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Well done Calum Patterson!!

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We only had one tactic today, get it wide and then into the box. No problem with the tactics but we had no one to get on the end of it. Paterson should have been on a lot sooner. 

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1 hour ago, StudentOwl said:


Spending too long listening to Rob and John 


Than looking at shirt numbers/faces. 


Paterson has to start next game, severely underrated. Limited player but is scoring goals and making chances... which is exactly what you want your attacking players to do. 


"Severely underated"


"Limited player"



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He was perfectly suited to us pumping the ball in the box. 

I was surprised Wednesday didn’t make this change sooner. You could tell from half time that Wimbledon were set up with a deep 541 looking for a point. It didn’t need NML’s pace we needed a big bruiser like Paterson alongside Gregory to go toe to toe with their CBs. 

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I think he’ll start next week. The away games we have coming up are perfect for him.  Totally expect him to score the goal that clinches a play-off place and maybe even score the goal that wins us promotion.

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Good day at the office for Pato:

DM: ‘Callum, warm up please. Your going on for the last five mins to win the game’

CP: ‘No probs boss. What do you want? Score the winner or set up one of the lads?’

DM: ‘one of the lads please Gregory of you can, he’s worked his arris off’ 

CP: ‘no probs, hold my tracksuit…’

10 mins later…


DM: ‘thanks Callum’

CP: ‘no probs chief. I love you.’

DM: ‘love you too. He’s your tracksuit.’

CP: ‘thanks’ 

DM: ‘your welcome.’

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6 hours ago, parajack said:

Personally i would start him every game......great assist,and just the sort of result we need.....but made hard work of it.....WAWAW

Wouldn't start him every game necessarily but far better than some say and without doubt made a valuable contribution today.

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