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  1. Was VERY close to being a serious incident last night. It must have been raining heavily at half-time because there was a huge surge in people trying to get under cover - I was trying to make my way back to the seat but ended up being pushed backwards and for a minute or two it was impossible to move. Very scary stuff and there were a few kids in tears - I'm 6 foot and 185lbs and I was struggling tbh. We all knock SAG whenever they make a seemingly overzealous decision to close sections of the ground, but I do wonder how much longer the Kop can really be deemed safe if we were to get to the PL and start getting 35k through the door. Like the West Stand, i'm coming round to the idea that the Kop needs flattening and starting again. North Stand can be just as bad but at least has room to expand the concourse further back.
  2. There was a big crush on the bottom concourse towards the North Stand during half time - surge of people trying to get out of the rain I think. Genuinely couldn't move for a minute or two - not nice and a couple of kids in tears - not surprising really. Steward manning an exit gate could have opened it to alleviate the pressure but obviously more than his job's worth. Smoke bomb went off just as the crush ended - right in a woman's face.
  3. Lonchar is moving to America to play/coach there. Suffered a bad injury last year and not been the same since.
  4. Club wanted to sell 20,000 Club1867 tickets last time they were announced - we sold less than 100.
  5. Just been told the actual attendance for the Bolton home game - 12,944
  6. I wouldn't trust the guy to peel an orange
  7. Jan 2015 - First involvement - the signing of Sergiu Bus, Marnick Vermijl and Filipe Melo. Apr 2015 - Chief buddhist 'blessed' the ground. May 2015 - Three 'advisors' appointed - Glenn Roeder, Paul Senior and Adam Pearson. All three left within weeks. Jun 2015 - Signed Darrly Lachman, Marco Matias, Lewis Price, Lewis McGugan, Rhoys Wiggins, Modou Sougou Jul 2015 - Season ticket prices - cheapest Kop adult up from £360 to £395. May 2016 - Losses of £11m announced May 2016 - Average price of cheapest POTG ticket over 15/16 season - up from £23.57 to £31.11 Jan 2016 - Club badge changed. Fans not asked. Jun 2016 - Signed Steven Fletcher, Jake Kean, Almen Abdi, Urby Emanuelson, Morgan Fox. Jul 2016 - Lewis McGugan frozen out. Jul 2016 - Stripes ditched from the shirt. Fans not asked. Jul 2016 - Season ticket prices - cheapest Kop adult up from £395 to £415 Jul 2016 - Membership price up from £30 to £50 Sep 2016 - Golden elephants placed outside of South Stand for good luck. Aug 2016 - Bizarre squad numbering announced. May 2017 - Losses of £20m announced. May 2017 - Average price of cheapest POTG ticket over 15/16 season - up from £31.11 to £33.26 Jun 2017 - Signed Jordan Rhodes, George Boyd, Joost van Aken, Joey Pelupessy. Jul 2017 - Season ticket prices - cheapest Kop adult up from £415 to £455 Jul 2017 - George Hirst frozen out Aug 2017 - Club1867 announced. A bronze plaque for £1,500, with a 'free' 3-year season ticket upon promotion to PL. Sep 2017 - Cakeball. Jan 2018 - Katrien Meire appointed CEO Feb 2018 - Fans polled regarding ticket prices and squad investment. 70% voted for ticket prices and squad investment to stay at current levels, 30% voted for lower ticket prices and promotion of youth players. Apr 2018 - Sean Clare frozen out Jul 2018 - Membership price up from £50 to £90 Jul 2018 - Keiren Westwood frozen out Aug 2018 - No pre-season player signings for first time since pre-WWII. Youth players promoted into the first team squad. Aug 2018 - Fans told that the transfer embargo has been lifted, having not been told we were in one to start with. Sep 2018 - Sam Hutchinson frozen out
  8. Jos is a yes-man. He won't be sacked until after the January transfer windows has shut. If he's sacked before then, it will become apparent to all that DC is the one excluding KW, SH and AA - because a caretaker/new manager won't be allowed to pick them. I don't believe anything he says. He is destroying our club.
  9. Burning it is a bit much, but there's no way it should still be there - or have been put up in the first place.
  10. That video is like something out of a horror film.
  11. People keep saying "You've got to give him credit for putting his own money in". But if that money isn't spent wisely (it's been spent catastrophically), then it's doing more harm than good. When Chansiri realises he can't hack it (I doubt he'd ever admit it to be honest), he's not going to want the £30m he paid for the club, he's going to want £100m+, and only a fool would pay that. He's been an absolute disaster for the club. Apart from a new pitch, scoreboard and a day out at Wembley, he's failed in every aspect. He's fallen out with long standing club employees, sponsors, players (and appointed yes-men managers and a CEO to take the blame). He's priced lifelong Wednesdayites out of watching their team. He's made incredible mistakes and not learnt from them. He's lied to supporters and kept information from them (asked if we want continued investment when we were under an embargo). He's stubborn, can't take criticism, can't accept he's made mistakes. By far the worst chairman we've ever had. Dave Allen was a colossal tailface, but at least he had a modicum of business sense (generous). And we've still got a banner at the back of the Kop thanking him! It should have been ripped down months ago.
  12. Think I'll be without a ST next year for the first time in 22 years. I still enjoy going, and it doesn't bother me what division we're in as I've been to League 1/Johnstone Paint Trophy at Carlisle etc before. I just can't afford it any more. Well, I have money to be able to buy one, but it's just a complete rip off and I can't justify it. I believe the average price of each Champ clubs cheapest season ticket is £315 - if we sold them on the Kop for that I'd get one - but at £460+ I just feel i'm being robbed and i'm sick of it tbh. Whether it was meant this way or not, I'm at the point now where I feel like a customer rather than a supporter. Fans are lied to and treat with utter contempt. We're supposed to believe that McGugan, Hirst, Clare, Thorniley, Westwood and Hutchinson were/are left out on the say-so of the manager - just one example of the chairman's insistence on appointing yes men who don't mind peddling the horseshit. Will have to beg for free tickets and watch on live streams. Two years ago I wouldn't dream of doing that, and would have judged anyone that did as not being a proper supporter, but here I am joining their ranks.
  13. I was embarrassed listening to the Wednesday fans, mainly at the Leppings Lane end too, singing Keiren Westwood's name 50 yards from Cameron Dawson. The lad has worked with Andy Rhodes, Chris Kirkland, Nicky Weaver and Westwood, played for England at youth level and is a Wednesdayite to boot, yet he had had no support from his own supporters - or his defence - all season. No coincidence that his kicking turned nervy after those chants started and he made a mistake for the fourth goal. He'd saved a penalty and been arguably our best player up to that point ffs. Some of the abuse being hurled his way today was absolutely disgusting. Whatever the reasoning behind the omission of Westwood, a young Wednesdayite has currently got the jersey and the fans needed to get behind him. When we're doing well, Wednesdayites can be the best in the land, but when the going gets tough (four defeats...) the fanbase turns into a horde of pitchfork wielding dickheads.
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