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  1. iFollow

    Would add to the cost to achieve. The easy way to do it, is simply to run the audio lead from my ISDN kit into the camera and everything would sync up. However, we can't do that as the pictures are used to all worldwide clients (Sky, Channel 5, other overseas networks) and therefore it needs to be kept Rob and John free so they can add their own commentary on, from a studio or broadcast van.
  2. iFollow

    It's about 30 seconds. I tested it last week when connecting the ISDN. The pictures are about 50 seconds behind real time.
  3. iFollow

    No. It's too difficult at the moment to achieve.
  4. iFollow

    Well I'm (Rob) at home! We don't do the away games. The commentary comes from Radio Sheffield.
  5. Bloody player

    I agree 100%, but when the club have no control over a centralised contract that was signed back in the last 90s, it is very difficult to do anything about it. Did you read my post about the terms and conditions? It is watertight in favour of the provider. Like I say it looks like the provider will be changing this summer for all clubs, that's assuming Wednesday don't have plans of their own (which they may have, I don't know) and fingers crossed that will be a positive move looking at the company in question's track record. "The streaming, merchandising, and payment services will be provided by US company NeuLion, which already has experience in delivering live football streams with the MLS. NeuLion also has experience in delivering online video through its other clients which include the NFL, NBA, and the UFC."
  6. Bloody player

    I have already explained this. It can be down to people's own internet connection dropping. It also can be down to the fact the service can't handle too much traffic when it reaches a certain point. It is like a building a tower block of lego bricks. You can put one more on and it will be fine, and another, and another, but then the tower gets to a point when another brick goes on and the whole thing collapses and has to be rebuilt again.
  7. Bloody player

    Thanks Captain. Perform were far from perfect but they did at least bring back the non-delayed version of the commentary as an option after some complaints about it not being in real time. It was slightly hidden away and badly described, but it was the option that said prefer the old player style then click here. What it should have said was, if you don't want to be able to rewind a game and be several minutes behind then click here!
  8. Bloody player

    That was my thought too having come across this article. The Americans are usually spot on with customer service. I don't think they could get away with providing a half baked service to a fan base as passionate and large as some of those sports they already serve, so fingers crossed with these guys involved the infrastructure will be in place to deliver a reliable streaming package that has been too long in the waiting.
  9. Bloody player

    There you go found the terms and conditions - http://www.efl.com/documents/player-ii-site-terms-and-conditions-final-15-june-2015549-2493797.pdf Key bits - Disclaimer of warranties We are providing the Player Service on an "as is" basis and make no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the Player Service or its content including (without limitation) implied warranties as to completeness, accuracy, satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose, except to the extent required by law. We do not warrant that the Player Service will meet your particular requirements or that it will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.
  10. Bloody player

    You would have thought so, however the way the contract was worded in the first place, it isn't that easy. I posted the key paragraph on Owlstalk last year but I can't find the agreement at the moment. It basically said something like as long as it works some of the time that's ok then! Change could be around the corner though, hopefully for the better. I had hoped the switch from Perform to StreamUK would have been a positive move, but clearly that hasn't been the case. While looking for this agreement I mentioned above, I dropped on this article. It would appear that FLi or as they are now known EFL Digital, has got a new set of partners coming to run the websites/streaming output for clubs in the near future so hopefully it will see an improvement - http://www.efl.com/news/article/2016/efl-digital-new-long-term-partnerships-announced-3193708.aspx Might be worth dropping a message to US company NeuLion who will be handling streaming and telling them what you expect from the service. i.e. no delayed commentary for a stupid rewind function no one wants and more consistent and reliable streaming of live games.
  11. Bloody player

    It's likely the interruptions were random for different users. The likelihood is that the system maxed out due to demand (number of connections in use at one time) causing the lost of sound for a brief time before returning.
  12. Bloody player

    No offend taken. It is a balancing act because comments that enhance the game coverage/help give listeners a feel for how well the team or individuals are doing and sticking to what is happening in front of us second by second. At times one reason for adding the extra colour is to give your brain a little bit of a rest as mentally when you are commentating the concentration level needed is probably more than a lot of people realise, so it just helps to keep you focused. To be fair, I think JP is very good at talking in short sharp bursts as i know from previous experience working with other people and as a listener to other commentary teams, that it is very easy to make long winded points that take you away from the action too much.
  13. Bloody player

    If we appear to be talking about something generally, it is because nothing worth while is happening. When the tempo is high and we are at it, and the crowd is with the team then commentary is easy, but games like last night are more of a challenge because everything was slowed down a lot and it gets very repetitive.
  14. Bloody player

    I don't know the figure but he won't have been cheaper. One thing about Bates for all his faults, he has always seen the importance of the media side of the business. He created in house radio stations at both Chelsea and Leeds. I don't know exact figures but Wednesday are one of the highest for subscription along with Forest and QPR. From memory it's about 10,000. Trouble is no matter whether you have two listeners or 30,000, you are treated the same under the current platform.
  15. Bloody player

    Back to square one was when Sammy put into his own net last night. However I take on board your comments to help paint clearer pictures of the whereabouts of possession.