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  1. KivoOwl

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    They never 'did away' with the Central League - it's still going. It's just that those in it now are reserve teams of lower league sides like Rotherham and Mansfield. Most of the big clubs left it in the 90s, Wednesday left in 2010
  2. KivoOwl

    10 changes

    Stobbs to start. O'Grady and Hunt on bench.
  3. KivoOwl

    Player Ratings

    Dawson 7 Baker 4 Hutchinson 4 Lees 4 Pudil 4 Thorniley 4 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 6 Matias 4 Forestieri 5 Nuhiu 3
  4. KivoOwl

    Alex Hunt

    I know Jos is a big fan of his, as is Barry Bannan. Wasn't too sure if he was ready physically for the first team though, and I think tonight proved it. But a great experience for him, and it won't be his last game for us.
  5. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    I'm not going to change tune and say he's played well if I don't think he has.
  6. KivoOwl


    Not seen my opinions on Lees, Penney, Kirby, Bannan, Fletcher or Matias then?
  7. KivoOwl


    Connor O'Grady is a much better prospect IMO. Think Nielsen is only getting in the side because of his height. Not very quick, not great on the ball.
  8. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    My opinion is that he didn't play well. To say he played well is to disregard his overall performance and pick out the bits that suit your argument.
  9. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    Why would you give him appreciation if you think he played poorly?
  10. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    Watch it back and see what he does on 33 minutes. Sloppy pass, poor attempt at a tackle, saunters back while Sunderland break free. Alex Hunt busting a gut to cover him, and Wildsmith eventually gets possession. Ball goes forward and Palmer is just walking past the half way line. Crossing terrible - left foot effort in the second half was embarrassing. Late in second half when Sunderland took a throw in and Gooch? just turned around him and broke free into the box. Palmer had his hands all over him until it got to the box.
  11. KivoOwl

    Player Ratings

    Absolutely staggered by people saying Palmer played well. So easily turned, never ran back when he loses the ball (check 33rd minute of the game - it was embarrassing), shirked headers and passing all over the place.
  12. First SWFC player born this millennium. We have been outside the Premier League all his life.
  13. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    Genuinely baffled by this entire thread.
  14. KivoOwl

    Player Ratings

    Wildsmith 6 Palmer 4 Nielsen 4 Lees 7 van Aken 4 Boyd 3 Hunt 5 (Kirby 7) Bannan 8 Reach 6 Fletcher 7 Matias 7
  15. KivoOwl

    Liam Palmer

    Dreadful. Turned every time, lazy getting back, never stopped a cross. His regression is startling.