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  1. Same old same old,blah,blah,blah...............dont want to hear it Darren....hello Div ****ing 3 yes THREE never mind 'league two'...ime sad for many reasons,but i know many thousands of my fellow Wednesdayites will continue to pay through the nose to see our Team,and little to nothing we can do about it,except of course dont go. That is a choice i and a few others have made,NO i wont suddenly become a 'Liverpool' or 'Man utd/City fan,like some i know,just so they can watch,and support,a PL side. I will continue to watch and listen when i can,and will ALWAYS be blue & white
  2. Yeah he must be a bit skint with the late wages...........couldnt make it up..
  3. Yeah,thats it..learn nothing, keep players who we have achieved nothing with,zero,zilch, & offer them a new contract for them to reproduce the failure we have seen over the last Years What could go wrong?
  4. NOT 'and i told you so post' in virtually every topic/thread since i first started posting,I have highlighted the one common thread throughout our demise 'The players#'..... At times even recently i have had dogs over it,the replys thick,and fast...NO come the replys,its all Monks fault,his players,his recruitment...etc etc ...than TP, fault.now DM(and i do believe all,and the Chairman & advisors must take their share,of course i do....) But these players......is there anyone really want to come on and say they disagree? really?....who still feels sorry for the millionair
  5. Young 16 year old Blade who lost his life to cancer......humbling to listen last night to his story...(football Heaven) died in Bluebelle Wood...as we look today to our team to salvage something from this season,lets spare a thought for his family & this young lad who has lost his life in such tragic circumstances. RIP Son God bless
  6. Just thinking the same,.....could work either way i suppose,GK are going to have to be on it today,looking at the weather at the minute,i would be tempted to pick JR & Windass up front,with Patterson in midfield playing behind them,with runs into the box. Despite myself i would also play AR on the left with the instruction to put crosses in,and to have a pop at goal any time in range.AR also to take any free kicks in range of goal(you never know do you?) Must not play out,in this weather,direct,high press game....the pretty triangle passing can wait till next season,whatever Lea
  7. Need to calm down a bit mate,your marking your own homework......i havnt seen a single comment from other members like the ones you reference...thats your interpretation of what people have said, opinions are just that,opinions..and we are entitled to them unless you dont agree?...Your view isnt a fact,and neither is anyone elses....now if you want to boot me off the board carry on..
  8. Not paying wages on time is a breach of contract by the employer. YES totally correct,ime not quite sure why we keep returning to this,i and others have merely commented that the impact on millionaire or very wealthy, some may be more effected than others,but 7 grand a Month is not peanuts...there s no right or wrong view on this,only opinions,relevance,and context..... Agree to differ
  9. If it is say why,and who is specifically effected(if you know something we dont) If not...its just you having your say on the subject,which is fair enough,but doesnt make my view 'incorrect' just different to yours
  10. You repeating things is just you re stating your opinion,over and over...Fine,someone disagreeing with you,is just that.....where have i said the Club isnt breaching its contract(by not paying on time? in full?) cut & paste where i have said it....thats just you marking your own homework....by the way only a Judge in Court could decide (a) if a contract was breached (b) if said 'breach' was reasonable under the circumstances,....so stop preaching Chansiri Billionaire?? ...well no ive never been a millionaire football player working for a Billionaire so i cant answer that...
  11. I havnt a clue what your saying mate,but thanks anyway......always nice to know your amongst friends
  12. If it needs explaining to you........they are still under contract and are expected to play to the best of their ability whilst this is the case.They are being paid to do so(albeit late in some cases) I have explained clearly why i feel the players should behave in an honourable way,and give something back to the Club,and the fans,and take up their issues with the Chairman,away from the football field.
  13. Mate these make believe scenario's you keep using are entertaining,but are a million miles from reality...negotiations on contracts dont happen over night,nd no one in this life is guaranteed another contract? You think its only footballers have to deal with this?? I dealt with fixed term contracts and multiple redundancy,and threat of redundancy for over 10 Years.I worked with vulnerable people and in all that time never once gave less than my best.It was my job,and they depended on me.(even though i getting ****ed over ) NO i didnt like my Employer(s) but myself and my colleag
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