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  1. Sorry mods just seen other topic, pls delete or merge.
  2. In proper football not even a foul, game went soft years ago and far the worse for it.
  3. In that half an hour I reckon we'd have turned over any side in the world, e en the best Italian defensive sides of the generation. It just felt like every time we attacked we scored.
  4. I couldn't believe how much Simeone earns at Atletico Madrid,£35.9 m, that's a little under £700k p/w!!!
  5. If Chansiri doesn't leave I strongly fear we'll be in league 2 within 5 seasons.
  6. Westwood's wrist, seriously. Firstly he didn't get anywhere near Diane's shot, it was out of his reach and secondly if it hadn't been for Westwood that day we'd have lost v heavily. He had a great game ffs.
  7. Sorry for your loss and thoughts with all those affected.
  8. So sorry for your loss, thoughts with all affected.
  9. The bit about weight is actually incorrect. They have done studies and the speed the ball is hit at has far more of an effect. It's something like the weight of the ball doubles the kinetic energy whereas the speed increases the kinetic energy by 4 times. So effectively today's lighter balls could do more long term damage. Shearer did a documentary a couple of years ago and the short term effects were shocking.
  10. Corrigan was 3rd choice, now he'd be miles ahead of Pickford as a keeper.
  11. Great goalkeeper who had it not been for Shilton would surely have been England number 1 for a long time and got more than 100 caps.
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