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  1. Finish this season when it's safe to do so. For the 20/21 season, play each other once rather than twice. Have a draw to see which teams have one game more at home and away. Sorted.
  2. No. Not a single player should be offered a new contract for three years. Get rid of the lot.
  3. "You can either pay £10,000 for this Lamborghini, or £1,000 for this Vauxhall Astra." Three months later "Here's the £10,000 Vauxhall Astra you asked for. p.s., the Lamborghini was never for sale."
  4. Of all the utter poo Chansiri has served up, that poll might be the biggest pile he ever gave us. Giving us the option of expensive tickets and expensive players, or cheap tickets and youth team players. He gave us expensive tickets and youth team players. And the fans swallowed it. And we might have even been under a transfer embargo at the time, meaning he couldn't possibly have bought anyone anyway. What a travesty.
  5. Clare was offered a new contract, there was a delay in him signing it and he was told he couldn't go back to Gillingham or play here unless he signed. Two days before his debut there was a big U-Turn because Abdi got injured, so Clare came in.
  6. Clare was frozen out long before his injury at the end of that season. In fact he was 'unfrozen' about two days before his debut.
  7. Thorniley was frozen out like Hirst and Clare, because he didn't sign a contract put in front of him. He relented and got back in, Hirst and Clare didn't. McGugan had a fall out with the chairman and didn't play again. All of the above I'm fairly sure of. By that I mean I trust the person who told me. Westwood and Hutch, I don't know. But there's a pattern.
  8. Frozen out by the two biggest yes men we've ever employed... McGugan, Hirst, Clare, Thorniley, Hutchinson, Westwood. All frozen out at different times, under different managers.
  9. They were. As well as one other that later signed and was permitted to play again.
  10. How is it speculation? Both were frozen out over contract disputes and left for free.
  11. And Glenn Roeder. And Adam Pearson. And Paul Senior. And Jonathan Hill. And Joe Palmer. And Steve Bruce.
  12. I've just posted a whole reem of Chansiri's clusterfvcks on Twitter. One guy has labelled the list 'speculation', and called me out for including the purchase of Rhoys Wiggins on such a list, because we sold him for more than we bought him. Doesn't mention any of the dozens of other points. This is the sort of person that will hold the club back.
  13. Absolutely no-one with anything approaching a decent reputation would come here. No-one wanting to tell it like it is would come here. Our name is poison among managers and players alike now - everyone knows what it's like to work at SWFC. Who was the guy Leeds got in from Forest Green Rovers who took the job because it was the chance of a lifetime? I imagine that's where we'll go to next.
  14. The time has long passed. It's time he got the f**k out of our club.
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