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  1. Totally agree,BB is a class act,everyone agree's on that,but in recent seasons I have tired of everything going through him,and than endless sideways and back passes that lead to nothing.he has at time i feel also struggled with form.... He goes honourably,but we could really do with saving on his reported salary,and you wonder if the team can move forward,with him remaining..Too much baggage? history? Just needs to move on,get a fresh challenge...& let us do the same.
  2. Absolutely brilliant(and heartfelt) post...i totally agree
  3. Great post mate,totally agree,(great ideological summary)but i also think that for many,me included,we are also sick and tired of the Owner,and want him to LEAVE.....but are frustrated that we seem to have no avenue to make this happen..... Ditto the 'Millionaires' who were wearing 'our' shirt....same old faces year in,Year out,reproducing only failure,but reaping huge rewards for it....(please everyone,you know their money is nailed on,so dont post there not getting paid,they will get there money) I was going to put get their 'earnings'.....but changed my mind.....old fashioned term,usually associated with people of a certain generation.....pride associated with it, & entitlement... Sad also to see still sections of our fan base still unable to embrace where the responsibility for this is....(ie its all GM fault!!!)..& posting about if we had kept(take your pick...) from the players released..etc....
  4. Yes agree of course,my reply wasnt about Borners stance,but a comment admin made....I despair at the state of the Club we all love....
  5. Why??...perfectly fair comment.....whats he offered in his time here?...would you have offered another contract?
  6. Yes,accepted,but its all good being PC (when employing)but you have to be robust enough to deal with it,comes with the job....its a Football ground,full of(mainly but not exclusively ) blokes full of testosterone...& passionate about their team...the anger they sometimes feel,(especially when they have paid a premium price) means they expect to be able to vent,& not be told to sit down,be quiet,whatever.... People dont like being told what to do at Football matches,dont like to que,open their bags,be searched....& so on....No other consumer I feel gets treated like this....
  7. Who the flip wants to act their age,i still play 'Subbuteo'...!!
  8. Probably not going to be a popular opinion,but Stewards(ive done the job) need to have a thick skin,a sense of humour(and proportion) need to be trained properly,& be able to handle being told to **** off,(or worse) by fans, football pubs when worked,can be very tasty,& needed to be handled with tact...Even than it can go up,in an instant...(and does!) I dont think myself extended bans is the answer...short sharp shock....unless repeat offender...At the end of the day,footballs a working class sport & supporters can be passionate & sometimes angry....this can be expressed inappropriately to stewards/staff etc.... Its rarely personal & an apology is often offered...
  9. People behave badly often(saw plenty last night coming through Crookes...) rowdyness & football,especially where drinks involved,is almost inevitable.... Worked multiple World Cups,Euro Competitions over 20 Years.... yes it would be nice if peoples behavior was impeccable, but it rarel y is
  10. Maybe.....didnt know the Pope was an England or Czech fan....
  11. Watching England last night(poor i thought) & the camera cut to the crowd,where one 'tango' was sat watching...not sure when his matchban ends at S6 or even if he has moved on now....whatever it gave me a grin....WAWAW
  12. One Wednesday,one family....
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