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  1. I get the feeling you're attributing that post to me - I didn't say that - I was relaying what a former club employee told me about Chansiri while I was working for him a few months back.
  2. Wildsmith Murphy Palmer Iorfa Borner Harris Lee Luongo Bannan Da Cruz Wickham Subs - Dawson Nuhiu Rhodes Pelupessy Reach Hunt Hughes Brennan Grant
  3. Absolutely dreadful. He got destroyed on 88 minutes and he fell over in such a comical way I could have laughed.
  4. Wildsmith 6 Murphy 6 Palmer 5 Iorfa 7 Odubajo 3 Harris 5 Reach 4 Bannan 6 Luongo 5 Rhodes 4 (Da Cruz 6) Wickham 7
  5. He should be liable for when the poo hits the fan. He has made the decisions, he has caused the problem. Yet the fans will be the ones to suffer as usual.
  6. Dawson is the better keeper IMO, but Wildsmith is a lot more confident in his ability and less affected by mistakes/pressure.
  7. We've been 'learning lessons' for five years now. And still not actually learnt any.
  8. One of the things we have over them is we've played in Europe. Would hate to see them do it. Same as winning the FA Cup.
  9. Odds on them still getting in Europe? Champs League seemingly out of reach but still can't bear thought of them playing in Europa tbh.
  10. Absolutely no way Monk thinks Westwood and Hutchinson aren't good enough to get in our team. And absolutely no way a good chairman would stand by a manager that stops picking his best players and doesnt get results. Something else to this story rather than Monk.
  11. A reminder Tommy Crawshaw is the only Wednesday player to win two FA Cups - one as captain. He was also captain when we were twice champions of England. Captained England numerous times. Sheffield through and through. Our greatest ever.
  12. Pretty sure it was blue and white
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