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  1. Based on our contracted players for next season - Dawson Palmer - Brennan - Iorfa - Brown - Galvin Byers - Adeniran - Bannan Windass - Gregory
  2. QPR 2004 Palace 2010 Hull 2016 Huddersfield 2017 Derby 2021 Sunderland 2022 Any others?
  3. Thinking over the years how many teams we've had to sit and watch other teams celebrate momentous wins against us- I can genuinely only think of a playoff final v Hartlepool and a win v Wycombe to finish second - both in the third tier. Other than that, nothing. When was last time we had a special night at Hillsborough where the result won us something or got us to Wembley? I can't remember one. Can remember seeing QPR take over Hillsborough winning League 1 in 2004 and thinking 'i'd love that to be us one day' Just having an incredible 'we did it' moment. We've had two. But seen loads do it to us. Good things just don't happen to us.
  4. Peacock-Farrell 7 Palmer 5 Storey 6 Dean 6 Hutch 5 Johnson 6 Byers 6 Bannan 5 Luongo 6 Gregory 5 Berahino 6
  5. Came on here to see whether everyone agrees Palmer was dreadful and there's a thread calling him man of the match!
  6. Hillsborough suits our needs just fine outside the Premier League, and we couldn't afford to do anything even if it didn't. If we do ever get there it'll need upgrading, but hopefully getting there will give us the money to do so. - Knock down the Lepp, put a brand spanking new 10,000 seater stand on there. - Refurbish the North, put executive boxes at the back as per WC2018 plans, expand the concourse room. - Remove the pillars on the Kop, reconfigure the concourse areas. - Gut the South Stand, add a second concourse, move changing rooms etc to a new building in the NW corner. All that for way less than the cost of a new ground and would be a 40,000 capacity dream stadium while retaining all its old charm. And if I win EuroBillions, I'd do all of the above while buying the land across the road and use it as a supporter hub for pre/post match activities.
  7. BPF 6 Hunt 6 Storey 6 Hutch 5 Palmer 4 Johnson 5 Luongo 6 Bannan 8 Byers 6 Gregory 9 Paterson 7
  8. What are the chances of the Lower West being opened? My dad missed out as he didn't realise there'd be a mad rush - if I can't get him one he can have mine but would prefer if we could both go. He's been to most home games this season.
  9. Condolences to the family. I believe that goal was Wednesday's first recorded in colour Can a mod move this into the SWFC section.
  10. I will. It shouldnt cost any more than £10 to go and watch a game of Third Division football.
  11. Told this morning that the number of STs sold before Christmas was shockingly low
  12. No. Had one for 20+ years, but can no longer afford it. Not getting my 19/20 refund was a real kick in the teeth for me. Will go to cheap cup games and U23 games for my Hillsborough fix. Earlier in season I stood outside the ground for half an hour of a game just to hear the crowd. Not the same but buzzing to hear the Kop roar when we scored
  13. On the plus side, I’ve got £250ish to spend on other stuff now
  14. Couldn’t afford one this season for the first time since I bought my first aged 16. Been putting a bit aside last few months to give me a chance of getting one next year - was thinking if I had around £350 by January I could manage it. £365 in early December is an absolute ******** take. Another year without a ST. I’ll be just going to cheap cup and U23 games ti get my fix like this season.
  15. No. Who have we got that is Chanpionship quality? Bannan, Iorfa, Hutchinson, Luongo that’s about it
  16. Brown’s showing last night was the worst I’ve seen in a long long time. Looked like a non-league player at the very best.
  17. Could have been 0-10 and it still wouldn’t have been our worst ever defeat. Mainly because the competition is utterly pointless.
  18. Wildsmith 3 Corbeanu 6 Paterson 4 Brennan 6 Brown 1 Shodipo 3 Byers 2 Wing 2 Dele-Bashiru 4 Sow 2 Berahino 4
  19. Keeper 5 Hunt 8 Brennan 7 Dunkley 7 Paterson 6 Shodipo 6 Luongo 8 Bannan 8 Windass 7 Kamberi 7 Gregory 7
  20. Peacock-Farrell 6 Hunt 7 Brennan 7 Dunkley 9 Palmer 6 Corbeanu 8 Byers 7 Bannan 8 Dele-Bashiru 6 Gregory 7 Kamberi 6 Luongo 8
  21. Couldn't head for toffee Brennan far better
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