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  1. Chansiri may not be responsible but ultimately he is accountable. The club is in a desperate mess despite the somewhat positive start on the field. We are, at best, treading water. We need money and experience at the upper levels of the club. We need a fresh start.
  2. I hardly ever look at matchday forum anymore. Just saw this on FB and came here after. I’ve felt alienated from football before, but never from SWFC to this extent.
  3. Just one more thing turning me off from football. I don’t think there is a single thing about the sport/business I like anymore.
  4. Simple solution. Stop the clock whenever the ball is not in play. Each half is 35 minutes of pure playing time.
  5. Agreed. But if we're only a 3-4 points off top-six, it might be worth trying a bit harder to sell fringe/out of contract players and then reinvest in some fresh options.
  6. A lot of players are out of contract I think. If we're in touching distance of the play-offs in January, it might be time to wheel and deal then. Ship some players out who are out of contract in the summer if we can find takers. Then use that money to freshen the squad. It all just seems so stuffy and familiar, even with the players we brought in this past summer.
  7. Same here. Not really paid attention to any of our games. Seen a couple of our goals and that’s about it. Just not feeling it.
  8. I get your point but I think it can be a great way to raise money for a charity. It’s also a chance to see players that you wouldn’t normally see play together.
  9. Looked like a training ground move that came off perfectly. Good movement made to look excellent by poor defending. Not a negative comment; you can only beat the team you’re playing.
  10. I was thinking more about how JR was used once we had him. We turned the best poacher the Championship has seen into a target man.
  11. The most disappointing signing in 36 years following SWFC. Sure he’s a lovely bloke and some of the blame here should sit with Carlos, but still very disappointing overall.
  12. Doesn’t count as a loss. Apparently if they play on a Sunday with a new manager any defeat is expunged from the records. It’s in the small print.
  13. Liked what I saw of Winnall in those first few appearances. Think he suffered due to the signing of Rhodes. Neither player has really done it for us. Would like to see if Monk can get something out of Winnall.
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