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  1. Is it a true story, do you know Jim?
  2. Saw Gerry Cinnamon in Manchester last Friday. Went to Manc as wasnt able to attend the original Sheffield date. Was on another level. I go to a lot of gigs and the levels of enjoyment from the crowd was amazing. Really enjoyable. All good spirited too. Thousands staying behind afterwards just singing. Sea Girls next week. One Im most looking forward to.
  3. The last remaining whole building that was part of the tempoary town for the workers that built the Derwent/Howden dams. However, it has migrated a few miles away....
  4. Cheers Big Malc Yeah you can get on the cycle route from Staveley/Poolsbrook. So in theory, you could bike all way from Rother Valley Country Park, then at Poolsbrook jump on the Clowne Greenway. Pretty much all on disused railway.
  5. I used to work near Clowne and went every lunch time for lunch. Never realised myself either. I've just moved over to Whitwell.
  6. Ahh yes, I've been waiting for almost 18 months for this one . They've realesed the debut album since the gig was first announced and are just about to release their second. Venue was upgraded too.
  7. If so, apologies if you have.... However, there are some lovely left over disused railway stuff around the town.
  8. Saw Bluetones a few weeks ago. Was a bit quiet and plenty of space. Been to a mini festival which was obviouslt outdoors. Saturday night just gone, saw Terrorvision in Holmfirth. Was packed. The return of the silent farter. Got Ash next week. Gerry Cinnamon, Sea Girls and Courteeners coming up....
  9. IVe not got mine either. I also am too tight to buy a printer as I rarely have anything to print at the moment . The little printing I do I can usually do at work. But not being in the office means a bit of a round trip to print my ticket. Was easy enough collecting my ticket though on the day. Would just be easier to load it on to the card. We really should be sussed at getting stuff like this out before the season starts.
  10. One of favourites to film too....apart from the flying ants.
  11. In my top 3 favourite pubs in Sheffield. Just love an old pub that just does good old basics.
  12. My latest video. This road has always fascinated me since I first saw it in my teenage years. Anyone remember actually driving on it?
  13. What did you do to get it to recognise your membership? I've logged out etc but still can only get £26 on kop. Nothing else.
  14. yeah I've been looking forward to seeing them. I think when I bought the tickets it was at the Foundary and they'd not even released an album. They got quite a bit bigger in that time and it's been upgraded to O2 academy. Incidentally they were one of first bands on friday Tramlines in 2019. liteally nobody watching them....including me. I was checking out the hotdog situation.
  15. Bluetones this week. A mini festival at Wroot this weekend Then at some stage in the coming months. Ash Terrorvision x 2 Sea Girls Gerry Cinnamon ...that I can remember. tbh I've lost track of what Ive got tickets for that has been cancelled/rescheduled.
  16. Another canal explore just over the Sheffield boundary. A nice day out, easy to get to on the train. Anyone who knows my videos will see I have started in Chesterfield and am working my way all the way to the end of the canal eventually.
  17. Thanks to everyone who followed my previous 2 parts at Bole Hill quarry in Grindleford and the Thornhill Trail. I had fun trying to track the route of the old railway line alongside of Ladybower and Derwent Reservoirs as far as Howden Dam. PS. I tried out the new X57 bus service from Sheffield. Half hour later I was getting off at Ladybower Inn. What a great service. It was a bit late coming back the other way though. Thought I was going to be sat there for another few hours. If I'd have known I could have been having a few pints in the Ladybower Inn. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the 3rd and final part.
  18. Gutted I missed the deadline to roll over. I was moving house and complety missed the email arriving. I've literally not sat down for 7 days. Can't believe the window was only a few days between receiving the mail and the deadline. Gutted.
  19. I'm not sure if it was left up there or taken up. There used to be a line to the top that I assume wagons were pulled up to tip the limestone in the kiln.
  20. Whenever I see yorkshiremans it reminds me of Terrorvision playing there the day before supporting Def Leppard at Don Valley. So many good rock pubs gone. Sportsman, Yorkshiremans. And even Rainbow, which I never went to as I think I was too old.
  21. I've done a 3 part explore of the Monsal Trail between Bakewell to near Buxton. Looking at the history of the old railway, disused stations, tunnels, quarries, like works & kilns and viaducts. What a great few miles of walking/cycling/running virtually in our doorstep. Here is part 3
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