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  1. KivoOwl

    Meadowhall Shop

    That video is like something out of a horror film.
  2. KivoOwl


    He's never played CB
  3. KivoOwl

    Chansiri out !

    People keep saying "You've got to give him credit for putting his own money in". But if that money isn't spent wisely (it's been spent catastrophically), then it's doing more harm than good. When Chansiri realises he can't hack it (I doubt he'd ever admit it to be honest), he's not going to want the £30m he paid for the club, he's going to want £100m+, and only a fool would pay that. He's been an absolute disaster for the club. Apart from a new pitch, scoreboard and a day out at Wembley, he's failed in every aspect. He's fallen out with long standing club employees, sponsors, players (and appointed yes-men managers and a CEO to take the blame). He's priced lifelong Wednesdayites out of watching their team. He's made incredible mistakes and not learnt from them. He's lied to supporters and kept information from them (asked if we want continued investment when we were under an embargo). He's stubborn, can't take criticism, can't accept he's made mistakes. By far the worst chairman we've ever had. Dave Allen was a colossal tailface, but at least he had a modicum of business sense (generous). And we've still got a banner at the back of the Kop thanking him! It should have been ripped down months ago.
  4. KivoOwl

    Season ticket holders

    Think I'll be without a ST next year for the first time in 22 years. I still enjoy going, and it doesn't bother me what division we're in as I've been to League 1/Johnstone Paint Trophy at Carlisle etc before. I just can't afford it any more. Well, I have money to be able to buy one, but it's just a complete rip off and I can't justify it. I believe the average price of each Champ clubs cheapest season ticket is £315 - if we sold them on the Kop for that I'd get one - but at £460+ I just feel i'm being robbed and i'm sick of it tbh. Whether it was meant this way or not, I'm at the point now where I feel like a customer rather than a supporter. Fans are lied to and treat with utter contempt. We're supposed to believe that McGugan, Hirst, Clare, Thorniley, Westwood and Hutchinson were/are left out on the say-so of the manager - just one example of the chairman's insistence on appointing yes men who don't mind peddling the horseshit. Will have to beg for free tickets and watch on live streams. Two years ago I wouldn't dream of doing that, and would have judged anyone that did as not being a proper supporter, but here I am joining their ranks.
  5. KivoOwl

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    I was embarrassed listening to the Wednesday fans, mainly at the Leppings Lane end too, singing Keiren Westwood's name 50 yards from Cameron Dawson. The lad has worked with Andy Rhodes, Chris Kirkland, Nicky Weaver and Westwood, played for England at youth level and is a Wednesdayite to boot, yet he had had no support from his own supporters - or his defence - all season. No coincidence that his kicking turned nervy after those chants started and he made a mistake for the fourth goal. He'd saved a penalty and been arguably our best player up to that point ffs. Some of the abuse being hurled his way today was absolutely disgusting. Whatever the reasoning behind the omission of Westwood, a young Wednesdayite has currently got the jersey and the fans needed to get behind him. When we're doing well, Wednesdayites can be the best in the land, but when the going gets tough (four defeats...) the fanbase turns into a horde of pitchfork wielding dickheads.
  6. KivoOwl

    Jos To Blame

    We've been ravaged with long terms injuries/behind the scenes shenanigans for well over a year and we're down to the bare bones. Clearly, Jos wants to ration the amount of playing time he gives to his players so that they're not burnt out come the end of the season. - Palmer and Baker being used interchangably - Penney rested vs Forest and tonight - Fletcher not capable of playing 90 minutes/more than once a week, so Nuhiu often gets the nod - Pudil being use sparingly It's basic common sense. This is real life, not a computer game. Players are human beings. Fletcher is obviously a better option than Nuhiu, but playing him every game will lead to burn out and injury - as it did with Lee, Hooper, Hutchinson and all the others - then what? We've got Nuhiu and Joao up front for the rest of the season. Brilliant. From the end of last season it has been clear that our squad would be nowhere near good enough for a play-off place this season. Our squad is far too weak and we have had to bring youngsters in to the fold. We are a mid-table side at the very best and we're going to lose games. Deal with it. Honestly, I'm far more bewildered by the reaction of our fans tonight than by Jos' team selection. We don't have a God given right to not lose games of football. We're 2 points from the play-offs - before the season I'd have thought that by mid-October we'd be 10 points away.
  7. KivoOwl

    Jos To Blame

    Our fans are an embarassment at times.
  8. KivoOwl


    Embarrassing OP. We need to get behind Cam and give him the support he deserves rather than constantly criticising him. He is our number 1. Westwood will not play for us again, whether you like it or not and whether you believe the explanation or not. We have two excellent young keepers who have been coached by Andy Rhodes, world with Westwood and Kirkland, and involved with England at youth level. Jos made Dawson his number 1 ahead of the season and that is that. I first saw him aged 16 and am thoroughly confident that he will have a very good career as a professional footballer. He is a terrific shot stopper, good distribution (improved no end) very vocal and noted for his ability at set pieces. Why is he 'flapping'? Because he is a young keeper (23 years old is the equivalent of an 18 year old outfield) with less than a dozen Championship games under his belt. Goalkeeping at the highest level is all about confidence and experience - he has very little of the latter and won't get any of the former either if fans are bemoaning him at every opportunity. What do you do when you don't have experience or confidence? Do the basics. Punch the ball rather than attempt a risky catch. Stay on your line rather than come out. It will change. Get behind him. Forget about Westwood. Don't moan and groan when he plays out from the back. Don't comment on club social media saying he's poo. He's one of our own and will improve with every game he plays. He makes mistakes, and will make more in the future - but who doesn't? Experience will come with time. Confidence will only come if he has our support. It's crucial. PS - Dawson has faced more shots than any other Championship keeper this season, yet we are 6th in the table.
  9. KivoOwl

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    They never 'did away' with the Central League - it's still going. It's just that those in it now are reserve teams of lower league sides like Rotherham and Mansfield. Most of the big clubs left it in the 90s, Wednesday left in 2010
  10. KivoOwl

    10 changes

    Stobbs to start. O'Grady and Hunt on bench.
  11. KivoOwl

    Player Ratings

    Dawson 7 Baker 4 Hutchinson 4 Lees 4 Pudil 4 Thorniley 4 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 6 Matias 4 Forestieri 5 Nuhiu 3
  12. KivoOwl

    Alex Hunt

    I know Jos is a big fan of his, as is Barry Bannan. Wasn't too sure if he was ready physically for the first team though, and I think tonight proved it. But a great experience for him, and it won't be his last game for us.
  13. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    I'm not going to change tune and say he's played well if I don't think he has.
  14. KivoOwl


    Not seen my opinions on Lees, Penney, Kirby, Bannan, Fletcher or Matias then?
  15. KivoOwl


    Connor O'Grady is a much better prospect IMO. Think Nielsen is only getting in the side because of his height. Not very quick, not great on the ball.