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  1. I agree. Shame how the last couple of seasons panned out with him.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sizeable bonus for TP if we avoid relegation. I think he/we will do it.
  3. I’ve told the full Laszlo Balint story in my latest blog: https://davidscothern.com/2020/11/15/part-55/
  4. There are different types of debt. I doubt it’s as clear cut as you make out.
  5. Re: Chansiri.... spending money does not mean he’s done well. Is there any area of the club which has significantly improved under his ownership?
  6. Might struggle in this climate, but a good independent broker may be able to sort something out for you.
  7. Happy to give general advice but I’ve taken a few months off work.
  8. So, just to cap this all off.... Some of you will remember me blogging about Sportul Snagov when Laszlo Balint was manager there. At the time, I was in regular contact with the club. I recently contacted Laszlo to ask if he had any comment on the rumours. He sent me a friendly reply and just stated that he was very happy in his current job and will not comment on any rumours. He seems a genuinely nice guy both from this last conversation and from when I was invited to meet him and the players a couple of years back.
  9. I’ve not fully translated the article, but from what I gather, the rumour I started made its way to the man himself.
  10. People talking like he’s ended up non-league. He’s had a decent career, albeit one that didn’t quite live up to the hype.
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