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  1. Could be looking at much longer without football if the authorities try to end the season based on current league standings. There would be court case after court case. It would be a nightmare with no one winning. Best case is to delay until it’s safe to resume. If that means clubs are able to have (in effect) another transfer window mid season, so be it. If it means the authorities have to loosen the rules on P&S, so be it.
  2. About the potential EFL points deduction.... If we have committed an offence and are subject to sanction... and if the season is called off... it would surely make sense to reduce the penalty and pro-rata it to match the proportion of the season completed?
  3. Monk is trying to manage a squad that has largely given up. Rather than criticise Monk, I choose to give him credit for sticking in a job that is absolutely toxic. We don’t know with certainty what’s happening behind the scenes but we’ve struggled with different managers and mostly the same squad and the same Chairman. The constants here are the players and owner and that’s where I’m aiming my criticism.
  4. Local media doesn’t have the balls, motivation or clout to investigate this. Keeping good relations with the local clubs is what keeps local journos in a job. If they get on the wrong side of one of the clubs, it’s game over for them. I would love to see one of the bigger national papers complete a thorough investigation of our situation over the last five or six years.
  5. Now isn’t the time for point scoring against other fans. Organised action from a unified fan base is needed.
  6. The times I have been to Italy made it clear to me their approach to hygiene was.... relaxed.
  7. Word on the street here, in Jaipur, is maybe.
  8. We win this game 3-2. It’s an exciting, end-to-end affair. It’s 6pm where I am, hence the future knowledge. Any questions about the next few hours, ask away.
  9. Yeah, gonna need to know what this G business is all about.
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