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  1. So fustrating. Norwich really poor.
  2. Graham Hyde

    Lived near me in Doncaster. His Dad used to give me my wages working in the working mens club in the late 90s. Great times. Thought he was ok.
  3. Looks better. We're about to hit a period where last seasons line shot up. We need to keep this form to keep up with last season.
  4. Atmosphere at Hillsborough

    It's not felt right all season. I first noticed at Sunderland very early in season. The whole place was so flat even before the match. Can't put my finger on it but people are just going through the motions. turning up to games stunned. Maybe we should bring back the owl video before the game again?
  5. Forestieri not in the squad

  6. Forestieri not in the squad

    Was it Massimo Cellino who questioned FF attitude and mentality when they passed on him/ We beat them to him* *delete as appropriate Hhmmmmm
  7. Steering group meeting

    Owls Americas‏ @owlsamericas 35s35 seconds ago More Just left 5 hours of steering group discussion at #swfc. Strictly no live tweeting - thoughts to follow tomorrow, but...
  8. Europe in 5 years. I remember it well but even now that sounds even more ridiculous. Even the chairman laughed at the time.
  9. Promotion - we will be in the mix

    I think this thread could be summed up as nobody knows and nobody has a clue until everything gets going.
  10. Trevor Francis V Peter Reid

    I was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago. I remember the match as remember reid getting some abuse from the kop. I was a similar age to you. I think it was against man city in 92ish. When hirst scored off both posts.
  11. Wallace going off

    I missed what happened due to a caffufal with people in front in the wrong seats? What happened?
  12. Wasn't it Sibon who scored that night? Yorath's first game?
  13. Jesus 12 years. Doesn't feel that long ago.