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  1. Owlstalk HQ - Neil with his finger on the button. *performance mode engaged*
  2. It's obscene. Wasn't long ago that it was reported almost every PL club could let fans in for free and hardly impact on their bottom line.
  3. Alrighty let’s keep it tight for the first ten minu…….. Fuuuuuuuuuuck saaaaaaaaaaaaake
  4. I found it much more commercialised than at Real Madrid.
  5. Went for a tour of the Camp Nou a few years back. It was just one big money making exercise, and came across as a bit cheap and tacky. No doubt they get decent income from it, but it just took away from what should have been a rich, cultural experience.
  6. Anyone else watching? Massive increase in quality from season one I think. Was loving all the call backs in episode two to previous characters as well. Elnor and Jurati annoy me, but quite like the other characters.
  7. It must be ten years since I spent money in the club shop. It’s just awful.
  8. Ignoring for a moment the horrific backdrop to all this, it’s amusing watching the potential implosion at Chelsea.
  9. We want to donate, but don’t have a car. Would anyone be able to collect from Kelham Island?
  10. Strange, probably intentionally vague, wording. Out of interest, does anyone know how many UK clubs are under Russian ownership?
  11. What does it mean? Does Roman no longer own the club??
  12. Imagine someone having life saving treatment and a goal is scored. Crowd celebrates and someone falls on the injured person.
  13. As per title. https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/steaua-bucharest-owner-announces-ban-on-signing-vaccinated-players-318979?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=JOE.co.uk&utm_campaign=feed&fbclid=IwAR1CGl_MmaAMwQX73kT-8KrM_SGFrtpsRdtUlynNIyp5eEfFJo87Ghb94rU
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