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  1. Simply amazed that after 4 some Years and multiple 'false dawns' that many on here still extol this players virtues....Its football Jim, but not as we know it
  2. You left out AND.................and they know it....no Club coming in for them,(currently)no big signing on fee,maybe for some no club at all at season end....and for the others not leaving, the specter if it doesnt turn around of Div 1 football....
  3. Rush down and demand,DEMAND your right to be utterly dejected and miserable,whilst freezing ya nuts off,for 90 minutes..oh well at least you can have a pint with your mates afterwards......OH...hang on.........
  4. Does he though? what players was he allowed to bring in? how many of those brought in,did he pick?....seems a bit odd....easy enough to blame monk....
  5. I didnt say attitude,....did I? i said underperforming & loss of form....& as monk only managed us for 14 months and took over after the transfer window had closed,i dont see the relevance of your '2' Years......do you?...most of the squad allegedly underperforming were with us last year...correct.. They were not however all monks signings..... That is the issue going forward,i asked why?? monk isnt here now,but you still hold him responsible?...
  6. This is a much bigger issue than just bringing in a target man,or winger....there are too many players in this team allegedly turning in below par performances week in,week out..... Monk i believe became increasingly frustrated by this,as evidenced with his demenour post match.....& comments like (allegedly) i dont coach them to play like that...etc Too many players in this squad approaching the end of their (allegedly lucrative) contracts around the same time & knowing in my opinion they wont be re contracted....& face having to find new Clubs...are they g
  7. 5-6 points would be great,with this team,i wish i had your optimism
  8. NO..if we are lucky(very lucky!) we will get four points for 4 draws...realistically where would the goals come from? TP will i believe go 4/5/1 & try to either get a goal from a 'set piece' (i can dream) or from a mistake by our opponents..(penalty?).. I expect us to lose at least 2 of those games myself,so yes 2 points is a fair guess. I would love to be proven wrong
  9. Not a mistake,totally preventable error of judgement,every player in the game knows the consequences of such.....not going to crucify him for it,but you would expect players knowing our dire situation at S6,not to place themselves in a situation where the ref has to make a decision red/yellow?...good luck to him for his attitude seems genuinely sorry & hopefully will make amends on his return.
  10. Eric Cantona excellent in it,,,,give it a go...take your mind off Wednesday (netflix)
  11. Jos was ok when he first came and settled down the defence,monk has never been regarded as 'widely useless' by his peers,nor much of the fan base of clubs he has managed....and even on here people are starting to realize the depth of the job he had to contend with (eventually) Dont bother trotting out 'statistics' to support your views,they dont change,you dont however look past them to look for the reason WHY...
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