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  1. We have really set the bar low if a new manager learning the players names is a good thing
  2. Legend has it, that if you go to Hillsborough you can still hear his voice.
  3. When you have an itch on your back in that exact spot you can’t reach. That’s frustrating.
  4. If you want the kids to go, the parents have to want to go. As it stands, the parents don't want to go.
  5. With the exception of clothing, and maybe mugs and glasses, there is very little I would actually buy from a football club shop. I can't remember the last time I spent money in the club shop and that is despite popping in a couple of times a year for a few years now. It's just mostly really poor. In the thread about match programmes a few days back I suggested we move to a digital subscriber model with hard copies of the match day programmes posted out to those who download the e-version. Why are we not expanding the digital side of things and offering downloads of old season re
  6. First season under CC we played some great stuff but we were no where near good enough to go up. Second season we were more effective but lacked the real killer instinct to go after teams. If we had rolled the dice on a new manager going into the next season I think we would have done better.
  7. The fact we have been crap under a number of managers should be a clear statement that the problems run deeper than who is manager.
  8. Agreed. It's like many of us have been saying; all our problems can be traced back to the same root cause.
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