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  1. Leaves us a bit open down the left hand side, with Worthington playing right in front of Roland!
  2. No, not at all but the OP was addressing a specific issue in the match which involved a different player to the one you commented about. FWIW I agree about lees, his distribution is woeful and should be passed the ball as little as possible.
  3. The comment was about Fletcher not Tom lees.
  4. Played well, grant and Shaw ran the midfield and were different class to anything Ipswich had to offer. Both good physically at that level. They scored 3 of the 4 goals between them and were all well taken goals.
  5. I watched u18's this morning trounce Ipswich 4-0 who are leaders of southern section. Connor grant looked absolute class, I wouldn't be adverse to seeing him given a chance in bazza's role before end of season.
  6. Villa were poor today and would have been lucky to leave Hillsboro with a point. Greslish mostly went missing, his biggest contribution was falling over and whinging when he didn't get a free kick. Absolute daylight robbery today.
  7. Sold it for £80 m when we only valued at £41m???
  8. Don't worry pal. I've always been a pedant when it comes to language, the contradiction just made me laugh. I know exactly what you mean though.
  9. Single handedly with the help of. You do see the contradiction here???
  10. An absolutely thoroughly decent bloke which means far more to me than his attributes as a football manager. I happen to think at this level he's a bloody good one of those as well.
  11. Faultless? Other than that time in front of the north stand in first half when as the last defender he Miss controlled it straight to their player to put him clean through on goal!
  12. What on earth they all doing in krakow for weekend when we've Blackburn at home? Bloody part timers!
  13. The kop the kop version started "He's built like a brick 5hithouse he's Emerson Thome"
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