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  1. Season ticket

    In response, it buy must ticket renewal season. Comprende?
  2. Clean language viewing

    My personal view of swearing is that it is not a big deal, yet most parents make it out to be some hideous thing. Words are harmless on their own, it is just how they are used. If children are told what these words are, what they mean and are educated that these words should not be used in polite conversation then it takes all the mystery and excitement out of using them. Hysterically reacting to swearing around children just makes them more curious about what the words are. Any parent who thinks their kids are not swearing when they are with friends is extremely naive. Tl;dr
  3. Jon Newsome "Ron Atkinson turned a bit nasty"

    My god... that Newcastle game... did anyone on our side come out with any credit? As another poster mentioned, I had no idea he had retired after that game. Honest player and a shame it didn't work out for him here in the end.
  4. Deadline Extended

    Didn't see that coming......
  5. Clean language viewing

    Grandstand is no different I’m afraid. Sat there for years and the swearing is just as bad.
  6. What does Jos have to do...

    I think we have done enough to stay up. I can't see the teams below picking up enough points to overhaul us. Also, we are in a fortunate position of having top Championship players coming back into the team. We will be ok. That win against Leeds will have just pushed us far enough out with too few games left. Next season... I really, really want Jos to be a success. I'm not convinced yet. A few good results before the end of the season, with our better players coming back, will go a long way towards convincing me. I don't care how we get the points next season but I expect us to be in contention for top six. I don't think FFP is that big a deal either. I've posted several times showing that we only need to lose some deadwood to chop a huge amount off the wage bill. If we sell someone like Winnall as well, then we will be fine for FFP.
  7. What does Jos have to do...

    I woupd hope most fans are realistic enough to know we can't be picky about how we get the points. Getting four wins from eight games would be a great statement of intent for next season. It would build some confidence in Jos even if those wins are scrappy affairs.
  8. Sunderland - don't like their fans Birmingham - as above Reading - just don't like the club
  9. Football agents in football

    So the tl;dr for this thread is “i don't understand something so i am going to be angry about it instead of learning about it”.... ?
  10. Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Nah. Pick and choose next season.
  11. Bolton Wanderers eyeing up Jordan Rhodes

    I'm curious how Rhodes will perform with a decent pre season under his belt. We signed him in January 2017 when he hadn't been playing. He did ok that season. Not great, but ok. This season has been a shambles and hardly anyone had come out of it with any credit, apart from Joao, Nuhiu, Wildsmith maybe. With a decent pre season I am still confident we will see some quality from Rhodes.
  12. Any fans videos from yesterday?

    Hilarious. I could watch that on a continuous loop all day. Beautiful.