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  1. David Hirst's legend status is set in stone. Regarding George, we've only heard one side of the story of why he left SWFC - I thought we would have heard the Hirst side by now, but maybe it will never be made public. I'm pretty sure it was a complete balls up up by club and player. I wish George all the best - mistakes have been made, life moves on. He might be back at Wednesday one day, you never know. Just not while Chansiri is here.
  2. And that Dawson needs to work on his kicking when that is the best part of his game and the only thing he has over Westwood
  3. Would actually be decent standard if you picked two teams of the best standard Wednesday and United fans - amateurs obviously.
  4. And the same goes for those who have no problem with what happened yesterday, or last year when the last king died. I have my opinion, they have theirs. Nobody is 'correct'. The only time I've repeated myself is when others have repeated the falsehood that monarchies don't have anything to do with politics. They are a form of government/political system, and as such I don't believe a football club should have anything to do with it. The same goes for any ceremony with religious connotations as well. I want our monarchy to be abolished and the country to become a republic - but if someone with similar beliefs were to take over SWFC and start hosting ceremonies like the one yesterday but in honour of our president, I'd be dead against that too.
  5. https://www.britannica.com/topic/monarchy
  6. This only cost fiver in 2012, and people actually saw it.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarchy https://www.britannica.com/topic/monarchy First line of both links.
  8. My response remains the same. What if the next chairman is Saudi and he wants us to do all this for his King? How about if he's American and he wants us to be reverant towards Trump? Can a chairman pay homage to whoever he wants as long as he's the one in charge? Should he be allowed to use a football club as a vehicle to support his personal beliefs? These are valid questions and it seems most people are willing to look the other way as long as the man in charge is pumping money in.
  9. That is a debate for another thread, but it goes without saying that there are millions of people who want the monarchy abolished - they're not all crazy.
  10. Exactly. The King of Thailand is head of state. Not sure how folk think that's not political. P.s., my Thai barber despises him.
  11. Yes and yes - seeing as I am firmly against monarchies as a form of government. Sheffield Wednesday is a football club - it shouldn't have anything to do with politics, no matter how much money someone ploughs into it.
  12. To get into the top two we'd need - Westwood New RB--New CB--New CB--New LB New RM--New CM--Bannan--New LM Hooper--New CF
  13. If the next chairman cared deeply about Nigel Farage and plastered his face on the big screen before games, would everyone be fine with it? He'd be the chairman after all.
  14. I feel passionately about something you're not bothered about - doesn't mean I'm a snowflake.
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