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  1. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    Neither would work with Chansiri
  2. We're not top of the league.
  3. It's sad that it has taken a manager running out of ideas to make fans question the chairman's awful chairmanship
  4. Apart from - massively hiking ticket prices - changing the club badge - getting rid of our stripes - alienating local businesses - upsetting club employees to the point they resign - plastering his own name all over the stadium - signing a whole host of aging players with no resale value on big wages - getting rid of a whole host of football advisors and handing player recruitment over to an agency that includes the manager among its clients - making a mockery of our 150th anniversary - sticking with a failing manager - losing our best young player in decades because of a contract dispute - neglecting the retail side of the club What has Chansiri done for us? Oh yeah, he bought us a big telly and some bright advertising hoardings
  5. There is no way Tony Pulis would work with Chansiri.
  6. Average for a POTG member on the Kop this season is £28.92 Average for a POTG non-member on the Kop this season is £33.92
  7. The club + marketing crew = one man
  8. £466 for a ST on Kop this season for me - I simply couldn't afford it but got one anyway. It simply HAS to drop to below £450 next year. There is no way he can justify freezing the prices or even raising them towards £500.
  9. And the other side to the story?
  10. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    Best part of the evening for me was being able to shake your hand at the end of it. Completely awe struck that a descendant of the great Tommy Crawshaw was on stage talking about him. Our greatest ever player. Seeing his two FA Cup medals was incredible - the only Wednesday player to win the Cup twice. We need a book on Tommy just like we have on Fred Spiksley!
  11. United have regularly used overage players in U21/23 games. Last year at Bramall Lane we drew 1-1 and they included George Long, Chris Hussey, Ethan Ebanks-Landell and John Fleck, who were all overage, and Louis Reed and Harry Chapman, who were also first team players.
  12. No longer able to get - £31 Must pay by PayPal and I'll post straight away
  13. :-(

    I said all that to myself in 2000, 2003 to 2005, 2009 to 2012, and now again. Still no pay off. Not sure how much more loyalty (and loyalty is more expensive these days) I can muster
  14. Millwall up next

    My team would be - Westwood Hunt--Lees--van Aken--Fox Penney--Lee--Bannan--Reach Joao--Hooper Take the shackles off, forget about defending, and go and win 7-3