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  1. Dont panic. Let's keep our heads. Not over yet. Worse case scenario we lose, it's still in our hands with our game in hand
  2. I suppose it depends on what attributes you are looking at. If you're looking for a dedication, hardworking, reliable, loyalty etc player. That list would be different from just footballing attributes. In terms of players that added value off the pitch rather than skill on it, Semedo, Bullen etc would be on the list. However if you're looking for skill, excitement etc then surely it's Boothroyd, Jeffers etc
  3. A very interesting story. What was the story behind him become chairman of the other side?
  4. The two Di Canio moments stick out for me. The obvious one and then the one against Watford in FACUP where he argued about a throw in. It's almost as though he was wanting a few games off... For some reason Sanetti springs to mind. Unbelievable goal and then......zilch. Talk about a debut. And whilst we on about debuts. Regi Blinker at Villa. What an entrance. Was downhill from there. Howler award goes to Ashley Westwood. There was one game at some bleak point in that era where he literally gave away 2-3 goals in a game through awful backpasses. Can I give an honourable mention for the wierdest thing to see an opposite do? The Arsenal team knocking Steve Morrow out during celebrations?
  5. Was that Wigan? I remember it running off the roof like a watter fall
  6. Anyone know any rumours? Are we expecting big announcements, or lower end artists?
  7. What I will say though. Same thing happened to Milburn. The demos and early EPs were so sharp and edgy. First album came out and it's like they produced the edge out of some of the songs. Same thing with the Reytons album. Just felt it lost a bit of the rawness.
  8. Been listening to Reytons for a few years but only just starting to get in to them Early stuff was very AM influenced (early AM). That was clear to see. However they seem to have developed and filled their sound out a bit. Antibiotics. Red Smoke. Broke Boys Cartel. All great tracks and far more rocky that their earlier stuff.
  9. Hope he's given space to develop. We've produced some decent defenders over the years - Woods, Spurr, Beevers, Palmer to name a few. Most seem to have had their best years at other clubs though.
  10. I think thats me done for gigs for this year now. Nothing else in the pipeline Saw Courteeners in Lincoln last week. Wasnt the best, but they were still brilliant. Crowd seemed a lot younger and most just seem to go to gigs to talk loudly to each other whilst the bands play. Terrorvision week before at the Foundry. Was a bit tanked up and it all seems a bit hazy if I'm honest . Highlights were - Reytons and Gerry Cinnamon Most underwhelmed - Sea Girls. Was looking forward the most and it just felt a little bit flat for me for the majority of the set. The fact that I took the wife, wasnt drinking and she inisted on virtually standing so close to the exit doors that I could hear traffic going past didnt help. Was glad to see Bluetones one last time too....which looks like that will be it for them now.
  11. Reytons on Friday. Thought they were really good.
  12. Saw Gerry Cinnamon in Manchester last Friday. Went to Manc as wasnt able to attend the original Sheffield date. Was on another level. I go to a lot of gigs and the levels of enjoyment from the crowd was amazing. Really enjoyable. All good spirited too. Thousands staying behind afterwards just singing. Sea Girls next week. One Im most looking forward to.
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