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  1. Complacency? too well paid? too long with one Employer & not feeling challenged any more....?where is the hunger for the no1 jersey? Do you see it from either? I have NO idea at all if any of these things apply to either of our GK but i think its undeniable niether have been able to convince a variety of managers that the shirt was theres... We will see if DM goes with either at season start...... I dont think its an issue of what level or Division you play in....more one of motivation,ambition, eg being second,or third choice GK at SWFC may well be a sound career move......(money wise)Home City,regular employment on long contracts(both i believe had 5 Year deals)....... No secret wages here have been excellent..... I dont blame them for that if so? .Why not?...Didnt Winnall say that his S6 move was 'life changing money'? But could that be the reason why some of our players have stagnated?...over time?.....
  2. Me too,its a worry.......how does that show 'ambition'?
  3. Theres EVERY reason not to have him back,if he starts dropping clangers again it will cost us for two reasons,DM will want to play it out and this puts GK and defenders under pressure when teams high press(they will) Dawson no good at playing sweeper & his kicking not good.Likes to stay on his line.... If he is first choice pre season,who do we put in the net if it doesnt work out? JW? cos that wont work either which is why i am bemused he has been offered new terms... Hardly a way to start to eradicate errors is it?...
  4. LOL....Niether have been first choice keepers in the last season,one loaned out to the 4th Division...You seriously saying if they stay its to progress their careers?
  5. Abidaeo Akinfenwa all the best and a great end at Wembley to a long career Sadly no promotion but you go with our best wishes. WAWAW
  6. It’s football people don’t deserve anything,you get in if your good enough and you keep your place the same
  7. And if both stay what does it say about the two players?
  8. Enjoy Div 3 next Year it will be our ‘regular’ gig….
  9. EH? well not signing overpaid,over hyped injury prone players would be one thing we could do,not agreeing terms with players already with us,IF they are either (1) injury prone (2) dont perform (3) both of the above.. Not getting promotion cost us Jim 14 Million quid,and the same EACH YEAR we languish hear.... You say your not bothered about Promotion,how Jim can we move forward as a Club,with such losses?..It simply wont be possible to 'move forward' consolidate,and any other word you want to use..... WE WILL GO BACKWARDS.....
  10. Failed? Were we not STILL a Championship Club * had turned a difficult corner with 2 good wins against decent opposition(showing he hadnt lost the dressing room) Look elsewhere Jim for the FAILURE this Club has endured.....
  11. LOL GM NOTHING whatsoever to do with our current plight,not mentioned AT ALL by me,yet in highlighting him as a dig at me,all you do is draw attention to your OWN obsession with him..... He is a multi Millionairre & owner of multiple propertys mate...Is he retired? Who knows? I dont mate because ime not obsessed by him.... Focus on the now Jim....how long can we languish in this poor Division losing 14 Million TV money a Year? 28 and counting including next season..
  12. Think we have had this convo b4,i have never at ANY time been anything but calm and stating my view on here.......I get angry at callous Tory policys,needless cruelty to children or animals....or the widespread destruction of a Sovereign Country by a Tyrant... NOT results at a football match,or debate on a forum....
  13. Aggressive? lol,unrealistic?..looks like the labelling & excuse making is starting early TOO than if thats the case.......
  14. Would have made little sense to drop our most effective striker,though i do accept & agree with your critique(overall) of Gregorys limitations
  15. You will have your answer next Year,as will we all.......will you accept though that the ONLY definition of moving forward next Year can be Automatic promotion? Or will we see the continual moving of goal posts we saw this Year? ie 'automatics a must'....than 'well we are in a play off position,challenging for auto;s' than well,we are in & around the play off's...so its been a good season regardless....Down to 'i would have been happy with top 10' TOP TEN in Div 3....& someone posts that as a mark of a 'successful' season........
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