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  1. Usually takes a few weeks of chants for the managers head before anything gets done anyway, but there is nothing from the fans home or away. DM will think the fans are onside because there is nothing at any home game or away game from the fans that will make him think he's not wanted here, nor will Chansiri know DM isn't wanted here. They dont check owlstalk, they can only go off the fans at the matches, and i have never heard one Moore out chant at hillsborough this season or at Sunderland, Shrewsbury or Oxford. Infact we sang honolulu Wednesday for half an hour at 3/4/5-0 down at Sunderland. Everyone behind the scenes and on the coaching staff will think they're still wanted here until they hear chants from the fans. We must be the softest set of fans ever settling for this.
  2. Johnson would be an asset at left wing back, less reliant on having to defend crosses and defend within the box. And a good attacking outlet he's got a lovely left foot and would put in some good balls from the wing back position. Like previously said by someone else, Storey and Brennan should be playing in the back 3 before him
  3. Because this clown of a manager persists with playing people out of position. I'll never blame Johnson for any performance he puts in at left centre back, when he's played a career as a left midfielder or left winger, how on earth is he meant to go from playing attacking down the left for 10 years to having to head balls clear and mark in his own box. It's Man United playing Sancho there, or Chelsea playing Ziyech there, or City playing Grealish there etc etc. Literally have Brennan sitting on the bench most matches and now Storey and he plays attackers in the back 3 then wonders why we can't defend crosses and mark men in the box. Absolutely clueless Moore. At least a back 4 would see less players played out of position ffs
  4. This set of players isn't the problem. We have a goalie from the premiership who is an international, we have Iorfa, Hutchinson, Storey, Dunkley, Palmer, Hunt, Johnson all capable of playing along the back 4 or 5. We have 2 centre mids in Bannan and Luongo who could play top half of the championship, Mendez Laing has played for years at Cardiff in the prem/champ, we have Windass who we could sell tomorrow to the top half of the champ. Then a bunch of squad players in Bashiru, Adeniran, Gregory, Paterson, Wing, Shodipo who have all proved themselves for other teams in this league or the champ. It all stops with the manager, Paul Warne would have this side 10 points clear at the top of the league absolutely no doubt about it. If a manager plays players out of position and chops and changes players and systems after 25 games then it's a clear sign he has no idea. Get him out before the gap to the playoffs gets any bigger over the next 4 weeks of games
  5. All well and good being the best team to play there, but that won't get us 3 points. We have a squad of players good enough to make the top 2, and they do play good football in spells but that's the minimum requirement for a squad of players that good. The inability to see games out is making us so easy to play against, if ever a team are 1 goal behind with 10 minutes to go the inevitable always happens. Bet we'd be top of the league if matches finished after 85 minutes
  6. I know in other threads i've banged on about him playing people out of position in the back 3, but surely Paterson would be a better option in there than Johnson? He's played full back before, he's more rough and ready and surely better at defending crosses than Johnson is. Surely to god Storey starts next Saturday, why can't he play a back 4 with him and Hutch as the centre back partnership and Palmer and Hunt as full backs
  7. problem is he pulls out a good result every so often that makes us all think a corner has been turned. The run of results before the covid outbreak, the sunderland home game, the wigan away game, the plymouth home game, granted it's only a few games here and there but they seem to buy him an extra bunch of games when he gets performances like that every so often. The problem is the run of results in between the good performances are a shambles. The stubbornness to play the back 3 with one recognised centre back should have been a sackable offence a long time ago. Persisting with full backs and wingers in the back 3 has ultimately got him in this situation.
  8. You're far too sensible and well reasoned for this forum vulva! Put it well though, in the other games he didn't really do anything, then a good game against Plymouth and it's a hot topic if he leaves. For what it's worth i hope we sign him until the end of the season, now he's sharp and fit he would be an important player for the last few months. Would be a shame to get him fit for the few games he was here for Wigan to reap the benefits in the long run.
  9. That game was bonkers last night, a 95th minute equaliser is normal enough, that happens week in week out around the country teams equalising in stoppage time. But to surrender the ball from the kick off within a few passes, and be that wide open in centre midfield and centre back literally after the kick that meant 2 passes put Bergwijn 1 on 1 was madness, surely with having the kick off, a pass to the defender or GK then a punt up the park would have been full time, but a misplaced past in the middle of the pitch from kick off and so wide open was madness. Good game though, like a basket ball game for 97 mins
  10. Centre backs are vital for us at the moment, means that Palmer provides back up to Hunt at right wing back and the same on the left, releasing Johnson to back up Mendez Laing. Gives us more options in the back 3 and enables Palmer and Johnson to be alternatives at wing back. Storey, Hutchinson + 1 would be my back 3 Saturday, got a few days to get him going now
  11. Far better player than that judas Batth anyway. PS, anyone know who he is?
  12. Finished it last night, my MOTM was the boss of the amateur dramatics class. Some absolute beauties he came out with, he definitely made me chuckle more than anyone in this series. Special mention to RG for the throwing of the ashes into the blokes mouth and saying he hopes it was the c**k.
  13. He'd be absolutely class in league 1, a back 3 of him, hutch and palmer/johnson would be very good at this level. Think we can forget Dunkley and Iorfa for the foreseeable, rather get players in who can actually play a long spell of games than the injury prone mob we usually recruit. Start planning for the second half of the season with a new centre back because i doubt we'll see them 2 for the next few months
  14. The lad needs a run of games in a position he knows. Signing from abroad and playing wing back wasn't what he signed up for surely. The lad has pace, he doesn't let defenders settle and seems to get in good areas. Unfortunately can't see him getting a massive run of games with Paterson, Gregory and Windass infront of him but he's a good option to have. Maybe against lesser teams we'd sacrifice Dele-Bisharu and play 3-4-3/3-4-1-2 and get 3 of the forwards in the team instead of 2
  15. He's a class above anyone at the club, every game he's featured in, Rotherham away, Accy away, Plymouth at home he's absolutely ran the game and made the difference. If he didn't have such big injury issues he'd be playing for a mid table championship club easily, but he does. He really needs managing, because he is vital to us finishing outside the playoffs or in them
  16. No one doubts his footballing ability, it's just the injury concerns with Windass. Putting all your eggs in the baskets of injury prone players is a risky game, just a shame all our best players are the injury prone ones, Windass, Luongo and Hutch. They all need managing properly and maybe playing once a week and missing any midweek games. If these 3 play 75% of the rest of the season we comfortably finish in the play offs.
  17. Poor lad needs to call it a day, body quite clearly isn't up to coping with the demands of professional football and surely no one else will touch him now. Probably played single figures in the last 3 years? Good back in the day for us but needs to give it up now
  18. massive game, probably the biggest of the season. Win and we go potentially 3 points off the playoffs with a game in hand on MK and Oxford, lost and we go 9 points behind Plymouth and possibly the same behind Oxford and MK. Oxford go to Wycombe and MK go to Portsmouth, so something has to give anyway tomorrow. Take care of ourselves and get the gap down to 3 points
  19. no videos of the other 2 goals? Guessing he didn't do anymore shithousery for his next 2 celebrations? Superb though, lured me in to think he wasn't going to celebrate either with his hands up, then went for it with Johnson. Good, grade A to$$pot
  20. BPF Hunt Palmer Hutchinson Johnson Luongo Bannan Mendez-Laing Paterson Shodipo Gregory 4-2-3-1, essentially 2 up top when attacking with Pato joining Gregory (like wigan away) and wingers on the wing attacking instead of been asked to play wing back. Flip of a coin for Brennan/Palmer at centre back, gone with Palmer just for experience to be honest. Clearly crying out for a new centre back or Dunkley/Iorfa to be back fit. But at least in a back 4 it's only 1 player been shoehorned into a centre back position instead of 2
  21. seems to me like they're freezing the prices from the phase before Christmas? The phase where they tried to pressure fans to part with hundreds of pounds a week before Christmas and within a few days of releasing the prices? So after all that pressuring fans to part with money before the most expensive time of the year the prices are just the same now? Or am i misreading it and got my phases mixed up
  22. If anybody is honestly saying our best midfield line up doesn't consist of Bannan then i'm at a loss. He's the best midfielder at the club, he's the best player at the club, and he's been the best player at the club for years. Every attack he starts, every good chance we create he is involved in. If it's a midfield 2 it's Bannan + 1 and if it's a midfield 3 it's Bannan + 2. Personally i'd go Bannan and Luongo at the base, Wing infront of them 2 and Windass and Gregory as a front 2
  23. Very strange situation for me. Play 4-3-3 for the first part of the season and he is nowhere to be seen, in a formation that would suit him way more, then we switch to a back 3 with wing backs and he features a lot more in this. The whole transfer has been badly managed by DM, he signed players that would work in a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 with the 5 new central players and god knows how many new wingers, but strangely moved to a formation that required more centre backs when we didn't have any fit ones and wing backs when we didn't have any natural ones apart from Hunt. Shodipo and Theo either side of Gregory would have worked a treat, with a middle 3 supporting from behind. The whole situation hasn't covered Moore in glory one bit
  24. Nice one Daz. Instead of playing Theo wide in a 4-3-3 or wide in a 4-2-3-1 to get the best out of him attacking, we play him once a month at left wing back. Totally mismanaged a player that everyone could see had bags of potential and ability. Give him the ball out wide with not much defending to think about and you probably have one of the most exciting players in the league. Play him left wing back and make him think about tracking oppositions wide men and you have a waste of talent. Can't wait for the game at MK now, watch him rip the league up in the second half of the season.
  25. So DM knows of the square pegs round holes issue, saying players are playing out of position for too long, erm, who's picking them? over and over again? So he knows of the problems but persists with Johnson at centre back, Palmer at centre back, Paterson at centre back, Theo at wing back, Paterson at wing back, Shodipo at wing back. Baffled that he knows himself of the situation and persists with it week in week out.
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