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  1. The beautiful game was lost when it became possible for one person to 'own' a football club. They should be fan-led, democratically run, community assets. Instead they're businesses, where the fans no longer get a say. We can protest and stamp our feet all we want - it doesn't make any difference. There isn't a single thing that any of the 50,000+ Wednesdayites can do to turn our fortunes around.
  2. Palmer, van Aken, Pelupessy, Orhighide, Rhodes, Odubajo, Dawson, Wildsmith - all have shown they're not up to playing at this level yet are seemingly key members of our squad. On top of that we've signed some more absolute dross to replace the absolute dross we let go in the summer.
  3. My hero. Saturday, January 21st 1989 To the shops, then with Will to Highbury for Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday. It pours with rain. We park about a half-mile from the ground and join the gradually swelling crowd flowing along the terraced streets. The houses are in much better condition than I remember from our previous visits – the dreadful semi-final defeat by Brighton in ’82, and the heart-stopping night we nearly beat Arsenal in the Cup in ’79. Money has moved into every corner of Highbury. Good seats on the halfway line. Pi
  4. Wildsmith Palmer Brennan Shaw Borner Reach Hunt Dele-Bashiru Grant Kachunga Adedoyin Subs - Render, Urhoghide, Rice, Waldock, Hidalgo, Hughes, Hagan
  5. You're allowed to make losses of £39m over a rolling three year spell (might have changed recently?) I think we're over £39m over the last three years, so we need to cut our expenses further still, not add to them. We are a complete mess.
  6. We pay the highest season ticket prices in the division, highest match day prices in the division. The chairman reckons he's spent over £180m in the time he's he's been here. Yet we're going into the season 12 points behind everyone else because we fiddled our accounts, with a manager whose win percentage is the lowest in the club's history, and the weakest squad since we left League 1. The chairman treats the fans as customers now - that's been clear since he appointed Katrien Meire. Well, as customers, we're justified in having very high expectations. We sho
  7. I was there at Plymouth on a Tuesday night in League 1. I was there at Carlisle and Blackpool in the LDV Vans Trophy. I've had a season ticket for over 20 years, through thin and thinner. It scares me how so many people think you can't be a real fan if you're not 100% optimistic. Having a realistic outlook on the shitshow our club has become and will be in the future doesn't make me less of a fan. I don't understand the constant positivity. Fans have been absolutely shafted for five years, and even when we have 12 points deducted, lo
  8. We're going down. No amount of positive mental attitude will change that. The club is done.
  9. Christ almighty that's depressing reading. Paying Premier League prices for a squad like that.
  10. A bit like Barry-Murphy being better than Beswetherick.
  11. Tom Cawley Hugely important figure in our history. Played in the 1890 FA Cup final, and won the Football Alliance the same year. Most importantly, three years earlier he had implored the club to turn professional. Wednesday would likely not exist if they hadn't. He is buried at Burngreave cemetery, not far from the Scott Road entrance. His headstone has fallen over.
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