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Well done Calum Patterson!!

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Cant believe some of the comments in this thread, we started the season with SEVEN players who played in our relegation season,and one out on loan playing his football in L2

The idea with retaining players of a higher level,is to both get promotion at the first attempt,and have the nucleus of a squad that is capable of maintaining Championship status without having to do a complete rebuild.

Comments like on wages way higher than a L 1 player etc etc......OF COURSE they are!!!!!!  Its called ambition,some will no doubt have conracted/re contracted whilst Championship players,(as has been acknowledged TBF)and i want to RETAIN decent players,like Patterson and cant believe the unjustified stick he gets on here.

'Flying binman' he may be to some,but Mel Sterland excelled under the nick name of the 'flying pig' so we have had worse charecterisations....

Seems some on here already looking forward to MORE L1 next Year.....and want to budget accordingly....

Patto also our second highest scorer I believe last Year,6 goals this season so far,+ assists,and thats from not always starting,or getting 90..........

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23 hours ago, StudentOwl said:


Spending too long listening to Rob and John 


Than looking at shirt numbers/faces. 


Paterson has to start next game, severely underrated. Limited player but is scoring goals and making chances... which is exactly what you want your attacking players to do. 

Except I said Paterson from the start but hey not to worry.

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Most teams in this league have big bully boy centre halves and are all about kicking and heading as far as they can, these are the teams Pato is ready made to play against. He should have come on way earlier, Plan A wasn't working at all. I'm not an advocate for long ball and tonnes of crosses into a big man but when the neat and tidy football isn't working and Byers and Bannan are getting marked very tightly, sometimes going more direct is what is needed, law of averages if you cross the ball time and time again to Paterson/Gregory, a goal or a chance will come from it eventually. Think Moore was too stubborn for too long Saturday and should have turned to Pato way earlier, their back 3 found it too easy for 85 minutes, they didn't give Berahino a kick either. He's a must in games like this and winning ugly could get us over the line come the end of the season

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He found a Bannan's head one day

Nailed to Richard Wood

The Bannan looked quite miserable

But I suppose he should

Just them from out the window

A voice began to wail

He said "Oi, where's me Bannan's head?"

"Four foot from 'is tail!"



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