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  1. Remember seeing Tom play. Looked decent. Shame what happened to him. Didn’t he have Sideshow Bob hair?
  2. No idea who Mr Tom is. I just call it how I see it. Two quality posts with poo in between. A poo sandwich if you will
  3. Two brilliant posts from Mr Tom surrounding a hysterical and absurd post from quinssweetshop.
  4. If picked as a first choice he will score goals. It’s just a case of whether he brings enough extra to the team.
  5. Not trawling through 80 pages. Have we sold the ground or not?
  6. fizz no. fizz no. Feck no. Take your pick.
  7. This could rumble on. P&S isn’t fit for purpose though.
  8. Not trawling through 70 pages. Have we sold the ground or not?
  9. I didn't hear anything after about ten seconds in
  10. This. That game where he scored a hat-trick... he was immense.
  11. If there is a manager I trust to get the best out of Rhodes, it is Bruce. As always, it comes down to how bad our financial position is. I'm still hopeful that Rhodes could do a job for us, but if we end up selling him and freeing his wages up then so be it.
  12. Great video but did have to mute it after a few seconds Awesome work for such a young age though!
  13. As I suspected, and I think we discussed this a while ago?
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