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  1. Spurs are recruiting very very well. Looks like they're on the verge of getting Lenglet from Barce, who's a top centre back and will strengthen that back 3 of Romero, Dier, Davies. They've signed Perisic who even though he's getting on, he's fit as a fiddle and will be first choice at left wing back for them, having played there all last season for Inter. They've strengthened centre mid with Bissouma, so adding to Bentancur and Hojbjerg, that's a very good pool of 3 to pick from. Then Kulusevski who was unreal for them from January, Son, Kane and Richarlison if he signs. Looks a very impressive squad and very impressive recruitment. Hope they make a serious challenge to Liverpool and City this season
  2. Think a left wing back is actually one of our priorities before the season starts. That's no slight on Johnson, he's been superb for us. But in every position if we play 3-5-2 we have decent cover all over the pitch apart from left wing back and arguably the back 3. Up top we have 4 options for a front 2, centre mid we have 5 options for 3 places, right wing back we have Hunt and Palmer. Centre back maybe 4 or 5 options if you include Brennan. Left wing back i think we need cover, Johnson is a fit boy but towards the end of the season he looked dead on his feet. Cadden looks to fit the bill, as would that Purrington lad from Charlton. Be happy with either of them to back up Johnson
  3. Not sure if it’s already been posted in here because I can’t be bothered going back through the pages, but apparently Alfie Mawson is close to signing for Wycombe? Be a hell of a signing for league 1. Can’t imagine he’d be on much cash there either? Feel like we’ve missed a trick, would be our best centre back by a mile
  4. isn't that where Ebanks Landell is too? Some big boys in that defence
  5. After the news of us being the worst run club in Europe financially, is it wise to go chasing a player over the odds? Yes 200k did seem a steal, but anything north of 500k would start to worry me a bit, based on the news from yesterday. There's got to be hundreds of players out of contract, and hundreds of players available for loans from Prem sides, i wouldn't go chasing a signing that will demand a fee if it's dangerous territory.
  6. If we're sticking with 352 i wouldn't be bending over backwards to sign him now, screw getting held by the short and curlies by a team like Hull for a player that may not even fit into our preferred formation. We made the same mistake last season trying every winger at the club has a wing back and then as a striker, if we're moving to play wingers fair enough he'd fit the bill. If we're playing the same as last season i honestly don't see where he fits in. Smith and Gregory all day every day if we 're playing a front 2
  7. Yikes that's horrific reading. And to say there's been topics created on here this summer praising him, the bloke is hopeless at running a football club there's no two ways about it. The list of balls ups since his era began is as long as my arm, even getting back into the championship wouldn't paper over the cracks of his tenure, it's been a shambles.
  8. Think everyone is behind him, he seems like one of the genuine good blokes in football and has a real likeable personality that a lot of managers struggle to have. BUT, a likeable personality can only get you so far and if he's messing about with formations and personnel 3 months into the season and we're outside the playoffs, i'll be calling for his head. He stumbled across a formation last season that he didn't really want to play but had no choice, and it works. That's the formation we should be sticking with, we have 2 good centre forwards and both should be playing, we have 2 good wing backs who should be playing and we have 5 good centre mids, 3 should be playing. Changing formations and shoe horning players should be a massive no for DM, so playing wingers at wing back and wingers up front is something we should never have to see with this squad depth, i just hope the signing of Wilks doesn't over complicate things and tempt DM into trying something new.
  9. Still hope we stick with last seasons formation to be honest, getting the best out of Johnson and hunt is why we become so successful last season. Playing them both as full backs might not be as good for them as attacking threats. Feel like we’ll have too many attacking options now for limited positions. Smith windass Gregory wilks for a front 2 spot will leave 2 very good players unhappy. Unless we go to a 4-3-3 but then one of smith and Gregory won’t be playing, because neither of them 2 are getting pushed out wide are they
  10. Luongo will be missed, not sure if Vaulks is the same type of midfielder, but i'm very confident with that 5 midfielders that we have that we'll be absolutely fine. Don't think NML will be a miss, he didn't have a role in our 3-5-2. He wasn't better than Hunt or Johnson at wing back, and he only got a few games up front because Paterson and Berahino couldn't find much consistency. We've signed an out and out striker now, and probably need a good cover for Johnson but we'll be no worse off
  11. How come there's only 2 games in November?
  12. All the people who said he wasn't backed last season and had to make do with freebies and loans, are you saying the same this season too? Christ the squad is the envy of the league again. If we're ever outside the playoffs this season then it's a failure. Top 2 is an absolute must with this team, i'd have my finger on the trigger from the very start if i was DC.
  13. Hope Pompey are as charitable as they were at hillsborough last time. Be off to a good start if so
  14. Think it means we're definitely sticking with 3-5-2. He can't sign Smith, added to Gregory and Windass and just play one up front. Gregory and Smith don't fit into a 4-2-3-1, so i think it shows he's sticking with 2 up top? Plus having 5 centre mids, can't see him playing just 2 and having 3 missing out. Bit of back up for Johnson and i think we're good to go.
  15. No one can say DM hasn’t been backed this window now. We’ve took the best GK in the league from a playoff rival, and we’ve got 3 players from the championship who will all have turned down championship offers. He’s got no excuse this season, we need a quick start and we need to maintain it, Rotherham and Wigan style from last season. He has the players in abundance to win the league there’s no excuses.
  16. Stockdale iorfa heneghan Ihiekwe hunt byers vaulks Bannan johnson smith gregory wow. And windass, Paterson, FDB, Denis, Palmer in the wings
  17. Let’s be fair, he has all the attributes to be an absolute beast at this level. There were a few games at Hillsborough he ran the full back ragged, he’s a big strong quick lad who has all the physical attributes to be a threat for most teams in the championship. We just didn’t play a system to fit him in, like with Shodipo, like with Theo. He’s a winger, not a wing back or striker. Played in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or whatever, he’d be dynamite. Just didn’t fit in to a wing back system unfortunately.
  18. Joy to watch last season. All the best Mass and thank you for your efforts, never gave anything but 100% in a Wednesday shirt and that’s what you’ll be remembered for.
  19. Only position that worries me is centre back. We have 2 good keepers, we have 2 good right wing backs in Palmer and Hunt, we have Johnson on the left and brown, so maybe better cover for Johnson is needed but I wouldn’t make that a priority. We ooze class in centre midfield that’s finished there, and we have windass, Gregory and Paterson up top, maybe one light up there but again, not a priority. But if we play a back 3 we have Iorfa, Palmer, Brennan and Heneghan? Palmer isn’t natural there and Brennan doesn’t have the experience. So definitely two centre backs light, would love Dean and Storey but I know neither will happen. Just hope we have 2 good replacements lined up
  20. Good luck to the lad. Always had it tough here, Westwood was loads better than him, Dawson was a little bit better than him, BPF was loads better than him, and Stockdale is better than him. That’s just life as a keeper unfortunately, never more than 2nd choice, usually 3rd choice. Hope he gets a league 2 club, he really should do. Watched a lot of league 2 last season and he’d be fine there
  21. Christ i never expected us to get the Vaulks deal over the line. That's some effort from the club to get that sorted. Him, Byers and Bannan is a lovely midfield that wouldn't be out of place in the championship
  22. Love Luongo. I know i've been very harsh on injury prone players on this forum, saying we shouldn't touch Gibson with a barge pole and other players, but i want to find an exemption to the rule for Mass. Last season he was a joy, and was the main reason why we had such an up turn in form. Some games he was exceptional, IF we bring in Vaulks it'll soften the blow, really wish something could be sorted with him
  23. Quite liked the look of the full back at Lincoln, Norton-Cuffy. Looked very good at their place he kept Johnson pretty quiet if i remember correctly. He was the tall lad with the dreads i think, on loan from Arsenal so i'm sure he'd be avaliable on another loan maybe? Would give Hunt some competition and i'm sure could play at wing back in this system.
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