malingerers as people's view is often "look at him theres nothing wrong with him". Our manager has opened up this can of worms by his comments and imho his allusions are nothing short of disgraceful. Every day he continues to be paid by our club is a sad one in my eyes.
  11. I used to like cc but I'm actually feeling angrier more and more towards him as the weeks go. The alluding to a mental issue then refusal to elaborate effectively deflects all blame away from himself yet he can't be accused of directly hanging anyone out to dry. He is a coward, fraud and a charlatan and the sooner he is sacked the better. I want him gone now ASAP, he doesn't belong at our great club. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out!
  12. Craig Shakespeare

    An absolute snake of a man, got what he deserved for stabbing ranieiri in the back.