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  1. I did a walk of our old grounds on the anniversary and so glad I did - something to remember that wasn't bobbar. The programme was great, but even then they waited until the United game rather than the closest to the date
  2. Just imagine being the bloke who has to try and spin this story into being good news on the website/social media. No wonder so many people have left the club - impossible job
  3. Club 1867

    Expected to sell 20,000 Don't think the club will be releasing actual sales anytime soon...
  4. I predict they'll sell out within minutes on Monday
  5. Under 23's v Brummies

    They are
  6. I'd get one and cut the edges off
  7. Plans for the weekend

    Hi mate - I have just started producing programmes for Kiveton at our new home at Wales High School - and we have a little tea room of our own so next time you're thinking of coming back up this way let me know and I'll give you our next fixture!
  8. Plans for the weekend

    Follow us on Facebook - I've taken over running of the page so will be posting regular updates :)
  9. Plans for the weekend

    Nah, don't hate them, just wish they didn't move to Kiveton as the village isn't big enough for two clubs - Renishaw have been advertising in the village for young players to join them and it hasn't gone down well with Kiveton. Ground at Wales will be better than Hard Lane before long - pitch already is.
  10. Plans for the weekend

    Wow - managing a CMFL club at 22 is a great achievement. He's took on a big job there - Renishaw finished bottom of the County Senior Division 2 (level 13 of the pyramid) last season yet the chairman decided to bump them up to the Central Midlands League (level 11) in the summer. I know Wayne, who was manager until last week - they were that short on players he had to play at the age of 48. They lost 0-11, which was one of their better results this season. Another guy I play football against is a keeper but had to play midfield because of how many players were dropping out. Think they've played 8, lost 8 and conceded 85 - so definitely no pressure on Dan! I just wish Renishaw actually played at Renishaw rather than Kiveton. Last year I helped dig footings for new dugouts etc and it's so galling seeing another club come in and finish the job off while Kiveton Park FC are now based at a School playing field. I've heard Renishaw might be called Kiveton Miners Welfare new season - that would be a kick in the teeth.
  11. The band

    What it needs is a rival band to set up at the other side of the Kop. Get a little rivalry going. Then we get rid of both
  12. Mick McCarthy

    He'd be excellent, but there's absolutely no chance he'd work with Chansiri
  13. Team for Sunday

    Westwood Hunt--Lees--Loovens--Pudil Butterfield Lee--Bannan Hooper Joao--Fletcher Subs - Dawson Palmer van Aken Jones Wallace Rhodes Nuhiu
  14. Club 1867 / Plaque Membership

    Less than 100. Target was 20,000
  15. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    How much will be bottom tier cost? Same £32?