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  1. Not if we got relegated as a consequence of leaking goals it wouldn't,its simply not the right time.Club needs to stabilise first & thats likely to be at least 1 to 3 seasons...And if we want to make a serious push for promotion we need him..Why find a bargain and knee jerk sell? No point avoiding relegation either this season,and walking straight into another next
  2. Reach is not going to go back to that sort of form,how long now has he been struggling? how many seasons?...its not going to happen,
  3. Yeah 2 seasons ago...totally agree he is redundant now
  4. The only Wednesday shirt i own,is 'blue & white' stripes,and its the only one i want to own
  5. From memory i think he was getting stick for allegedly going down too easily,and 'theatrically' on challenge,when he came to the English Leagues...hence his amusing response...
  6. Wouldnt be relevant if you did though would it? people are commenting on his performances,availability, all round alleged attitude(both good,and 'bad' depending on your point of view) and disciplinary & injury record.Whilst here An example i saw a post saying he had helped take us to a Play Off Final,my recollection is that he had been allegedly injured for 8 weeks prior to the Final,before playing in it,and being subbed off for big Dave....all about context..Even as a youngster Sam had injury woes...Hutchinson impressed when he came on loan to us,thats why it was extended & a contract offered.& his 3 player of the Month awards(16/17) in his time he was probably one of the best midfielders/defenders in the Championship... Dont think anyone is denying his contribution...or ability....
  7. Hillsborough was i believe,the first time he did his 'infamous' dive celebration!...
  8. Not the season to sell a decent player,and way too early,later on,when mid table,yes consider it...no gate receipts,FFP suspended...false economy...keep,and build
  9. Its a Forum no one 'knows' but like we 'knew' he was training with Watford,information is either leaked,or released via the Player,the Agent,or Club,or simply by an insider.Do you imagine that for one minute if multiple Clubs were in for FF,but he say preferred Udinese,that he allegedly wouldnt have broke his back to tell us?To rub it in to Wednesday who let him go? really?
  10. So?...he came from serie A didnt he?...Udinese..(originally to the Championship?).He has been a Championship player since,doesnt detract one iota from the point i made,I asked what Championship Club,the league he has been playing in for the last 5 or so Years of his career has tried to sign him? shown an interest?. Where was the competition,and clamour to sign him? Not one Club to my knowledge(ime not his agent,but these things have a way of being leaked out) in the running for his services,or attempt to keep him a Championship Player. Free agent & wages only? but no offer? perfectly fair Q to ask,& a reasonable comparison.The fact he has gone back to Udenise is not the issue for me,and doesnt effect my point. You dont think there is a contradiction? A player if we take the point your making,going to a very technical game in serie A,and wanted by Udinese,but no Championship Club thinking WOW we must get him here,he is 'free'? no storys of Clubs trying,or FF turning down others? Or are you one of the conspiracy theorists who think its all one big ploy to loan him back to the Championship?
  11. But no one is commenting on the ability or otherwise of said 'centre half' are they? Where as they are about FF & Fletcher..not a valid comparison
  12. What Championship Club came in for FF?.....and Fletcher isnt pulling up any tree's at Stoke is he? injured straight away.. He could allegedly see the writing on the wall,alleged face saving exercise in my view....putting your 'own' spin on what is a pretty big fall from grace..what I would have done,most would....
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