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  1. The guy who help me with the corroborating tweet was unaware of Terry Henfleet. Had lots of fun telling him that story!
  2. Here’s hoping. Was thinking earlier how strange it would have been had this turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Also, wonder how many managers asked bookies to quote odds on them for different vacancies to generate news?
  3. I decided to have a little fun last night for a couple of reasons: to show how easily manager betting markets can be manipulated and also to show how quickly and readily people believe things they read online. As some of you know, I follow Romanian football and support Sportul Snagov. László Balint was their manager and did exceptionally well. Imagine Luton spending two thirds of next season at the top of the Championship before falling away when the manager leaves. It was a hell of an effort. I started with a tweet to Skybet simply asking what odds they would offer. They put him in at 20/1. The same odds as Arteta. I told someone I knew about my plan. They offered to tweet that they heard Balint had an interview. I thought this was a bit too much, so asked instead to tweet they had seen him in the car park at Hillsborough. A couple of posts on here to stoke the fire and some people were posting: ”There’s something in this.” ”It’s too random to be made up.” ”This is just like Chansiri.” And my personal favourite was someone assuming he was represented by Doyen. Who knows? He might be. Basically, don’t read too much into odds and don’t take random tweets as gospel because it’s probably a couple of guys on the internet bored and on a wind up.
  4. Not a chance. He had shown his (lack of) character. Don’t want him near the club.
  5. I don’t hate the man. I just think he’s a classless c**t of the highest order who will shamelessly prostitute himself to the highest bidder. That’s just my opinion though.
  6. Friend of mine in Romania who supports Dinamo said he saw Balint at Otopeni airport Sunday evening. My friend was going to Constanta to see the Dinamo match last night. Wizz fly Bucharest to Doncaster on Sunday evenings. Only reason he recognised Balint is because he managed Snagov, the place my GF is from. Small world....
  7. He left Sportul Snagov as they were in danger of going under. He took them to top of Liga 2. He left in the winter break and Snagov tumbled down the table. He’s moved around a lot but improves each club he’s managed. He also won Liga 1 as a player. His manager: Dan Petrescu.
  8. Didn’t Zola take Birmingham from play-off hopefuls to relegation candidates in three months?
  9. László Balint. Heard it here first. No thanks necessary.
  10. I might turn up at St James’ with a bucket of KFC for Bruce and Ashley to share.
  11. Conducted himself like a complete and utter c**t. As always, we’ll move on.
  12. I reckon David Moyes will get the job. 22/1 at the moment with Sky Bet.
  13. Get’s to a point when it’s not worth keeping him. Let him go and bring in a young, hungry manager.
  14. Manager odds are some of the most sensitive to bets placed. All it takes is a few people to put a few quid on and then the odds start moving. Everyone else piles on as the odds are moving which snowballs.
  15. Remember seeing Tom play. Looked decent. Shame what happened to him. Didn’t he have Sideshow Bob hair?
  16. No idea who Mr Tom is. I just call it how I see it. Two quality posts with poo in between. A poo sandwich if you will
  17. Two brilliant posts from Mr Tom surrounding a hysterical and absurd post from quinssweetshop.
  18. If picked as a first choice he will score goals. It’s just a case of whether he brings enough extra to the team.
  19. Not trawling through 80 pages. Have we sold the ground or not?
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