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  1. Waddles free kick goal against the pigs. Waddles face when he saw they hadnt bothered with a wall
  2. I KNOW!! but the biggest joke is many DO think that and mean it. Any reasonable critique of DM last season saw many similar comments
  3. Yes some even have the temerity to offer an opinion can you believe it? And on a Forum in a thread too. The cheek….Just who do they think they are?
  4. Laughable see enhanced I mean about people just excuse making for players who we have achieved zero with?So if available on a free you would have him back than?
  5. Dont bite off more than you can chew than dude,if you dont or cant debate with me....A Q was asked of me,and you choose to jump in and run your mouth.....You just dont like it when you get some back,hence the cliche's you keep trotting out.... Now bore off
  6. Had that limit on mine nearly 30 Years ago. But only because I was up to my eyeballs in student debt
  7. Hit a nerve have i?usual stuff with people like you Fine when dishing it out lightweight when on the receiving end now jog on yourself
  8. YAWN.................I see you couldnt resist having your two penneth eh? despite you NOT being the person the Q was directed at........Little bit of attention seeking of your own there eh?
  9. Angry? mad? well the invasion of Ukraine certainly made me feel both of those emotions,but ime not sure why you imagine posting on a forum would make me feel either of those 2 things... I just speak my mind,thats it....people ask for that generally,(or at least say they do..) UNTIL they get some...... I WILL admit to getting ****ed off at times,when at a time when our Club is in the doldrums that people want to start getting nostalgic about players who we have achieved NOTHING with.
  10. Totally agree reading the thread it suddenly occurred to me what would Tony Toms have made of some of comments on here about hurt feelings and crowds getting on players backs
  11. You might be right,but at times they DO deserve it remember our ‘high 5’ from one of our players to another who scored against us? Or Reach’s lethargic performances? I could go on FF not getting on the bus Players who enjoyed good salary’s and job security not prepared to sign a contract extension during COVID to help the Club NML not tracking back. What are the crowd supposed to do, wait for the fish to be thrown so they can clap like a seal? NO and in the case of a Pro footballer dealing with crowd dissapointment or comment is expected of them. Try having someone gob in your face and call you a British ££&tard and not react but get on and do your job I did and many others faced worse.
  12. Born into it. Didn’t choose my team
  13. Totally agree but plenty on here would have kept the ‘lad’ ‘kid’ etc etc and any other sentimental adjective you want to use….Being home grown and a Wednesdayite is NOT a criteria for either keeping,or selecting a player MERIT being good enough to deserve the shirt IS
  14. Boo Hoo for him eh?.......kin crowd again........really?......Its not EASY being a pro footballer,lots dont make it....thats why not just anybody can do it..If you DO make the grade(in somebodys opinion) you are expected to be able to deal with the big occosions in front of your(and others) Home crowds.... Personally ime sick of the excuses.... If that was the case,should have put in a transfer request than Years ago eh?
  15. Come off it,he played how many games? to get said 33% clean sheets?..really must get out of the habit of hero worshiping players at S6 There are STILL people on this forum who would be quite happy to bring back players who have earned mega bucks here and who we have had NO success with whatsoever.... JW did not improve during his time here,nor was he able to eliminate his weak area's...I wish him well at his next Gig.
  16. No reason other than someone having an opinion different to yours?& expressing it?
  17. In the main they are Pro athletes I don’t blame them one iota forgetting the best deal available for them In the same vein we should have NO hesitation AT ALL in moving on players who are not good enough OR fail to show the right attitude,commitment, or desire to move this Club forward.This nostalgic references to our players does niether us OR them any service at all.
  18. Have a look at our recent ‘players’ you think they feel the same way?
  19. Not lads but we’ll paid pro footballers who have seen us achieve nothing but failure whilst playing Really need to get a grip and lose this nostalgic sentimental attitude to players
  20. He isn’t a ‘lad’ ffs. He is a pro Championship GK who simply hasn’t done enough or improved enough to make the GK shirt his own . He like Dawson has enjoyed decent money at S6 long contracts and has just turned down another one. Fans are emotive and pay good money and expect better. Stop feeling sorry for players who we have achieved NOTHING with
  21. 2 great signings,keep it going.....Darren...& well done..
  22. Guilty as charged to biting and responding to nieve posts,LOL...me too...but how can you ignore them?? i dont feel 'angry' ime not an angry poster (as some imagine)!! me sat here raging over my cocoa... But i do feel you have to respond and challenge a debate that would see a player be selected (to me anyway) based on nostalgia only....('the lad' etc etc deserves a second chance..) CD is an Academy product & has enjoyed playing for his boyhood Club,on long Championship contracts....He hasnt been able to either make the shirt his own,or instil confidence in DM that he should go again with him.Equally he hasnt been done over by the Club,one player described coming to Wednesday as 'life changing money'... Looks to me (at best) he will be no2 if no further loans....
  23. We have been very fair with CD,not about fairness.....and its NOT about the fan base either, If DM has confidence in him and thinks his loan spell has improved the area's that needed improving(bear in mind where we leaked goals last Year) he will come back & be first choice keeper... If his command of his area hasnt improved,and he still is hesitant leaving his line...(Corners anyone?)..than he should have no role in a DM playing it out style side...
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