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  1. Ever get the feeling

    Gascoigne was brilliant against us that day.
  2. Tv fees

    Is that £247k per team or split?
  3. Rip to fellow owl. Thoughts with all connected.
  4. In today's financial climate he has all the attributes to be a £20m + player, but he seldom displays all those atributes. If it clicks we have a hell of a player on our hands.
  5. Bloody ridiculous

    First 50-55 minutes we pressed and moved and pressured like we did under cc first season but without the same base of fitness, therefore we dropped off and conceded midfield. I suspect jos will want an even greater level of pressing and fitness going forward but we're not there yet. The midfield 3 were class.
  6. I'm just gutted we can't play exactly the same starting 11, thought Clare had a class full debut. Would love to smash the charlatan on Saturday.
  7. RIP Georgia Rae

    I would have thought it would have been automatically included but never having set one up myself the honest answer is I don't know. My advice would be to contact just giving direct and ask, if it can be added it would effectively mean the amount required through donations would be less than the target required due to the grossing up of the donations after gift aid is claimed. iirc gift aid is 20% so you would need to raise between £1200-1250 through donations rather than £1500 making it easier to achieve.
  8. RIP Georgia Rae

    @Ash76 we've disagreed on various topics before and am sure a few negs have passed between us but that is all completely insignificant at times like this. We suffered a miscarriage abroad and that was a harrowing time but nothing compared to what your family are going through. My thoughts are with all concerned and hope you can all find the strength to get through this most difficult of times. Take care all of you. Have donated but was surprised to find nothing about getting the tax added to the donation.
  9. The whole argument that football has moved on and jr or whoever hasn't is ridiculous. Someone once said that football is a simple game complicated by fools or idiots (I can't remember which) and he wasn't far wrong and cc proved that. You win games by scoring more goals than the opposites and over the last 5-7 seasons in the division we're in now jr has the best record at that (& as the fat Spanish waiter would say "that is a fact"). Should we have signed jr, were we set up to play to his strengths are both questions that are too late to ask. He has missed plenty of good chances this season which I would have expected a striker of his pedigree to take but for a large portion of this season the quality of players around him has been poor so he maybe snatching at the chances because he's not sure when another will come along. It's crystal clear that his confidence is seriously low so that needs building up and I'd be tempted to say to him that he will start every game alongside nuhiu until the end of the season so he knows he has a run of games in front of him and that might relax him. I do hope he can turn it around because the majority of the fan base were clamouring for us to sign him for years and now we have. He is the only striker we have on our books that is currently fit that is capable of scoring the number of goals we need to win the games to stay up.
  10. Butterfield has played since then
  11. Since his brief late appearance at the pigsty I don't think he's been near a first team squad. What's happened?
  12. Pelupessy

    Actually if it's £438k that's 12.4% less than £500k so nowhere near 20% less.
  13. 1 - Mark Smith 2 - Des Hazel 3 - Ante Miricevic 4 - Wayne Jacobs 5 - Tony Galvin
  14. 5th Round Draw Details

    I'd love to draw Spurs at home. A really cracking side to watch and their only realistic chance of a trophy this season so good chance they wouldn't make many changes.
  15. 5th Round Draw Details

    Horse? She's very attractive, she could get on my doodahs whenever she wants!