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  1. I expect us to do what we always do; wait until the horse has bolted and then lazily lock the stable door. We did this with Carlos, then Jos and to a lesser degree letting Bruce do his thing before taking the job.
  2. Great guy but not a long term answer. At the risk of simply repeating what most are saying; we need a new manager. I have no idea who would be best, but then it’s not my job to pick.
  3. If we did move, I would hope our stadium had no mention of Hillsborough or the disaster. It was a tragedy but the club needs to move on. A memorial at the site of Hillsborough: yes. Anything at the new stadium: no.
  4. Like playing chess with a pigeon. It will poo on the board, knock the pieces over and strut away like it’s won.
  5. I don’t like the idea of backing down from a bully. In this case, I think fighting is more trouble than it’s worth. Better to move on.
  6. I love our stadium. It has character and history, albeit some of it tragic. However, redeveloping the stadium is like putting a plaster on a stab wound. We need to move. We need a fresh start. I’d look to liaise with SAG, SYP and the Council to get concrete info on what specs the stadium needs to allow us to use 100% of the capacity and then build from there.
  7. I don’t mind Preston. Went to uni there and attended some of their games. Always found their fans to be friendly and knowledgeable in person.
  8. Should be a law against selling tickets on for more than face value.
  9. Even by The Star’s own standards, that is a badly written article.
  10. It’s going to suck having this hang over the club all season, and I do mean all season. The only way this ends quickly and quietly is if Newcastle pay big bucks.
  11. If you have spare time, visit Miniatur Wunderland. https://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/ Maybe the best museum/attraction I’ve visited in Europe.
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