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  1. I remember Clough signing on loan. Was it the same time as we also breifly signed Grobbelaar.? It was during Pleat's desperate last few weeks in the job.
  2. Grimsby Subbed before half time. Only lasting memory I have of him along with hitting the bar against Sailbury.
  3. Didn't Neil Mellor score 2 hatricks?
  4. Great memories of that season. I was about 14-15 and that was the first season I started going without my dad and got to a lot more games than I used to. What a start. Didnt realise we went on such a bad run after the first 4 games and didnt actually win again until November. The Forest game at home with Carbone scored his first goal sticks out as a highlight. And the Sunderland one later in the season for some reason. Last game of season. Pressman injured, Clarke sent off minutes into his debut sub appearance. Booth in net. Trustfull seemed to be head and shoulders above some of the others. Remember he liked to run with the ball straight from the kick off. Though Pleat didnt really seem to fancy him and he didnt stick around. Great goals against Wimbledon though.
  5. That injury at rotherham 😔. New year's day I think if was? Never really saw him properly after that and was released after our Cardiff play off win. One of the few positives out if those 2000-2003 years before his big injury.
  6. btw I don't believe Carbone was signed until later that season when we were top so wasnt part of that team until a few months in. Di Canio was signed the summer after if I remember a few months before Pleat was sacked.
  7. Huddersfield 4-4 sticks out and coming away from the game, although gutted, I knew that would be a classic looking back. Can't beat the Brighton game for atmosphere and occasion and a glimpse of the potential that is there should we ever be successful again. The Bristol game had everything. Come back, red card, penalty misses. In fact there are numerous game from the 2 play off seasons that were right up there. The tension and passion when we came back to beat Derby 2-1 at home near the end of the season.
  8. Love this thread. Always first one I look for after a match.
  9. ...and that was the last time we saw him, sadly. Such a waste the last 16-17 months. Massive loss.
  10. Kazakhstan anthem not the one from Borat. Number one exporter of potassium.
  11. though BBC website had them down scoring against Bolton. Got confused and excited for a mo
  12. He looking promising. We'd not had him long when he was seriously injured. Pretty much ruined his career. ACL I think but memories a bit hazy.
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