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  1. "Too good to go down"

    Jesus Christ. I just want to shake people and scream “wake up” when they defend Carlos. A relegation battle is a real possibility.
  2. How can anyone defend him?

    Disagree. Generally speaking, you finish the season where you deserve to finish.
  3. How can anyone defend him?

    Agreed. He should have sacked him ten games ago.
  4. DC not doing his job

    That is my go to phrase @TINKERBELL
  5. Well that’s that then.

    Going to be a shock when ST renewals nosedive.
  6. 21,000

    Wasn't there tonight but let a mate use my ST. Had a nice evening with my girlfriend and her parents who have come over for the weekend. Honestly surprised we got more than 20,000 considering the time of kick off, time of year and that it was on tv. Not to mention how boring the football is.
  7. I know where the OP is coming from. Frustrating times. Just feel as though our season is on hold until we have a change of manager or a sudden turn around in form.
  8. Venancio

    Oh, hang on. This guy exists?
  9. Nuhiu has to start

    My thoughts exactly. Nuhiu and Rhodes up top, with Hooper dropping slightly deeper.
  10. it gets worse

    Got the sense that they really cared when they were bending over to allow just the right angle of penetration a few weeks ago.
  11. The blame game

    I respect people who own their mistakes. I respect people who admit that they got it wrong. I respect people who acknowledge their own skillset and limitations. I am losing respect for a lot of people at the club.
  12. What is Sheffield Wednesday?

    The club is two things; the fans and the history. Two things no owner can take away.
  13. Squad overhaul

    Agree to an extent, which is why I think we need to evolve rather than just trying to overhaul the squad in one go.