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  1. What a shambles this season has turned into .

    It has been an absolutely woeful season so far. I said it weeks ago that my fear was CC would do just enough to cling on to his job, and when he did eventually leave it would be too late for anyone to salvage the season. Just losing interest now.
  2. Something isn't right

    Barely even paid attention to the game today. Apathy is contagious.
  3. Carlos interview

    I'm still fighting for a threesome with Natalie Portman and Jessica Chastain. I probably have more chance than promotion with Carlos.
  4. Is Fletcher Really A Better Option Than Rhodes

    Fletcher gives Hooper freedom to score. Playing with Rhodes, Hooper would not be as effective.
  5. Wallace.

    Love his attitude. Would hate him if he played against us.
  6. Next 4 games - 9 points MINIMUM

    Nothing we say will affect how these games turn out.
  7. Wildsmith

    Depends on how long Westwood keeps going. Not that unusual for 'keepers to play till mid-30s. Not sure that Wildsmith would be content to play back up for the next three seasons. Also, should we get promoted I can see us probably looking to get another top, experienced, goalkeeper. My heart would love for an academy player to nail that number one position, but my head says it's probably unlikely.

    We managed the game well and mixed up the play. We were direct and aggressive with our attacks, but we also realised when we needed to keep possession. It was a very solid and considered performance. Still in awe of Hooper today. One of the most complete attacking performances I have seen in years from a Wednesday striker.
  9. Standard of refereeing

    Thought the ref was below average, but the average standard is poor anyway. Linesmen were terrible.
  10. The thing that pleased me most

    Agreed. He's always looking to get forward and get attacking. Incredible the amount of goals he scores with the amount of involvement he has in build up play.
  11. The thing that pleased me most

    We could, and probably should, have had more goals. Great display in attack. Hooper is absolutely class. His ball retention is incredible as is his knack of being in the right place at the right time.
  12. Wildsmith

    An excellent understudy, but sooner or later he'll want to be number one somewhere. Very solid from him today.
  13. Does anyone work with Leeds United fans?

    Going to be so very sweet
  14. Does anyone work with Leeds United fans?

    Work with a couple. So smug its difficult to get a decent conversation out of them.
  15. What mood are you in?

    Resigned. Hopefully a word I will see again today even if we win.