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  1. No refund, no contact, nothing. And I could really do with the £98 tbh!
  2. Can't believe I've never seen this video before. I'm the one jumping up with a blue hoodie on as soon as the ball hits the net - stood bang in front of the control box on the Kop keeping check on the Pigs score on their tele. What a day. The noise when Antonio's goal hit the net still sends a shiver up the spine...
  3. If we're relegated before the last day I'd get him in the squad, along with loads of other kids. Stop playing those who won't be with us next year.
  4. Yep, loads of Wednesday fans who worked their nuts off for the club. Couldn't work with the man. I know a couple now at Barnsley. Funny that.
  5. All the people I know that have had dealings with him reckon he's a right t.wat, not this naive fool some believe him to be.
  6. I initially thought the Grant move was a loan, which would make sense as I saw him as a better prospect than Shaw. To let him leave permanently is madness. Guarantee it will have been for a bag of nuts and no sell on fee
  7. Kachunga is a trier and will be with us next year. Rhodes won't.
  8. Anyone uninterested in playing for us next season dropped to the U23s. Just cannot be arsed seeing people wearing the badge who clearly couldn't give a throw. Westwood Urhoghide Lees Hutchinson Dunkley Harris Pelupessy Hunt Bannan Kachunga Paterson Subs - Wildsmith, Penney, Green, Brennan, Galvin, Waldock, Errat-Thompson, Hughes, Palmer
  9. Westwood 6 Harris 6 Lees 7 Hutchinson 6 Urhoghide 6 Palmer 5 Bannan 6 Reach 1 Pelupessy 7 Windass 5 Rhodes 6
  10. Wait til he breaks his leg and everyone just plays on around him.
  11. Release all our players. Sign a new squad of 20 players on emergency contracts. Hope they're better than the last shower. Best chance of beating Norwich.
  12. Btw, the poo will hit the fan when this year's season tickets roll over to 21/22 and people are paying £600 for League 1 football with no chance of a refund.
  13. Absolutely not. Won't be going back until the fuckwit ruining our club is gone.
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