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  1. Why have we got a mid table Championship team when we've been paying top half Prem prices for five years?
  2. If you charge fans top half Premier League prices, expect them to have high expectations every game.
  3. Comments like "we should be beating teams like Blackburn" - I watched Blackburn's iFollow and they were saying exactly the same thing about us. We're bog-standard mid-table, just like them.
  4. Westwood 7 Palmer 7 Iorfa 9 Hutchinson 7 Fox 9 Reach 7 Pelupessy 6 Bannan 7 Harris 7 Nuhiu 8 Fletcher 7
  5. Kieran Lee will be huge for us this season. Write him off at your peril.
  6. Staggering that we just sit and accept being charged that sort of money. Unless you've got a season ticket it's an absolute rip off. And season tickets are among the 15 most expensive in the country. And we're STILL in the Championship.
  7. Westwood 7 Odubajo 5 Iorfa 7 Corner 8 Palmer 6 Pelupessy 7 Luongo 7 Bannan 6 Reach 6 Harris 7 Fletcher 7
  8. Westwood Iorfa--Lees--Borner--Palmer Lee--Luongo--Bannan Murphy--Fletcher--Harris Subs - Dawson, Fox, Bates, Pelupessy, Reach, Nuhiu, Rhodes
  9. Westwood Iorfa--Lees--Borner--Palmer Hutchinson Lee--Luongo--Bannan--Harris Fletcher Subs - Dawson, Bates, Fox, Reach, Pelupessy, Murphy, Nuhiu
  10. I'd go with Westwood Iorfa Lees/Thorniley Borner Palmer Hutchinson Lee Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Subs - Dawson, Fox, Lees/Thorniley, Pelupessy, Murphy, Nuhiu, Winnall
  11. Nowhere near good enough if we want to be in the top six
  12. Odubajo has been no better than 4 out of 10 in every game he's played. Woeful. We still haven't got one single decent full-back - a situation that hasn't changed in three years.
  13. Dawson Odubajo Bates Borner Palmer Luongo Pelupessy Bannan Murphy Winnall Reach Subs - Jones, Iorfa, Fox, Lee, Grant, Nuhiu, Harris
  14. Dawson Iorfa Bates Borner Fox Pelupessy Luongo Bannan Reach Rhodes Forestieri Subs - Jones Thorniley Lees Lee Grant Nuhiu Preston
  15. McGhee, Strafford, Wilkinson, Mandaric all far better. Chansiri has ripped off the fanbase and spent that much money on average players he's had to buy the stadium to balance the books and we're no better off than we were under Stuart Gray - absolutely insane how people still think he's done anywhere near a good job.
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