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  1. Iirc our first game back in this division was away at Derby so there's a symmetry there. Same thing happened against forest in the 80's first game for us back in the top flight under Wilkinson us winning 3-1 with a full length of the pitch goal from Varadi and the final game that confirmed relegation was against forest (0-3) iirc so the precedent is there.
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    Sad sad news, one of the greatest of all time and around at a time of 3 other legends in Duran, Hearns and SRL, no dodging each other and not much dancing in the ring, fighters who wanted to fight. MMH was the first who got me into liking boxing. Brutal.
  3. Love the shirt, personally would keep the Chansiri name on the shirt but preceded by 2 words, the 2nd of which is off. Now that would fly off the shelves!
  4. Sorry mods just seen other topic, pls delete or merge.
  5. In proper football not even a foul, game went soft years ago and far the worse for it.
  6. In that half an hour I reckon we'd have turned over any side in the world, e en the best Italian defensive sides of the generation. It just felt like every time we attacked we scored.
  7. I couldn't believe how much Simeone earns at Atletico Madrid,£35.9 m, that's a little under £700k p/w!!!
  8. If Chansiri doesn't leave I strongly fear we'll be in league 2 within 5 seasons.
  9. Westwood's wrist, seriously. Firstly he didn't get anywhere near Diane's shot, it was out of his reach and secondly if it hadn't been for Westwood that day we'd have lost v heavily. He had a great game ffs.
  10. Sorry for your loss and thoughts with all those affected.
  11. So sorry for your loss, thoughts with all affected.
  12. The bit about weight is actually incorrect. They have done studies and the speed the ball is hit at has far more of an effect. It's something like the weight of the ball doubles the kinetic energy whereas the speed increases the kinetic energy by 4 times. So effectively today's lighter balls could do more long term damage. Shearer did a documentary a couple of years ago and the short term effects were shocking.
  13. Corrigan was 3rd choice, now he'd be miles ahead of Pickford as a keeper.
  14. Great goalkeeper who had it not been for Shilton would surely have been England number 1 for a long time and got more than 100 caps.
  15. It was absolutely Baltic that night,went to both derby game and cov game, I'm 46 and don't expect to see an owls side that good again in my lifetime.
  16. Could you possibly add 2 more lines, one if we had no point deduction and one if it was halved and see where we would be after each game pls?
  17. Comes across well, up for the fight. Like him, he'll be a crowd favourite if we're ever allowed back.
  18. The slightest touch base on the cross to the far post that stopped their right winger having a volley was absolutely first class.
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