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  1. No trophy for winning the Northern section - only the national play-offs.
  2. Under 23s Title Defence

  3. Under 23s Title Defence

    It's based on EPPP Category of your academy rather than your ability. Wednesday have a Cat 2 academy so play in PDL-2.
  4. Under 23s Title Defence

    Should be U20 and U17 leagues.
  5. Guess the year for this one..

    Great Escape game, 1928 Stayed up on the last day of the season and won the title the next two years
  6. Birmingham City 1 : 5 #SWFC

    Think they'll fall just short of the playoffs - Leeds only need 1 point from their last three games to deny us
  7. Danny Batth

    Similar to Tom Lees - i'm not sure how they'd play as a partnership - which one would go on the left etc... We could do with a younger Loovens/Pudil
  8. We're into our 152nd year and our 151st season.
  9. At Bradford he was back up left back to James Meredith, who was an ever present At Mansfield, the manager who took him there was sacked a week later and the new one has opted for experience and taken the team down the table.
  10. It seemed hastily arranged and the weather was crap. Should have been held last week, but i'm not moaning.
  11. Nope - and rumours are spreading on Mansfield forums that he's been sent back because of his attitude, which is horse poo
  12. Matt Penney is being well and truly shafted at Mansfield.