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  1. Hasn't been working for Man Utd since the end of last season after taking on the role with Wales - https://trainingground.guru/articles/strudwick-appointed-head-of-performance-by-wales
  2. And also signed by Terry Yorath not Chris.
  3. I agree I watched as I said on holiday when we played Wigan and thought it looked really good with the stats and score tabs on the screen and the sponsorship of FIFA. Definitely think it is heading in the right direction and fingers crossed they have now come up with the solution for this commentary mixing problem if what they told me today is correct.
  4. Yes please and a game focusing purely on what is happening on the pitch rather than worrying about technical matters at the same time!
  5. I appreciate you are frustrated when things go wrong. Believe me I'm probably even more annoyed than you are. I know what is wrong. I hear it from a lot of you who tell us and I actually talk to the people behind the scenes trying to improve it. On this thread are two separate points that are being merged into one regarding technical problems on Sunday. Point One, the issue about the commentary being low in the mix with the crowd drowning out the sound on the video has been happening since the first game away at Wigan. I know I heard it while on holiday and reported it. The pairing of commentary and pictures is a new additional this season across the EFL after calls from fans of all clubs for it to happen. It involves several parties including NeuLion, ITN and ADI and isn't as straight forward as it may seem. You are mixing analogue with digital signals (Any technical posters who can explain this better please do so). Currently what is happening is the audio feed from commentary is being placed over the top of the crowd effects from the camera, hence why it is drowning the sound out. If you were to listen to the same feed of commentary on the audio only version, you would be able to hear the big difference in sound quality as the two feeds aren't fused together. I'm told, and this was today by NeuLion, that something has been changed and they hope these tethering problems have been resolved going forward. Let me know after Millwall. Point Two about the commentary sound cutting out altogether was a local issue where the connection from the ground wasn't staying connected. We use the same kit as the BBC and just about every broadcaster in England. At half-time a different number was dialled into along with other changes and the signal didn't disconnect for the audio listener for the entire duration of the second half. The downside for those watching and listening (used loosely as you couldn't really hear the commentary well anyway) was that this new number wasn't set up to be paired with the pictures and time was against us at 3.55pm. This solution was better than carrying on the way it had been in the first half.
  6. I don't work for NeuLion, you are attacking the wrong person.
  7. I can try and answer your points, or we can just go this is rubbish, that is rubbish, etc and I leave you to it.
  8. A lot of rubbish has been said about the medical team. Our Senior physio isn't Portuguese and has been working in English football for several years. Liam McGarry has previously worked for Hull City and Blackburn. The club's injury problems shouldn't just be put at their door - https://www.swfc.co.uk/teams/first-team-support-staff/first-team/liam-mcgarry/
  9. Would add to the cost to achieve. The easy way to do it, is simply to run the audio lead from my ISDN kit into the camera and everything would sync up. However, we can't do that as the pictures are used to all worldwide clients (Sky, Channel 5, other overseas networks) and therefore it needs to be kept Rob and John free so they can add their own commentary on, from a studio or broadcast van.
  10. It's about 30 seconds. I tested it last week when connecting the ISDN. The pictures are about 50 seconds behind real time.
  11. No. It's too difficult at the moment to achieve.
  12. Well I'm (Rob) at home! We don't do the away games. The commentary comes from Radio Sheffield.
  13. I agree 100%, but when the club have no control over a centralised contract that was signed back in the last 90s, it is very difficult to do anything about it. Did you read my post about the terms and conditions? It is watertight in favour of the provider. Like I say it looks like the provider will be changing this summer for all clubs, that's assuming Wednesday don't have plans of their own (which they may have, I don't know) and fingers crossed that will be a positive move looking at the company in question's track record. "The streaming, merchandising, and payment services will be provided by US company NeuLion, which already has experience in delivering live football streams with the MLS. NeuLion also has experience in delivering online video through its other clients which include the NFL, NBA, and the UFC."
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