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  1. Poutine at half time would be amazing. Penalty shoot out between five fans from home side and five from visitors. Each side gets cash per penalty scored. Simple and fun.
  2. Did I say that? There are ways of getting fans onboard. Bitching at fans is not one of them. He could have called back to a game when the fans rallied behind the team and pushed us on to victory. He could call upon a time he managed against us and lost, and said the Wednesday fans were immense and were a big part in why he was beaten that day. It might be BS but it’s a damned sight better and more effective than saying “we need to change the culture”.
  3. If GM is taking aim at the fans, he needs to educate himself on the treadmill of fcukwittery we’ve been on the last few years. The fans have been taken for mugs for years now.
  4. If you lose 5-0 at home to a team that is below you after half a season, questions need to be asked. Insults are a little pathetic though.
  5. If the ten year period only starts upon promotion, how do we spread the money out for accounting purposes?
  6. We’re too accepting of mediocrity. We’ve been conditioned to accept our lot with just a few quiet grumbles. Other clubs would have their fans kicking up a s*******m with how we’ve fared over the last few years. The club has had its reputation tarnished, and we’ve been made to look like fools by our city rivals.
  7. 11th in Championship was my first thought when I saw the thread title.
  8. A few times this season I have considered paying for a match ticket. Then I look at the prices, laugh, and decide to spend my money elsewhere.
  9. I barely follow football anymore. Can’t remember the last time I sat down a match, or even just highlights for more than a couple of minutes.
  10. The last few seasons, or more like the last twenty years, have killed my enthusiasm. Sick of one false dawn after another. There seems to be something in the DNA of the club that holds us back despite the owners, players and coaching staff changing. I think the fanbase is too accepting of mediocrity. Other clubs would have fans shouting, screaming and protesting. We just grumble a little until someone refers to the club almost going under a few years ago and then fan turns on fan. The whole club has become boring and stale.
  11. Systems, substitutions and tactics are largely irrelevant here. Professional players should not throw away as many points in the final minutes as we have this season.
  12. There is no way I can provide a direct answer. However, I can infer from the fact that not many clubs are charged with breaching P&S in the Championship, that most clubs have their finances somewhat in order. That would in turn suggest that most clubs get more right than wrong when it comes to signings both in quantity and quality. We made mistakes in not only the quality of our signings but also the number of pointless signings.
  13. The stadium is not the cause of our current problems, but rather another symptom. The causes of our problems are the following signings: Darryl Lachman Sergiu Bus Claude Dielna Urby Emanuelson Jordan Rhodes Callum McManaman Will Buckley David Jones Almen Abdi George Boyd Joost van Aken And that's just a selection from the top of my head of signings we've made that have not worked out. Best guestimate, maybe £200,000 p/w in wages and millions in fees. No club gets every deal right, but you would expect a club with a logical strategy of well thought out transfers to get more right than wrong. We don't waste money, we don't fall foul of P&S and as such we don't need to sell our stadium.
  14. gives me a chance to have some rest from this football purgatory
  15. Someone wake me up when we actually start moving forward as a club.
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