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  1. No idea All I remember it was down a little passage off the road near the Marina. Ate outside round the back on a picnic table. I was wearing a white top.
  2. I had a lovely seafood chowder in Dingle. Cracking place. Ironically the mother in law lives in Offaly
  3. Haha yes. I wondered the same.
  4. Paolo Coopio

    The Missing Men ....

    Sad if true. Watched the extended highlights from last season's Leeds game a few days ago. He was outstanding. Got injured shortly after I think.
  5. Paolo Coopio


    Don't forget Bruce was seen by villa fans as a Birmingham city man. Was hardly welcolmed with open arms to start.
  6. Paolo Coopio

    The Missing Men ....

    What about Hooper? Is he injured or just missing?
  7. Wasnt this the game Cantona was on the cover of the match day programme? Remember it being foggy too.
  8. Paolo Coopio

    Sports Personality

    Just to add. I remember the atmosphere in that first season not starting great. Some of those early games were toxic. I remember the Reading game in particular some of the abuse from around where I was on the kop, It was only when we started doing well that things seemed to turn. The Arsenal match was a huge catalyst.
  9. Paolo Coopio

    Wednesday - West Brom (Knock off OMDT)

    Never easy. Can't keep hold of ball
  10. Paolo Coopio

    Man City at home 2002...

    and Maddix.
  11. Paolo Coopio

    Man City at home 2002...

    Ashley Westwood . Nightmare. Pressman just doesn't look comfortable there does he?
  12. Briscoe!!!!! Lobbing seaman. Actually just realised it was Manninger.
  13. Paolo Coopio

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Ryan Green
  14. Got 1-1 draw written all over this.
  15. Paolo Coopio

    This is still absolutely stunning.

    A waste of a brilliant video only using it for less than half a season. Really hope they update it a bit of use it next year. Really set the scene before kick off.