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  1. NDA. I'm thinking Michael Vaughan, Pete McKee, Jarvis Cocker, Jon McClure etc.
  2. Sorry yeah my first away game was at Man U - lost 1-6 Would also have seen us play them 99/00 as that was my first season ticket, but can't remember the match.
  3. I like him. Full of energy, selfless, a team player, puts himself about. Just a shame he's crap really.
  4. I'm 35, so middle age really. I can't remember us even playing Man United, never mind beating them.
  5. Mentioned this last night - wonder if we could get all the high profile Owls to co sign a letter of no confidence in Chansiri. Would gain us a a bit of publicity and coverage - at the minute we're being forgotten about.
  6. I would gladly write off the £98 I am owed if it meant administration got us free of Chansiri.
  7. There are still plenty of people at the club who care. Lee Bullen, Steve Haslam, Nicky Weaver - they all care - and that's just the coaching staff. Think of all the staff that have been Wednesdayites all their lives and work their testicles off to help the club. Sadly, quite a few of these people have left over the last six years. I know two people who have left - both now at Barnsley - who were distraught to leave their club, but couldn't work with Chansiri. Both top guys that would jump at the chance to return if they were allowed do their job
  8. They could be £1. I'll not be giving him a single penny to keep holding our club hostage.
  9. Try to imagine Blackpool fans allowing a massive Oyston banner at the back of their Kop for years. Or Charlton. Or Portsmouth. Not a chance. It'd be ripped to shreds.
  10. Mass protest - not until July. It would be about coverage, and protesting during lockdown would only get negative coverage. Individual protest - Absolutely. Commit to boycotting the club. Don't spend another penny. Elephants. Banner on the Kop. Need to go
  11. Can you imagine those flags and elephants still being outside Blackpool or Charlton's ground? Not a chance. Would love to see them floating down the Don.
  12. Whether we go down or not is a drop in the ocean of relevance compared to our long term survival.
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