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  1. Should never have left it,let alone go back to it,what on earth was DM thinking to try playing out from the back?,,,
  2. It is though mate,its about how crazy our World is,that people can be valued so little,whilst others.....
  3. TBH based on his interviews and body language i believe myself he had enough ,and just wanted off.....seemed very ****ed off to me....who can blame him really? and again under such circumstances who can give of their best?...even when you try....he seemed to me very frustrated towards the end....
  4. I personally thought there was nothing to gain by moving Dave on,he was a good impact player to bring on against tired legs,to try to get (or keep)something out of a game....What we dont know however is to what scale GM may have been told to move on Players who had been here for some time.... Dave may have been caught up in that,in the expectation he would have been able to replace him,that as we know simply didnt happen. I dont myself believe any Manager would willingly go into a campaign without a known striker,s
  5. Re engage and become a greater part of our community,,,,,game has been taken away from us,but globally the love of the game has never been greater,,,,but how often,unlike my day,do you see kids playing football anywhere at the drop of a hat? except on their game console
  6. Simply not the right time to try to get the team to play yet another new systym.......they looked lost...They are poor at passing out from the back,are low in confidence on the ball,and run out of ideas ....recipe for disaster as is a lone striker
  7. Only just seen your post ,so may have posted again....not being disrespectful
  8. Likewise.including you eh?...play your games elsewhere...you dont think ime clever,fair enough,take it up with Sheffield Hallam,ask them why they award Honours degree's to thick ********
  9. You are pushing your own agenda (and its both obvious,crude & tiresome)you and i both know that,NO i wont name Millionaire players on an open forum,one which in fact people have been previously threatened with legal action on...(well there have been several social media platforms that have led to such actually),i am more switched on than that,doesn't detract from my wider point.thats why you asked the Q in the first place isnt it? You are not anywhere near as clever my friend as what you think....
  10. % of the ball but that would include passing backwards and sideways wouldn't it? thats why these stats are so meaningless? how many of those shots were on target?.....Are players rushing to track back? putting in key tackles? 'taking one for the team' when an opponents through on goal?....# fair q about commitment i feel...
  11. I cant work out why this is,ime no manager but i look at the squad,and it seems just common sense to go 442 or 433 with the limited ability we have.Reach on the left,Harris right,Patterson playing behind JR & Windass(for me) or with either JW or JR as a two... This lone striker bit hasnt worked since Fletcher left,and i thought Chnnsiri wanted 442?
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