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  1. KivoOwl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Couple of lads from Kiveton have done the same thing - Moscow to Lincoln. They don't take their shirts off at matches though.
  2. KivoOwl

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    Season ticket prices are second highest in the division again, yet you only ever see Wednesday fans praising them. Absolutely bizarre.
  3. I've no idea whether George and Chansiri have had a personal fall-out, I'm referring to the respective parties.
  4. KivoOwl

    150th Year Celebrations

    This our 151st year and 152nd season - let's not push it.
  5. Correct - as I say I am very disappointed by the way this Leuven deal is looking - purely to spite SWFC. But again, this all stems from the freezing out after the initial contract offer was rejected. From that point onwards, no-body was going to do the other party any favours. So, so sad, because George is the best young player I've seen at SWFC in all the years I've been going. To be honest, it put me off going to youth games at the back end of the season.
  6. Quite right he was offered more money than anyone his age - he was the standout player of his age group at SWFC. Your second line falls down at 'allegedly'.
  7. I'd like to think so. But at 18? With 'advisors' in my ear? It's easy to forget how young he is.
  8. I'm pretty sure Hirst was prepared to negotiate. He wanted to play for Sheffield Wednesday. It's important to remember that the fall-out occured when he was frozen out - before that he was very much wanting to follow in his father's footsteps.
  9. Who knows what I would have done in George's position - stay at the club I love, owned by a person I have had a serious fall-out with, or move on to pastures new to get away from said person while abandoning SWFC? Its a tough one. Not going to say I'm not disappointed by his move to Leuven/Leicester because I am - there's no doubting it has happened because of how seriously relations soured. He's still under contract
  10. As far as I am aware - - George is a Wednesday fan, has come through the ranks at SWFC and wanted to follow his dad by playing for the club - He was offered a contract in around May 2017 - he (on the advice of others) rejected it, and put forward a counter-proposal - His counter-proposal was rejected, and he was told that until he signed a contract he would be pulled from training with the first team and pulled from playing with any team - This understandably made the situation very tense and both sides dug in their heels The catalyst for the souring of relations was the freezing out - if that hadn't happened George may well have been an established first team player by now. Instead, Hirst was advised not to stay at a club that would treat him that way. The same thing happened with Sean Clare, but with more bizarre circumstances (he made his debut a day after being frozen out when Ross Wallace picked up an injury and Clare was needed). I'm certain BOTH sides have made poor decisions over the last year, but only one side has aired its side of the story. What has baffled me is that Wednesday fans have taken the club's explanation as gospel and rounded on the Hirst's, without waiting for their explanation.
  11. Nothing has been refuted as the Hirst's haven't said anything about the matter.
  12. George very much wanted to stay here. Just because he wanted a better deal than was initially offered doesn't mean the contrary.
  13. Amazing that so many Wednesday fans are siding with Chansiri over the Hirst family without hearing the latter's side of the story. David deserves more respect than that. Fact is, the first contract offer to George was rejected, and he was immediately frozen out of the picture - no new offer, no negotiation, no training with the first team, no matches with the U23s. How would you advise your son if a club did that to him after the first round of contract talks? You'd want him out of there ASAP. Same happened with Thorniley, same happened with Clare. It is no coincidence that Clare has followed Hirst out the door - they don't want to stay at a club that is so unprofessional. Clare's departure in particular was not at all financially motivated. Until the club learns how to keep hold of its best young prospects it will keep losing them.
  14. We'll be playing Northampton at home