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  1. I think Degryse also played in a better team at the time to some extent. We still had Waddle, Hirst, Bright doing quite well. Although he was obviously quality. Why did Degryse only hang around one season? Does anyone know why? Bit like Trustfull. Did well but didnt really settle and hang around.
  2. No idea. It seems to be in no mans land really, so I would assume the council. It's fenced off from the railway, but quite open to the canal. There's quite a few of these things dotted around, but harder to get up to without tresspassing on railway land etc. Great things to enjoy. I find this type of thing fascinating.
  3. A old derelict railway goods shed and engine shed. This is the old Tinsley Station goods shed, just opposite TGI Fridays near Meadowhall.
  4. got sent this link. No mention of cheesy chips https://assets.website-files.com/608a732b029d389bcad859c7/60aeb348d4affd41003433e7_Furnace_Main_Menu_SS_21.pdf
  5. Ahh yes I think ended up cutting it out in the end.
  6. From what I read, the were made but never sold as cheaper foreign imports were starting to become available at the time. Literally hundreds made but moth balled
  7. The history along this 5 miles stretch is amazing. A job trying to cram it all in to half hour.
  8. Funnily enough, I'm just editing a video about the Tinsley canal at the moment. I'll post it here on Friday. Some cracking bits of history along that 4-5 miles of canal.
  9. I think it was only fenced off very recently. I saw recent photos where it was just open space. Shame, as I was wanting to have a good explore of the wasteland.
  10. Could that be the old wasteland where the old Ecclesfield East station was?
  11. Cobweb Bridge over the River Don. Also known as spider bridge.
  12. Who was Nolan? Why do I have no recollection of that player?
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