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  1. Think it must have been from his phone as this was our view and I can't see a clock in sight! No worries thanks for your comments and sorry Marc_Degryse didn't enjoy it!
  2. Couldn't see any clock on North Stand or scoreboard as it wasn't switched on and there was.no board held up either for added time at the end of the two halves.. We were also sat two metres apart. Will remember to bring stopwatch next time.
  3. Not got an account Neil and it would be heavily in delay too. Tried using the BBC footage for the Man City streamed through my laptop to look back at replays but gets confusing as it was a good minute and a half behind.
  4. We don't have an account/login and in any case it would be several minutes behind even if we were to watch the stream on iFollow.
  5. Ah ok. Honest answer I don't know. All of the options were listed here which were pretty comprehensive and flexible - https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/june/season-ticket-rebate-options/
  6. What is TPP? Are you a season ticket holder (2019/20)?
  7. Every game can be watched on iFollow by UK customers who pay £10 per game (home and away) for the rest of the season except Bristol City and Swansea which are being televised by Sky. Audio commentaries only will be available for the City and Swans games instead on iFollow. Season ticket holders who claim one of the club's offers for streaming will be able to watch ALL nine on the platform.
  8. Those two games are televised by Sky hence why only audio is available to UK customers if you are looking to pay per game via iFollow. Everyone who is a season ticket holder and takes up one of the club's streaming options, will be able to watch those two matches plus the other seven via the iFollow platform.
  9. Did you miss tonight's official Sheffield Wednesday FC Lockdown Quiz? Fear not, you can watch along and play at any time at your own leisure. It's more than just a sports quiz, with a whole host of great #swfc goals and memories featured from days gone. Use the #swfcQUIZ to share your final score on social media with 91 points up for grabs! I hope you enjoy it. Kind Regards Rob
  10. Hasn't been working for Man Utd since the end of last season after taking on the role with Wales - https://trainingground.guru/articles/strudwick-appointed-head-of-performance-by-wales
  11. And also signed by Terry Yorath not Chris.
  12. I agree I watched as I said on holiday when we played Wigan and thought it looked really good with the stats and score tabs on the screen and the sponsorship of FIFA. Definitely think it is heading in the right direction and fingers crossed they have now come up with the solution for this commentary mixing problem if what they told me today is correct.
  13. Yes please and a game focusing purely on what is happening on the pitch rather than worrying about technical matters at the same time!
  14. I appreciate you are frustrated when things go wrong. Believe me I'm probably even more annoyed than you are. I know what is wrong. I hear it from a lot of you who tell us and I actually talk to the people behind the scenes trying to improve it. On this thread are two separate points that are being merged into one regarding technical problems on Sunday. Point One, the issue about the commentary being low in the mix with the crowd drowning out the sound on the video has been happening since the first game away at Wigan. I know I heard it while on holiday and reported it. The pairing of commentary and pictures is a new additional this season across the EFL after calls from fans of all clubs for it to happen. It involves several parties including NeuLion, ITN and ADI and isn't as straight forward as it may seem. You are mixing analogue with digital signals (Any technical posters who can explain this better please do so). Currently what is happening is the audio feed from commentary is being placed over the top of the crowd effects from the camera, hence why it is drowning the sound out. If you were to listen to the same feed of commentary on the audio only version, you would be able to hear the big difference in sound quality as the two feeds aren't fused together. I'm told, and this was today by NeuLion, that something has been changed and they hope these tethering problems have been resolved going forward. Let me know after Millwall. Point Two about the commentary sound cutting out altogether was a local issue where the connection from the ground wasn't staying connected. We use the same kit as the BBC and just about every broadcaster in England. At half-time a different number was dialled into along with other changes and the signal didn't disconnect for the audio listener for the entire duration of the second half. The downside for those watching and listening (used loosely as you couldn't really hear the commentary well anyway) was that this new number wasn't set up to be paired with the pictures and time was against us at 3.55pm. This solution was better than carrying on the way it had been in the first half.
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