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  1. Football Heaven Boycott

    The show is annoying at times. Almost as if some of the callers are playing characters.
  2. David jones

    I was very critical of him in the early days but happy to be made to eat my words. Thing is, I'm still not happy with our midfield overall. I don't think we have enough athleticism in there and when Lee isn't playing we look like we have no henergy. I've been saying it for two years but we need a beast in midfield who can go box to box for ninety minutes.
  3. 8 games in

    A solid if uninspiring start, in my honest opinion. We still seem to lack that cutting edge to really put teams the sword on a consistent basis. When you are pushing for a top spot the margin for error is so much smaller. I just hope some of these dropped points don't come back to haunt us later in the season.
  4. We will hammer United

    Most derbies come down to which team is up for it.
  5. Years ago I was in the pub in Orchard Square in the middle of the afternoon. I had consumed a fair few pints and was with a woman i was shortly going to be hooking up with. Anyway, she had gone to the bar and i was sat at the table minding my own business. This guy comes up covered in tattoos, middle aged and obviously drunk. He asks me who I support, drunkenly I think this guy is a blade just because of his general demeanour. He is also with a group of guys. I am seriously thinkkng there is going to be trouble. He starts talking football and asks if I am a blade. Absent mindedly i say "yeah" as I'm not really listening to him. I'm just trying to humour this guy until my other half is back so we can leave. At this point two things happen; he says he is an Owl. I realise what i just said yes to. Why should it matter who you support? Why should you fear for your physical safety because of who you support?
  6. Message from Keiren Westwood

    Best 'keeper we've had in decades. I think we can all forgive the odd mistake here and there.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Doesn't matter. We are still in our typical extended pre season. Remember, the season doesn't start for us until we have a good run.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Typical inconsistency. Consistent inconsistency you might say.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    I hope their number 31 comes on so i can hear the commentators drop a brick
  10. I just don't know with us anymore. It's like throwing a coin as to which version of Wednesday turn up.
  11. Come on now Jordan

    I said it a while ago in a different thread; play him and give him service and he will score and score. Problem is Hooper and Fletcher are the best partnership, despite neither being the natural goal scorer Rhodes is.
  12. Fernando who ??

    Good player but we are a better team without him. For me it is that simple.
  13. Come on now Jordan

    I was talking about Joao
  14. Come on now Jordan

    He does get away, only problem is he will fall over in doing so, or lose the ball, or probably a combination of the two.
  15. Come on now Jordan

    I'd rather go on career performance. Comparing the two would be embarrassing. Joao had lots of potential. He's 23 or 24 now i believe? How much longer do you want to talk about potential? He has shown flashes of ability but often looks like a rabbit caught in the flashlights.