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  1. Team vs. Swansea

    20 contracted players unavailable for Tuesday - Injured - Kieren Westwood Joost van Aken Kieran Lee Steven Fletcher Barry Bannan Gary Hooper Tom Lees Liam Palmer Marco Matias Sam Hutchinson Ross Wallace Almen Abdi Fernando Forestieri Warren Clarke Out on loan - Sam Winnall Jake Kean Matt Penney Cup tied - Jack Stobbs Sean Clare Jordan Thorniley
  2. All the best picking one...
  3. Was it Over the Line?

    Their right winger took the ball over the touchline in the build-up to their third goal.
  4. Correct. Thorniley too before he signed his contrac
  5. Was hopeful that his return meant that a resolution to his contract issue was possible - apparently not. Jos has forced a u-turn on the decision to freeze him out as we're desperate for strikers, but it's only a short term (til end of season) fix. More hopeful on Clare but still not convinced
  6. Young George Hirst

    Nothing. Saw David, George and agent at the U23 game on Monday but they've been at every other game too. George is still popular around the club and has kept himself in shape - but I didn't see him pulling on a Wednesday shirt again. I'm relieved, but we still need a long term solution for him and Clare. Hoping contracts are being finalised and they can get on with doing what they do best.
  7. Our first season out of the PL - 2000/01 - the cheapest Kop season ticket averaged £11 a game. 18 years on, we're still in the same division, inflation has gone up 59% and the cheapest Kop ST at SWFC has gone up 80%
  8. Wildsmith Hunt Venancio Pudil Fox Boyd Clare Pelupessy Reach Joao Nuhiu Subs - Dawson, O'Grady, Palmer, Jones, Butterfield, Lees, Stobbs
  9. Jos post-match interview

    I can understand his thinking re: player conditioning. Any player - regardless of age - is going to struggle when asked to play 180 minutes of Championship football a week after not playing for months. It's a frighteningly quick standard. But you simply can't play without a striker. He had to bite the bullet and give our two strikers a half each. Been a fan of Jos so far, and look forward to seeing how fit the players are when he gets his hands on a pre-season - but most managers would take the blame for a team selection like that rather than diverting the blame to the players' fitness levels.
  10. Jos post-match interview

    I would have thought it necessary to hear his explanation before people got their knickers in a twist over it... Onto the interview, Jos wasn't being very clear with what he said, and seemed a little irritated by Staton's line of questioning (which was fair), but I took from it that the players' fitness came into his thinking when picking the side. He stated that some players haven't played for months on end and are now being asked to play three games a week, which is fair comment, but Rob pointed out that Joao has played 10 minutes in the week since the Derby game - is he really that unfit? Surely we could have got a half each out of Nuhiu and Joao tonight? It was a bit worrying that Jos was eager to point out that mistakes cost us rather than formation, but playing 5-5-0 invites mistakes as you don't have an outlet to aim at. Hence we try and play it around the back and lose possession.
  11. Glenn loovens please retire

    Cracking defender but his legs have gone. I'd rather have a bit of respect and ask questions of the person picking him than Loovens himself.
  12. Wouldn't exactly say he was in action...
  13. Well Done Atdhe

    If he had Ronaldo's pace and Michael Owen's finishing - he'd be worth £100m. But he hasn't.