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  1. It’s going to take several transfer windows to sort the squad out. In the immediate future we may have to rely on free transfers and loans to round the squad out until such time that we can afford to spend on quality players again.
  2. Struggling to muster any enthusiasm for tonight‘s game. Just feeling like it’s going to be a promotion party for Norwich.
  3. Needs a new deal. Nailed on MOTM.
  4. To provide context, June 2017 saw approx 470M contactless transactions. (According to google).
  5. For four years now we’ve been 3 to 4 players short of a top championship side. It’s insane after spending as much money as we have we’ve not really moved on.
  6. How we playing? I’m in Windsor with a crap internet signal.....
  7. I only skimmed the article so only counted the one mention of the transfer to Manchester United.
  8. You know, normally when a player leaves us I don't really care what happens with their career. It's a bit different with Lee. He was my favourite player. His drive and energy in midfield was so important to us. He made us play ten years higher up the pitch and he knew how to score. That goal against Bristol City when we won 3-2 was brilliant. Unfortunately I think Lee is done here. If he continues playing and gets a contract elsewhere I would wish him nothing but the best with the rest of his career.
  9. I don’t think it will be allowed to happen. The game will have to move to another country, like that South American match a few weeks ago.
  10. If we get there and draw the blunts, on a scale of zero to The Bay of Pigs, how well organised will the policing be?
  11. If Hutch would have scored it would have been such a pop from the crowd. Would have been an incredible moment. All that aside, another good point against a team in fine form.
  12. Can’t stand half those united players. The other half I hate.
  13. It’s a delicate flower that’s offended by chanting they hear from a match on TV.
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