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  1. I get your point but I think it can be a great way to raise money for a charity. It’s also a chance to see players that you wouldn’t normally see play together.
  2. Looked like a training ground move that came off perfectly. Good movement made to look excellent by poor defending. Not a negative comment; you can only beat the team you’re playing.
  3. I was thinking more about how JR was used once we had him. We turned the best poacher the Championship has seen into a target man.
  4. The most disappointing signing in 36 years following SWFC. Sure he’s a lovely bloke and some of the blame here should sit with Carlos, but still very disappointing overall.
  5. Doesn’t count as a loss. Apparently if they play on a Sunday with a new manager any defeat is expunged from the records. It’s in the small print.
  6. Liked what I saw of Winnall in those first few appearances. Think he suffered due to the signing of Rhodes. Neither player has really done it for us. Would like to see if Monk can get something out of Winnall.
  7. Each time I think about this, I come to the conclusion that the only solution is a new stadium. Is it fair? No. Are we being assessed using harsher criteria than other clubs? Probably.
  8. Not great consistency; much like Drenthe in that respect.
  9. I am not opposed to Beattie being involved but some fans would have a problem with it. Sooner or later, they would use it against Monk as a rod to, you know, Beattie him with.
  10. What a bizarre reply. Celebrating 12 years with my GF in a couple of weeks btw.
  11. Had a dream last night that Monk’s first game in charge ended in a 6-1 defeat to Coventry at home. They took a 4-0 lead before Nuhiu pulled a goal back, and then we conceded two late on. Last vivid SWFC related dream I had saw Jeffers score a hat-trick against Barnsley.
  12. The thing is, I know people will be calling Football Heaven in the next few days and when they say “Garry Monk”, I know in their mind they will be spelling it “Gary”.
  13. Crazy outcome. Those asking why he was legally not guilty yet the FA found him guilty are missing the point. There are different burdens of proof in different settings. Not saying it’s right or wrong, that’s just how it is.
  14. The 2-4 loss at home to the blunts was the final straw for many fans, and I suspect players. Had we won/drawn that game it could have easily turned out differently. A season or two consolidating before trying again. Instead, he hung on for dear life until almost everyone wanted him gone.
  15. The only regret I have is saying the licence plate thread was scraping the bottom of the barrel. This thread is infinitely worse. Apologies @A12owl
  16. Between 4th and 20th in the Championship, there is not a massive gulf in quality. The right manager can turn a lower midtable side into a team capable of finishing in the play-offs. You just need that extra bit of quality, intelligence, experience and charisma in your coaching staff. Bullen has some of those qualities, but I refuse to accept there are not better alternatives out there. Why the **** do we always wait until a decent part of the season is over to have a real crack at it? Bruce walking out was beyond our control, but we should have had someone in by now. Just once I would love us to play a 46 game season instead of playing catch up after ten games have passed.
  17. It’s going to be like that time you were waiting all day for a phone call and then you realise your phone is on DND.
  18. I suspect you have misunderstood my post.
  19. This sort of argument is turning me off Owlstalk. Criticise Pulis, so you must think is better. Criticise Chansiri, so you must think Allen was better. Criticise our performance, so losing at home to Burton was better. Criticise the kit, so the crap one from a few years ago was better. Criticise our spending, so no spending must be better. Criticise our sales strategy, so selling desperately was better. There is no consideration given to the circumstances surrounding each topic of debate and this site is just becoming an echo chamber of polarised opinions where who shouts loudest is heard better and reasoned, rational debate is lost. Yes, I’m having a bad day.
  20. For all the people taking the p**s, the facilities at the ground do put people off. There are a few casual football fans I’ve convinced to come to Hillsborough over the years and most of them have been put off by the terrible facilities and refreshments on offer. Not everyone who attends matches is a hardcore fan and some people are put off by these things. If we had better facilities would it add thousands to the gate? Probably not. A few hundred? Maybe. Would those people return and maybe bring their friends or their kids? Too many fans judge other fans by their own values. Some people just fancy going to the occasional match and don’t care if it’s Wednesday or United. When I’ve lived in other cities I sometimes attended games as a neutral. I would not have gone back if the facilities were crap.
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