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  1. Not accurate,he has let players go,brought in new players and instigated a new way of playing.....and its sh**e but its his own sh**e
  2. Best post i have seen you do,bang on the money.....
  3. GREAT bang on the money post,some good laughs,but doesnt detract from what you have said...i agree 100% Why should we have to wait? be patient? sick of the excuses...
  4. Not only about what was missed,look at the poor defending for the goals against...& wheres the leadership & organisation on the field?.. Chances will be missed at this level,thats why we have to make more of them..
  5. It isnt working through to a midfielder in space though is it? CB are not able to do it often enough
  6. Demoralisd & demotivated squad? dont you mean fans?...we still have probably 2 millionaires turning out in SWFC shirts,& the rest either new contracts and job security,or new players....post covid 19,what they got to be demoralisd about ?and you dont have to be a football manager to understand tactics,substitutions or game management do you? Many on here have watched thousands of hours of football,& more and are astute enough to recognise when things are not right...& why How many top class managers are there? and how many very very average?(and thats being polite) Football Mngt is very much a closed shop and who you know,rather than a job your qualified for,in my view,& using the example of PW at Rotherham its not the 'dark arts' is it,its made out to be? Fitness coach to manager,2 promotions under his belt,would he have even been interviewed for the job or be told to bore off cos he didnt have 'management experience' except for circumstances? Thommo did ok here as well in difficult circumstances... How many jobs are there with such rich rewards for failure? The reason some on here are calling for DM to change his approach(or go) is because they realise that this season is our best chance of a quick return to the Championship,and dont want to waste it...Not because they have anything personal about DM... Football offers great rewards,but as Bruce is finding at Newcastle little time for failure.....I hope Darren turns things around,he is our manager,and i want him to succeed,but i dont see it yet.... We threw away 2 points Sat,and could have lost all three,lets see how we fare after the next 2 match's and see if peoples views have changed
  7. And theres the rub....how have the mighty fallen eh?
  8. 7th in a poor division is nothing to shout about,we are 7th because even though we have been poor and unconvincing,we have still picked up points,such is the lack of quality... We could have done much better,and i believe myself the next 2 games will be telling Do we win both & enter potentially a play off position? or lose/draw ?? And start to drop back...
  9. A simple rhetorical Q,why can we not do at least as good as WW or Rotherham?...that is the bar we should be setting ourselves....Rotherham promoted twice consecutively,WW on path to do the same...This is a Division full of sides unable to make a promotion bid....we should be sat at the top of it.... our Team is full of former Championship players,and players on loan from the Championship/PL DM tactics are costing us points and are un entertaining yet he shows little inclination to change... This season will be our best chance to go back to the Championship,after this we will just be another also ran 3rd tier team...
  10. You wernt posting when Pulis was appointed and our manager than? or the bile directed at GM?..Jos? all have had their critics,some justifiably so,have others a little unfairly in my view,so its nothing new and happens to even the most successful managers Even being manager of Man Utd doesnt protect you from fans critical of performances
  11. Agree but i prefer to focus on our failings on the pitch,where with our squad we could/should be doing a hell of a lot more...
  12. Totally agree,if we want an immediate return,we as a fan base and Club need to ask/demand that DM starts winning match's convincingly,drops his poor playing it out style(though 3/5/2 ) Sat i believe,where we at least scored twice,could have been more though frustratingly we were caught offside many times
  13. Ultimately YES i totally agree buck stops with the Chairman, and the misery for fans/supporters just goes on and on.... I just dont get DM footballing philosophy...& i dont want our best chance of a return to the Championship to falter because of it,that doesnt make me a bad person in my eyes,the Club is bigger than any one managers ambitions..
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