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  1. "There you go, Saido. You said you wanted a fairytale return. The lads have done their bit, now it's your turn."
  2. I thought we'd be back in the premier league within a couple of years
  3. I'll be the muppet who says we're going to nick it at the end.
  4. Is it worth checking if Henderson's still got his flat in Sheffield?
  5. Of course that's true, but based on the entirety of the results over the course of the full season we did better than three other teams. What was achieved by the team on the pitch, as shitty as it was, would normally have been enough to keep us up.
  6. Absolutely. People should remember that the definitive thing that got us relegated was the financial irregularities that led to the deduction of six points.
  7. Imagine if they stay up after this. We should lobby for the re-instatement of the 12 point deduction.
  8. I don't suppose there's one of them free streams anywhere is there?
  9. Wouldn't it be typical to be precisely 6 points from safety?
  10. Looking at the replay again - why is that not a foul on Lees?
  11. That would have been given if it was against us, not a foul on the keeper.
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