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  1. Why are we losing 10-20 million per annum? Why is the asking price for the club around 200 million and rising?
  2. Sales apparently well down on this time last year. Sold less than 50 ten year tickets
  3. Any other club with as disastrous owner as ours would have seen mass fan protests and owners hounded out. At Hillsborough fans still line up for selfies with the clown while screaming blue murder at anyone who dares question his track record.
  4. Club has been dying a slow death for 25 years. Old mob of Richards, Hulley, Culley, Grierson etc... overspent and didn't have a Plan B when the poo hit the fan, other than run away. Dave Allen a colossal wee pipe head. Strafford was a good bloke with good ideas but nowhere near enough money and was having to pull a u-turn with an oil tanker the way we were going. Mandaric is the best we've had but didn't fancy putting up any more money - another £10m and he'd have had us in the PL, but fair enough it was his money. Then he sold us to Chansiri who quite frankly hasn't got a clue. Followed the path of the mob that got us into this mess in the first place by overspending and not having a Plan B when the poo hit the fan. In the past 25 years, most of the Football League have moved to new grounds or seen significant redevelopment of their existing stadium. Hillsborough hasn't altered since 1996. The West Stand resembles a prison, the Kop concourses are something from a bygone era, the South Stand is stuck in the 1910s and the North Stand has needed its concourses widening since being built in 1961. All the while, the whole place has been steadily falling apart. We've had a new pitch and scoreboard fitted, fans went crazy as though it was a new stand being put up. Chansiri has spent £180m apparently, but diddly-squat on spectator facilities. The area around the ground has fallen to pieces too. Pubs shut, fans sat on walls outside an abandoned car showroom forecourt or swigging from cans on street corners. No fanzones or anything like that. Riverside doing a roaring trade but you have to pay a fiver to go in the club's own bar. All the while, fans are being asked to pay the highest ticket prices in the league (and higher than most in the PL) to watch mid-table second-tier football mercenaries who don't really care about the club. The average age of the Wednesday fan is going higher and higher - people under 30 see Wednesday as just another club, and won't pay £30+ just because it's their local team. We do nothing to entice people to come to the games. Yes we'll win the odd game here and there, but the whole place stinks. It's boring, drab, miserable and downright depressing to go to Hillsborough. What makes Wednesday, Wednesday any more?
  5. Perhaps the best post on Owlstalk in years. Any other club Chansiri would be being hounded out the door. Here, he is still posing for selfies with adoring fans.
  6. We haven't got a single full-back up to the required standard yet we've got a decent centre back on the bench, so why not try something different. Dawson Iorfa--Lees--Borner Odubajo--Lee--Hutch--Bannan--Reach Harris Fletcher Obviously with an eye for a new RWB to replace Odubadjob
  7. No mention of him in my reserve team records.
  8. Chansiri would only find a way to waste the money.
  9. Westwood Hunt - Lees - Loovens - Pudil Antonio - Lee - Bannan - Wallace Hooper - Forestieri At their best, that team would wee wee the league this season
  10. Odubajo, Palmer, Fox - only three full-backs we've got and none anywhere near good enough for top six.
  11. Why have we got a mid table Championship team when we've been paying top half Prem prices for five years?
  12. If you charge fans top half Premier League prices, expect them to have high expectations every game.
  13. Comments like "we should be beating teams like Blackburn" - I watched Blackburn's iFollow and they were saying exactly the same thing about us. We're bog-standard mid-table, just like them.
  14. Westwood 7 Palmer 7 Iorfa 9 Hutchinson 7 Fox 9 Reach 7 Pelupessy 6 Bannan 7 Harris 7 Nuhiu 8 Fletcher 7
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